Time to concentrate on transfers…

Morning folks. First of all, apologies for the weekend of no blogs. Having returned from South Africa last week, I quickly got onto another flight to Malaga to attend my cousins wedding in Marbella. What a wedding it was. It was unbelievable.

At the same time, the end of the group stage of the world cup took place and the first games of the round of 16 started – the highlight being of course, England vs Germany yesterday which saw the England team crumble to a humbling 4-1 defeat to a German side which was brimming with confidence and desire and more importantly self belief. You’ve probably read more words on that game that anything else today – I won’t go over spilt milk.

A few points to make, to explain our demise:

  • Inability to choose a first choice goalkeeper
  • Chosing Rob Green and then David James, when Joe Hart is clearly our best keeper
  • Choosing Jamie Carragher – who admitted he had his worst season
  • Not taking Sol Campbell when he has been much better than the likes of Carragher, Upson and Dawson
  • Taking the gamble on Ledley King with Carragher as back up
  • Insistence on a) taking Heskey b) Playing Heskey
  • Failure to pick Walcott and instead take the ineffective duo of Lennon and SWP
  • Having no option B, plan B, apart from replacing like for like
  • Inability to flex or change the formation to get the best out of players
  • Playing Steven Gerrard on the left, where he is uncomfortable and obviously drifts in, unbalancing the squad
  • The lack of playing time for Joe Cole, who was our best player in the pre World Cup friendlies
  • Ignoring top talents in the premiership like Gary Cahill (much better than Upson), Theo Walcott, Adam Johnson, Ashley Young, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Darren Bent, and especially Scott Parker.

I’ve bulletted those points above, as I didn’t feel to explain the further, they are self explanatory, plus I don’t want to dwell too much on England as it’s truly annoying to see a nation of people believe in a team and spend £1000’s to support them to be rewarded with such nonsense as above. The mentality of the players wasn’t right either and I don’t think John Terry or Wayne Rooney have made any friends this World Cup.

Moving away from England, the World Cup is starting to hot up and there are some excellent clashes coming up – especially later tonight as Spain take on Portugal. Our very Cesc has shown in his cameo appearances that he deserves a starting place and Portugal have shown that they’ve got a swagger about them. Holland will take on Brazil in the quarter finals, and Germany will take on Argentina – both will be outstanding football feasts. Even though England are out, there is still a lot of football to be played.

One thing we’ll see since England’s exit signals the real start of the transfer window… with players like Yaya Toure, Maicon and Di Maria on the verge of their various moves. We’ve already signed Chamakh and we look like our next signing is going to be Laurent Koscielny for around £8m. News from in and around the club is that the signing will be announced on Thursday and I won’t comment on the quality of the signing as I simply don’t know enough about the player. If the player is like the Sagna signing – a player who fits in well and was relatively unknown before, then I’ll be happy. One question is whether or not we can go into the new season with the quartet of defenders of Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou and youngster Nordtvelt.

If we do go for another defender, then I presume they know they won’t be first choice, it’s a tough one. If we did bring in Mexes, then does that mean Koscielny is coming in as 3rd defender and Djourou as 4th – would the resigning of Campbell without the likelihood of first team football be good for either club or player.

I think the next 7 days will see a few more moves happening, he confirmation of Koscielny and perhaps another player is on the horizon too – who do you think we need next – another winger, a defensive midfielder or a goalkeeper?

Til tomorrow… time for me to get some rest and get some work done!

  • parsi

    On the 1st October 2010 the enhanced rates will become available to all members, at which time salary sacrifice will also become available.

  • parsi

    whoops ignore that…this is what i predict to be the potential 1st team next season.1.schwarzer, 2.sagna,3.clichy,4.fabregas,5.vermalaen,6.koscienly,7.diaby(i would prefer melo),8.song,9.cole(hopefully),10,van persie,11.arsharvin.back that up with a 2nd team of 1.almunia,2.eboue,3.gibbs,4.ramsey,5.djourou,6.campbell (a.n other),7.denillson,8.nasri,9.chamakh,10.walcott,11.bednter.i think that is quite a strong squad and the strength in depth is there.the only question i would still have is,is the back five still good enough,having a new centre half partnership can take a while to click and we have to hit the ground running straight away.i’ll make this statement now,if the back five can improve then i think we can win the big trophies.what do you fellow gooners think of the team and squad,is it good enough?

  • Arsefan101

    @ parsi:
    What’s the first post all about, you have me intrigued!

    Re: two teams, yeah I think that suffices as a decent group of players. Don’t you think we’re short in the defensive area. Can you really seeing us challenging if Vermaelen got injured? Don’t you think we need a new DM?

  • parsi

    I certainly would welcome another defender but i think whoever comes in knows they are not going to be 1st team…saying that, the way our players get injured i think they would certianly get the playing time.

    The answer to my 1st post is: “It is not in the intrest od national security for me to answer” 😉

  • RVP

    i think one more experienced centre-half would be welcomed but as those german c*nts showed youth can win big games and if koscienly has a season like vermaelen did then we shoudl be ok and nordveit looks like a top defender as does djourou.our next signing i think will be joe cole followed buy a gk(schwarzer) and then other moves will revolve around any departures

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Another spain game minus Cesc…if he still wants to go to Barca after this world cup, I will lose all respect for him. Surely he must know he will just sit on the bench for 3/4 of a season!!!

  • devday

    @ parsi:
    Unless Koscielny has been brought in as #3???

  • devday

    @ RVP:
    United have Vidic / Ferdinand / Evans / Smalling as their 4.
    We have Koscielny / Vermaelen / Djourou / Nordtveit as ours…

  • devday

    @ Gooner Get Ya:
    Even though he doesn’t get into the Spain team, he would blatantly get into the Barcelona squad alongside Xavi. Their midfield and front line would have Busquets holding and Iniesta, Messi and David Villa up front. Having said that, I honestly think he will stay for the next season and past that – I don’t think Arsene is going to let him go for anything!

  • RVP


    vidic may be on his way out.ferdinand is getting a bit old and injury prone and evans and smalling are still to prove themself

    compare our back for to teams like argentina and holland who are doing great in the world cup heinze samuel demichelles guittierez-van bronckhorst matjisen heitinga van der wiel-sagna vermaelen koscienly clichy id say overall ours is better so i think IF that is our starting back four next season then we would be ok.especially with our gifted attackers and dont forget song,one of the best defensive mids last yr, will be infront shielding that back four.

  • Kodjo

    The issue is starting the season with a new central defense pairing is risky!!!! that is not to say the that both players are not good…it takes time to build the understanding needed….the defense to say the least is the bedrock of the team…get that wrong ….no matter how good the offense is you are bound to suffer.

    i hope sol stays to add some steel and experience at the back

    given the 4-3-3 formation that we play it is imperative that the back line is solid otherwise we will leak goals against better sides

    i hear we are being linked to de jong if that is true maybe wenger nmight be considering tweaking the system to the 4-2-3-1 used by teams at this world cup. playing 2 holding midfielders, 2 wide players, 1 roaming playmaker and 1 striker.

  • samir

    @Dev: I dont think THE KONS has been brought to be a no3…

  • samir

    We seem to be getting a lot of flak from this Koscielny deal. Apparently we should be signing english defenders instead. We all know that english players are twice as expensive and after the world cup we all know how bad they are. Has anyone got any suggestions, upson perhaps?

  • devday

    @ samir:
    Hell nooooo Upson!! I do like the look of Gary Cahill if we’re going to sign a British defender. But I don’t think we will sign a 5th central defender unless there is a big injury to a player like there was last season!!