Some proper Arsenal news, finally!

So we haven’t signed any more players, yet, but the 2010/2011 season is getting closer, with the release of the fixtures list this morning! I don’t know about you, but at 9am this morning, I was on the BBC sports website, eagerly waiting for it to be out. Now it’s finally out, who’ve we got? Obviously, we play every team twice, but I’m sure the curiosity was about ‘Who’ve we got first?’, ‘When do we play the Big Teams?’, etc.

(You can access the fixtures list from the Arsenal website here, or from the BBC website here.

Like last season, we start our campaign away at Merseyside, this time against Liverpool. My first reaction was ‘Why Liverpool?!’ But as someone cheekily pointed out on twitter, we’re starting against a mid-table team! Given how the table ended last season, it’s quite accurate. You can’t argue with the facts! Having said so though, it’s definitely not an easy fixture! Going to Anfield’s never easy, but we’ve got out little magician who seems to love Anfield. And what with him not being at the World Cup, he should be well restsed and raring to go!

Unlike last season, we  don’t have games against the others in the Big 4 back-to-back. That’s such a positive thing, given last season’s disaster. But if that’s good news, we do have a bit of bad news in the sense that most of our matches after Champions League games are away! 5 out of 6, apparently, against teams like Sunderland, Manchester City and Aston Villa, compared to Sp*rs (if they’re lucky enough to get through the qualifiers!) with either 5 or 6 of them at home!

Anyways, those are (some of) the cards we were
dealt with and we’ve got to deal with them.

I can’t help but mention the World Cup. Been looking forward to seeing Spain in action, and even recommended them to a non-football mate to support. The World Cup well and truly came alive, with Switzerland claiming a shock 1-0 win! Funny enough, before the goal, I was saying that the best thing that ought to happen would be for Switzerland to score as it would wake Spain up. They duly obliged, but well, Spain didn’t. That’s what they get for benching Fabregas! If at all there was any positive from him being benched all 90 minutes, it’s that he’d have a breather from those Barca lot trying to convince him to move to Barcelona! Anyhoo…

Although he’s no longer our player, I was really gutted to see Senderos go off injured, during the game. I hope his World Cup isn’t over.

Still on the World Cup, being Nigerian, I was so disappointed to see them lose today to Greece, thanks to the dumbest Red card you’ll ever see in the World Cup! Shame about the ‘keeper, though. He’s had a blinding first two games, and it seems his one and only blunder will cost Nigeria a place at the nest round. There’s still a bit of hope though, if the team don’t mess things up against South Korea and Argentina beat Greece.

Up next today is France v Mexico, or rather, Sagna/Gallas/Diaby v Carlos Vela! Good luck to all four of them! England play tomorrow and even though I’m still gutted Theo didn’t get picked, I do hope the team do well.

Adios, and fingers crossed none of our players get injured!

  • Jon Jones

    We HAVE signed someone, today. Kyle Ebecilio, a 16-year old Dutch midfielder from Feyenoord. Apparantely we got him from under Chelsea’s nose as well!!! Always nice get one over on the Blue scum :)

  • manoo

    vela just did his hamstring in, according to the morons on bbc. Hopefully hes ok- mark bright, whos a total moron btw, says he’ll be missing the tourament. Lets see. Tbh, he hasnt been impressive for mexico, i was expecting him to be their main man- not to be. Hopefully, if he isn’t fit to play another WC game, they wrap him up in cotton wool for arsenal. He needs to improve for next season, weve only seen glimpses of his potential

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Vela has gone off injured, looks like a hamstring so not good news.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Not a good game for the gooner players, vela off injured and Diaby, gallas and sagna could be on the way home.

  • yemi

    what a day at the world cup. messi yet to score, higuain hatrick, worst red card to nig, france losing to mexico. what a day. time for bed, good nite y’all

  • Amri Gooner

    I noticed in the fixtures that big games manu, chelsea, liverpool are away first and I think it is better because usually we start the season stronger so we can take the advantage of the home when we get weaker by the end of the season due to injuries and fatigue…
    Do you think that’s good or bad for Arsenal?

  • andrew

    there are always little things that are either positive or negative regarding the fixtures list. but as they say, you play everyone twice and the table never lies.

    hopefully a new centre back, holding midfielder (inler looked great against Spain by the way) and top-shelf keeper will erase any negatives in the fixtures list.

    USA v. Slovenia tomorrow!!! Go Yanks!!!

  • Sam

    France deserved to get kicked out of the WC. You can never get to anywhere with such a stupid coach. Henry on the bench for full 90 min!?? Nasri & Benzima watching on television!?!
    I’m sorry to see that the largest number of Arsenal players play for France. Sign of things to come for Gunners? I’d hate to think so.

  • Nick

    Nobody should be surprised by France’s performances. Their coach is a mongoloid and they have no chemistry. They left off true quality in Benzema & Nasri and kept Henry. No disrespect to the man or his ability but Domenech loves him and that’s the only reason he’s there. You can’t move forward as a team when you keep players around just because of their name.

    Would love to have Inler join us. He looked great as always.

    All the Arsenal players who don’t play are getting injured. Wait Arsenal players injured? What the??? I’m honestly glad Theo is at home because I’m sure he’d have done his shoulder or something already.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    AW has promised us a signing before the end of the World Cup. One would assume that he is talking about Laurent Koscielny, who has begged his club to sell him!!!

    Talk is we are after Phil Jagielka or Gary Cahill…i think either of those would good signings.

    On the GK front, apparently Aston Villa have bid 6M for Frey…err if he is that cheap, why are we not buying him!!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Germany have just had Klose sent off and then Serbia scored straight after. Germany 0 – 1 Serbia…could be another shock result coming.

  • Nick

    What an absolute rubbish red card. The real Germany will come out in the second half!

  • Sam

    70′ – Germans still playing shit! Both teams playing rough, but ref is dishing out cards like he had a fight with his wife b4 the match.

    Another one bytes the dust!

  • parsi

    Sam says on June 18th, 2010 at 6:29 am :
    “Sign of things to come for Gunners? I’d hate to think so?”

    Nothing specific in the quote above. Just a meaningless, vague, generalisation.

    Are Chav$ki fans writing the same pathetic wind ups upon their own blogs?
    In the game of football I watched last night, the players who really looked shocking were:

    Captain Evara. ManBust. No need for a comment.
    Abidal: Barcelo-NO.
    Gouvou: Who cares.
    Anelka: A silly Chavette.
    Malouda: Another even more silly Chav. Possibly even more stupid then Terry and Ballack. An idiot for having started a fight with a man-child who was his manager, and therefore gave him the excuse to act even more foolish. Very Smart.

    Our boys?

    Diaby: Started well, faded. The fact that he was one of two or three actually making an effort can’t have helped.
    Sagna: Ditto.

  • Nick

    Heartbreaker for the US. Came back from 2-0 down to tie 2-2 and then have the ref not add injury time like he should have. Landon Donovan had a brilliant second half. Why are the US always so slow to start?

  • Josiah

    england are shit man

  • Josiah

    you say there gonna do crap and they surprise you, you believe in them and they let you down.

  • vbarot

    A message to the England players, we are so sorry to see that the world cup has interupted your overly expensive holiday’s, so please come home and stop embarrasing our proud nation with this shambles. Capello, your nice big pay check and years upon years of experience has still not taught you that the best teams do not play 4-4-2. Utter disgrace. I nearly spent thousands on going to the Algeria and Slovenia games, I very so grateful i did not and would like to see these over paid primadona’s put their hands in their VERY deep pockets and reimburse the thousands of fans who have had their hard earned money shoved down their throats. England til’ I die? Club before country? You make my decision VERY easy performing like that.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Everyone criticises AW for not buying English players, take note that England have played on a world cup and not performed again. Let’s stick to buying abroad.

  • goonerman

    i dont think its official but sources are pretty certain that yaya toure will move to man city after the world cup for 28 million pound, also im sure the greedy fool could of got a better club next season as the idiot will be playing the might europa league haha so it all shows he is a greedy fool! But the main point is that barcelona sold yaya toure for 28 MILLION pound that is just one million pound less for a player who cant get in the barcelona team, were as cesc fabregas was one of the top three premier league players with 15 goals and 15 assist along with the fact he is the leader and captian of our team! they really need to look at the yaya transfer and realise they are a bunch of complete PRICKS. 80 million sounds about right!!

  • RVP

    Another assist for Van Persie today thats 2 in 2 matches.

  • yemi

    etoo 1 : B52 1. 37mins gone

  • Sam

    37′ – Camroon 1 – 1 Denmark
    B52 on target. Is that the first goal by an Arsenal player in WC? I think it is! Hoping for more.

  • Sam

    B52 was a star, but how about Sorenson for our GK?