Wall-Cotted (Another pun on Theo’s England absence)

This morning I’ve awoken to many a pun, Wallcott Shock, Wall-Boycot, Wallycot, etc etc, but all in all, the matter of factness is that Theo Walcott is not going to be playing football this summer and it’s a shame that just a young talent has ended up being discarded by a manager who seemed so likely to take Theo that other players like SWP and Lennon were 2nd and 3rd choice behind the right winger and scared for their places – that is, until, Theo played those two friendlies…

The game against Mexico was interesting and his pace and trickery was in full display… but his end product? Well, there was no end product. Rooney’s anger at Theo for the few bad crosses he gave him spoke volumes. And if your star striker and best player gets frustrated with his supply, then you got to re-consider. And that’s why Capello had the likes of SWP, Johnson, Milner, Cole and Lennon in his squad. When Lennon came on and make that marauding run, I thought to myself, damn, that’s been more effective than Theo has been all day with his final ball.

But I believe the writing was on the wall during the Japan game when Theo was very poor – but then again – so was everyone. SWP had his one and only chance to shine – and he had to take it. He played well against tired legs and really forced the issue home.

If I were Capello, would I have taken Walcott. Definitely. Would I have started him? No, definitely not. Walcott best attribute to come on against a team with tired legs, a team who are tiring and the injection of pace kills them. We’ve seen Theo play for us as a substitute and as a starter this season and I have to say, as a sub, he’s been brilliant, turning games, baffling defenders… as a starter, he’s been woeful. The difference is huge. As an impact sub, I have to say, he is one of the best around. Despite his failings, he’s shown he has an eye for goal as well and the ability to finish, cite the Croatia game.

Why didn’t Capello choose Walcott? I think it’s down to the fact that he didn’t think he could be effective from the start and that says more for his indecision in who will start for England than anything else. How has this happened? Well, after a promising season last

year, his partaking in the Under 21’s tournament basically burnt him out. He went on to get injured in November and miss pretty much most of the season. He’s not recovered yet, that’s for sure.

Martin Keown spoke about Theo’s exclusion and had this to say:

“He runs at a frightening pace, he is rapid, but when he gets into those positions he is not able to think quickly enough, does he pull it back, does he shoot or does he go on his own? His decision making is the problem, he hasn’t been able to do that. Under Capello it seemed as if he has been getting it right in the main, under Wenger, no, there has been a problem, whether or not that is the coaches’ fault, it has to be the players, he has just not played enough games. He has become a bit of a one-trick pony in terms of going for the line. People just double up on him. When he has got time and space then he finds it a problem and he has got to sort that out with his game.”

Personally, I think that criticism is harsh, when a player is good, you normally get teams doubling up on them. As a result, it frees up a different player and tires out the opposition.

But it’s a good thing for Arsenal in one way – the player will finally get a chance to rest up. Of course, he won’t get the International experience that we all hoped would better the player, but for Theo – it’s all about getting your head down and working hard.

It’s a bit strange to think, but Cesc and Song (and Diaby, lol) apart, the rest of our midfield aren’t going to be there – in fact, Samir Nasri, Thomas Rosicky, Andrei Arshavin, Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Denilson are all going to be absent from the world’s premier competition – and what exactly does that say about our midfield players? Okay, yes, Wales, Russia and the Czech Republic aren’t there, but my point is that those lot are our first choice midfield. And they will all be very much rested and should, I hope, should have some fire in their belly’s next season!

Many people are saying that this is the formation / players that will be used by Capello for opening game:


Johnson – Terry – Ferdinand – Cole

Milner – Gerrard – Lampard – Cole

Rooney – Heskey

What would your XI be?


    In a way Im kind of glad. I think Theo is very average and definately as of yet has not justified his £12million tag. If anything this should really light a fire under him and next season he should come back better than ever.

    Given that Capello saw him so often this season, I always told my mates Capello would take him even if he did play s*** because hes Theo Walcott. However obviously SWP and Lennon offer more in terms of the final ball and add in Milner who is better than Theo its clear to see why he missed out

    Also imagine if Becks had been fit? You’ve got to imagine he’d be going to SA so maybe Theo wouldnt of gone anyway?

  • lewin

    the JC rumours are louder than ever

  • lewin

    picked the below up from a chav forum:

    cfc1905 (Chelsea): JoeC has recently done an interview on Chelsea TV and for someone who had just completed the double he was not very happy and still complaining of lack of game time. I believe that he has already signed in principal and agree that as a London boy he would prefer to stay in the Capital. Seeing as Harry has said he has not got him then Arsenal seems the logical place to go. On the wings you only have Walcott or Nasri (to the best of my knowledge) so a fit Joe could replace either of them. But therein lies the problem, is he really fit and fully recovered as his form for Chelsea was patchy to say the least? In his defence he probably would have preferred a run of games rather than cameo performances but he obvioulsy did not do enough to warrant starting or being kept on. I think probably a good calculated gamble and if he regains his form he can certainly be a match winner. KTBFFH

  • Kuka

    I understand the shock of leaving Walcott out. NO. To be honest I do not understand. What probably shocked me was leaving Dawson out. I know you can only play that many defenders and I hate Spurs, but Dawson, was just as good as anyone else. I would take him ahead of King anyday……

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Looks like Barca have officially started negotiations for cesc “we don’t want to rush but neither will we stop” quote from Barca spokesman. So it’s looking more and more like cesc is heading out of the door. Let’s land Yoann before cesc leaves so we are ready. The use the surplus to add to our transfer kitty and buy a GK, CB and a DM.

    Also if rumours are true we are getting Joe Cole on a free.

  • devday

    @ CON-MAN:
    Due to Southamptons financial issues, we only ended up paying £8m for him. But at 21, he has time on his side. I hope one day, we do see the Theo that Arsene was so keen to bring to the Emirates!

  • devday

    @ CON-MAN:
    If Beckham had been fit, then it would have been Beckham & Lennon… which makes things even worse as Walcott is better than SWP…!!

  • devday

    @ Gooner Get Ya:
    Indeed, Barcelona are back on the case and have apparently sent through a formal offer of some sort.

  • devday

    “Everyone knows that Cesc wants to play for this club and everyone knows that we also want this,” Barca director general Joan Oliver told the club’s official website.

    “But there is a third major player, which is Arsenal.

    “Any deal must go through them and June 1 was the beginning of the period of official negotiations.

    “Until earlier there were informal conversations, but since yesterday these are formal – and the usual mechanism is to present a formal and concrete offer.

    “So yesterday afternoon, we submitted a written bid to Arsenal.”

  • devday

    @ lewin:
    When you say we only have Nasri and Walcott on the wings, you may be forgetting the likes of Arshavin + 5 strikers (of which 2 would surely feature?)

    But the Joe Cole stuff I still think is unfounded!

  • Myles

    Well with all the Joe Cole rumours floating about, who thinks that Wenger may be subtly replacing fabregas with Joe Cole?

    the attacking central midfield role is supposedly Cole’s favoured position and (although I prefer him on the wing) wouldn’t it be shrewd of Wenger to do that and pocket £30-80 million pound for other players/repayments on the stadium.

    Would love to see Yoann G though.

  • http://kierandelaney.net kierandelaney.net

    Devday, the Chelsea fan said that, not Lewin.

    But in any case, Arshavin doesn’t stop moaning and trying to engineer a move to Spain himself, I wouldn’t play a striker on the wing, I’d rather play them as a striker, and I genuinely don’t see Nasri as a winger either.

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that neither Rosicky or Nasri have had great seasons, because they aren’t wingers but that is where they get played.

    All of that assumes we move to a 4-4-2.

    For a 4-3-3 I’d love to see someone like Joe Cole in the front 3 alongside RVP and Chamkh – he has the creativity and guile to drop back and allow them to actually play as strikers whilst making late runs and allowing the midfield to do just what it does.

    I can’t see Arsenal meeting Joe Cole’s excessive wage demands, but I’d love to see him in an Arsenal shirt if he can stay fit.

  • lewin

    Wenger is a serial liar.

    Last summer claimed he wanted several signings done before pre season for them to bed in.

    We got one new player and I don’t think he even done pre season.

    Lies lies and more lies.

  • lewin

    Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:12 pm Post subject:


    But as things stand we only have 1 solid centre-half, and that’s vermaelen. Although I rate Djourou, he’s been very injury prone and has yet to prove that he can do the job needed.

    Even if we retain Campbell, and his performances probably deserve another year, he’ll be 37 and can hardly be relied on to perform at the top level week in/week out if we pick up injuries.

    So if Gallas leaves, we’ve 1 proven Centre-half – that’s it!!! Even if Song can play there in an emergency, we probably still need 2 more

  • devday

    @ kierandelaney.net:
    I really don’t think Arsene will revert to a 4-4-2 next season, as he’s been pushing the 4-3-3 through the academy and reserves too. He probably wants to give it more time.

    Personally, I am a fan of 4-4-2, and think the players we have at our disposal will fit such a formation much better.

  • devday

    Sergio Aguero to be World Cup top scorer at 65-1 (betfair) and 40-1 (William Hill). Worth a punt?

  • http://kierandelaney.net kierandelaney.net


    Yeah, sorry, that is what I was trying to get at! I agree completely.

    I don’t think Nasri nor Rosicky play well in a 4-3-3, Denilson looks out of his depth and Arshavin is too lazy.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Attacking Option:


    Johnson – Terry – Ferdinand – A.Cole

    Lennon – Gerrard – Lampard – SWP

    Rooney – J.Cole

    Defensive Option:


    Carra – Terry – Ferdinand – Warnock

    Milner – Barry – Lampard – J.Cole

    Rooney – Heskey

  • vj

    i agree reverting back to a 4-4-2, 4-3-3 was good if cesc was there to control play, and nasri and arshavin supporting vp, but with chamakh and fabregas probably leavin baybe its best to return to 4-4-2, and try to recreate are invicible form, 2 seasons ago we went 28 games unbeaten with it, so why not. Barca are just stirring things up and getting xavi and puyol invovled to try to decrease fabs market value, we should hold out for at least 60 mil

  • Pete

    Arsenal turn down Barca offer for Fabregas

    Arsenal Football Club have today released the following statement about captain Cesc Fabregas:

    “Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is under contract with the Club until the summer of 2015. He is a highly valued member of the team and part of our future plans.

    “We have followed recent speculation linking Cesc with a move away from the Club but as there has never been any official approach for him, only two informal exchanges, in which we made it abundantly clear that we have no interest in transferring Cesc, we have refrained from publicly passing comment. However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

    “To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word.”

    maybe he will end up staying after all.

  • devday
  • Gooner Get Ya

    One would assume that was the £30m bid that we have turned down…I know they say they have no intention of selling him in the statement but I dare say the board would change their minds if Barca double that bid!!! All they have said is that they will not make a counterproposal which means they want a cash only deal!!!

    I hope he stays and more importantly he actually wants to stay!!!

  • devday

    @ Gooner Get Ya: Agree!

  • lewin

    Read it and weep Xaxi you jumped little tool

  • lewin

    ‘To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word’

    Thats my favourite bit Cool

    Wish Graham Hunter would fuck off my TV now, hes so desperate for a deal to go through because he’ll be made to look a right wanker if it doesnt, he should’ve been christened Graham CUNTer

  • lewin

    We are a class football club inlike those mouthy fuckers – and we have balls despite what some on here believe.

    Im proud of the way the club has reacted to this, remained honourable and classy throughout.

    Fuck off Barca

  • Nick

    @ Pete… very good to read. It’s about time their balls dropped and showed they have a pair! Whether this is all lip service and they are just holding out for more money, subscribing to the old attage that there is a price for everything, we will have to wait and see. But for now I am proud they’ve told Barca to sod off.

    As for the Joe Cole rumors, believe it when I see it. Given Wengers history and stingy spending I highly doubt he’d meet Joe Cole’s demands. Sometimes I wonder what goes through these lads heads. Would you rather make a ton of money and not play or make less and feature every week and be loved/admired for your play?

    I had to laugh when I read the Giuseppe Rossi was left off Italy’s 23 man squad today. Being a yank, I would’ve loved to see him play for the US, and he would’ve started for the US. But he had to play for the great Italian old mans team and didn’t make the cut. Priorities.

  • lewin
  • parsi

    Hmm interesting couple of days. How long has Fabregas been destined to actually go to Barcelona? If rumours are to be believed and Joe Cole has already agreed a deal with Arsenal then maybe it may have been as early as January, which was a time when other clubs have been able to approach Cole. Is this a deal coming to fruition? Has it been in the making for a while and kept extremly secret? Will this actually be a catalyst for Arsenal? Joe Cole, Chamakah and if rumours are to be believed Yaya toure will be chucked into any deal… those three players of quality added to a fee for fabregas which Arsene will be allowed to spend and you could finally be seeing the arsenal of old. Yes Fabregas has been great for both the Premiership and Arsenal but sometimes one step back is a giant leap forward. Arsene is a clever guy, but in Fabregas and this deal he may have just brought Arsenal back to the big time for quite a while. Interesting developments and will be interesting to see what happens this summer!

  • vj

    typical ivan gazidas work there, barca have screwed themselves over, by saying they will be respectful and expecting arsenal to accept their offer gazidas has just fucked them in the ass with that, now if this turns dirty cesc will wonder about their integrity, el capitano is not going anywhere (hopefully) screw gourcuff weve got fabregas

  • parsi

    Personally I cant see Joe Cole going to Arsenal. I think the language barrier would be a major problem. He will probably stay in England instead… 😉

  • goonerman2

    There’s a lot we need to wait and see on here, and if any of this happens than today was just a cost-free PR exercise re-assuring supporters of the Board’s “ambition” without actually having to invest money to show any

    What happens if Barca up their offer
    What happens if The Barca players in S. Africa try to de-stablize Cesc
    What happens if we don’t invest in strengthening the team
    What happens if we’re right back here next year
    What happens if like Henry he moves then for well below market value

    It wouildn’t be the first time they might have pulled the wool over the eyes of those more trusting – the Baptista and Robinho sagas seem fishy to say the least, as does Henry’s last deal after Paris, as afforts to re-assure supporters of the Board’s ambition without having to prove it by spending significantly more in their eyes money, who is to say the Board doesn’t see this as a chance to woo back the doubting supporters without having to spend that awful 50 million they’d have to spend otherwise, and they can still make 25-35 million maybe more next summer as well.

    I’d just suggest its more than a bit premature to praise the Board here. Actions speak louder than words ever will. Let’s wait and see what the club does before accepting their word as absolute fact, and let’s keep some pressure on them to to show through action that their word has meaning, which they’ve yet to do.

  • parsi

    In keeping with the current spirit of Cameron-Clegg bonhomie and compromise, could not Arsenal and Barcelona agree terms for the transfer of Cesc at the end of next season? I realise that would settle his move once and for all, but to be honest it looks highly likely he will leave now anyway and there are advantages all round from a relatively short delay:

    • Barcelona can postpone difficult decisions on team selection viz-a-viz Xavi and Iniesta
    • Cesc walks straight into the Barcelona team
    • Arsenal do not need to compromise on price by taking makeweights in part-exchange, like Yaya Toure or – heaven forbid – Ibrahimovic
    • Cesc retains his dream of winning something with Arsenal, playing in any case the style of football he so clearly loves
    • One year on, if those winners’ medals don’t materialise, Cesc is still young enough to win the trophies he so merits with Barcelona
    • No one could possibly feel that Cesc had let Arsenal down by reneging on his contract (mind you, I think we don’t anyway)
    • The Premier League appreciates what they nearly lost and get referees to clamp down on two-footed tackles from lumbering lumps like Ryan Shawcross and Martin Taylor (and pigs might fly)

    Impossible? Well, I remember chanting ‘One More Year’ for DB10, along with thousands of others on the North Bank that night against Everton, with little hope that AW would change his mind. But change it he did – and as a result we had a bonus year of Bergkamp and a dignified end to the great man’s career. Knowing in advance that this really was Cesc’s last year might focus the minds of those Arsenal players who at times seem less than committed.

    An Arselona Coalition? Well, stranger things have happened, haven’t they?

  • Nick

    @Parsi… well said. But that would require Barcelona to not act like a spoiled child who only wants a toy because someone else is playing with it.

  • amar

    This is thoroughly enjoyable to read.

    All these deluded Arsenal fans writing about how if Fabregas loved the club he would earn them a sizeable profit…….. YOU STOLE HIM FOR FREE!!

    Arsenal steal all their young talent, then boast about how good Wenger is at developing players…. I guess that’s why Arsenal have no English players going to the World Cup!! He has done a great job with Walcott.

    Arsenal should appreciate that they have had him these years and allow him to return to his home and the club that developed him before Arsenal offered 30 grand a week to a 16 year old to steal him..

    Let’s be realistic about who has done whom the favour.

    (I’m sure we won’t hear from jimmy regarding this, I mean, there is a Man Utd story regarding debt!!!)

  • amar

    I honestly dont see where Fabregas would fit into the current Barca Line-up if he did indeed opt for the transfer. He would face the same dilemma there, like he currently faces trying to get into the Spanish starting XI. Im a fan of Fabregas but Xavi and Iniesta are far better players and i dont see Fabregas playing in the holding role Busquets currently occupies. Arsenal are sensible to decline the offer seeing that its well below their estmate but im unsure whether they can hold onto the player like they’ve expressed they want too, especially as Fabregas himself has expressed his desire to one day play for Barca

  • devday

    @ amar:
    Didn’t “steal” him – we sign him out of contract.
    Also, we paid Barcelona £5m for training fees.

    Barcelona happily settled for the money at the time.
    Arsene has made him the player he is.

  • amar

    A great reaction from Arsenal!!!

    All that wasted webspace and paper and Arsenal just say one answer: NO!!! Great.

  • goonerman

    @ the other goonerman:
    would you be able to change your name to something like goonerman2 becuase it could getr a bit confusing lol!

    as for the arsenal reaction to barcelona, its BRILLIANT im glad we have finally come out and told them were to stick and even if we were going to sell for 80 million odd then fair enough but i cant see barca going that high. for trhat reason theres a good possibility cesc could be with us next season becuase we have finally put our foot down and told the arrogant idiots at barcelona were to stick it!

  • devday

    @ goonerman: Name changed

  • Sam

    Good response from Arsenal, even if it’s just a bargaining tactic!

    The WC is turning out to be a shame for us Gooners. We have so few players in the HOT teams of the tournament. There are 6 HOT teams (Brazil, Spain, England, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy), and we only have 2 players in those teams (Cesc & RVP). That’s just a pity, and simply not good enough. Dare I say, Sp#rs have more representatives in these teams. Sad.

  • Nick

    @Sam. well we lended a terribly coached France team 5 quality players (Diaby, Nasri, Gallas, Clichy, Sagna) who should see lots of playing time. If Blanc was in charge right now instead of Dominich, France would probably be a “hot” team.

  • JDD

    According to reports, Arsenal are close to finalising a three year deal with Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole. Cole’s representatives held a meeting with Arsenal officials to negotiate the deal yesterday.

    good news

  • goonerman

    Thankyou devday very much on the ball lol! i would like to get joe cole to be honest just becuase spurs fans would all go into their holes crying as it would prove getting into the champions league doesnt make you an irrisistable club to be at, they have to show some consistency before they attract all the big boys but the joe cole story is still rumous so lets see what happens in the next few days becuase surely a lot of clubs should start chasing their targets!!

  • vj

    could the arrival of joe cole mean the departure of wacott or theo?

  • vj

    sorry lol i meant walcott or arshavin

  • sycicsid

    I ve read a lot of crap in the papers and now its got even worse. Now that they cant write everyday about Cesc they have gone mad and turned to Rafa. 1. Rafa is on holiday AND 2. A formal “sacking” would require LFC to pay the full compensation package of £16m… So please stop talking nonsense as anyone with even a basic understanding of contract law will know that some of these rumours are unfounded and that the only thing that could be taking place is: 1. Inter contacted LFC to express interest in Rafa but indicated that they would be unwilling to pay compensation to LFC, and 2. The LFC board and senior players would like Rafa to leave and SO a compensation package is being prepared to present to Rafa as an honorable way to depart the managership of LFC…This does NOT indicate that Rafa has accepted the package or that he will leave…talks are precisely that…TALKS 😉

  • kameron

    I’ve just heard its done. His contract runs out on the 30th of June so Arsenal wont announce anything until after that (saves us paying him as well for that month)

  • kameron

    sorry the j cole deal that is

  • parsi

    If this does turn out to be true then surely Joe Cole must be a good addition to the team…? And at least it would mean we have an English player at the World Cup!!

    On the subject of English/Irish/Scottish players….In the early 70’s we had virtually no foreign players in the old First Divsion. And England failed to qualify for tornaments in 1974, 1976 and 1978….. And there are plenty of top teams now who have a solid backbone of players from our great islands who haven’t exactly stormed the Premier League – Spurs and Villa to name but two.

    I think that if you have the right players then it really doesn’t matter where they are from…. The English players at Utd and Chelsea are there on merit not because of where they were born.

    And the fact that even with so many places in Premier League teams now being filled by foreigners should mean that we see an ever increasing trend of English players plying their trade abroad. As this is not the case then it points to English players just not being good enough at the moment….
    Now officially a Clockender once again…….!!!!!

  • tm17

    Could anyone saying the deal for j cole is done say what their sources are or how reliable are they????
    Because it is killing me to wait for the official statement!!!!
    And people on here seem to be pretty sure about the all thing!!!!!

  • vj

    forget joe for the moment guys we could have a couple transfers after all, definite news that yaya is coming to the premier league, the team hasn’t been announced, its likely to be man city unfortunatelly but arsenal stand a chance, and plus weve just had a second bid rejected for laurent koscienly in the region of 10 mill euros but it has to do with the bonuses over the years rather that up front payment and the deal could be sorted out by end of next week, still sad to hear no more goalkeeping rumours anymore

  • Josiah

    lets just hope, come september 1st we have a great squad

  • Gooner Get Ya

    We have signed a GK. He is an Argentine but unfortunately he is only 17 :-), que mesol’s planning for the future speak. Lol

  • parsi

    Just been watching loads of clips from the old days. So sad to see the days of brilliance from Henry/Pires/Bergkamp/Vieira have gone. Even when we beat Sparta 7-0 there were players who WEnger thought would still be part of the experiment (Hleb/Flamini/Adebayor). Wenger has created so much at the club but destroyed it with his arrogance and megalomania. Any other club would have sacked him by now like Monaco did when they saw what was going on. I still wish that Arsene will turn this all around but he can’t. Anyone who feels we have 2 world class keepers in Almanure and Flapihanski and lets dross like Diaby and Denilson plod their way through games without any commitment or desire has lost the plot. And I’m sorry but Arsene has lost the plot big time. No wonder Cesc wants no part of it anymore. And sorry to put the boot in but Wenger is not the most tactically aware manager on the planet. He feels our pretty passing game will beat anyone, but fails to understand teams soak it up and hit us on the counter attack. Most of Chelsea and ManUtds goals v us are counter attacks, so how can Wenger not see this? Wenger has done so muxch for us butr his time is up. I was going to give him one last season but Cesc saying he wants out was enough for me. Its over for Wenger

  • Gooner Get Ya


    I will be suprised if he goes past next season, especially if we don’t win anything again. He has always said he will see out his contract an I think it ends in 2011.

  • parsi

    @Gooner Get Ya: Yes i really dont think he will renew if he doesnt win anything.

  • Nick

    Great news!!!!!!! We signed some 16 year old striker from Ireland named Phillip Roberts. The title is ours! End sarcasm.

  • parsi

    what is the nut case doing? i thought he said he wanted all his transfers done before the world cup? THE WC IS STARTING IN JUST OVER A WEEK.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Looks like we are going for Rob Green. Not a bad shout imo he is English and will become Englands #1 once James retires (can’t be long now). I rate Green and would be perfect, until Mannone or Schezney are ready to take over.

    Sky Bet has odds of 9/4 so looks promising.

    We are paving the way for the young CB from Lorient as well so we are getting talk about the areas we need at least thats a start!!!

  • francis

    I believe all that once they have actually signed for us.

  • tm17

    Being french this doesn’t really affect me
    but ferdinand seem to be out of the world cup
    and dawson in!!!!!!!
    I personally think this increases your(ENGLAND) chances!!!!

  • fredric

    YUP I THINK RIO was never fully fit to be picked – i think its better for england

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I agree tm17. Ferdinand has had a bad season full of injury and not particularly great form. He only got in because he of his history with the manc’s and England.

    Looks like Gerrard will be our Captain for the world cup!!

    On the world cup..what do you think of this formation.


    Johnson – Upson – Terry – Cole

    ——- Barry ——-

    —– Lampard — Gerrard —–

    Lennon —- Rooney —- J. Cole

    Any thoughts?

  • tm17

    Other then the fact that I would pick Green
    I think that is the line up we are going to see

    And What about maybe a 4-1-4-1

    —— Green ——-

    Johnson – Upson(or king)– Terry – Cole

    ——- Barry ——-

    Lennon J cole (or SWP)

    ——- Rooney ——-

  • tm17

    Sorry came out wrong

    —————— Green ——-

    Johnson – Upson(or king)– Terry – Cole

    —–——- Barry ————–

    Lennon———- J cole (or SWP)

    ———-—- Rooney ————–

    Seing as j Cole and Lampard already played in diamond with chelski
    and Gerrard is better coming from deep!!!!

    Just a suggestion !!!!!!1

  • Nick

    Just read that Rafa & Liverpool have mutually agreed to part company. Think Torres leaves?

  • Francis

    Dawson’s Call up

    i know this may not go down well on this site but i’m happy that dawson gets the call for the world cup…as i believe on the back of his performance he deserves to be at the world cup. …unfortunately at the expense of ferdinand..could be his last outing internationlly…or maybe not

  • goonerman

    Some quotes from a man widely becoming the most hated man in the arsenal part of north london lol, im not trying to fuel specualtion but some of the things this idiot says makes me laugh and want to kill him at the same time haha.

    “It’s a price that we consider to be his market value. Arsenal have rejected it. Now the sporting director (Txiki Begiristain) must decide what should be the next step,” said Laporta.

    That is a comment on which he believes 29 million pounds is cesc fabregas’s fair market value! although its said that they have slapped a 30 million pound price tag on yaya toure! DO ME A FAVOUR YOU MUG.

    “The club have full confidence that Arsenal will end up understanding the situation,” Laporta told the club’s official website.

    Of coure we will end up understranding the situation that you want to completely mug us by paying us half the players value and take our captain away from our club!


    He added: “But it will be difficult because Arsenal are entitled to stand firm and that must be respected.”

    RESPECT…Barcelona to show arsenal respect???? This man is surely on drugs becuase my idea of respect is not to get half of the players and half of the backroom setup to publicly come out and flirt with another teams player for years and then publicly start a chase for the player!

    i just thought id keep everybody up to date with the wonderful club that is barcelona and their respectfull interest in cesc fabregas lol!!

  • JDD

    fuck dawson fuck king fuck defoe fuck crouch fuck lennon how can we expect to win the world cup with that many spurs players in the sqaud.we have no chance if any of them start

    cole upson terry johnson
    gerrard j.cole lampard
    heskey rooney

  • ny

    why arsene is not making the move for Assulin? He may not stay for long but will be good business…. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee do it.

  • http://www.skysports.com/football fraizer Glazer

    ARSENAL SHOULD GO FOR javier pastore