The Biggest Non-Cesc Related Blog Ever…

So, after many days of Cesc related blogging, it’s time to take a look at what’s happening in the wonderful world of Arsenal. Who’s signing… who’s not signing… who’s going… who’s coming… I’ll start with a rumour about a non-Arsenal player and then make my way through the rest!.

Joe Cole

There have been a  lot, a hell of a lot of rumours about Joe Cole. Personally, I’ve spoken to 10 – 15 different people, whom all seem to have a hunch that Joe Cole will be joining us next season. My view: not a chance in hell. Why you may ask? Well, as we all know, Arsenal as a club haven’t really been in the trophies in the last few seasons, whereas Chelsea have won quite a bit in the last 5 years. Joe Cole hasn’t seen that much game time since his injury, but surely he would featured if he remained at the club. The club want to keep him, and he wants to stay. His best friends are Ashley Cole, John Terry and Frank Lampard. He wants £120k a week to stay to match what other players are on and we aren’t even willing to offer the likes of Gallas £80k. It just doesn’t add up – regardless of the rumours, I just can’t see it happening. Even Harry “I will bankrupt this club within a year” Redknapp has pulled out of a deal because of the wages.

If Joe Cole did want to leave and come to Arsenal then I’d definitely take him. He’s got skill and has a winning mentality. Arsene could do a Sol Campbell-esque purchase and add in a hefty sign on fee to help the lower wages pro-rata to higher wages…

Andrei Arshavin

Just to clear things up, Zenit St Petersburg announced on their site at the time of the transfer that Andrei Arshavin had signed a three and a half year contract – however, many people on this side of the sea believe it was for four and a half years (until he was 31). Either way, he has either 2 or 3 years left on his existing contract. The Russian is an interesting character and many people have split views on him. Regardless of his form being patchy, he is a world class performer who has the ability to play at the highest level. He won’t be going anywhere in a hurry, that’s for sure and he will perform much better next season – especially with the new additions that we’ll be bringing in this summer.

Jack Wilshere

Our little midfield maestro looks more and more likely to stay on at Bolton for the first part of next season (August until January) as the clubs confirmed today that they are in talks about extending the loan for the first part of next season. People say it’s a silly move, especially with all the uncertainty of Cesc’s future and the injury to Ramsey. But in reality, if Jack isn’t ready for first team action, then he’s not ready for first team action, regardless of whether Cesc is here or not. The news around Gary Cahill is a non-starter, I don’t think Bolton want to sell, and we certainly don’t want to buy a player
rated at £15m – £20m. And if we were going to spend £15m – £20m on a defender, we could probably find a better one than Cahill… Right?

Fran Merida

The mercurial Spanish youngster has now left us for pastures new. The reactions are mixed and quite interesting to see the diversity of thoughts. Some of the people who berated Merida for leaving, I can’t really understand. Why – you may ask? Well, in simple terms, Fran Merida has been with us for four years and never started a Premier League game. He’s had four substitute appearances in the Premier League and as nice as it is to play in the reserves and Carling cup, it’s by no means ideal. If Arsene really rated him, we would have seen a lot more of him in the last year – maybe that’s why it took him longer and he only recently signed the contract. With Denilson, Song, Ramsey and Cesc out injured for a lot of the season in different parts, you’ll have to guess that he felt not being used more frequently was a sign that Arsene didn’t have the trust in him that he had in the younger players like Ramsey and Eastmond and also knew he wouldn’t be first choice for quite a while, if at all. Athletico Madrid intend to start with him and that’s worth a punt in my eyes.

Laurent Koscielny

Who? I hear you ask… Well, according to people near the club, there have been talks about signing this guy. But then again, there are hundreds of names linked all the time. This guy is a defender – he currently plays for Lorient and he is 24 years old. Why am I writing about him with no real link know… Simple because he reminds me of Thomas Vermaelen. And that, I like.

Check out these videos: and

Pape Diakhate

Why mention this guy now, I hear you ask… Well Diakhate would be a fun name to pronounce for starters, but also because a certain Bacary Sagna has lauded heaps of praise on the young defender. He is current on the books of Dynamo Kiev and is currently vice captain of the national team. He’s got 24 caps, has got a goal to his name and has just completed a very good season with Saitn Etienne.

Sagna had this to say about Diakhate:

“I don’t know what the plan is for next year. We are all waiting to see what the manager does but Malickou he would be very welcome in our team. He is Senegalese like me and plays for the national team. He played for Nancy in France so I played against him a few times and he is very dangerous at set-pieces. I have met him a few times and he is a very good guy and a very good player.”

And you have to think there is something in the story for a player to be talking about it, don’t you?

And Finally…

A quick round up of other footballing news has seen Robin Van Persie net two for Holland in their win yesterday, have a look at the game…

Nice. If only we had Robin for the whole season… hey…

Til tomorrow!

  • andrew

    i must admit, i have a bit of a man-crush on robin. bergkamp was always my favorite player and when he left, i latched onto the new dutchman at arsenal. i’m praying he is healthy next year because we all want to see what he can do.

  • Berth

    Andrew; man crush explain further please. I broke up with my former girl because of Van Persie ( apparently girls are crazy too)

  • Yemi

    Some transfer news

  • Suryabharti

    joe cole to us is a likely as us playing on mars

  • Suryabharti

    thought people might be interested in this article there are 3 in total which can be viewed on this link and i thin they sum up what needs to happen in the summer perfectly.there is a brilliant point in the 3rd article about bendtner and vela.the author basically describes them as opposites.bendtner comes in for fierce criticism despite the fact that he stepped up to the plate at the end of the season,scoring double figures again.vela on the other hand is constantly lorded as the next big thing yet has shown little to suggest he can make a career at arsenal.i actually thought he looked qiute sharp against england but then again he has mentioned that the WC could be an opportunity to find a new employer so perhaps he was upping his game for that reason.a superb article which as many owoud agree,suggests we need to add a GK,CB and DM.everyone knows….but does arsene?

  • Yemi

    @ Suryabharti:
    Especially with the outrageous wage he is requesting at chelsea. Except He really wants to leave chelsea.

  • devday

    I just deposited £3500 into Arsenal’s account for my season tickets. A week’s wages for Eastmond!

  • devday

    Peter Hill Wood: “If Cesc leaves, Arsene will be able to spend all the money we receive for him”.

    What the hell does that mean?

  • pissed off

    that the sharholders are desperate, hunting for money to retire early. The share holders are full of a**

  • Francis

    @ Dev

    what is the source of the statement purpotedly made by Hill Wood

    i read in the mirror that Cesc made up his mind to leave bcos he has a fall out with Hill Wood….( i doubt this story)

    but i think Hill Wood needs to keep mute as Wenger does….no need to comment on every situation..Gazidis even speaks less…could it be old age????

  • Suryabharti

    PHW is a senile old twat – if those comments are true that is 😉

  • Yemi

    @ devday:
    Maybe his comments have been taken out of context !!!

  • Yemi


  • devday

    @ Yemi:
    I think that’s complete paper talk. I doubt Cesc would have taken it to heart. There is so much going on in the background at the moment that it’s all just speculation. We’ll just have to be patient with the cesc saga at the moment.

  • devday

    City have tried to sell Adebayor behind his back LOL!

    “In Switzerland we met with a representative of Manchester City. We wanted to hear his plans before we met with Birmingham.
    “They introduced into the game the eventual sale of (Emmanuel) Adebayor so it was immediately clear that everything was long term, so it was no surprise we automatically withdrew from everything.
    “Then we were contacted by Aston Villa on the day Nikola had already arrived in Birmingham.
    “They begged us to wait a while. Without Martin O’Neill, no decision can be taken and he is on holiday.
    “In that case, there was nothing more logical than to finish a job with the club where all the doors were open (Birmingham).
    “We had a great welcome from Birmingham City. Alex McLeish (Birmingham) spent an hour chatting in the hotel to Nikola.”

  • goonerman

    the new rule fifa are bringing in which only allows clubs to spend what they earn if they want to compete in europe is great news for football, we have been slated for not spending 30 million on a player each year but it finally seems we could be the club laughing when the new rules come in, i know there is 2 years untill it happens but if platini sticks to his guns then we could see the likes of man united, chelsee, man city and liverpool not being allowed into european competitions. its about time they made football a more level playing field.

    adebayor really does deserve what he gets. but over the last few weeks i think the whole footballing world is turining against man city, they want to buy everybody and somehow they get top stars attentions even though thye will be playing europa league football, i suppose it shows how much money rules most footballers brains hopefully city have a dreadfull season to come and the project will literlally collapse and die lol!

  • mesol

    News said City would consider selling Micah for about 10m, why not adding him to our squad..he’s good solid defender

  • andrew

    @ Berth

    My love of Van Persie is traced to Bergkamp. He was my hero and favorite player. As he retired, we brought in a young Dutchman who, we were told, had the potential to be a star like Dennis. So far RVP has improved and provided us with amazing skill and talent. Of course, every time he gets injured, I think, “not again!” Anyway, he is my favorite gunner and I sincerely hope he can play the whole season the way he started the last. He had two very good goals against Mexico the other day. One with his left foot, and one with his right. He is a complete striker (minus the injury problems)

    So how did he cause the break-up with your girlfriend???

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ goonerman

    The rule only relates to bank debts and the interest owed so Chelsea will not be affected as the owner has all the debt, Liverpool on the other hand owe banks so they will be screwed. Not sure how the Glazers have setup the Manc’s so I am not sure if they will be affected.

  • vj

    hearing loys of rumours bout Laurent Koscielny

  • goonerman

    i know im going back to the cesc saga but yet again joan laporta has come out to talk some more CRAP, barcelona wont pay over the odds for fabregas and they still only want to stick around the 30 million mark! You wont overpay??? what about that joke of a CB who’s name i cant say who is probably more dodgy on the ball than our very own silvestre i think they payed around 25 million euros, oh and ibrahimovic who is the second most valuble player in the world.

    hillwood may have said that he doubts cesc would get in the barcelona midfield ahead of xavi and iniesta and by the way there is no shame in that but maybe fabregas should take some offene that the barcelona presidant only thinks he is worth 30 million pound which puts him in a smilar worth to adebayor, robhino and berbatov i think its a complete joke!

  • Mehedi

    I have a very bad news, RVP got injured again; that’s right again.