Cesc: The Quiet Before The Storm

So, yesterday was England vs Mexico and there are quite a lot of topics I want to talk about, like how bad Carrick is, and how hit and miss Theo Walcott is (sometimes electric, sometimes like a bunny in headlights). When Theo is good, he is very good, and when he is bad he is well, not that great.

Anyway, onto more pressing matters, and the future of Cesc is being more clouded and clouded with uncertainty and a bit more uncertainty. I’ve recently posted about what I thought was a Cesc Fabrication, a made up ploy by Barcelona to unsettle the player, with no real desire from the player at all. That was until the stories from Cesc’s father broke today.

Now I am worried.

Cesc’s old man had this say:

“He (Cesc) is focused now on the Spanish national team but what he wants is for the transfer to be concluded as soon as possible. The negotiations between Arsenal and Barcelona will be very long and both parties are going to have to sit down together a few times because the issue is a complicated one. I don’t know how this is going to pan out but I believe you have to respect the decision and the wishes of the player.”

Now the source is a Spanish radio and of course, Cesc’s dad’s view could differ from that of the player himself, but it is his dad and surely that means it’s got some element of truth in it? If it is true, then the silence of the club does speak volumes. Arsene would be very very upset to see Cesc want to leave, let alone actually leave. Money is secondary to the player’s worth in our team, in our youth policy and in our future. He is surely the best player we have?

Another director (how many do they have?) at Barcelona, Joan Olvier, said this on the official Barcelona site too:

“There is no offer yet. It’s true the player has expressed his wish to play for Barca, perhaps this coming season. We have had first contacts with Arsenal in which we made known our intention to talk and that’s the current situation. We are not in any hurry and you never know how long these operations can take.”

Of course, this is backed up by the comments from Peter Hill Wood, who earlier today (maybe yesterday) mentioned he was “surprised but delighted” that they hadn’t made an official offer to us yet. Naturally, if this transfer were to happen and were to happen this season, it would be a very protracted and long transfer. First we would have to determine Cesc’s worth, the impact of his loss, who could replace him and ensure we have everything in place before the start of the season.

It’s not the right timing.

It is at least a season too early. With our squad shaping nicely, and players like Chamakh being brought on board, it’s not the right timing for Cesc to abandon the ship and if indeed, these reports are true, then it’s strange to see a player who was only made our captain last season, and at the tender age of 23 – a player who has repeatedly

said he doesn’t want to leave, get up and go.

Many people have said this summer will signal a departure next year and the final part of his dad’s statement echoes the longevity of his contract.

“We are also grateful to Arsenal because they have turned our son into a complete man. At the moment he has a contract with Arsenal,” he added. “My impression is that the English club don’t want to sell him but in the end they will give in and let Cesc go.”

It’s hard to know how to react to talk like this from the Spanish media, from Barcelona and now even from Cesc’s dad. Does it now seem inevitable that Cesc will be on his way in the not too distant future? I believe, this will have a very bad effect on the Arsenal as a team. If our talisman leaves – and we know he is the best player at the club, then how do we even go about replacing him? That’s a topic for another time – I’m not 100% sure he is definitely off, but I do now believe that perhaps it’s not all a fabrication after all.

Listen to Hleb

If I were Cesc, I would listen to Alex Hleb – he has urged the Spanish starlet to stay at Arsenal and become the hero we all want him to be:

“I stay in touch with Cesc a lot and it’s hard for me to judge what he should do. He and Gael Clichy are both very good players who must make their own decisions about their future. But I would advise them to stay. It didn’t work out for Arsenal this season but, if Arsene Wenger keeps the side together, they can really go far next year. They play great football. It’s partly a question of experience and next season Arsenal will have more of it if everyone stays. All things being equal, I think they have a very good chance of the title next season.”

Interestingly enough, the temptation to sell Cesc, knowing that we could get upwards of £50m for the player may follow suit to every other summer since the new stadium – we’ve been selling players every summer, from the likes of Henry to Adebayor to Toure – once Arsene even said we have to raise a minimum of £25m every summer in order to pay our debts.

Even more interesting is Hleb’s mention of Gael Clichy, whom has been linked with quite a few clubs, Inter, Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona themselves. Surely he isn’t on his way? Is he?

Whatever is going on, from an Arsenal point of view, I can’t wait for September 1st. All of this uncertainty is going to give me sleepless nights. Whatever happens, I can rest assured that we have Arsene at the helm to get us through this. If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have the likes of Cesc or Clichy at the club in the first place.

For now, it’s time to start writing up my “Arsenal vs England” blog for later… I know who I’d rather watch!!!

  • dampatti

    knowing our stupid board i would not be surprised if we accepted the 30mill and let him be gone. We need to be demanding like UTD and stay on the £80mill price tag, or even £50mill

  • dampatti

    To be hones I’m sick and tired of this jargon that Wenger will clear all in his part if he inherits inter or any other great team,its load s**t of rubbish.There’s a great difference between almost the best and being the best,wenger doesnt have it in him to be the best-he might be almost the best but cannot,i repeat can never be the best.I dont know any team in the last 10yrs that has won the champions league with a tactically dead manager,none…wenger is tactically clueless.You shout about mourinho going to almost made teams but it takes self belief in your abilities to take on such jobs,which we all know wenger lacks by his actions-if he has the belief he should take the job at real or is anyone stopping wenger from going to almost made teams,he’s scared,unsure of himself,if he’s man enough,then he should go prove himself-there’s surely a reason why he has not won a CL,simple,he lacks some fundamentals needed.I argue again you might be a so called genius making bargains to compete for 2nd,3rd,4th place but doesnt mean when given the cash,you have the eye for the very best to win it all.Mark hughes seemed like a genius at blackburn but when he splashed the cash at man.city,he found out there was a difference between fighting for 10th 3rd,4th place and been the best.I believe strongly that Wenger hides behind the excuse of lack of cash,looking for bargains,new stadium,inflated prices,even going to the extent of not splashing the cash just to lay claim to such stupid zip like your post.I’m sure mancini had almost that same squad,spent some cash & still didnt win the CL,mind you,you forgot to mention the bargain mourinho made with the eto,ibra and cash deal.Lest we forget,when Mourinho left chelsea with same squad and cash spent,scolari,avram and hiidink didnt win the PL.Talk is cheap,prove it if you have the balls.

  • Francis

    Surely…there something going on…but the part that Cesc’s dad mentioned that arsenal have to respect his son’s wishes is one sided…how about respecting the clubs wishes as well…how about respecting the time, effort and investment in making the player who he is today….

    as far as i’m concerend arsenal should play hard ball…like valencia did with david villa and silva last summer…sell when we are ready and have signed a replacement …and put a hefty price tag of Cesc say 100 million flat!!!

    as pointed out our policy will in shambles if we sell..having painstakingly built this team over 2-3 years now.

  • Francis

    ****as pointed out our policy will ***be in shambles if we sell..having painstakingly built this team over 2-3 years now.

  • sid

    Don’t agree this will be done quickly, i think we will wait until after the World Cup – if he is player of the tournament or even just has a superb tournamant – his value rockets.

    We are in the best position, we can basically just tell Barca to fuck off until they meet the price……remember they want him so badly they have no made an opening offer yet!!

    Still maintain he will be with us next season……having said that id rather have the money than someone who doesnt want to play for us – whoever they are

  • Nick

    @Francis… or even a more close to home example of how Bordeaux wouldn’t budge on a transfer fee price for Chamakh when we tried to buy him in Jan and now we got him free. Arsenal really need to stick to their guns and if we do end up selling him it should be for a lot of money. No less than $50 million.

    IMO, as a replacement (which will be incredibly hard to replace someone who means as much as Cesc does to Arsenal) skill wise there are a few options out there. Van Der Vaart at Real Madrid would be an immediate impact replacement. He will most likely be superfluous when/if Mourinho takes over at Real. There may be a few more players leaving Real as well.

    Gourcuff is another very promising player for an immediate impact but Bordeaux have him and I think AC Milan still own him.

    IMO, we can’t replace his position with very young player who has skill but no leadership ability. We need someone with caps for his country.

  • devday

    @ dampatti:
    If he has to go then we have to get more than £30m for him, if Adebayor went for £25m, then on the same value, Cesc is worth much much more.

  • devday

    @ Francis:
    If Cesc goes, then the other players will have their heads turned even more – the likes of Clichy, Song etc – would all raise an eyebrow… if we’ve sold the likes of Vieira etc to fast-track Cesc into the squad, then selling Cesc is only a detriment to our long term plans in the last 5 years!

  • Francis

    @ Nick

    replacements that come to mind are as follows:

    Premiership – Steven Pienaar, Arteta…we could promote our own Wilshere..ably supported by Nasri

    France – Gourcuff, Belgian kid (can’t remember his name)still morning hear in Canada..so pardon me..

    Germany – another kid cant remember his name i think plays for stuttgart but of turkish heritage…has tremendous vision and close ball control skills

    Italy – Asamoah plays for Udinese

    All in all i dont think we can afford to start rebuilding our midfield again after what happened with Flamini, Rosicky & Hleb, 2 seasons ago.

    **** the names will come up ****

  • devday

    @ sid:
    If only Cesc came out and told us what he actually felt like. But maybe it’s best for everyone that we don’t know the truth in case he doesn’t move.

  • dampatti

    @SID: If Cesc goes at any point before the start of the season, do you think we need a replacement?

  • sid

    Clearly, but hopefully people in the club are doing their job and getting that lined up if it comes to it. They will know, this very moment if he is 100% going or there is a chance he will stay – at the end of the day, Barce are still yet to make a bid, and it looks unlikely that they can meet the asking price – so a deal is miles away from being done.

    Im not sure Cesc is the sort of player who would go on strike and not give 100% even if he did want to go, it depends how serious he is about leaving…..but this is something that im sure will go on for a long while yet…..we should be used to it by now!

    Im not doubting the events we are led to believe have happenned, but all we really have to go on is Press Talk – we do not know the whole truth.
    If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain – do you know which philosopher said that? Dolly Parton. And people say she’s just a big pair of tits

  • devday

    @ sid:
    I think a lot of wealthy Catalunian businessmen would be more than happy to bankroll the Cesc transfer!!!

  • Tm17

    Is the Belgian kid hazard ???
    And I think bordeaux bought
    gourcuff for around 12 million €
    as he on loan with option to buy

  • Nick

    @Sid.. I believe if Cesc stays (but really wanted to go) he would still give 100+% to Arsenal. If the situation is he wants to go but an adequate deal can’t be worked out to where both clubs are happy I don’t think he’d want to leave like that. He’s too classy a guy.

    @devday… you have to look at it like this, all players who are maybe gonna leave don’t speak about it until the deal is done. That way if things fall through they don’t upset the fans they have to play for the next season. Unlike idiots like Adebayor who just bemoan everything, most players just issue statements like “I don’t know, I haven’t heard anything. I’m an Arsenal player and I plan on being one next season unless something changes.” Or they ever popular “I have nothing to do with it, my agent handles all that.” It leaves room for something to happen but says I still play for this team.

  • sid

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas wants his requested transfer to Barcelona to be agreed as soon as possible but is expecting the negotiations to be arduous, according to the Spaniard’s father. “I don’t know how this is going to pan out but I believe you have to respect the decision and the wishes of the player,” Francesc Fabregas said on Spanish radio. (Reuters)

    How about respecting a contract that the player wished, and therefore made the decision, to sign? That would be a novel idea…

    That quote could mean anything without the context it was said in. It could mean that Barcelona should respect the wishes of the player of Cesc wanting to stay. It could mean that Arsenal should respect the wishes of Cesc wanting to leave. It could mean that the tabloids should stop printing stories and just respect the wishes of the player and the ultimate decision he takes.

    That quote could mean anything.

  • sid

    Gourcuff is certainly one to track if cesc does leave but to be honest i really dont understand why the heck he would want to go this season! Why not next season? when he can firmly say I’ve given my best for this club and hey if we won nothing then who could blame him?> IMO i think his head has been turned by those dozy idiots puyol, iniesta, xami.

  • dampatti

    If there is anytime to hang on for a good deal it is now or risk getting mugged like we did when Henry went for £16mill because he only wanted to go to Barca.


    I would rather go into next season a player short and £50mill+ up(enough money to buy more than one class player) than an early transfer worth £30mill which is only enough to buy 1 class player.

    Ronaldo only wanted Real and regardless of his status would have gone for £50mill+ so the same should apply to Cesc in this current market inflated by the likes of Real Barca e.t.c.

    Lets not get short handed by Barca’s silly tactics, Cesc will be with them for 12yrs or so. In that time he will improve as a player, in status and thus improving his image rights and marketing value only to the betterment of his club.

  • parksy

    absolutely we’re not some cheap club like WHU…. £30m! they can frk orf … he’s our 2nd most przed asset (IMO apart from RVP), u dont just give away yr quality player especially to those that talk the talk and supposedly clain to be one of the biggest clubs in europe.

    would some of u sell yourselves that cheap? lol
    A truly great captain wears the shirt with pride – you can see it in his face not how he kisses the badge!

  • devday

    @ Nick:
    Of course, spot on, Cesc is better off keeping as quiet as possible and so is Arsne, to keep the fans outrage at bay.

    The funny thing is that I really honestly believed Cesc was a Gooner in his heart!

  • devday

    @ dampatti:
    You’re right, a 23 year old has at least 12 years at the top! And of course the opportunity cost for Arsenal should be taken into consideration… at least £50m if not more!

  • parksy

    there is only one DB10 no one as loyal as that guy, Adams too

  • sid

    What I don’t understand is how can the likes of a 28 year old David Villa be 40 million and Barca value Cesc at 30 million. Have heard people say that Fabregas hasn’t won anything, well he has won a European Championship and I dont see David Villas value diminished because Valencia haven’t won a European Cup or a La Liga.

    We have one of the best players in the world in his position so either we demand 50 million plus or Barca can get stuffed. His value shouldn’t be lowered because he wants to go. If he does stay I cant see him being as egotistical or arrogant as Adebayor that he wont put a shift in but it could be a similar situation what Villa had with Gareth Barry that he would stay for one more year with his captaincy perhaps stripped

  • parksy

    I know it has probably been debated before, but who you think was the best Wenger or Graham.
    I know the football under Wenger has been more pleasing on the eye, (though not necessarily recently)
    I however would rate Graham above Wenger, and here are my reasons.
    1.Anfield 89’ the greatest night in the club’s history, I think Wenger would have bottled it, even with the invicibles.
    2.And on the invincibles, people sometimes forget, that the 90-91 league winning side only lost 1 game that season, and indeed scored more goals and conceded less than the invincibles 74 for; 18 against compared to 73 for; 26 against. So it wasn’t all “boring” Arsenal.
    3.1994 cup winners cup final, ok not as prestigious as the champions lge, but not unlike the game against Barca, in that we were huge underdogs. When all is said and done Wenger still hasn’t delivered any European success, even when presented with a much less demanding opportunity against Galatassary, then again his big name stars bottled it.
    Ultimately the bell tolled for George, due to events off the field, although it must be pointed out that, events on the field were also surely causing a ringing in his ears, as they should be now for Wenger.
    Finally, there is one last thing that cements Graham as no 1 for me, and that is, everyone hated us, and I liked that.
    I don’t want to be everyone’s “second favourite team” with football ignorant pundits and journalists alike, patronising us with their “pleasing on the eye” references to our style of play.
    GG the greatest Arsenal manager of all.

  • sid

    @parksy: I still see this as yet another another excuse to have a go at Wenger, but im quite interested in this point so il get involved…

    It would be interesting to see the age of people and their choice between the two. The point being, although i remember many of GG’s greatest achievments very clearly (Cup double, CWC, ’91) – id still say Wenger every single time – purely because he has transformed the club onto the European scene in a major way and revolutionsed football in the wider community as well. To win the Premiership unbeaten was an amazing feat, and that is just one of the many things he has acheived, the last few years have been barron, but we have still been in semi finals and finals and have competed for the title in 2 of the last 3 seasons…so with the right investment (which is they key bit!) I do not agree Wenger cannot acheive more with Arsenal, i refuse to look at just the past couple of seasons, over the 12 years he has been with us he has been fantastic – in my view he should be given this season to have a go at it, he himself has said we need signings and said “two or three” will be coming in – the minium that guy deserves is a chance to win the league next season – its not the view on this condensed platform here, but if you asked every Arsenal Fan out there Im pretty sure most would agree with that view.

    Is this because being in my mid-twenties a lot more of my adolescent and memorable football times have been in the Wenger era? Maybe, can’t ignore that point – but i refuse to subscribe to the view that anyone under a certain age can only see Wenger and nothing more, thats pure bollocks – but for me Wenger, despite a few barron years is one of the greatest managers in Premiership History, let alone Arsenal’s. None of this is withstanding the fact GG was at best as bent as a ten bob note!!!

    “Wenger has transformed Arsenal from a good domestic club side into a World Club side”……do you know who said that? George Graham!

  • parksy

    Can we be really clear!

    I am full of admiration for Wenger in the same way I was for Henry! Both have acheived remarkable things for the club.

    However, when it was clear we hd seen the best from Henry it was time for him to go with our thanks and best wishes.

    Why it shouldn’t be the same for Wenger I will never know!

  • raj

    lovely post sid…nice banter going on here today folks! good stuff

  • raj

    Our board will not turn down an offer of £50m for Cesc.With our debt on the stadium it would be madness.
    If we were run by an Abramovich we could but cant.
    Cesc needs success but he cant see it coming to the club in the near future.The beatings by Chelsea and Man utd at home and Barcelona in the CL showed that.We are not 1 or 2 players behind these clubs but 5 or 6.And Cesc can see Wenger is not going to bring 5-6 quality players in.

  • devday

    @ sid:
    I think Villa has more experienced and proven Internationally over a longer period – that doesn’t mean Cesc is worth less, it just means there isn’t too much disparity between the two players.

  • devday

    @ raj:
    I really don’t think we are 5 or 6 players behind, but nevertheless we are quite a few behind in key areas.

    In our 4-3-3, it’s true to understand we lack a CM to partner Cesc and Song and a CD to partner Verms and a GK!

  • parksy

    Even though the man himself hasn’t said anything, the fact that Cesc’s father has indicted that Fab wants to leave puts paid to the hopes of those of us which claimed/hoped it was all media speculation/shit stirring and Barcelona bollocks.

    Therefore Barca can either pay the going rate – like I said, £60m minimum – or they can do one!! If Arsenal capitulate and accept anything less, then that will truly show the Board to be the ‘all talk, no ambition and only in it for themselves’ entity that some believe them to be

  • dampatti

    the whole idea here is put arsenal and arsenal’s supporters against cesc fabregas. that’s exactly what barcelona wants, and that’s why they are doing everything to make it happen.

    they need to create a situation where we get angry with all that crap and just want him to go.

    we should NOT let that happen. cesc has a 5 year contract. if he wants to not commit and rot on the bench that’s his call. we have a guy who is worth at least 50M pounds in our hands, and if barcelona don’t have the balls to even just make a bid, then were all discussing the shit stuff they through on purpose to the media.

  • devday

    @ parksy:
    It baffles me how you can say that Wenger’s time is up – he’s been so instrumental against the climate to get us where we are – it’s criminal to think that!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    If cesc leaves and we don’t replace him, I will not be spending my hard earned money on renewing my Arsenal membership that is for sure.

  • parksy

    @raj: The loan is managable over 25 years like any other mortgage we shouldnt have to sell to maintain it. We have cleared almost half of the debt in recent years so why clear more, surely a figure was agreed which suited all parties. Selling Cesc for financial gain is the biggest load of wank ever

  • parksy

    50mil, 60mil you are all deluding yourselves, Cesc will be sold for 35mil max and I don’t even think we wil get that, Don’t be surprised if you see that useless c**t Hleb offered as part of the deal, or a 15 year-old from their youth set-up, for Wenger to groom for the future.
    The sooner this is sorted the fucking better, and it will undoubtedly prove a nail in Wengers waiting coffin, particularly if he deposits the money with hill-wood and co.

  • parksy

    Funnily enough I would be willing to accept 40m+ if it was my decision I know papers never refuse ink but kaka is being linked to the chavs for a 40m fee so I would be ok with buying kaka at that price to replace cesc (I know it will never happen but I am just saying that I would be ok with it )

  • parksy

    The thing is you can’t realistically compare the different transfer fees previously paid, especially for players of different ages and positions.

    However, we can do worse than use these examples of previous protracted transfer dealings in which the selling club called the shots:

    Man United wanted Berbatov, offered £20m or so, Spurs said over £30m or no deal. United paid and the player was eventually transferred.

    Real Madrid wanted Ronaldo, offered plenty; United said £80m and all up front. Real eventually paid and the player moved on.

    Chelsea wanted Essien. Bid around £15m. His club wanted £25m. Chelsea paid, deal done.

    Man City wanted Lescott, offered millions. Everton said no until they reached a figure that was ridiculous considering the player’s ability. City paid up and got their man. Everton are now laughing all the way to the bank.

    The point is we should sell only if and when it suits us and we need to bear in mind both what would someone of Cesc’s ability cost in the current market and, as importantly what’s his value to the club? Certainly more than the £30-£40m being quoted, in my opinion.

  • dampatti

    parksy says on May 25th, 2010 at 3:47 pm :
    If that turns out to be the case, – and I have to say I very much doubt it – then I will return my ST to the club forthwith and not put another penny into the club ever again!! It will be the final sign that the club aren’t really interested in remaining a big club.

    I will follow that by making a phone call to a few of my ‘contacts’ back in Sicily to place a contract on each and everyone of the self-serving Board members!!!

  • Nick

    Another thing that MUST be considered is the potential loss that results in completely destabilizing the team. How much money do we lose if we lest Cesc go for less than we should, other players start thinking the same thing and we fail to qualify for the CL on 2011? We have City, Liverpool, Tottenham & Villa all after us and they spend when they need to (even when they don’t). The biggest consequence of this whole thing is the potential loss in our teams integrity and drive.

  • parksy

    Barcelona know that Fabregas wants to join them so therefore they do not have to enter a bidding war with any other team. That’s why they believe they can get him on the “cheap”. Arsenal can either take 30-35million or keep a player who yearns to return home! It will draw out for the entire summer! Take the money and buy replacements!

  • sid

    Arsenal have slapped the classic 80 million fee for Fabregas, for me it is achievable as long as Spain and more importantly Fabregas dominants on a global scale as this World Cup. Should we get that cash or near that offer for me we can’t afford not to accept. So we would have 80 million, plus we was told we had 30 million available for Transfer, put the 30 million we had available into the debt of the stadium and paying that off. Many may not like it but the sooner we get it off our chests the better. The 80 million can be spent very effectively, and make us a better team like Juventus (Zidane) and Inter (Ibrahimovic) of the past. Bolton are requesting a 14 million for Cahill seems high but for a proven centre half at Premiership level maybe it is understandable. For me he is a must and will complement what Vermealen has in his locker. As we are losing two centre halfs I would keep Sol, Djourou and Bartley in the camp just incase. In the midfield I actually think Fabregas if he goes we should allow Wilshere/Nasri/Ramsey to fight for the spot as it very much a free role in midfield. The money would need to be spent on the combating box to box midfield to fill in with Song and push us forward, Jeremy Toulalan at Lyon would be the best option would be pricey probably nearing 20 million but would be worth it. The strikeforce is fine but I would still sell Eduardo and Armand Traore as niether are required. Sell both Almunia and Fabianski, and bring in either Green or Hart as both are good goalkeepers with proven defenders infront of them will take the next step up. Out rising us (80 million+ 8 million + 5 million + 2 million + 2 million) 97 million could be possible not mention a clearing off wage bill with free agents also leaving. In (14 million + 20 million plus 4/12 million) 38/46 million. Could be very profitable!

  • Francis

    as menrtoned else where, the carry on effect on the other squad members cannot be overlooked…all of sudden RVP, Arshavin, Clichy, Sagna, Song will start thinking what the heck is going on…why should i stick around….

    its amazing that cesc critizised barca with their underhand tactics when they got hold of hleb..i always thought that they weren’t really interested in hleb…but that they had purposefully sown the seeds of doubt in cesc’s head so as to to come for him at a future date…cesc and hleb are very close buddies…

    the departures of henry and hleb clearly affected cesc for a while but to his credit got on with his job

    real madrid used the same tactic to prise ronaldo away..eventually….what did they do…they came in for heinze knowing that he was ronaldo’s closest buddy…but you know what, ferguson read the trick and only sold when he was ready to and on his own terms…..

    we all know cesc will leave evntually but we have to play hard ball….and sell on out own terms.

    slap 100 million fee on cesc’s head and see barca’s reaction…if barca meet this fee cesc can leave yday!!!

    i’m sorry i sound mercenary but business is business!!!

    we can get hazard in for far less and maybe pienaar….with at least half of that money sitting tidy in our coffers.

  • Francis

    i can see hill-wood rubbing his hands with glee if barca were to meet the asking price of 100 million!!!

  • Francis

    at that price (100 million) i can see even wenger doing business without blinking an eye!!!!

  • Francis

    and the excuse from the board will be… we tried to keep him but the player had made up his mind to leave….there’s nothing we could do to persuade him….usual refrain innit!!!

    the fat cat director’s would be smiling and smacking their lips behind the scenes on a good business deal (at 100 million)!

    i’m sure they will even be willing to drive him across the channel…to make cesc’s exit quicker!!!

  • devday

    Carlos Vela on leaving Arsenal: “Having a good World Cup can open many doors, if not at Arsenal, we’ll see where.”

  • devday

    @ Francis:
    Interesting, if you say you’ll take £100m? How much would you really take? £90m? £80m? £40m? £50m?

  • devday

    @ sid:
    Toulalan for £20m? Never in a millions years – he’s a £5m player – the market has gone crazy!!!!

  • devday

    @ parksy:
    Don’t think we “need” to sell Cesc for financial reasons.
    Barcelona still owe us £12m for Henry and £4m for Hleb – we need that cash in first!!!

  • Amri Gooner

    Hey everybody, far from Cesc news, Juventus refused to renew the contract of Cannavaro and he is free now. He confirmed that while he is with the Italian national team a day ago.
    I know he is 36 years old now, but we can get him for free and I think he is still great since he was selescted for the Italian team.
    Who thiks it’s good to have the guy at Arsenal?

  • Yemi

    @ devday:
    You said we are not 5-6 players behind, but i beg to differ.
    Why ?
    We already got a new striker, You mentioned midfield, You mentioned defense, you mentioned goalkeeper. That is already 4 players !!!
    coupled wit the fact that we have a bunch of average players in
    Ebuoe (speed and strength, no skill),
    Traore( Skillful, speed in attacking but a porous defender,
    Wallcott(More sprint than skill, maybe a player for the future),
    Rosisky(Past his prime),
    Diaby(Most inconsistent player in the world),
    B52(Misses 52 chances before he scores 5),
    Silvestre (Dead),
    Sol (Good, but we need better),
    Gallas (good not great, greedy, bad influence),
    Eduardo( will he ever recover from the horrors of his injury?).
    Senderos( No comment)
    Who else?

    SO who are we left with who are really TOP TOP class ?
    RVP, Arshavin, Cesc, Clichy, Vermaleen, Nasri, Sagna(Not sure), Rambo(hope he recovers psychologically),

    We are 5-6 playeres short BUT BUT BUT If we get the necessary 3 or 4, we might be somewhere near OK . But do you see arsene geting 3 players? Yes ! maybe 2 for the future and one for now !!!

    As for the matter in hand, Cesc ain’t going anywhere this season except he want to go and sit on the bench which i doubt.

  • Yemi

    @ Amri Gooner:
    No more gran daddies please !!!

  • Yemi

    @ Amri Gooner:
    No more gran daddies please !!!
    To move from a team breeding young players to becoming a dumping ground for gran dadies is really absurd !!!!
    We got gallas 30+, Silvestre 30+, sol 30+, we don’t need another please free or not !!! To much distraction

    @ devday:
    It would be nice if you can put please always leave a comment on the preceding post when you have a new article !!!! I had to read through 50 posts(and quite a few where quite long) because i was still checking the las post !!

  • Yemi

    On another note, Nadal is on the roll !!!

  • Francis

    @ Devday

    the minimum i’d take for Cesc is 80 million flat ….if barca wont accept it they can go rot…wherever

    this makes bsiness sense….only business sense…and i know there is he sporting side as well…that’s the cost & impacts that arsene has to determine

  • Yemi

    @ Francis:
    Barca would be foolish to pay more than 30M for cesc. Don’t get me wrong, In the current market, he is actually worth more than that BUT do they really need him now ? The answer is NO. So why would they pay more than 30M for a player that would be on the bench ? Cesc can walk into team and pick up a first team shirt apart from barca solely because of Xavi.

  • Francis


    then no deal then…cos we could sell him to man city for 80 million…that’s the market price

    and if they dont really need him they can go burn the see…why go through all the hassle …first by getting hleb to distabilise him…clearly Xavi might not be able to play at the same pace for long…when injuries begin to kick in even the best players struggle…for all you know they might be using Xavi as a bluff

    @ Dev

    i mainten my stance, 80 million, minimum or no deal…cos as i mentioned earlier on, we could get 2 good players to smoothen over the sporting side …and plus who wouldn’t want a cool 40 or 50 million sitting in their coffers.

    think about it…who knows the long term effects of cesc’s broken leg….he is 23 not 18 age may be on his side but just…you never know.

    ****business is business*****

    we might not get that amount in a few years as man city and chelsea’s model is just unsustainable…giving the global financial outlook its just a matter of time b4 this inflated soccer market comes crashing down like other sectors of the world market…..

    the counter argument may be that we could be a few trophies better with cesc staying….thats a possibility i wont bet on…

    the soccer industry has become the new hedging grounds/avenue….for listless capital or idle capital…i don’t think it will last for long…

    just my thoughts

  • Josiah

    Fran merida has officially gone

  • Yemi

    @ Francis:
    I agree with you, we sell cesc ONLY to barca, but when ? Certainly this season is at least a season too early.

    Xavi still has a season or excellent football in him before he starts to decline and i know they want to prepare for the decline by getting cesc but why spend 80M to put cesc on the bench ?

  • Yemi

    Did you see rooneys anger at theo’s bad end products after great runs ?

  • Yemi

    Diaby is going to play in DM position for france at the world cup !!!! Maybe he could get a hang of the role under another coach apart from wenger !! He was originally meant to replace viera

  • Francis

    @ Yemi

    sure selling Cesc could be a season too early…yet he could have a fantastic world cup and we can top up the asking price of 80 million by another 20 or so million.

    I know i might not sound popular but every player has his price. Match the players valuation get good replacements and move on with life. Sentiments are sentiments and we have special attachments to players but then there’s reality that we all have to face….these sentiments don’t last for long…we all savour it but move on…

    even the great thiery henry left and arsenal has moved on …so did the supporters as well

    i’m sorry folks but that is life!!!!

    No player is bigger than the club

  • Yemi

    @ Francis:
    I don’t mind loosing ANY player but arsene has made me think otherwise cos he never replaces them !!! He might sell cesc and wait for rambo to mature another two years without trophies before someone(maybe city, madrid, barca, united, chelsea) come with an offer that will be foolish to reject. Then we start all over again !!!
    Wenger never replaces his players or should I say he replaces them with players for the future only to sell them off before the future gets here

  • Francis

    I agree with you to an extent…yet context is important here cos when you look at players that arsene has let he tried to replace them with younger players bcos the new stadium meant there was limited cash at his disposal.

    Instead of signing say a 26 or 27 year old player, arsene went for the cheaper alternative…which meant zero trophies…2 to 3 years for the players to develop into the the finished article.

    we’ve seen a slight shift in policy by the signing of chamakh. The Adebayor and Toure situation was a bit different as we know the story behind it….they both played into the clubs need to raise approx 25 million for the season. Arsene did not really want to sell but the business opportunity presented itself and Arsene took advantage of it….pure and simple…easy cash plus good riddance to 1 bad apple.

    A useful analysis would be to compare the departed players with the ones brought in to fill in.

  • Francis

    My last post was a response to Yemi

  • Yemi

    @ Francis:

  • goonerman

    The more this fabregas CRAP goes on the more and more i loose respect for him, his father, barcelona players and just the whole barcelona set up!
    iv allready expressed my feeling about cesc fabregas and regardless of how little we have one with him its not all about medals we have turned him into an amazing player, then his father comes out and tells us we should respect his wishes and let him go, well Mr Fabregas im pretty sure if it was not for arsenal football club your son wouldnt be playing football at the level he is today and he may even be just starting out had he stayed at barcelona. im sure you enjoy all the money you get from cesc which we pay him, im fed up of the complete lack of respect we are being shown as a club!

    puyol comes out and tells the media cesc would be the perfect signing and another backroom barcelona prick comes out and tells us he is ready for long negotiations, well i really do hope that arsenal finally snap and put their foot down with a huge asking price and stick to it becuase he has half a contract to serve and like wenger said fabregas was not forced to sign a single thing, when all this started to happen i thought maybe we should let him go for a resonable price but i would be happy to force him to stay to show them bullies at barcelona we are not fools.

    its easy to see but like we have all said when you leave arsenal you dont always become even more of a star in most cases you completley flop and we have heard player after player regretting leaving this club and fabregas maybe a special talent but it does no guarntee him the same sucsess he is having at arsenal, so to cesc’s dad before we respect you sons wishes maybe you and your son should respect our wishes and just think about what we have done for your son in his time ar arsenal!!

  • arseneKnows

    don’t believe everything you read goonerman – how many times does it have to be said – people are paid very good money to make stuff up even if that means printing stuff that people never said or slightly altering it to make it sound a certain way – you are feeding on a big old load of manufactured shite and getting angry with people without knowing the proper facts. Some of it may be true but loads of it probably isn’t – we don’t know – we know naff all – so what’s the point in getting so angry??

  • ny

    Barca values Yaya Toure as 25m and 30m for Cesc.What a comedy?

    Kaka is worth 65m
    Ronaldo 80m
    Benzema 32m(reasonable)
    Adebayor 25m
    Berbatov 30
    Robinjo 30
    Robie Kean 20
    Alonso 30

    And Cesc is only 30m may be bcos Hilwood said he is not a first team player for Barca.

  • Yemi

    @ goonerman:
    I agree with @ arseneKnows.

    How many directors/assistants/staff does barca have ? Every week there is one director or deputy director saying something. Or one friend or one friend of a friend.
    One day we hear negotiations have started, in another we hear that barca have not made an official offer.
    One day we hear cesc has told wenger on tuesday he is leaving , in another we hear wenger was not even around on tuesday
    So don’t beleive everything you hear. Remember wenger has said only 3 players are free to go. Others have long term contracts.
    Also remember that when the press questioned after the last match he siad ” Do i have to be answering the same question over and over again every week?(not quoted word for word))
    I guess that is why no statement is being made, it will be just a distraction. Fingers crossed

    @ ny:

    You and I know there is a lot of crap going on in the market. The money bags have created so much inflation in the market that player valuation is not by the standard it used to be (Age, Ability, contract) but by how much the buyer is willing to spend. Of all the players you named, They are mostly madrid, city players apart from berbatov.
    These two clubs including chelsea, man u and barca have made the market what it is today.
    Imagine paying 40M + etoo to get ibrahimovic !!! That is madness. I would have etoo over ibra any day !!!!
    Imagine a two year loan deal for tevez at 25M. That is crazy
    30M deal for berbaflop is outrageous.
    80M Ronaldo, Is any player worth that?

    In that light, i will place a 60-80M pounds price tag on cesc. No more no less
    What happened

  • Yemi

    any truth in this ? ‘Arsene Wenger looks set to end Arsenal’s goalkeeping woes by making a move for Fulham’s Mark

  • sid

    I’ve decided that I fucking hate FC Barcelona. I hate them even more than a proper kick in the bollocks.

    I can’t believe that after all the tapping-up and the constant noise that Barca really want Cesc Fabregas they haven’t even put a bid in for him.

    They have tried their damned best to unsettle our skipper and are trying take the easy route. Basically they want to drive a wedge between Cesc and Arsenal resulting in him putting in a proper transfer request.

    What confuses me most though is that if Barcelona wanted Cesc Fabregas that badly, why didn’t they try to sign him before David Villa?

    It seems to me that Barca want him just for the sake of it. Just because they think they can. Because they are the mighty Barcelona.

    That’s why I’ve decided I really hate them now. I used to think that the likes of Chelsea and Real Madrid couldn’t be bettered for arrogance. Well I was wrong.

    I used to like them. They were my favorite side in Spain. Well no more.

    Sometimes I wish Arsenal were a little wankerish in how we do things. Maybe we should start acting like cunts and maybe we will start to turn a few heads and people might start to think we are a big club too.

    Then I think bollocks to that. We are too classy a club for that nonsense.

    I think the silence from Fabregas and Wenger is deafening. I didn’t believe the conversation happened as speculated at first but maybe it did. Or didn’t.

    Anyhow I hope that if Cesc Fabregas has made his mind up to leave then I hope he realises that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    Yes he has Barca in his ‘DNA’ but will he be as revered out there as he is here? Will he become skipper out there? Will he the first choice in the starting eleven?

    I doubt it.

    I love Fabregas and I can understand his desire to rejoin Barcelona one-day. It was always on the cards but I didn’t expect it to maybe happen so soon.

    However doesn’t he feel a little embarrassed about how his ‘new’ or ‘old’ club are acting? Surely he would want Barcelona to act accordingly? Clearly they aren’t.

    There is no respect from Barcelona in this move at all. They said they would respect Arsenal wishes. Well where is that respect?

    Arsenal have already said they don’t want to sell but the Barca media onslaught continues. If Cesc wants to be a part of that, part of a club who think they are royalty then let him.

    But I hope he knows what he is letting himself in for because it ain’t gonna be as rosy as he thinks it might be.

    Joining a club with no morals only to warm the bench isn’t going to be easy for a player used to adulation and captaincy.

  • Goonerman

    very nicely put sid and i do agree with a lot of thigs your saying, maybe we should be a bit more like barcelona and man city and real madrid but im proud of how our club is run because we are pure class and nobody can argue with that fact.
    also i think your bang on that cesc should think about the club he wants to join maybe they arent so beautiful, arrogant and full of debt like all the other big boys spending themselves further into a hole!!

  • dampatti

    the problem is as barca is in his blood he wont see any of it until he gets there. It should be good as Moanino will turn Madrid into a powerhouse and then i would like to se barca running away with it all.

  • dampatti

    why should arsenal, arsene or even cesc come out and deny or confirm any of the speculation in the press. if they were to confirm or deny every single story that is printed / published it would be a full time job.

    to me it’s black and white. nothing changes until it has been confirmed by those in the know. as far as i am concerned the only change to our squad so far is the arrival of chamakh.

    i really don’t understand the prurience shown by half the world regarding potential transfers. if they happen, they happen. why do we need to know about it until it has happened?

  • Pete

    An interview with Cesc himself is being conducted with SKy Sports News. The full interview hasn’t been aired yet, but he’s reported to have said the following:

    1. It is up to Arsenal to decide his future this summer.

    2. He sometimes feels more loved at Arsenal than in his home of Barcelona.

    3. He cant 100% guerentee fans that he’ll be at Arsenal next season.

  • devday

    @ Pete:
    Where did you hear that from?

  • Pete

    Sky Sports News mate. I’m quoting the studio reporters themselves. They’ve said the interview should but aited within this next hour.

  • Pete

    *should be aired/broadcast within this next hour*

  • devday

    Cool, am tuned in on sky player… going to be very interesting…!

  • Pete

    @ devday:

    Its on now mate.

  • devday

    Not on SSN on sky player yet, not sure why!

  • devday

    I am only focused on the World Cup, not other things.
    “A World Cup is too important to think about other things. I am one hundred percent focused on recovering from my injury, the only important thing is to be part of this team and play the World Cup.”
    Pressed further about the link with Barcelona, the Spaniard continued:
    “It’s up to Arsenal to decide.
    “I’m loved more at Arsenal than I am in my own home.”
    However, when asked if he was guaranteed to stay at Arsenal next season, Fabregas simply replied:

  • Pete

    Have got the tv on in the background. They only played a quick clip, the interview was held in Spain at the national squads training ground.

    From what they played so far Cesc said

    1. He has great respect for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

    2. He had a long conversation with Wenger, which he described as the best conversation he’s ever had (his words not mine).

    3. Wenger advised him to just concentrate on the World Cup and not to worry about anything else forn now.

  • dampatti

    so that means he wana go

  • dampatti

    Showed it there, he was respectful at least. He said he had a very long deep conversation with Wenger that was the best talk he had in his life and that Wenger said for him to concentrat on the World Cup and that he will deal with everything.

    So Arsene’s gonna make loads of signings?!! With Cesc onboard!!!

    (Crosses arms)I’m waiting Arsene

  • Pete

    He seemed to be happy with either staying or going to be honest.

    Seems like the ball is in Arsenals court, at least judging from the impression the interview gave, i.e. if we do sell, it’ll be on our terms, not Barca’s.

  • Pete

    Its on again now if anyones interested.

  • Yemi

    “However, when asked if he was guaranteed to stay at Arsenal next season, Fabregas simply replied:

    That is the best answer !!! But they should have gone further to ask if he was guaranteed to be at Barca next season.

    The answer would have been No also.

  • dampatti

    what really fcuks me off is that none of these c**ts can go in front of a tv camera and say what the fuck is going on. No-one. Not Arsenal , Cesc, Wenger or even those spanish c**ts.

    someone needs to say something. clearlly this is barca’s method of tapping up but Arsenal need to find their voice publically on behalf of Cesc at least.

    till then i’ll do what i do every season / summer. Not give a flying fcuk till i see the squad list at the start of the season. Its not worth the arsenalache.
    Almost….Almost……oh well… maybe next season.

  • devday

    New blog on this whole subject including video of the press conference:


  • devday

    @ Pete:
    Thanks for alerting us all to the interview!

  • Pete

    No worries mate :)