Cesc Fabrication…

We always knew the day would come when Cesc Fabregas would leave the Arsenal and we all knew his destination would be Barcelona. We all expected it to happen when he was 27 or 28, but not when he was 23 – and if the media stories we are all hearing are to be believed then that day has come. It is hard to avoid the speculation surrounding the club about Cesc, but I strongly believe that what we’re hearing is purely fabrication.

Cesc has four years left on an 8 year contract and it’s been extended several times in that period. He is currently captain of Arsenal and he is our talisman.

He signed for us back in 2003 and choosing Arsenal was in respect to his progression as a footballer – Arsene gave him the chance as a 16 year old whilst he still had Vieira and Gilberto the mainstays of the squad. His debut was a Carling Cup tie, in pure Arsene style and he went on to feature more and more that year. The following season he broke into the first team and from there, he never looked back. His guile and creativity added something to our team despite his slight figure. The 2005/2006 was his season, after Vieira left to Juventus, he went onto make 49 appearances.

Why am I telling you all this? It’s not like don’t already know it… but I’m telling you because it’s a reminder of the belief we had in the player, at such as young age. It’s the belief that Arsene had that Cesc was “worth it”. Selling your captain to allow a 18 year old to take over in the team is a statement of faith and belief in that player. We may have had doubts with many players in the past, but even at the tender age of 18, we knew that this kid was special.

His early introduction to the team was at some cost. We were unable to mount the challenges that we had previously and we forwent our ambition for trophies to fast track a player whom had the genuine talent to build a team around. Cesc is a winner and followed his ambition to London, to become the Arsenal captain. More recently he has been moved forward in a three man midfield to devastating effect and you can see clearly that not only does he have skill, creativity and guile, but has now added goals to his repertoire.

Cesc is Arsenal and Arsene’s vision of the future of Arsenal is built around the player.

Does Cesc want to leave Arsenal? No. Does he want to play for Barcelona. Yes. One day. But the Spanish media are vultures – they are worse than the British – and that is saying something – but they are loyal to their own. The Spanish top two, Real Madrid and Barcelona will use every trick in the book to try and lure a player. They will ask all of their team mates to talk to the player. They will speak to his agent, they will put false stories in the press, they will make journalists squeeze people and take anything they say and twist it. And that is exactly what Barcelona are doing right now.

A simple interview to Cesc and the question of whether he wants to leave Arsenal and come to Barcelona was asked. Well, no it wasn’t. The questions were strategically asked to provoke a series of responses. “Do you see yourself ever coming back to Barcelona?” is the first question to which Cesc answered “One day, yes, I see myself returning”… followed by “Would you go anywhere else?”, to which he replied “If I do leave Arsenal, I will only join Barcelona”.

Cesc is loyal and you can see that in his answers. The wry smile that people suggest meant that he wants to leave, was in fact a wry smile at the questions being asked. The same questions, but a different year. If you believe Guillam Balague then let me remind you that he said in 2008 that Ronaldo was a certainty to leave Manchester United for Real Madrid – an eventuality, but it didn’t happen that summer, neither did David Beckham to Barcelona – another certainty.

Barcelona have ways of fabricating stories, involving statements from the president and manager, involving claims from the players and staff. Their stance is always that the player wants to leave and therefore it is up to them to hand in a transfer request and then the teams can negotiate. Why? Because the players Barcelona want are always the top ones which need serious mind games, tapping up and they want them at a lower than market cost, and what better way than to mix up the player’s mind. It’s even worse for someone like Cesc because he closest friends are at Barcelona at the moment and he is with them now.

But the difference between Cesc and other players is his loyalty. His choice to come to Arsenal was to further his footballing ability – to make a name for himself – and 7 years later, through the belief that Arsene had in him, he is now one of the world’s coveted players. Barcelona are knocking and they will continue to knock ever summer, and one day they will get their man. And in order to ensure they do, they feel they must knock every summer, to get closer and closer.

Cesc is indebted to Arsenal as a club and Arsene as a manager. He is a huge factor of the current policy, the current stance of the manager and one of the main reasons that perhaps we haven’t won a trophy – but he is our captain and we will fight to keep him for as long as possible. We want to build a team around him and are only a few players short of a world class squad. So, for all those of you who are worried about the news, yes, you have a right to be worried. But don’t second guess the situation, relax, stay calm and have trust in Fabregas. He won’t jump ship. He’ll be wearing the colours next season.

All I can say to Barcelona is what we’ve always known – beautiful football, horrible mentality and even worse personality. One day (in the not too distant future) when we are the richest club in the world, it will be us buying their players – with Cesc still in the team – rather than the constant speculation, or should I say Cesc Fabrication.

  • Sarah

    Please be right…

  • JAT

    Superb piece. I wholeheartedly agree with you. We cannot ignore the fact that we have a huge fight on our hands here – a greater task than in keeping Henry and Vieira in the past (given Cesc’s blood is blaugrana) but on balance you would have to conclude that we will manage to fend them off for at least one more summer. Let’s hope we’re not deluded.

  • Royal Arsenal

    pure poetry, hit the nail on the head…hopefully….

  • Josiah

    I really hope he stays

  • ny

    Let him leave.Look at the team of invisibles.We were playing with massive steeled players(Viera and Gilberto) and Bergkamp was the the playmaker.We were palying superp football at that time along with trophies.

    With Cesc leaving we can go back to the old formation with Song and Diaby/Eboue/Eastmond/Yaya toure(as part of Cesc deal)
    in the middle and let Arshavin/RVP handle Bergkamp role.

    I personnaly like to see Diaby as the 2nd striker and Eboue on midfield.

    Next term our team should be like this.(I can expect only Chamakh as new signing)


  • Gooner Get Ya

    We have slapped a £50 transfer fee on him to put Barca off the purchase…but if it is true that Cesc wants to leave now then it is in both clubs interest to get this deal done.

    On another note I am not a fan of swap deals unless both players are happy to swap. If Barca offer a player + cash deal and the Barca player does not want to play for us then I would prefer cash only…but only once we have secured a replacement to the leaving player!!!

  • bayo

    Clearly Cesc is one of the reasons why arsenal has not won a trophy cus he was just a player filled with potential his inexperience when we started to play him clearly affected the team but he wont remember that but he complains about not buying as if it was not thesame policy that made him what he is today.i think we should get it done instead of the constant problem.This shows no player his worth investing your time on,Imagine Merida too that we had to go to court for,he is refusing a new contract.please let fabregas leave.
    Get the 50million plus Yaya toure.
    Get a new attacking midfielder and a defender
    Nasri..Yaya Toure…Gourcuff
    Van p..Chamack…Arshavin
    Our subsistute
    We should be alright even if we dont win a trophy we have our PRIDE,to hell with FABREGAS if he dare condemns the policy that made him if we were looking for trophies without believing in him maybe he wont be here today.There are bigger TALENTS out there but they never had an opportunity in a club like arsenal to become better.NO PLAYER SHOULD EVER DOWNGRADE MY ARSENAL>

  • Yemi

    Someone should say something at the club to reassure fans cos this time around, the rumors seem to be more intense with the fact that we heard that the player had showdown talks with the manager.
    What does fab mean when he says he wants his future sorted out b4 the world cup ?
    Something is definitely going down !!
    I also heard that barca do not want to let go of yaya toure so they want to get david villa first, then do a ibra + cash for fab.

  • Arsefan101

    @ Gooner Get Ya:

  • LeeroyN

    Aside from the constant specualtion on Cesc leaving, does anyone think any other player will believe their time is up or the club believe that their time is up?? I pray for the day when certain players will step up and rise to the challenge, very few have been able to for various reason this season, such as injuries, lack of playing time, confidence or over confidence (Bendtner *cough*), and then there’s our Keeper situations. I hope these certain individual players along with the the staff necessary, take a good hard long look and are able to re-evaluate their roles and priorities for this next season. If we do take any loss of players we need to seriously re-group and re-think our strategies and tactics drastically. It will be difficult due to it being a World Cup year, but not impossible.

  • devday

    Peter Hill Wood: “We are not remotely interested in selling Cesc whatsoever.”

  • devday

    @ LeeroyN:
    Personally, I am worried about Eduardo – he’s not been the same player since his injury.

  • LeeroyN

    @ devday:
    He stands out in my mind as one of a very few who seem to be off the boil. We all know what he is capable of, but it doesn’t seem to be coming out in his performances. I do feel for him, it must be seriously frustrating.

    Going into players after injury, we only hope and pray Ramsey has seen what can happen and makes a promise to himself not to let that lack confidence and playing, as well as the injury get to his comeback.

    Can you clarify for me if Fran Merida is actually leaving for Atletico this summer?

  • devday

    Txiki Begiristian admits defeat: “I wish it was as soon as possible. But we have to respect Arsenal’s wishes and the contract he has.”

  • devday

    @ LeeroyN:
    As far as a I am aware, yes, he is leaving! It’s unfortunate because he would have featured more this season if he hadn’t declared his intention to leave and more next season too. He’s no Cesc though!

  • Walter Broeckx

    So deanp you think Barca have a horrible mentality and worse personality. Why? Their view will be that they shouldn’t have to pay anything for one of their youth products who was illegally poached by Wenger and Arsenal. Now you can argue the merits of that all day long but the truth is we were only ever borrowing Fabregas, he was always going to return to Barca. Had we shown some ambition then he would have stayed a couple more years but when you repeatedly ask your manager to buy players and he refuses what choice does the player have. As Paul Davis said on Sky last night he knows the money has been available and Wenger just refuses to spend it. Everything I have been saying has come to fruition. Does anyone really think our drought will come to an end now. Apologists get e-mailing the editors, that’s all you have.

  • devday

    Sky News reporting that Man City and Real Madrid are interested in Cesc and are willing to bid £48m to secure his services.

    More rubbish??

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Why don’t we just come out as a club with a statement to end all this BS? It really annoys me how we are so secretive with transfers. If this is untrue AW or the Aresnal board should quash these rumors immediately…If it is true we should just be honest with the fans and say that Fab has expressed his wish to leave but Barca need to meet our valuation of £50m etc etc.

  • devday

    @ Gooner Get Ya:
    It would be appropriate for Arsenal to ping out a simple statement.

    “We would like to clarify for our fans that Cesc Fabregas is not for sale at any price.”

  • goonerman

    if you truely belive that they deserve fabregas on the cheap becuase he was a youth player at barcelona then you are a complete idiot, we did not illegally take him from barcelona we done it the correct way. if they belived in him so much im sure there were many more things they could of done to convince him staying at barcelona was the right thing, obviously they were unsure how long or if he would fulfill his ptential so they accepted loosing him to us and that is were arsenal football club comes in, we turned a kid with potential into a player who is like no other and is in the top three in his position in the world, we turned him into what he is today and we put all that faith into him so for you to say we are just borrowing him from barcelona and that they deserve him back on the cheap is complete crap

  • devday

    @ goonerman:

  • vj

    what is all this bullshit about fabregas leaving the club. Rubbish we are not selling our captain again. He is an Arsenal player. Barca may say what they want but we grew him from the age of 16. He has kissed the arsenal badge every celebration this season. The thought of him leaving should not even cross our minds. He is only 23, I would be really suprised if he left. Im sure in the near future fabregas will come out and say that he is staying in north london. Forget fifty million, we are not a desperate low club who accept to lose theire best players for some cash. He is worth more than that in our hearts. Fabregas will be leading our team out of the emirates tunnel next season

  • Nick

    @goonerman: Spot on!

    IMO, if we lose Cesc or if we keep him it all comes down to 1 man and that is Arsene Wenger. If we lose him, IMO it is because we have failed to win any trophies for the past 5 years. That is due in large part to stubbornness in the transfer market and unwillingness to spend money that we have to spend. When you need to invest in the squad to win and you don’t invest that says something.

    If he stays, it is because he loves Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. His faith in Cesc from the beginning and his confidence in making him out captain.

  • mesol

    Bullshit for someone who want Fabregas to leave…no way..he is our captain…There is no one to replace him

  • LeeroyN

    LOL @ mesol:

    I don’t think anybody actually WANTS him to leave. But if it is written, then it has to be? I’m more worried about what impact it has on the players who re indeed a lot closer to him than we are. If it creates this much panic from us the fans outside of the dressing room, then I would agree it will be double-fold inside it.

    Let’s just say for instance (hypothetically speaking) he definatly DOESN’T want to stay, but Wenger persuades him to stay atlas another year. I can imagine he would be counting the days until he leaves, kinda like Adebayor (obviously not in same category), but one of the the MAIN things I questioned this season gone is the mental drive and willingness to go on and get that extra goal for the win, the draw or more importantly (sense many times) to put the game out of reach. Never have I questioned Cesc’s loyalty to the club, he has always given 100%. But IF it is his time and his wish, then we have to respect it.

    Back to the dressing room and the remaining players. There is and always will be somebody to replace someone we lose, whether it’s a player stepping up that little bit (or a lot) or new fresh signings with the little something we’ve been looking and waiting for. I know we have a Great Manager, with Amazing backroom staff and equally Great players. With the right blend, attitude and signings, we will continue to be in there mixing it up with the “Top 4”. As mush faith and praise for the other 10 players who accompanied Cesc as well as aided him through season need to be put under consideration. I remember people would swear would never play in Europe again after Theirry Henry left, but we did!!

    I maintain we have to believe we are more than just one player. As Magnificent as a player he is, we are more than a single player, and will be forever.

    Win, Lose or Draw… Gooner Til I Die!

  • Dan

    I’ve been waiting on your article about this hoping it would make me feel a bit calmer about the situation. That you have done, Dev. I have faith he will stay, i wish people wouldn’t be so blind and take everything in the media as the final word. Its impossible to talk to some people, and explain “no, in fact, its not a done deal!”

  • Zegooner

    @ goonerman:
    agree whole heartedly.

  • RVP

    i said it when the ‘news’ first broke and il say it again until i hear either wenger or cesc say ‘he is leavin this summer and wants to go’ i will not beleive anything.these kind of accusations of cesc saying he wants to leave are already making fans turn against.lets see what he has to say first.all he has said that everyone has seen him say is. ‘i would love to play at barca one day”i am happy at arsenal’.i truly believe he aint going.

  • Mike

    by the way whatever happened to the chamakh move. the last i heard was he being in london what happened after that?? looks like even that is having some problem.

  • LeeroyN


    I’m pretty sure Chamakh isn’t allowed to sign our contract until his at Bordeaux has officially ran out.

  • Yemi


  • devday

    @ Yemi:
    You shouldn’t be reading crap like that!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Whatever the outcome is we should know by the weekend as thy is when the Spanish side leave for the world cup. Let us hope we get to keep him for one-two more seasons

  • Sam

    Dev – I love the way u dream, it must be nice in your world. As much as I want to believe Cesc is staying. I’d leave if I were him. He’s been loyal for 7 years, and it’s gotten him nowhere.
    My best scenario is that both Cesc & AW are simply taling the player out to find out his current worth. hence the silence.
    Please stay…

  • devday

    @ Sam:
    I honestly believe he will stay for the coming season. I could have predicted Barcelona’s tactics.

  • goonerman

    @ Devday :
    LOL totally agree that article is a complete load of crap, if he is an award winning journalist then i think half of us on here could be top writers, he talks about all the obvious things like xavi and iniesta being amazing and the club being were he grew up, i think there is a lot more to consider if your not a muppet who only every writes good articles about chelsea and united trust me iv seen the man writing that article absoulutley cream the arses off of those 2 clubs lol.

    he is an enlgish journalist and i assume a football lover and he is encouraging one of the best players in the premier league to leave and go to spain therefore making our league weaker and weaker id say people like that are stupid becuase the only people i know who truely want fabregas to go are tottenham supporters becuase the idiots know an arsenal team with half a team put injured is the only way they can even beat us let alone finish above us lol.

  • Yemi

    @ Sam:
    How can you say he has nothing to show for 7 year? For seven years , he became a star player because he was given th opportunity !! If he had remained at barca, I bet he wouldn’t have developed this much cos he wouldnt have had the playing time we’ve given him with xavi and iniesta in that team. Barca only want him cos he’s developed. If they REALLY NEEDED him, they would frustrate us into giving him up. But they don’t need him this year so we will get to keep him another year but by next summer i can bet my last penny he is going !!!