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First of all, apologies for the mini absence from the World of Arsenal for the last couple of days. After Huddlestone was called up into the England Squad, I was lost for words for a few days. In usual fashion, if I haven’t blogged for day or two, you get a double, triple mega blog from me to make up for lost time… so no messing around, it’s time to get straight into it… Before I look at the wonderful world of all things Arsenal, I’ll touch briefly on the world cup…

My Thoughts On The World Cup

So, pretty much all the 30 man squads were announced earlier this week, with the exception of some teams, who decided to name smaller squads, Brazil the cheekiest, by only naming 23… so, what did I think about all the squads. Well, let me start off with the English squad first…

Capello named his squad of 30 and in the thirty, we didn’t see Sol Campbell. And in all honesty, Arsenal bias apart, I can’t see why Capello didn’t call him up. If I asked you who the best four English central defenders in the country are, surely you’d say Ferdinand, King, Terry and Campbell. And after those you’d throw Gary Cahill in there, and at a stretch, you’d look at players like Dawson, Upson, Shawcross and Woodgate. You wouldn’t even consider Carragher after the season he’s had… but then, we’re not Capello and he makes the decisions not us. Why Upson made it into the squad ahead of Cahill, I’ll never know. And the Carragher call up isn’t centre back cover, it’s right back cover – instead of Micah Richards, probably due to the inexperience of the latter.

Over to midfield and I was glad to see Scotty Parker in there – he has had an amazing season and becoming the £10m player than Chelsea once bought. He is the only naturally defensive minded midfielder in the absence of Hargreaves, but the question I wonder is whether Capello will choose Carrick instead purely based on reputation rather than form. Big decisions to come from the big man. The choice of Adam Johnson, I do applaud, but if he goes, it would be as a left sided option, as the right side has a plethora of options in Walcott, Lennon and Shaun Wright-Philips. My gut feeling is that Capello will take Cole, Milner, Lennon and Walcott as his 4 wingers and omit Johnson and SWP.

Up front, how on earth did Gabriel Agbonlahor not make the final 30? What does he have to do in order to get into a squad of 30 considering his goals, hold up play and pace over the top. Big mistake in my book. Heskey’s inclusion is always debatable, but he seems like Capello’s favourite despite the rest of the nation not really fancying the big man.

Which bring me to the surprise non-inclusion of Samir Nasri from the France squad, and the surprise inclusion of Abou Diaby… very strange behaviour. As I’ve said on twitter and facebook consistently this week is that Samir Nasri’s goal against Porto should have guaranteed him his place – on top of an excellent season down at the Emirates!

My Thoughts On Our Squad

Well, Arsene has all but confirmed the signing of Chamakh and it’s a welcome addition, with Van Persie and Sagna speaking out in a good way more than the others. One player that does seem to off this summer is William Gallas. There have been so many contrary reports. Some say he’s currently on £60k and some say he’s on £80k. He demands, though, seem to be for a 50% increase, meaning he is potentially demanding £120k for 2 years – which works out at £13m excluding a contract sign on fee. Now, if you look at Terry and Ferdinand, then these players are on or above that amount, but their respective clubs are over £1.5 billion in debt, so you can see why Arsene and PHW are happy to let the player go for nothing this summer.

Sp*rs are the latest team to be linked with Gallas, but at 33 next year, in need of a 2 year contract and a sign on fee and demanding wages of anywhere between £10m – £15m for it, they can have him… don’t get me wrong, he has proved to us that he is a good defender this season but as he gets older and has less to prove, it may be time to let the former captain go. Djourou is a player whom was earmarked for replacing Toure in the squad and there are high hopes for the Swiss International next season. Stick in Nordtveit but minus Silvestre and Gallas, and keep Campbell, we’re in need of a big name or half big name centre back this summer.

Another position that I am under the impression that we’re going to strengthen, is of course, the goalkeeping department. The news on the grape vine is that Arsene is keen on bringing in an experienced stopper to take over as number one, and letting either Almunia or Fabianski go… There has been a little rumour that we tried and failed to sign Igor Akinfeev in January, but we’ll have to wait and hear about that from Arsene when he gets a chance to tell us all about it. We’ve been linked with Buffon, but in reality, he didn’t leave Juventus when they were relegated, so why would he leave now? Bob Wilson has apparently been talking about the need for a new number one, and he’s an insider, so more than likely to happen.

And the whole Yaya Toure thing has got new momentum now, all sparked by his agent, that he is going to leave Barcelona. It strikes me as strange that we keep hearing stories. He’s on big wages for a top team and plays regularly – why would he want to swap that for anything else? But if he wants to leave, he’ll be an interesting addition to our squad. Would he get ahead of a midfield containg Cesc, Nasri and Song? We’ll see in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, anyone who believes that Cesc will leave this year, don’t worry, it’s really not going to happen. Just ignore the story. Cesc is our man for next season for definite.

Okay, that’s a wrap for today. No quotes, just opinion today!

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  • Mehedi

    But why did he say something like that?

    And he seems happy saying that(Video)

    It’s not only this time, he is been saying this for at least two seasons now.

    He should just come out and say what he wants

    Man I am really pissed!>

  • Mehedi

    You know what: 40 Mil + Yaya toure is not bad (Just my opinion)

  • devday

    @ Mehedi:
    I don’t think the translation is accurate – basically, from the video – I got that he was trying to say whatever he had to in order to answer the journalists.

    The key thing is he said that he is happy at Arsenal. This sort of thing always happens during international duty!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    The Cesc rumor is always going to appear purely because he is an easy target. He has said that he wants to play for them at some point so lazy journalists just keep writing up the same old rubbish each transfer window.

    Most of the talk coming from Spain would be IMO just a way of unsettling the player…by that I mean piss the guy off so much (because he has to publically announce his loyalty every time it appears) that he caves in and packs his bags.

    If I were Cesc I would probably look to stay at Arsenal until I was guaranteed a starting place…Xavi and Iniesta are getting on a bit and will probably have 2 seasons left in them at Barca level. Next summer could be his time but I am pretty sure he will stay for next season at least.

  • goonerman

    I do hope cesc stays obviously becuase 40 or even 50 million cant buy a player that matches his standards and the fact is that barcelona have an amazing midfield of iniesta xavi and keita so why bother going there when there is a chance of sittting ont he bench now and then, the option they would have is to put iniesta on the wing but if they get david villa then surely they would have a front 3 of messia villa and ibrahimovic. for all them reasons cesc should just stay with us for an extra year or 2 to gain even more experience and class.

    hopefully cesc or wenger come out in the next couple of days and try to clarify and clear up what has been said!

  • goonerman

    when you think about it the media like to big up england as having the best league in the world and then on the other hand they feed on all this specualtion about cesc just like they did with the likes of ronaldo. eventually when all these amazing players leave our country partly becuase they get bored of our media going on and on then we will be left with a league full of physical muppets who cant play football and we will be left with a joke of a league with no class at all except our english players! so maybe they should think about what they are doing by fueling specualtion because spain and italy will overtake us as the best leagues at this rate!!

  • Nick

    Obviously losing Cesc would be a huge loss both mentally and emotionally for all the fans. The only plus side is that we still have Ramsey (when he’s healthy) and Wilshire who can take over that role as I think both possess the quality. Fran Merida might also make the kind of jump in his level of play that Song has done, if he stays at Arsenal. But I don’t see him staying.

    Well just wait and see because honestly there is nothing we can do about it. If & when Cesc decides he wants a change then he will leave for Barcelona and we should all wish him well.

  • Yemi

    As for me, i am no longer interested in who comes or go. You can’t just speculate when it comes to wenger and his transfer policy.
    Even though it looks like a done deal, Don’t be surprised if you see chamack signing for liverpool or man city.
    Remember smalling, Hangeland, Melo and the list of “almost goes on and on”

  • Yemi

    i’ll wait till the beggining of the season and see who has come and who has gone ! no speculations/rumours for me again. I don’t wanna get my B.P. up

  • Sam

    C’mon huys. We should know better by now. The season is over, and there’s 4 weeks to go till WC. So the papers must make up some stories to fill the pages. Cesc & Arsenal seem to be an easy target every time. Let’s not fall for it every time.
    I’m 100% confident he’ll be a Gunner next 1-2 seasons. He is a king at the Emirates and he still has unfinished biz.
    No worries.

  • Yemi

    @ Sam:
    Totally agree with you !!1

  • Yemi

    Did i just read Nasri saying that he is not on speaking terms with Gallas ?


  • Yemi

    any streaming sites for the chelsea p’mouth match guys ?

  • devday

    @ Yemi:

    Just posted about the whole Nasri / Gallas thing…

    Am watching the game via ITV: