England Squad Announced

Okay, so it’s not really that Arsenal related, but Capello has announced the England squad – provisional 30 man squad for the World Cup and we have one representative in Theo Walcott.

Unfortunately, neither Kieran Gibbs nor Sol Campbell made it, but we’ll definitely be cheering on Theo!

Goalkeepers: Joe Hart, David James, Robert Green.

Defenders: Leighton Baines, Jamie Carragher, Ashley Cole, Michael Dawson, Rio Ferdinand, Glen Johnson, Ledley King, John Terry, Matthew Upson, Stephen Warnock.

Midfielders: Gareth Barry, Michael Carrick, Joe Cole, Steven Gerrard, Tom Huddlestone, Adam Johnson, Frank Lampard, Aaron Lennon, James Milner, Scott Parker, Theo Walcott, Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Forwards: Darren Bent, Peter Crouch, Jermain Defoe, Emile Heskey, Wayne Rooney.

  • devday

    Who will make the cut? Surely Barry, Bent, Baines, Upson, Dawson, Huddlestone and Wright Philips won’t make the cut!!??


    we should sign joe hart

    but always knew theo would make it, no matter how average he plays

  • devday

    Well, he offers a good threat at right midfield and for England, who else is any good at right mid…..

    I would LOVE it if we signed Hart!

  • Nick

    Joe Hart would be nice but I think Szechney will be the #1 next season. If we want Hart we’d better act ASAFP to get him.

    Congrats to Theo! He’s too much of an asset to leave him off the squad.

  • rangga

    no micah richards? why oh why?

    i think whoever make it to the final 23, theo must be one of it..

  • hello


    As much as I love to hate bloody Sp*rs, I really think Huddlestone could do a job… He’s such a clean striker of the ball and which other English player is so calm and collected on the ball? He brings a bit of European class into the mix if you ask me.

  • Vazy

    Congrats to Theo!

    on an unrelated note.. is anyone else hearing rumours about us making head-waves towards getting Loic Remy from Nice?

  • Nick

    @Vazy.. no I’ve not heard anything, but I’m very hopeful. Loic is a fantastic talent that could really thrive at Arsenal.

  • Sam

    Theo can be a good impact sub, and that’s probably all he will be.

    We’re now being linked with Robert Green. I’d rather get Joe Hart but I think his stock just went up & we won’t get him. ManC sure don’t need the cash.

  • goonerman

    i really cant agree with a couple of your selections and i definatley dont agree with you about tom huddlestone. he is a very good passer and composed on the ball but he has no pace and i wouldnt want him being the last line of defence in front of the back four! i really think barry will be fot for capello to risk him in the 30 man squad so id expect him to start and also i dont see adam johnson being a starter in the team id say:


    on another note i cant believe that samie nasri has been left out of the 30 man french squad with the liek of cisse, ben arfa and even diaby ahead of him! he may have dips in form but he would of been one of their most creative players!

    Finally does anyone have a clue when the new kit is going to be unvieled i cant find out anywere??

  • vj

    for all talk of arsenal’s lack of english players, man u contributed 3 players, chelsea contributed 4 players, arsenal 1 player, not that bad cconsidering we only have about 4 english payers in our squad

  • Goonerman

    the news coming from yaya toure’s agent is that he is 90 percent certain to leave barcelona wioth us being apparently interested in him! he is my perfect man alongside song and cesc in midfield he is a box to box powerhouse and i have to say he is worth paying 15 to 20 million for and if we lost out to signing him to a team like man city or tottenham i would be seriously annoyed at wenger!!

  • Nick

    @Goonerman, totally agree. Plus he has tons of experience which is another thing Wenger has been hinting at was buying experienced players. Hope we can get Yaya.

  • Goonerman

    back to yaya toure again, i see no reason why we should not be able to do a deal with barcelona for him even if cesc fabregas is not included! we have sold them so many players in the past without asking for swap deals or their players its time we had a chance to get one of their guys, they know fabregas will go back eventually so there should be no issues, also there cant be any reason for wenger not to go in for him as he has highlighted defence as the main problem and toure and song sitting infront of the back for will literally scare some players becuase of the size and power! hopefully we have advanttaages over a couple of team like city becuase they did not make 4th and spurs becuase we can surely offer better wages still and their priority must be a striker!! anyone agree lol ??

  • jeffvip

    buffon comin in from arsenal site? haha. thats a deal too good

  • Yemi

    Who in this world picked diaby ahead of nasri ??? For what purpose?

  • LeeroyN

    I know it’s been talked through before, but who can we afford to lose and who can’t we, when this new squad ruling comes in? Can someone give me a quick run-down or list.. PLEASE! Thank You.

    I have to say a Big Big Wow to the braveness of one Mr Capello. It’s something recalling Mr Liverpool(Carragher)to the squad, but why would you go for Scholes as well? I take nothing away from Scholes and his talent, experience and his medal and trophy cabinet, but it’s a new World Cup campaign and the team should be filled with existing experience and new fresh and capable talent. IMO.

    The teams and squads of yester-years never won the competition, or indeed come close, that would be an indication not to go that route with the same old predictable players. I imagine teams facing us will know exactly who will be playing, in what positions and in what order the subs will come on. As a national team, England is way too transparent.

    Oh… and can anybody tell me why Owen Hargreaves is so mad and upset that he hasn’t been selected? Again not taking anything away from him and what he is capable of, but he hasn’t played more than 90 mins in the last two seasons. If for any reason he ends up going, to me it will be one of the biggest piss takes I have ever seen! (Rant Over)

  • Vazy

    gutted for fulham.. they didn’t commit enough people forwards during the game.. unfortunate though

  • goonerman

    this is a quote from wenger and a couple of newspapers are talking as if wenegr is saying he will sign one defensive addition in the summer but surely it could be ment in a different way.

    ‘My transfer policy this summer will be to keep our strengths going forward, add one player, and add more defensive strength to our team.’

    could he mean i want to add one more player to our attacking play and then concentrate on adding players to the defensive options ?? bit confused how he means it!!

  • Vazy

    i think you are right goonerman

    “add one player,
    AND add more defensive strength to our team”

  • Walter Broeckx

    In my view we need to sign an experienced and quality goalkeeper. Wenger is on record as saying he believes that Sczeszny is the future number one. Fine. So go and get a top class man to help him over the next few years so that he can become number one. I firmly believe that Gianluigi Buffon is buyable this summer – we should be the ones spending the money on him.

    We clearly need some centre-backs – though I see Arsene thinks he will need one only if Gallas leaves! My God. In my view I would like to see a couple of centre-halves brought in to go along with Vermaelen, Djourou and Campbell. Those I would like to see are Matthew Upson and Phil Jones – experience and youth.

    In midfield there is, to me, an obvious need to bring in a ball winner – how many actual tackles do you see an Arsenal midfielder make? I am more than happy with Song sitting in front of the defence, but I would like to see a “minder” for Fabregas alongside him, and Scott Parker is the man for me. I would also go and get Connor Wickham from Ipswich as a real prospect.

    Finally we have the striker situation. Surely Eduardo and Vela have reached the end of the road? So, we need to bring in support for Van Persie, and better players than Bendtner (though I am a fan of the big Dane). It seems certain that Chamakh will arrive from Bordeaux, but I would also like to see Huntelaar brought in. I firmly believe he would succeed in English football, with Van Persie and Fabregas supplying the ball to him. Finally, I would bring in someone with whom we are all familiar – I would bring back Thierry Henry. Not the player he was, I hear you groan – of course he isn’t, but he has a presence, he is an all time great and he is a winner.

    So, if my wish lists were fulfilled we would have a squad comprising 29 players, with a mixture of pure youth and great experience. We would, in Campbell, Upson and Henry have people in the squad who know what it means to win the title with Arsenal. I rather like the idea of turning up on the first day of next season to see this line-up:

    Buffon – Eboue, Upson, Vermaelen, Gibbs – Song, Parker, Fabregas – Van Persie, Huntelaar, Chamakh

    Subs: Sczeszny, Jones, Wickham, Wilshere, Henry, Bendtner, Walcott

    It isn’t going to happen – or anything like that. But the fact is that we have been successful in seasons where major signings have been made and things have been freshened up. Four or five new players makes everyone think about their place.

  • simon rose

    I watched Hangelaand earlier this season against Roma live and was impressed with him, very good in the air, non nonsense, barks instructions around – look a solid defender and even got himself a goal.

    BUT before the game last night they showed how vulnerable he is against good movement up, intelligence and pace upfront (something Roma didnt have that say as they had Totti and a few others out, that Okaka was up front), and I thought that showed last night – he was slow, panicky, didnt hold the offside line and doesnt seem to have much footballing ability on the ball. He certainly didnt look like someone who could play for us at his current level given the way we ask our centre backs to play from the back. He hoofed the ball on a number of occassions despite no-one being around him, lost control, and basically had a bit of a ‘mare. Obviously this is just one game, but as i say they showed this same point before the game of how he has made mistakes against European opposition – and this was possibly the biggest game of his career.

    Im not saying he wouldnt be a good squad player for us (and is miles better that Silvestere obviously), but against top top level opposition he looks vulnerable. Maybe Wenger held off from him to see how he performed in his second season in England – too be honest I see a lot of Senderos in him – not a bad defender on his day and always gives 100% for the cause, but against top level movement and pace seems to have a touch of the “headless chicken” about him – for £10m this summer I think there must be better options out there, as that sort of money needs to be spent on a player who is ready to step in on the opening day of the season. If it was a toss up between TV and Brege for £10m last season….I think Wenger got it right.

    We need at least one centre back next season, possibly two if as expected Senderos, Silvestere and Gallas go, but im not sure this guy is better than what we have, or have had this past season.

  • parsi

    believe it or not our actual back 4 aint half bad. clichy, gallas, verlaelen, sagna is a great back line. we did concede 41 goals but i will put majority of the blame down to fabianski, almunia and denilsons joke of an attempt to shield the back 4 in songs absence. wenger says he knew we lost the chance for the title at birmingham. now i hope when the transfer window opens he realises the goal that denied us 3 points. i hope he remembers almunia and his powder puff joke attempt at a save which would have been catching practice for a real goalkeeper. we fell apart after that game which is understandable as the outfield players bust thier guts only to see thier efforts gone to waste by a joke GK who for years has been rubbish. by all means wenger grab a defender, 2 if gallas leaves and if you could a capable deputy for alex song. but i cant stess it enough. a brilliant back 4 and a great holding player is irrevlavent if your goalkeeper cant catch, cant command his area, makes stupid rash decisions and and flaps at every cross that comes into the box. im already having sleepless nights as i have a feeling almunia will walk out as arsenal goalkeeper on match day 1 next year with fabianski named on the bench. wenger definalty has a blind spot with keepers. in 13 years he has signed only 1 qaulity goal keeper (mad jens).

  • Berth

    Intelligent saying Parsi, but mad Jen wasn’t that good. In all Wenger’s stay Goal keepers have undone him the most.

  • goonerman

    so fabregas has come out and has been quoted as saying he will want his future resolved before the world cup starts.
    I fully respect what he has done for us so far and what a great player he has become but i really do believe he owes the club at least another year or 2 becuase when you think about it even though wenger poached him from the barca academy he also turned him into the world class player he is today! maybe he wouldnt but if he was still at barcelona he may have only just been starting his career in a similar way to iniesta coming into the first team late, i know peopel would say he deserves to go because we have not won anyting but is that really true becuase we gave him a chance as a 16 year old kid in the first team and we are the ones who have give him a reputation as one of the best midfielders in the world.

    Talk of 40 million plus toure is the word but to be honest i done think we really need that 40 million and fabregas is the heartbeat of the team and it would take a hell of a player to replace him so hopefully wenger will do all in his powers to convince fabregas to stay with us next season.

  • Nick

    I will be heartbroken if Cesc leaves this summer. The state the team is in I don’t think we can afford to lose our captain and leader at this point. No matter what money we could get for him some things are irreplaceable. I don’t think anyone we could buy in would have the same passion for Arsenal as Cesc has displayed.

  • parsi

    Where are this stupid quotes coming from? Can someone send me a link pls? If its that useless site goal.com then I dont even want to look at it because that site is full of such trash. There is not a ounce of truth on that site.

  • arseneKnows

    @ Nick:
    Blimey Goonerman “you sure like a story!’ – I can’t believe you’re still lapping up these stupid tabloid jokes – but they keep tossing in the line and people like Goonerman keep racing after the bait!! You’ll only end up flapping about in frustration – chill brother…….

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Just read an interview from Lee Dixon saying that AW has finally opened his eyes to our team’s flaws and is basically dropped the youth project and is out to land experienced topclass players. Admittedly this is possibly due to the fact we have actually now got some cash to spend but good news none the less. Let’s hope we can land some serious talent in the gk department that is willing to fit into our wage structure.

    It is looking more and more like Gallas is leaving after hill-wood shot down the 80,000k per week he is asking. With Silvestre and Senderos due to leave we will definately sign an experienced cb and hopefully a younger player to partner droujou.

  • Mehedi

    I saw the video in youtube there was a event where Cesc interviewed and said He wants to go to Barcelona.

    Go to you and see it yourself>
    So Sad_+|

  • Mehedi


    xx > tt

  • goonerman

    Im not lapping u tabloid crap im actually quoting what cesc fabregas has said and he fact is that he has said he loves arsenal but if he were to leave it would be for barca and he wants his future sorted by the world cup so he can focus on that! that is not tabloid crap it is from his mouth and im afraid barca are going to come in with an offer for cesc it is wethere arsene can persuade cesc to stay! also i said about toure leaving barca and that is another quote from his agent, i dont comment on specualtion stories like arteta or buffon im talking about qoutes from people!

    actually when does the window officially open or is it actually open now??

  • devday

    I think it opens on the 1st June… which quotes? The ones I’ve read are where Cesc states he will be an Arsenal player next season!

  • devday

    @ Mehedi:
    Which translates as…

    “If i decide to leave Arsenal, it will be to wear the shirt of Barcelona. I don’t know when this will happen though. I’m very happy at Arsenal and in no hurry to leave the club.”
    “I want to make a decision about my future before the World Cup. It’s impossible to perform at a tournament like the World Cup if you’re not fully focussed on the sporting aspects of the game. I don’t want to be distracted by transfer talk.”

  • devday

    “I’m very happy at Arsenal and in no hurry to leave the club.”

    That’s a good thing!

  • devday

    “I want to make a decision about my future before the World Cup.” could be mistranslated – maybe he is saying he wants to stop talking about his future.