Blackburn vs Arsenal: Monday Night Football

It’s been a weekend full of… well as an Arsenal fan, nothing much! We can’t really influence anything, change anything or basically make a difference to the Premiership for the rest of the season. If the Man City game is anything to go by then the momentum has surely gone out of our season.

We’ve got Blackburn tomorrow evening, and if the Sunderland game is anything to go by, Blackburn will get their studs in and get dirty – they don’t really care what happens as it’s the end of the season… But on the other hand, if things go our way, it could be a very exciting end to end game… No matter, we’ll all be tuning in at 5pm, sharp!!

In team news, Arsene revealed that Djourou and Gibbs will be in the squad, but doubts they get any pitch time “unless required”… Van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo and Vela are all fit and should be involved too, as are most of the usual lot, with the only absentees those known (Cesc, Denilson, Arshavin, Gallas and Vermaelen)… Arsene has also said it’s unlikely he’ll introduce any youngsters into the squad at this time (Eastmond is now consider a first teamer) and considering the injuries this season, it would be good to see some first teamers.

Arsene being Arsene will most likely keep faithful to his 4-3-3 (4-5-1) formation with Van Persie as a lone striker… My personal opinion is that you play 4-3-3 with three strikers, so if Arsene plays two midfielders and a striker, then it’s actually 4-5-1…

What Arsene will play:


Sagna – Campbell – Silvestre – Clichy

Diaby – Song

Walcott – Nasri – Rosicky

Van Persie

What I’d love to see:


Eboue – Campbell – Silvestre – Clichy

Rosicky – Song – Nasri

Van Persie – Bendtner – Eduardo

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, but I can’t wait for the day we play those three together!

Arsene did say he is keen on winning:

“Well we had those disappointing results at Tottenham and at Wigan. Unfortunately that is where we lost the title.  With five games to go, we were in a very strong position. I believe if we had won at Tottenham, then we would have been level with Chelsea today. And that of course brings immense regrets. But to be faithful to what we have done during the season it is important that we finish well, first to be in the top three, then be as close as possible to the top teams.”

I’ll be back tomorrow with a bit more about the season so far, the squad, the rest of the premiership, the transfers and of course the game!

  • yemi

    dev, the post lacks excitement and truly reflects the time of the season. i’ll say the same thing i said b4 the wigan game. we need to take all 3pts cos spurs is breathing down our necks!

  • tom G

    @ yemi, post is spot on as usual, and i agree with the team suggestion 100%. but yes, it’s not dev’s fault that our season is as good as dead in the water..

  • zohaib

    what i’d like to see is :

    Sagna Campbell Djourou Clichy
    Nasri Song Rosicky
    VanPersie Eduardo Vela


  • zohaib

    would probably make more sense to play bendtner in place of eduardo and i’d like to see walcott in place of vela maybe in the 60th minute.

  • yemi

    @ tom G:
    sure thing, wasn’t trying to blame dev, the post is spot on as usual, what i just meant was that the post reflects our current situation

  • yemi

    just when will the arshavin media comments end? just saw this on tribal: Arsenal midfield ace Andrey Arshavin has declared he and Gael Clichy will be moving to Barcelona.The Russia international is quoted in the People insisting both he and fullback Clichy will be moving to the Nou Camp in the summer. Arshavin, said: “I am going to Barcelona in the summer. “I have always dreamed about going to Spain and playing for the best team in the world. ”They were unsure about me when I was playing in Russia but I have shown them that I’m the real deal and I know they are ready to talk to me. “I want to play for the top team and be trying to win every competition, I don’t think you can rate one better than the other, it is all about winning. I want to play for them and that is never going to change. “I know Gael Clichy would love to play out there as well, and he would work well in their team. “It would be tough trying to compete with Xavi and Iniesta but that is the competition I want, I don’t want to walk into a team.”

  • Flamez

    1-0 Van Persie!!! damn ive missed sayin that!

  • Nick

    1-1 at the half. How did Blackburn score? I can’t watch the game so I’m blind. Glad RVP got on the score sheet.

    Hull are relegated thanks to a late score from Wigan to tie 2-2.

    We’d better pull 3 points from this match.

  • Flamez

    1-2 blackburn, this is a joke flappyanski has 3/4 players all over him at every corner, both goals he’s been questionable in, we really shouldnt play him he is a liability, Mannone is a far better kepper

  • Nick

    Are you kidding me!!!! How are we down 2-1?
    Big Sam said he was gonna employ Jose’s tactics from the INter Barcelona game.

  • Flamez

    were 2-1 down coz our kepper is a joke, and were playin pretty crap 2

  • Sam

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but losing this game will hopefully make sure AW will bring in a decent GK in the summer.

  • Flamez

    i hope so, coz this is painful watching, we have 2 very talented young keepers that he is intent on playing atm when neither are fit 2 wear the shirt, we need a world class number one, would personally love joe hart, but there are a few good options out there, we also have got 2 get rid of silvestre coz hes sh*t!

  • Nicolai

    I doesnt even want to watch the game anymore… FUUUCK FABIanski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goonerman

    lmao we are a joke and no1 wants to see it but if tottenham beat city the we have to beat fulham on the last day to make sure of 3rd spot which is a complete joke! the team are playing like the season is over but if tottenham beast us to 3rd spot it would be a complete joke maybe wenegr should print a picture of the league table and show the dumb bastards that were not secure! does everyone know the abuse we would get if we finished below spurs in the league and we would have to play the extra champions league game to qualify! this season aint over yet for us and to be honest the end of the season is turning into a bit of a FUCKING joke!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    We are shit. Can’t even get the 1 pt needed to secure 3rd.

  • Nick

    Where is the urgency? WTF is Wenger doing in the locker room to correct this? IMO play the reserve squad against Fulham if this is the type of effort our first team is gonna give in a crucial game. We are supposed to be playing for pride and for all the people like me out there who are wearing their red and white today to support the team.

    If Wenger insists on continually babying everyone instead of saying Fabiansko F’d up, Silvestre F’d up were never gonna get anywhere. We don’t need another goalie my ars!!!!!

  • Vazy

    unbelievable … that’s all i can say really

  • Zegooner

    Today is a sad day in the World of Arsenal.

  • Kuka

    It comes a time when there is just nothing left to say. This is one of those days.

  • goonerman

    Im praying for a draw or a win for city on wednesday becuase we cant be counting on us beating fulham and burnley getting something from spurs becuase thats a very dangerous situation to be in! i think we neeed to really realise our third spot is under threat and stop talking as if it was a dissapointing end of season game!! and to be fair thei rplayers did just sit on fabianksi and basically foul him for boith goals but it doesnt take away the fact he was shit maybe a better goal keeper would of barged the players out the way to get the ball!! i pray we dont let this 3rd place slip, and im not sure why im the only person worrying about it

  • parsi

    It just shows that Wenger has instilled in the team that winning that C/L spot is success,so forget about titles or cups as long as you get that C/L spot that’s peachy.It will get you a lucrative contract,keep the board happy and keep me in a job and so pursue a fantasy.

    WENGER YOU ARE A FUCKING WANKER,THE BOARD ARE FULL OF SHIT.We are seeing the worst dramatic fall of a great club since the british empire all because of greed and a one man’s vision of fantasy which in reality will never prevail.Our great team is guided by a man who has tunnel vision,can’t motivate a team,won’t listen to reason or take advice,surrounds himself with yes men and has the ability to spot players of a blind man.

    I can’t understand that this season we have had to chances to snatch the P/L and every time we played like that we mid-table team on the last game of the season.So Wenger fuck off and take your pathetic philosophy with you and you can take your 2 bob players as well,you deluded prick.

    Stick your ”financial” stability up your arse,if we were worried about finance we should have stayed at THE HIGHBURY which funny enough wenger won all our trophies Confused No it’s all bollocks and we been played for c**ts and the only people winning are greedy c**ts like fizman,and average players not good enough to wear the famous red and white.

    I’m having a break coz i’m so fucked off and i don’t give 2 fucks if anyone disagrees with me but my answer to you people is FUCK OFF YOU DELUDED c**ts!!!!.i see you all later.MORE BEER PLZ.

  • parsi

    The buck has to stop with Wenger and him alone. I don’t particularly like saying I told you so but is there anyone who didn’t see this coming a mile off?

    It has only been a big drop in the Prem League overall standard that has seen us get away with it this season.

    The thing that pains me is that I have been saying the same thing for a few seasons now. The club has clearly got weaker and yet everyone, especially Wenger buries their head in the sand.

    It is now time for action. I was laughed at and mocked when at the beginning of Jan said please let us sign Hangaland (DC), Gordon (GK), Parker (MC) and Huntelaar (FC on loan). All could have been snapped up for around £20M. Today I sit here and think yet those four might well bring us the title. And if you don’t fancy Gordon then I’m sure Hart will more than do.

    The GK situation has made Wenger a laughing stock. Everyone can see it except him. Yet he comes out and blames the ‘over physical’ approach and it seems his attitude has rubbed off on our players.

    Playing Silveste and Campbell as centre back together – are you have a fckin laugh Wenger? I mean even choosing Silvestre to play away in the Nou Camp. Fck off. It makes me fckin mad.

    Arsenal nowdays remind me of a political party rather than a football club. All spin and no action substance. The new Arsenal type fan is equally as bad – more interested in balancing the books, more interested in watching the game whilst sitting on their hands.

    FFS. We even play in white with dark shorts when away from home yet the new fans runs out to buy the shirt. Are they really happy for us to look like Spurs? It makes me wonder.

    Am just gutted.
    Of the whole squad that togged tonight do you think that, besides sol and RvP, any of those gutless shapers feel half as dissapointed as us tonight?
    Do i think that Nasri,Diaby or Walcot will miss any sleep tonight?
    Ferguson got rid of Cantona, Keane, Beckham, Van Nistlerooy and co when they couldnt reach the standards he had set…..yet we still have guys like Diaby and Nasri who havnt even been dropped or taken off when performing so lazily and without any gusto….
    I never thought id say this but if Wenger truly believes that Fabianski was blame free tonight, that Nasri can be a Pires and that Diaby is a footballer then he really should move on because his obsession is ruining the club.
    9 losses this season…..where was this improvement hes been talking about????
    ‘Judge me in May’…ok Arsene I will…youv lost the plot…big time and your stubborness and shocking post match interviews are ruining the integrity of the club

    What troubled me today, and has troubled me for a bit, is not so much the actual individual players.

    We have not had the big bucks to get a team of top level players, we all know some of them are below par, and that we had a lot of injuries.

    What really troubled me was two main things:

    1.) The way we can put out a goalkeeper and team who are clearly not trained properly in how to act at set pieces.

    That is the fault of the coaching staff.

    That is not down to big bucks.

    That is a matter of getting in Keown or Dixon as defensive coach on £250,000 a year for five days a week. Four days with the first team, and perhaps a day working with the reserves too.

    2.) The formation and substitutions were not designed to get the best out of the players available.

    That is Wenger’s fault.

    Why was Diaby so deep? He is not good enough, yet if he plays at least have him further forward where he can run with the ball towards the penalty area, which he is not bad at.

    Why have Vela wide? What does he contribute?

    Why not bring Walcott in to the middle with Van Persie? At least Walcott was running at them, he might be small compared to Samba but his pace could have caused Samba to foul him and give away free kicks in vital areas.

    Why sub Eboue? He was working his socks off? Was he injured and we were not told?

    the post match interviews are becoming a farce aren’t they. He should do what Sir Rednose does and send someone else out to speak in the face of defeat if he can’t come out with some decent, honest analysis.

    I’ve watched a re-run of their second goal several times. Fabianski is not touched by one of their players, so what’s his point about the goals being “not regular”.

    I’m no Craig Burley fan but I think he summed up what many of us feel in one comment

    “I’m sorry but if Arsene Wenger thinks that he doesn’t need a GK to challenge Man United and Chelsea then he is in denial”

    Fat Sam goes on to confirm that they knew Fabianski was weak and targetted him…..and what does Wenger come up with….oh yeah, lets blame the ref and the fact it was a “poor football match”. Fucking right it was poor and do you know what Arsene – as much of it was down to us. What football there was in the 2nd half was Blackburn’s and we did not have one player on the field who showed the craft of David Dunn. So get off the moral high horse, actually watch the game again, act like a man and do what most managers do i.e. detailed preparation and start targetting the weakness of others.

    Wenger is not going to do anything with this team. He will not spend any decent money this summer, he won’t get a decent, star player and we will have another Spring like this again next year.

    I have stood by him and the club for too long, I have tried to find excuses but the last few years have been an embarrasment for Arsenal, Wenger and most of the players.

    Wenger will have another year and if it’s like this again, then we need new ideas. I don’t know how long we will be in the top few teams each year. Chavs and Manure will spend money and Man City will splash it about like water this summer. We will be an also-ran by Feb/ March unless the obvious areas are fixed and Wenger gets a rocket up his arse, telling him to win a decent trophy or find a new job, next May.

    But yet the wengerites will tell you that we are in a better condition this year than we were last year Rolling Eyes One win in 8, more defeats than last season, more goals conceded than last season, worst run since 1980 and a team representing us that are gutless, brainless and totally devoid of passion and commitment to our club. We rightly slated greedybayor for his lack of effort and workrate to justify his wages in the last season with our club but these mercenary c**ts are no fcuking better Evil or Very Mad

    How many clubs have we heard of compensating their travelling fans after inept performances like that and yet our team does it consistantly with no appreciation from wenger, the players or the club in general. Mind you the fans have an awful lot to answer for as well – I am sick of them singing about arsene wenger at every game (inc todays) and constantly feeding the mans already inflated ego. Keep bending over and you will get screwed by all those c**ts at the club and your financial commitment wont matter a fcuking jot

  • Pissed off

    Backing you Parsi all the way except for the foul language.

  • yemi

    ouch! again i said it pre-match(just like i said b4 the wigan game). this match shows what experience can do in a team. no motivator, no one to step up when the chips were down. imagine lehman in goal in such a game! no player will come near him cos u might get hurt. flappy certainly did not take charge of his 6yrd box. we all raised dust wn that reporter said it would be a disgrace if arsenal should win the league this term but i kinda agree with him that it would certainly have been a disgrace to the epl if we had won it with these kind of performances. so much for an easier run in. we counted our chicks b4 they hatched! mark my words, if we don’t get the players we NEED this summer, we will struggle to get an european spot next season. i have a problem with the selection and subs. we play a physical team of tall players but no B52 to help during set pieces and also attack. why play an edu in a physical match? why an untested vela? why take out ebuoe? what is wrong with clichy and song?

  • yemi

    we have conceded 41 goals this season. it certainly says sumthin about our defence

  • mesol

    Brilliant job Wenger..He aim for the future…Now not important..Lets buy young player..In Arsene We trust..WTF…lalalala

  • andrew


    we NEEED depth. I imagine Wenger dreams of a season with all his top stars playing together for every game. It doesn’t happen! Chelsea have depth and character guys who can come in and win a game. There was no way Arsenal was winning this game. I knew it before kickoff. you can’t win a game in the epl with only two players with stones! (van persie and campbell-who is ancient) get some more players with fire in their bellies. I don’t care how pretty the boys pass the ball, get some men with sand in their eye!!! come on, gunners!!!