Nina Bracewell-Smith has the worst timing ever…

Hola Amigos, the WOA HQ are back in one piece (just) from Zambia and since I’ve been gone, not a lot had happened… until yesterday. Sp*rs lost to bottom club Pompey – an 11-1 odds before the game. It was a crazy game, 120 minutes of gruelling FA cup football at Wembley with a loss to the bottom club, it couldn’t be better… and to top it all off, United drew at Blackburn. This means a win against Sp*rs on Wednesday would see us leap frog Man United into second. Exciting prospects…

With Chelsea visiting Bolton tomorrow, it could be an even better day for us on Wednesday…

And that is why Nina Bracewell-Smith’s timing is so so so bad.

We all know Nina Bracewell-Smith (let’s call her NBS for short) wasn’t a very happy bunny after she was asked to step down from the board (or resigned by her own accord, something we don’t really know the truth of yet)… We all know that the day would come when she would want to sell her shares. But at a time when we’re within 3 points off the top of the table, and have a genuine chance of finishing top, NBS declared her intentions to sell her stake in the club – taking about timing!!!

NBS has 15.9% stake in the club and she has now appointed bankers Blackstone to sell her shares. With both Kroenke and Usmanov holding 29.9 and 26.3 percent respectively – if either of them were to purchase NBS’s shares then it would obviously take them above the 30% threshold that would trigger a complete takeover of the club.

Instead of concentrating on the next game, against Sp*rs on Wednesday, we will instead spend our Tuesday deliberating on the issues behind this decision by NBS and indeed, that is why the timing couldn’t have been worse.

Kroenke is the fans favourite – if a takeover did happen – and news coming out of the US today is that he has up til the end of Tuesday to agree the deal with entrepreneur Skahid Kahn for the purchase of NFL’s St. Louis Rams. The deal is worth $750m and that equates to £488m. Serious money and an interesting sale if he were to sell, suddenly Kroenke is the man with the money. Of course, we have doing well working within our own resources and have significantly reduced our own debts. And of course this raises the question of whether we need a fancy rich owner.

The answer being no.

But Kroenke isn’t a fancy rich owner, he is an investor and a lover of sport. He has already accumulated a lot of shares and unlike people like Hicks and Gillet and of course the Glazers – owners who have borrowed against the club, effectively putting the club into huge debts. Kroenke hasn’t done that and that’s a positive if he comes in. Usmanov on the other hand, seems to be a little more frivolous and more of a short term man.

God knows what will happen in the next couple of days, but somehow I wish this hadn’t happened right now, with 5 games to go – 5 winnable games and a title in sights…

Til tomorrow – and I hope I am talking about the Sp*rs game!

  • Nick

    Terrible timing for sure but if it has to happen then it can definitely be a positive thing. I think Kroenke is the better bet to help Arsenal move forward in areas they need to move in without losing our identity as a club.

    Obviously this would be more ideal happening in the close season. WTF drives people to do selfish things like this?

  • Kevy C

    The problem is that if Kroenke does take over he does a much better job then he does with the St. Louis Rams who are by many regards one of the worst franchises in the NFL. What’s even more concerning is the fact that he was unable to help the team build on early success in the late 90’s early 00’s. lets hope he has a much better plan instilled if he does take over arsenal.

  • Yemi

    Is she trying to get back at the club for being dropped from the board ? Bad bad timing. She could at least have waited till after the spurs game !!!

  • Kuka

    At times you feel these things are pre-arranged and it seems to happen a lot with Arsenal. Why is it that before a massive game involving Arsenal a destructive issue emerges through the media. If it’s not Sagna’s agent it’s NBS. It feels like someone somewhere wants us to loose irrespective of. They have decided if we can’t loose on the pitch, we have to loose elsewhere…..

  • ny

    So .. only Everton is left as a Major club not in the hands of foreign owners.

  • devday

    Hmmm, it’s all gone crazy…

    Stan Kroenke, the single largest shareholder in Arsenal, has decided to buy the 60% of the St Louis Rams he does not already own.

    Some reports suggested the American had been expected to sell his share in the Rams on Monday, freeing up capital in order to make an immediate bid for a full Arsenal takeover. Indeed, Shahid Khan, the owner of an auto-parts maker Flex-N-Gate Corp., had agreed in February to buy the stake in the National Football League team. So last night’s move to buy the remainder of the Rams, rather than towards Arsenal, surprised the NFL.

    “We have exercised our right to purchase the remaining interest in the St Louis Rams football team under the terms of our partnership agreement,” Kroenke said last night in an emailed statement, according to the Bloomberg website.

  • hello

    Concerning the Sp*rs game tomorrow I can reveal to you ARSENE WENGERS MASTER PLAN!!

    Way back in January The Professor masterfully predicted the exact position we would be in now and so looked hard at the fixture lists for Manchester United and Chelsea.

    Seeing that Man U are quite obviously a one man team he also predicted that Rooney would at some point get injured and Man U would drop points.

    Chelsea were a different challenge though and so he decided to loan out one of our hottest prospects… who? Jacky-Boy-Wilshire!! Who under guidance from Wenger himself has been instructed to single handedly take down Chelsea tonight!!

    Get ready for the Wilshire Marster Class!! Mark my words!!


  • devday

    @ hello:
    If Jacky W did manage to inflict Chelsea some dropped points, I’d be absolutely delighted, but in reality I don’t think this is one they will drop points in though!

  • Yemi

    @ hello:
    They will drop points. This is the type of game where they will drop points due to over confidence. I just hope bolton don’t give away dangerous free kicks

  • ny

    Will Song play 2moro? We will be suffering a lot through air 2moro.Bently and Bale will be spraying crosses and we need to defend those.

  • Nick

    @ny.. very true. Bendtner and Diaby will have to mark well on corners.

  • Kuka

    Van Persie is in the squad. Press Conference going on now on Arsenal TV online

  • Kuka

    Quite happy for Van Persie and off course for us, that he makes his return

  • devday

    Van Persie is in the squad and that’s a good thing for confidence.

    I think it will be nice to have him around and also adds competition to the squad. If we’re winning > 2 goals, then it would be worth putting him on for the last 15 minutes.

    Palacios is suspended for Sp*rs and that is good for us, but King is back for tomorrow’s game and he’s pretty good.

    Arsene has confirmed that Campbell will start, so let’s see :-)

  • Kuka

    @Dev day: King played the last game at Emirates and was pretty average. I have watched him play this season, and to honest, I wouldn’t sweat to know he is in the squad. To be honest am glad Lenon did not make it…..That combined with Luka Modric would have given me some sleepless nights.

  • Yemi

    @ kuka:
    I am totally in agreement with you.
    Good news RVP is back, a good civersion from all the share holders share sellers and share buyers stuff going on.

  • Kuka

    You all might have read this on BBC Sports. It’s regarding the “shares” business at the Arsenal. It’s well written and therefore a great read. Helps to understand Devday’s earlier analysis on NBS move. See link below for the plot:

  • Kuka

    You all might have read this on BBC Sports. It’s regarding the “shares” business at the Arsenal. It’s well written and therefore a great read. Helps to understand Devday’s earlier analysis on NBS move. See link below for the plot:

  • Sam

    55′ – Chelsea 1 – 0 Bolton
    Time for Jack to attack!

  • Kuka

    Chelsea are not as water-tight as one would think. I can’t believe that am counting on Spurs to save us this weekend…….

  • goonerman

    so song is out for tomorrow and probably wigan! so it looks like we will be going with denilson in midfield and to be fair to him he has improves over the last couple of weeks and spurs do not present the biggest and most powerfull team so hopefully he can handle himself!