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With no weekend Arsenal game, it’s been a bit of a terrible weekend; Wednesday can’t come any sooner! We’ve basically had a week to mull over the Barcelona result and performance, and also a much-needed rest for the lads.

So what did we learn from the Barca game? I don’t agree with those who think it means our team is not good enough, but what I think it says, is that our second team aren’t good enough to beat the likes of Barca. Not saying that the team who played the second leg against Barca are rubish- far from it- I think they’d have given any of the other quarter-finals teams a run for their money, except maybe Man United.

Shame we drew Barca! And we still managed to make it a contest, albeit for long. And then again, I wouldn’t even say Barca steamrollered us- Messi did! You need your best players to have a chance of competing with the best, and we’re simply left with ‘if onlys’. If only we had Cesc available. If only we had Arshavin fit. If only it was Xavi suspended for Barca, not Puyol/Pique. If only Gallas were fit. If only Messi had a ‘mare. On and on. But all things considered, Barca went through, deservedly, and we’ve got to be proud of the effort and commitment shown. Getting to the quarters wasn’t a mean feat either- remember those early season predictions?

So we’ve only got the Premier League to contest, and how we’re still in contention is beyond me! 5 games to go, and we’re still very much in it. With the injuries we’ve had this season, especially to key players, I think it’s mainly the team’s fighting spirit that’s keeping us in it! There’ve been loads of times where we’ve been down and out, but we’ve picked ourselves up and pulled through, against the odds. Would the other teams have coped with the same troubles?

Man Utd have just drawn with Blackburn, albeit at Ewood Park, and there’s no doubt that the reason why they’ve struggled is because their key player, Rooney is out injured. That’s one player! Admittedly, they’ve been without other key players at other stages of the season, like in defence, but the key player they can’t do without is Rooney. He’s injured now, for how long I’m not sure, but the longer he’s out, the more chances there are for United to drop points!

It’s a bit different with Chelsea. Earlier in the season, we’d have said they can’t do without Drogba. But taking the 7-1 demolition of Villa into account where Drogba didn’t feature, they’ve kind of shown they can do without him. Obviously with Drogba out, they’re a much weaker team, but I’m not really sure if he was out for the rest of the season, it’d make that much of a difference to them. Having said all that though, I’d still rather they were without Drogba! He’s got the ability to win those tight games! They’ve also been without Michael Essien for a while now- since the Africa Cup of Nations- and they’ve not missed him. I’d have thought without Essien they’d struggle lots, but fair play to them.  I can’t really think of a player right now, that if they were to get injured will derail Chelsea’s season. Maybe Cech? Yeah, I’ll go for Cech. He’s done really well for them this season and if they were to drop serious points this season, it’d probably be in his absence!

Still though, we need them to drop points one way or other! I’m sure they will. Well, they have to, if we’re going to win the League! It’ll be a massive coup if we do win the League, and it’ll be totally deserved. No other team I think, would still be in contention for the title if they were in the same position as us- losing heavily to their rivals, having numerous long-term injuries to key players at the same time, etc. Think about it.

Let’s not start dreaming about the title, though. Still a long way to go. But with Man United dropping points, if we beat Sp*rs on Wednesday we’ll be up to second! Chelsea play on Tuesday and who knows, they might drop points too. It’s been rumoured than Robin might feature against Sp*rs, maybe on the bench. That’ll be awesome, but I think we ought to err on the side of caution. I think Man City is a much bigger game than Sp*rs, as they stand a better chance of beating us than Sp*rs and there’s no point risking him on Wednesday if he’s not fully fit. We’ll see what happens, anyways.

You probably noticed I’ve kind of rambled on, but thay’s because there’s absolutely nothing Arsenal-related going on! Dev should be back with a proper preview in the week, and hopefully he’ll have actual stuff to report on! :)

  • devday

    Evening All, thanks to jat and debs for their posts in my absence… I’m on route back to London tomorrow and will definitely be previewing the Sp*rs game on my return…

    United dropped points today and a win for us would see us go ahead of them and that’s very interesting… At the moment it’s 0-0 in the semi final (which I have live on Zambian TV) and the game is in extra time – exactly what we wanted!!! I hope I haven’t jinxed it… come on Pompey!!

  • Vazy

    GO ON POMPEY!!!!! Palacios is on a 2 match ban too…

    what a result from the only team to be relegated so far!
    f**king loved that result!


  • Francis

    thanks pompey for taking sp*rs through 120 mins of disappointment…admittedly some dubious decisions by the ref

    for once allardyce shows that his moral compass is not warped and that he is not a yes man….by laying down and rolling over for man utd…

    thanks but no thanks!!!!

  • JDD

    Van Persie might be bak wednesday

  • Nick

    Yes! Man U. drop points and give us a nice gift. Lets take the spurs down Wednesday and put more pressure on Chelski!

    Pompy doing us a favor as well running spurs into a brick wall for 120 minutes.

    Rumor is Man City are gonna make a record offer on Cesc this summer. Also targeting Torres & Zlatan. Don’t know what that tosser who owns them is thinking. Cesc will leave Arsena for 1 club only and it isn’t so he can be on a squad with Adebayor again, it’s to pair up with Messi.

  • Yemi

    I want to greatly thank pompey for doing us the favor of taking tot’ham to 120 grueling minutes, for B’burn and big sam for shaving off some points off man u, city for putting 5 past briminham(why, it will bring a lot of disappointed to tot’ham as the fourth place slips away.)
    These should be enuff motivation and reason for us to go and take all 3 at white hart lane. taking into consideration the fact that we have had 7 days to rest

  • Alex

    @ JDD:
    Really?? what is your source?

  • Alex

    V persie back? really???!!

  • Yemi

    Any new news injury wise ? is song available ? and sol ?

  • Kuka

    ….anyone pulling a “Rooney” on Wednesday? Maybe CESC…….(HAHAHAHA)

  • ny

    I really dont think our current team is good enough for winning the important games.Against Spurs we can hope for something but against ManCity no way.I am praying we dont loose that match.

  • Kuka

    I like your optimism (lol), but I have to differ with your assessment. One thing that has been inconsistent with city is their “Inconsistency”. B/City have not been solid away and Burnely was a joke when they lost to city. It not NEWS that our current team is weak. Off course it is, but I would never say that we cannot beat city……We so can……Many things will be at play during that game and am sure even our reserve team would want to win it

  • Kuka

    *consistent with City is their Inconsistency….

  • manoo

    looking at the table, to win the league we need to win all games, which we can do, but chelsea need to drop at least 4 points, due to their 3 point lead over us and their far superior goal difference(13 more than us), but they have to play liverpool away and sp*rs away. Either way we have to win our five games to even have a sniff, as chelsea do look strong at the moment. Most importantly, sp*rs on wednesday and mancity 10 days later at home- if we win those, well have a good chance- COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yemi

    @ ny:
    I do not agree with you. If you would recall, the games we lost against city, man u and chelsea were lost due to defensive indiscipline which i think we have since overcome. We played high up and the beat us on the counter. And if you would recall, apart from chelsea, we played well in the other games.

  • manoo

    “arsenal shareholder Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith hires bankers to sell her 15.9% stake in club” according to sky sports sources- doesnt say who shes selling to though

  • Nick

    I wonder if it’s Kroenke or the Usmanov. My bet is on Kroenke. Closer to a takeover. Bad things could happen if we go the Liverpool/Man U. route.