A Conversation With My Flat Mate…

Being a Gooner and living with a Gooner means there is many a discussion about the world of Arsenal, the life of being a Gooner, the frustrations of the season so far and the possible transfers. Last night, down at our local, a conversation happened which was heated to a degree and it went something … [Read more…]

Round Up: Man City, Transfers, Sol and Van Persie

Afternoon Fellow Gooners… It’s been a weird weekend in the wonderful world of Arsenal, and it certainly was a weird game on Saturday – completely overshadowed by the returns of Adebayor, Patrick Vieira and Kolo Toure to the Emirates. The game itself felt like a typical end of season game where both teams had nothing … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Man City, Match Day Live…

Afternoon Fellow Gooners, It’s match day live and time for us to knock Man City for 6… We need to exact revenge and we need to silence Adebayor… We wouldn’t mind solifying third in the mean time… none of this Sp*rs for 3rd place nonsense…! I write this just before the United vs Sp*rs game, … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Man City: Preview

With all the transfer talk that has consumed us this week, and of course, the distraction of the Champions League midweek games (which saw Inter go 3-1 up at Barcelona and Munich go 1-0 against Lyon – more on that later)… we’ve totally forgotten about the big game this weekend against, none other than Champions … [Read more…]

The Jury’s Out: Eduardo…

As the speculation of who will play and who won’t play this Saturday is not the thing on people’s mind, and of course, being Wednesday, there is a lot more time to think about the game on the weekend… In the meantime, we can spend a bit of time examining our squad, and for the … [Read more…]

Wigan vs Arsenal, Match Day Live

It’s official, the team line up is here: Fabianski Sagna – Campbell – Silvestre – Clichy Eastmond – Diaby Walcott – Nasri – Rosicky Bendtner With a bench of: Mannone, van Persie, Vela, Eboue, Traore, Merida, Henderson. PS, who is Henderson? Where is Eduardo?

Wigan vs Arsenal Preview…

I write this after the Manchester Derby, where United struck a 93rd minute blow to City’s Champions league aspirations. If anything, this result should galvanise Sp*rs into beating Chelsea – as fourth place could well be theirs if they beat the table toppers, although the title could well be Chelsea’s if they beat Sp*rs. If Chelsea do … [Read more…]