Arsenal vs West Ham Preview, Match Day Live

Afternoon fellow Gooners,

There has been loads going on recently, with an epic draw against Barcelona. On top of that, there’s loads more to talk about – I hope to get into action in a good way this coming week and get my views across, but for now, let’s take a look at the game today.

It’s so important that we win today. Tomorrow, I really don’t think Man United and Chelsea will get three points a piece, so if we keep on plugging away, we can eventually topple the league leaders.

Looking at the team news… this is who I think will play today.


Sagna – Campbell – Vermaelen – Clichy

Song – Diaby

Walcott – Cesc – Arshavin


With a bench of Fabianski, Eboue, Silvestre, Denilson, Rosicky, Nasri, Eduardo

But we’ll find out in about an hour, the real line up…

Good luck boys, time to get on my way to the Emirates…

  • Pires

    Let’s beat the hammer and get to the top! come on u gunners!!

  • Josiah

    What was the actualy starting lineup cuz i know denilson scored.

  • Sam

    Not many shots on target although we’re playing well & 1 up.

  • Sam

    Vermalen is off, really. Harsh. Almunia saves penalty!!!!

  • Josiah

    Almunia saves the penalty..

  • Josiah

    how long will the suspension be?

  • Al

    3 match ban i think

  • Shawn

    Arsenal will appeal the decision, will probably be overturned . . .

  • Sam

    20 min to go, C’mon boys!

  • jeffvip

    good win.

    btw, Vermealean do have the opportunity to appeal. doesn’t it?

  • Sam

    Job well done by Gunners to collect all 3 points again, despite adversary again.
    We’re on top tonight!

  • goonerman

    surely vermaelens red card suspension will be for just one game as it was a proffesional foul! i thought 3 match bans were for bad tackles?? we cant be having the verminator for 3 games

  • goonerman

    i just had a look at the bbc live match update and people were asking if he will serve a 1 or 3 match ban and the bbc lot looked into it and they think a proffessional fouls is just a one match ban with dangerous or violent conduct being 3 matches! i really hope it is just the one game but yet again we show amazing grit and determination! to be fair sol has beeen an amazing signing without him we would have been done for haha!

  • Kodjo

    I have said on this forum for the umpteenth time that refereeing decisions could potentially derail this campaign …and yes another weekend passes with dubiuos decisions throughout the game…what was upson still doing on the pitch when he surely deserved a second yellow for handball…

    behrami kicked and hacked at arsenal players at will…yet once again the ref turns a blind eye…

    i’m getting fed up up wuth such decisions…yet not surprised…cos i knew that as soon as arsenal became potential challengers for the league trophy….such ridiculous ref decisions will increase

  • Nick

    You really have to wonder about the refs being against us with a call like that on Vermaelen. A straight red card for that? Arsenal will appeal and they’d better win.

    Great result! Lets hope for a Liverpool win tomorrow over Man U.

  • richiebacardi

    Hey guys I’ve been away for a little while so my finger is not on the pulse. I just wanted to know if anyone has noticed this?

    If this is a re-post the sorry…but looking good so far!

  • yemi

    suddenly every arsenal and chelsea fan are supporting liverpool! any news on verm? who pairs sol in verms absence?

  • vj

    nobody talked about B52 he had a great game even if he didnt score we really are turning the heat up, hopefully vermaelen can play next week otherwise silvestre will have to play and hopefully liverpool can win chelsea draw and we remain top

  • manoo

    its ridiculuos how man utd get every decision in their favour and yet alex still complains. Valencia was clearly outside the box- almost a carbon copy of vermaelen yday- mascherano only got a yellow which means verms red has to be overturned. Theyre pen was saved but it landed 4 that monkey to tap it in to equalise. COME ON POOL!!!!

  • manoo

    Btw how many pens have man utd been given this season- i bet its a lot. theyre equaliser at old trafford against us was a pen (when we completely outplayed them, and the same again- lucky bastards or very suspicous

  • vitus

    yes, mu are assisted by refs as usual but i hope liverpool will take point or three today

  • Kodjo

    How many time have i said man utd are assisted by refs…and then i hear allardyce saying that he’ll do man utd a favour by getting stuck into chelsea….i bet when arsenal meets blackburn they’ll try and kick lumps out of us

    such comments are disgusting and i was surprised that the analysts on sky just let such comments slide…except for hoddle who indicated that if blackburn beat chelsea it will be to their own benefit cos they are not completely out of the relegation danger yet!

    i’m happy allardyce never got the england job…such comments have no place in football where fans want fair play