Arsenal vs Burnley – Match Day Live…

Afternoon all, it’s game time… let’s have a look at today’s line up…


Eboue РVermaelen Р Silvestre РClichy

Denilson – Nasri

Walcott – Cesc – Rosicky


Subs: Fabianski, Diaby, Sagna, Eduardo, Arshavin, Traore, Eastmond.

I’ll review the team shortly via the comments below….

  • devday

    The team choice makes a lot of sense. Due to the lack of central defenders available, I can see why Arsene has put Sagna on the bench as he has played in CD before. Diaby and Arshavin could make some game time today too. Porto in mind with this one. If we were playing a big team today and had no game on Tues, we may have seen a different lineup…

  • devday

    From the BBC: ‘Do it for Aaron’ reads an enormous banner at the Emirates Stadium. A reminder: Arsenal need to beat Burnley by four goals to go top of the Premier League. Burnley have earned one point from their 14 away games this season, conceding two goals or more in all but one of those games.

  • Sam

    Every Gunner looks sharp today. Good initial moments.

  • Vazy

    cant watch it myself but ssn said that fabregas hobbled off!

    1-0 arsenal fabregas scored

  • goonerman

    i know its early days and fabregas may have just been taken off as a precaution and it could be a minor knock but i would love to see arshavin play in his position on tuesday if fabby is injured. BUT lets hope he is ok!!

  • Vazy

    1-1 bendtner missed a hatrick of open goals

  • Zegooner

    and Burnley scores..sigh..

  • Zegooner

    that elusive clean sheet

  • Sam

    Theo comes good. 2-1.
    I never had a doubt for 3 points, and it was never going to be easy.
    Arsh will now show us his magic.

  • Sam

    Arsh is rather quiet!

  • manoo

    aparently our finishing, especialy from bentner has bee awful- that is phil thompson talking though. COME ON ARSENAL

  • Sam

    Another 3-1. Arsh did the final damage.

  • goonerman


    thank god we won that game, it really wasnt the easy game some people expected! we have to remember burnely are fighting for their LIVES! theo and arshavin on the scoresheet it good news hopefully they both gain confidence with those goals!


  • Sam

    @ manoo – it could hv been 8-1 if B52 had put half of them in!

  • Sam

    I don’t mind a draw between Fulham-Tots. That means an extra game for them to play.
    I want a favour from Wolves tonight! ManU & Chelski have been taking turns to drop points every other week, and it’s ManU’s turn.

  • Sam

    BTW, that was our 69th goal this season in EPL. Very impressive.

  • andrew

    Good to secure 3 points. I just want to give a quick rundown of how I thought the players performed.

    CLICHY: He is looking much better than he has in the past month. I though Gael looked very good against Stoke and played well today. I wonder if it is just that we have played slower teams without fastpaced dangerous wingers that have made him look better.

    SILVESTRE: He plays as best he can but we know there is a serious drop off in quality when we have to play Mikael. He often looked slow and out of position. Thankfully we played against a fairly inept offence today.

    VERMAELEN: He was solid as a rock again. Cleaned up some of the mess left by the other defenders. I like him more and more as the season goes along.

    EBOUE: He has seen improved form and more playing time recently. I do appreciate is speed and strength on the ball but often gives it away too easily and caught out of position on the break. He did have some nice combination passing with Theo and Cesc.

    ROSICKY: He had a somewhat quiet game and was subbed but he showed good quality in dribbling and controlling the ball on the left wing. He must have been fouled at least 3 times in the opening minutes.

    DENILSON: Wow, not sure what he adds to the team. Not a horrible day but he isn’t great in the tackle, isn’t great in the air, not a great passer, and often fails to follow the man he is marking when he runs in behind. I am not sure why he makes the team. I guess maybe Arsene knows he has to field 11 players and Song was out so why not fill the spot with Denilson.

    FABREGAS: Came off with a niggling injury but not before he delivered countless perfect passes to Walcott and finally scoring a beautiful little play with Nasri passing over the top and then slotting home between the keeper’s legs. I hope this was just precaution for the mid-week game against Porto.

    WALCOTT: I must say I have never seen him better. He got some stick this week in the media and from greats like Ian Wright about his lack of progression but I thought he was sensational today. Granted, Burnley are not a quality side, but Theo created havoc all day down the wing. His balls into the box were more decisive and accurate. He also is dribbling into the box more rather than just drifting uselessly to the corner. He had at least 3 good shots on goal. (one of which went in) And a number of times he was there at the back post to put the ball back into a dangerous area. If Nicklas had have had even a decent day, Theo would have had at least a couple assists.

    NASRI: He also looked great. The assist to Cesc was special. He dribbled well, controlled the ball, and made numerous wonderful passes. He really had a good game, for me.

    BENDTNER: Where to begin? I’ve never heard a commentator mention that a player could have gotten a hat-trick without even one goal to show for it. I counted at least 6 golden opportunities to score delivered to him. Two of them appeared harder to miss than to score. I have been happy to have him back in the line-up because he really does add a danger in the air and good hold-up play but today he was awful in his finishing. Wow. Hopefully he rebounds and starts putting the ball in the back of the net.

    DIABY: Came on as a sub for Fabregas. Didn’t do much for me. Maybe he was instructed to stay back more and cover for the flailing Denilson. Anyways, an average performance from Abou.

    ARSHAVIN: He was absent from the game for the handful of minutes he was on the pitch. Of course he did score in the final minute of extra time and for that I give him credit. He did miss a fairly routine volley in front of the goal mouth earlier. Not his best day even though he scored.

    EDUARDO: You have to feel a little for Eduardo after the Ramsey horror. It must have brought back memories. He looked slow the few times he was released down the left side. He didn’t appear to be sharp. Maybe he just didn’t get enough minutes to warm up properly but there wasn’t much spark.

    I hope I was not too harsh. Comments?

  • Josiah

    great result

  • goonerman

    i really dont think people should be slating bendtner after having one bad game because we know he can have days when he cant hit an open goal but when he is on form he can add a lot to the team! for the last couple of weeks and after his international goal everyone was singing his praises and hopefully he gets a goal or 2 against porto! lets not start getting on his back because that will not help him one little bit and to be honest we still won so who cares!

    THEO PROVED ALL THEM MUPPET PUNDITS WRONG! It seems we like proving them idiots wrong and i love it.

  • Sam

    Andrew – Agree with your comments, but B52 was a positive for me. He helped the team, was always in the right time & place (without which he wouldn’t have so many opportunities), and never gave up or gave in. He has a great attitude. I’m sure he’ll improve vs. Porto.

    55′ – No goals in ManU game! Can Wolves give us a hand?!

  • Sam

    73′ – ManU score thru poor defending. Lucky!

    85′ – Fulham-Tot 0-0.

  • andrew

    @ sam and goonerman,

    I think you are right about bendtner but it was soooooo frustrating to see all the misses.

  • Sam

    Andrew, I’m watching Barca game & Ibrahimovic is poorer than B52.
    Of course, I may be biased!

  • Nick

    How does B52 miss sooooooooooooo many chances?

    Great result that we expected and needed. One game at a time, 3 points at a time, lets take the title.

  • Josiah

    B52 had a great game despite the misses.

  • vj

    awsome result lads, starting to believe, shame bout wolves, they deserved a draw, doesnt matter too much though they will drop more points hopefully rooney’s injury will get worse and hell miss a few games, part from that hope fab can recover though dont risk him for the season to play him on wednesday, i think the premier league is our real chance and in order to win it we need fabregas for the rest of the season. So if not 100% dont risk we still have diaby denilson eboue rosicky nasri arshavin walcott eduardo B52 so plenty of options

  • goonerman

    i just watched highlights on match of the day and they showed he had about 5 good chances but to be fair only 2 of them were sitters the other 3 were blocked or intercepted!

    obviously like wenger said once he misses 2 of the chances he starts thinking to himself am i going to score the next one and in the end he didnt but i agree with josiah his play in general and his link up play was excellent and im glad the fans didnt get on his back TO much lol! he will hopefully bang in a hatrick on tuesday and laugh in our faces haha! Nasri is starting to look really good again and his fabregas assist was pure class while eboue is just looking better and better his runs he makes from rb are as good as anyone in the league at the moment im so glad he proved us wrong and everybody WANTS him to start!

    I just wana get focused on the porto game and think about the possible teams with the big possibilty of fabby being out, TEAM SPIRIT SHOULD BE HIGH RIGHT NOW SO KEEEEP IT UP!