Reaction from Wales

As the furore around Ryan Shawcross spirals out of control, the media painting a picture of innocence and angelic-ness to the Stoke defender. Whereas papers and online papers portray Wenger and Ramsey as the bad guys. So, forget what’s happening. It’s a pile of nonense, the media are very biased to the homegrown players for obvious reasons and there is one set of rules for English players and another for foreign players. Paulo Di Canio was banned for 11 games for pushing a ref, whereas Shawcross has been banned for 3 games and earnt a World Cup call up for breaking someone’s leg.

Spare me the nonsense, spare me the “it’s not true”, “he’s innocent”, “Shawcross is not a nasty player”, it’s all codwallap.

Kieran Delaney mentioned this yesterday in the comments:

Of course nothing will happen until Rooney breaks his leg, then and only then when the FA consider punitive action.

And one of our commenters, a Welshman, named Jeffo also spoke about the incident and how it affects Wales as a nation…

In answer to your question I am Welsh and i am incredibly pissed off about this situation, we have suffered from a lack of quality players with a sprinkling of talented individuals for too long. At long last we have a lot of promising young individuals coming through and this bodes well for the future. However on the day Shawcross became England’s new hope in defence the player has crippled Wales most talented star of the future.

Next year Wales play England in the euro qualifiers I know a lot of you out their are England fans but i truly hope that Aaron comes back succesfully and runs rings round Shawcross and makes him look a complete gimp in an England shirt (and sends him home crying for a different reason).

Tony Pulis is welsh and right now I could shove him off Porthcawl pier for his glowing defense of his man (I do not use the player purposely).

And Alex Ferguson where’s your support for the lad with the broken leg who you tried so hard to sign?

The comment has been edited / censored, but you can find the original here.

Something I didn’t quite expect came out today, from a Mr Owen Coyle, and I think the Bolton attitude has got to him. Interestingly enough, we play his old club Burnley on Saturday…

“If you’re not motivated to go out there and be aggressive to begin with, to earn the right to play, then you’re going to be run over the top of and made to look foolish,” he said. “We all take pride in trying to make our players competitive, to go and earn the right, as we say in football, but there’s no way you’d say ‘Go and smash this and that’.”

I will eventually stop talking about the incident last weekend, but it’s true to say that Arsenal players do get fouled the most, and therefore by laws of the industry they will pick up more injuries. The problem is that the opposition have the least cards given against them. If every foul was called and every yellow and red card that was supposed to be given was actually dished out, we’d finish playing against 9 or 10 men every game.

When Real Madrid had the Galacticos, it was common place to see the opposition lose players to sending offs, because the team was that good. In the same vein, it’s not our fault if our players are technically very good and why should the opposition get away with consistent fouls?

Looking ahead to the weekend, we may have Abou Diaby back in the squad, which is great news considering we’re without Ramsey and Song (for the next 2 domestic games), which means we can restore a midfield of Diaby, Cesc and Denilson. Arsene has been talking of his re-interest in Felipe Melo and how he’s not had the season that was expected. He also said we’re still interested, but will Juventus sell the player they paid over £21m to buy on the cheap… now isn’t the time for transfer talk, but interesting that we’re still interested…

I’m off to Dubai tonight, so you may have a few articles coming up from JAT, Debs and Wills in the next few days… Adios for now…

  • goonerman

    obviously hope theres nothing wrong and its just 3 straight swaps but fabby come off at half time for spain so that would be nice for us that he aint going to be tired!

  • Sam

    Does anyone know if Vela injury is serious? He scored and then limped off.

    @ Devday – it’ll be my pleasure to buy you a drink in Dubai. It’s tge least I can do to thank you for WOA!

  • goonerman

    i herd arshavin played part of the game for russia so im assuming he will be back for the weekend!

  • dada

    Regardless of the result this season (we could easily win the title if we win our next 7-8 games. I think we should consider getting 3-4 new players. I think Eduardo needs to be sold, Silvestre will probably go and Fabianski along with Vela will go on loan. The Gallas and Campbell situation is also a bit tricky (contract situations). If we manage to buy a striker (I have faith in Bendtner to provide physicality) so going for a more prolific person (If only Wenger went for Villa). In midfield Melo is a good solution but I don’t think Wenger will go for him unless we lose someone there. A defender (maybe even an English one) is probably a good idea. Goal keeper we could get someone to compete with Almunia while not costing too much (Sorensen for example). Sorensen, (central defender), Melo, Villa.

  • Richard Buxcey

    was just looking @ our fixtures and saw we still have to play away at Birmingham, Blackburn, and Hull.

    And that thought terrifies me, and no doubt it will have Arsene up at night until the games are fulfilled. We all know what McLeish’s men are capable of, so there will be no surprises at St Andrews. And I have no doubt the Fat Sam would delight in seeing another Arsenal player on the deck with his foot hanging off. How much longer before a player loses a leg playing for Arsenal, and how much longer will Cesc put up with looking down on a team-mate with a limb in shreds? He will surely be the next target for these brain dead thugs. One thing is for sure, he would get far better protection in Spain, and that’s a fact that could prove decisive come July/August.

    So that’s three major bone breaks caused by “animals” in four years. Can you imagine the media if an Arsenal player was running around breaking opponents’ legs? It doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest. Once again Arsene Wenger is criticized for defending his own players. I’m amazed he is still managing in England. He must be the most disrespected manager in the league. Simply because he won’t share a glass of red with these arbiters of anti-football. C***s!!!!

    Just looking at the papers last Sunday morning filled me with rage, anger and deep sadness, so much I nearly shed a tear for Aaron. All because he is simply a much better, fitter, faster and more talented footballer than Ryan Shawcross.

    And to add insult to serious injury, he could have pulled on an England shirt this week. Unbelievable. And I thought that Capello was intelligent.

    The team’s response after the injury at Stoke was truly stunning considering what they had once again just seen. The bastards were well and truly put in their place by the end. We have ten games to fight through, and I have no doubt that fight is the right word. Our more difficult games will be less physical because at least West Ham, Man City and the Spuds try to play in the right way. We have a real chance now, and what happened last Saturday will surely only serve to galvanise the squad even more.

    Let’s win it… for Aaron.

  • tom G

    Richard I feel pretty much the same about everything you say. If we win the league, I will feel SO f**king good, I can’t tell you. I can’t imagine a more emotional turn around.
    Looking forward to seeing the press conference today. On the injury update clips on the official site, Wenger looks drained, knackered and I don’t blame him. The reaction has been unbelievable.

  • grahm

    Emmanuel Adebayor just can’t leave Arsenal alone, can he?

    The latest in a long line of interviews where he attempts to portray himself as some sort of angel, hard-done by Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is quite frankly, laughable.

    And while I really shouldn’t take the bait I’m going to by carving up his latest comments to show that once-and-for-all, Adebayor is a delusional liar of the highest order.

    “Arsène Wenger can never say that I wanted to leave. It was because Arsène didn’t want me any more.”
    That is probably because you spent the previous summer trying to get a move to Barcelona or Milan and when the deal fell through, failed to put any real effort in on the pitch.

    “The most annoying thing about the whole story is when people say I wanted to leave for the money. If I had really wanted to, I would have left two years ago for the money and gone to Milan or Barcelona.”
    You did want to go for money and to move to a “bigger” club. The problem was, they wouldn’t pay the buy-out fee and it dashed your hopes of joining the club you wanted to. Quite frankly you couldn’t have left “if you had really wanted to” because you were under contract and neither of those clubs were willing to pay the amount needed to buy you, probably because they didn’t think you were worth it. Just 7 goals in 17 starts as well as seven games out with suspension probably indicates they were right.

    “I read that it was me who was the troublemaker in the changing room. That’s unbelievable. If one player can say that I, Emmanuel Adebayor, spoke badly to anyone in the changing rooms then I’d honestly like to know who it is. It has never happened in my life.”
    If you had any morsel of intelligence you would realise that you can be a disruption in the changing room without speaking badly of players. At a club like Arsenal where team spirit and unity is paramount to the potential success of the manager and the squad, publicly looking for a move and then getting a massive, unjustified pay-rise as a result is bound to cause a few problems. You might not have the players to “f*** off” to their faces, but you certainly did it with your actions and pathetic on-field displays last season.

    “If Arsène has a big heart we can go on a TV show to have a debate and he will never say I told him I wanted to leave the club. He’ll never say that. He knows it full well.”
    And you know full well that no person would be stupid enough to go on a TV show with you to have a debate over something as pointless as this. Arsene Wenger has better things to do with his time, like building a team of players actually capable of winning the league as opposed to a bunch of overpaid, overrated mercenaries who can only quantify success as sneaking into the Champions League.

    “It will be 90 minutes of hell. The fans will boo me, insult me, because, until now, they haven’t understood why I left. I’m the bad guy.”
    We fully understand the reason you left and that’s why you are the bad guy. You deserve to be booed, insulted and given hell because Arsene Wenger and the club turned you from a young pretender into a player capable of leading the line for one of the best clubs in the world. Yet you still wanted more and were happy to essentially f*** the club over in order to get it. That’s why you deserve the reception you will undoubtedly get.

    “I shouldn’t have done that [the celebration] but we are all human. I made a mistake, but who doesn’t?”
    Pointing out other peoples mistakes doesn’t make what you did OK. It just shows yet again that you are happy to deflect any of your wrong-doings onto other people.

    I just can’t wait for Arsenal v City at The Emirates.

  • goonerman

    i think the reaction arsenal and arsene has had after the ramsey leg break is amazing and disgusting! WE ARE THE VICTIMS we have a player out for months with a broken leg yet people are critisicing arsenal and weneger! im hearing things like:
    .Arsenal are asking for these injuries becuase of the way they play
    .Arsenal have technical skill but nor mental or physical presence! i would like to see another team win at stoke after seeing their teammates leg being broke!
    .wenger is just feeling sorry for himself becuase nobody actually plays arsenal any different to any other team! id say that is pure Bullshit!
    and fianlly why is it every mamager and most pundits are joining the bandwagon and slating wenger and our style of play becuase we play nice football!

    like someone said in sunday supplement last weekend, just becuase wenegr doesnt cream every managers arse and drink wine with them all after games they all gang up against him becuase they know he has very little backing from other mamangers!

    I find it amazing how arsenal and arsene get talked about becuase of a leg break and not ryann shawcross the player who actually brooke the boys leg!

    so we chat crap that the media are out to get us! with all the crap said about us this week it just shows that ITS TRUEEE!!

  • Richard Buxcey

    Before the game on May 26th 1989 a very cool George Graham said; “No-one expects us to win so there’s no pressure on us.” I think that’s true of this season. On a ‘one day at a time’ note, he also said. “We only need to score one goal.” Arsenal that night had to win by two clear goals but GG knew that you couldn’t score two goals without scoring one. By that realisitc reckoning, all we have to do is beat Burnley tomorrow. End of story. The next game after that is irrelevant till 5 o’clock tomorrow.