Fans Forum – The Debate

It’s Friday and with no weekend game tomorrow, we can all relax, put our feet up and reflect on the run in which is very kind to us offering us a genuine path to the title, if we do feel up for it… I don’t normally quote opposition managers, but the ex Milan supremo, Carlo Ancellotti was certain that we’d still be in it!

“Things change in football quickly, so Arsenal had a very good result. They can come back. Six points is not so much and they could come back and get the title.”

I’d expect the top two to drop more points too – and I know we’re not perfect, but Chelsea and United aren’t perfect either. With Giggs injured for a while, Nani suspended, Rio suspended as well as a few other issues, United have a few problems of their own. And with Chelsea’s problems with John Terry and now with Ashley Cole out for the season, and a few losses against un-fancied teams like Wigan and Everton, they’re not infallible either…

We do have some early injury worries with Arshavin and Alex Song potentially missing the game against Porto next Weds, but with Denilson having been fully rested and of course, with Walcott and Rosicky on the bench on Wednesday, one of them can easily come in for Arshavin. Suddenly out of nowhere, we have strength in depth. Good news is that both Eduardo and Vela are looking to return for the game too, so from none to one to three strikers, we’ve sudden got options up front!

Okay, time to turn our attention to the fans forum in January and take a look at a few questions that were raised:

Question: Re-naming of the quadrants

Arsenal: This is progressing well – we’ve got Board approval to move this forward and we’re currently looking at different designs – we want to make it as elegant as possible, which does pose some challenges but we will get it done correctly.

Forgive me for my lack of historic knowledge here, but the re-naming of the quadrants sounds very interesting and couldn’t remember if it was on the cards. Initial reports last year indicated that there was going to be no movement on this, but now it seems we have board approval. What else is interesting is that they are looking at different designs, so this indicates imagery as well as naming. Back in Highbury, the stands were named very simply – The North Bank, The Clock End, The East Stand, The West Stand, but down at the Emirates, where we have a circular stadium, it’s all about quadrants – Yellow, Orange, Green and Red… Are we looking to name them “The Charlie George Arena”, “The Bergkamp Wonderland”, “Thierry Henry’s 100’s”…? Who knows? What are your thoughts? Of course, we’d need them to be somewhat remember-able and something that can be depicted in some sort of imagery or colour co-ordination. The colours do actually do a good job, the only other thing I can think of is compass based a la Highbury – anything else would be confusing – unless of course, it’s all about the money spinning efforts to make the club richer, and then I’m all for it!

Question: What’s the latest on banners at games?

Arsenal: There has been a request for us to help in the production of banners for fans to bring to games and we will look to help with some potential designs as well as stating what the dimensions should be so that they don’t interfere with the views of other fans in the stadium. Ultimately, we would love fans to bring banners to the stadium and further improve the atmosphere at games.

Now, this is what it’s all about – the atmosphere in the stadium. You’ve all watched those games and seen those banners that you’ll always remember (although I can’t think of any now!)… but you know what I mean. I’d love to have more banners at the stadium, the only issue is that I can’t put it anywhere, because I’m row 20… but all the row 1er’s should get involved. We’ve got a dialogue with Arsenal to find out the dimensions and what they like and will be working to offer banners to fans in the near future!

And finally…

Question: Is there a plan to resurrect Arsenal TV on-line?

Arsenal: There are no immediate plans to resurrect this right now, but we are having discussions with ESPN about then funnelling Arsenal TV programmes. We accept that maybe some of the content that has been on Arsenal TV on-line was probably not of the quality that our fans rightly expect and this is something that Michael Leavy will be looking at for the future. More broadly, we’re aware that a lot of focus over the last few years has been on delivering the success of the Emirates stadium – now our focus has changed onto delivering wider commercial success to the club going forward and the Board and staff members are doing a lot of work behind the scenes to bring this about.

It’s been a very strange affair with Arsenal TV online. The content (for a new channel) was very decent when it launched but it’s gradually lost momentum, and the recent online only version started to lack depth. However, there was a huge uptake and over 60% of AVTO users were subscribed for the use of the TV channel. The Setanta packages did really well because they included the likes of Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV. So we know there is a market for it. In fact MUTV generates a considerable profit for United, so it’s something we need to sort out soon! The final paragraph of that statement suggests that we’re now looking into the marketing aspects and I’d expect to see a new TV channel launch with Sky or ESPN in time for next season…

Some interesting questions there from the fan’s forum and some interesting answers from the Arsenal. This weekend is FA Cup weekend and we have a few games on TV, like the Chelsea vs Cardiff and Man City vs Stoke game, but Bolton vs Sp*rs and Palace vs Villa will be interesting.

Our opponents on Wednesday are in action against Leixoes at 21:15 on Saturday night, so hopefully they’ll be knackered by the time we turn up…

Adios for now my friends…

  • Debs

    Interesting information. But when did this Fans’ Forum take place? I don’t remember hearing about it.
    I guess the club’s trying to make the stadium feel more personal and more like home, kind of like the whole Arsenalisation thing. And if the club can make money off it one way or another as well, then it’s doubly good!

  • goonerman

    So arshavin said to a newspaper that he expects to be out for the porto game next week! the guy really likes chatting to the media they must love him lol! i know we would rather have him in the team but with arshavin im sure we can easily handle the game without him ! hopefully walcott can play and shine, about time. really hope song can get back in time for the game we cant really be doing without him! i know wee have a nice relaxing weekend without football but it is really anoying having to wait another week for premier league action again!

  • Fabrez

    That’s not a quote I really expected from Ancelotti, but there u go! Totally agree with it…once we can do like Arsh says and win all 12 remaning games. Not too difficult, hey? Realistically, obviously not probable but…dare I say it…not impossible! Let’s just take it a game at a time for starters, and maybe we can do something special… In Europe, sure we’ll miss Arsh but glad we’ve got sum depth again. I do feel Europe is a good place for Theo to re-discover his “mojo”…a goal or assist cud give him the confidence he needs to do well when he returns to the EPL.

    I do think the re-naming of quadrants is a good move…anything to give us that extra homely feel! And personally, I’m relatively satisfied with ATVO… do miss the reserves games to be honest… But if they’re talkin about improving it, why not!

  • devday

    Debs – I think it too place on the 9th January. I’m trying my best to get onto the board at the Fan’s Forum… I’ll hopefully be in next year lol!

  • Debs

    Ah, seen. Good stuff! At first I thought it was ATVO’s regular Friday Fans’ Forum, but obviously it’s a different one! Lol

  • devday

    Goonerman – Arsh has his own website which he updates daily!!

  • goonerman

    yer i know but you gotta admit the man loves to talk to the press lol !

  • Mehedi


    Yep I agree, He talks a lot

  • Mehedi

    From a different points of view , It’s gonna be the greatest

    Fight for the fourth place ever, pool, city and spud.

    Prediction : city

  • Mehedi

    And from an Arsenal points of view, I say we go for weak side in porto, and make sure everyone is ok.

    A draw would do good. We always can score in home.

    I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree with me but think about the chance in the league.

  • devday

    Goonerman – very true, he’s definitely a chatter box – remember the comment about Women’s driving?

  • richiebacardi

    What i’d like to know is which quadrant do the really noisy singy songy people sit?

    I’m a red member and so don’t get much of a choice in seating the very few times I get a chance to go to the Emirates, however, I usually as it is such a family oriented club (which I am not complaining about), I usually end up picking the seat that’s in front of a little kid, and I tend to forget sometimes they’re behind me and end up jumping up and blocking them.

    So would someone tell me where the noisey people sit so I can get a seat around that area so I can sing my A**e off shout and scream and not upset the kiddies……PLEASE???????

  • devday

    Mehedi – one of our biggest problems in the last 5 years is the inability to concentrate on the next game. We need to start playing our strongest squad – I’m still peeved that we didn’t against Stoke!!

  • Mehedi

    yeah, but we never had a easier finishing end features in the league. this is our chance. and i am not saying pick a squad like arsene picked against stock. i am just saying we should make sure after the game everyone is alright.

    That should be our main priority

  • goonerman

    to be fair we literally get an injury every game! compared to man united were not to bad they have gone YONKS without playing the same team! and devday arshavin has come out with some of the best and sometimes insulting quotes iv ever seen even though he always means them in a nice way haha this post could be long but some of the quotes are CRACKERS:

    “If I had it in my power to introduce a ban on women driving cars and to withdraw all their licences, I would do it without thinking twice. In my opinion a woman and a man are two absolutely different creatures.”

    ‘I would never give driving lessons to women. We need to build new roads for them. Why? Because you never know what to expect from a woman on the road. If you see a car behaving weirdly, swerving and doing strange things, before you see the driver you know it is a woman. It is always a woman.’

    Chelsea have a good team but it is not football with emotion: one goal and then (blows raspberry, folds arms) boring again.

    “I think the quality of life, especially for people with money, is better in Russia than here [in England]. Here there are lots of rules and laws. In Russia, if you have money, you can break the law.”

    “Russia can be a very chauvinistic society, There is a saying: “A chicken is not a bird, and a woman is not a person”


  • goonerman

    i really dont think he means all these things in a bad way but he just says what he thinks and i think hes got the mind of a 12 year old haha

  • Mehedi

    Let’s talk about next season

    Chamakh RVP together or …………….

  • bayo

    i bel chamack wld add height to our attack and help in defending our set pieces.people complain abt his scoring ratio but adebayor scored 4 in a season before he joined us and did not score in 13 matches plus new research says the french league is the most technical and difficult league for a striker to score.BUT HE MAY BE OUR ONLY SIGNING since DJOUROU wld be back by then

  • yemi

    stand 49 or quadrant 49.
    we need a cf. chamakh would be a great addition. i hope he is not playin politricks wit all these comments he’s been making!

  • yemi

    hey dev, our recent games have not been updated!

  • richiebacardi

    Oh my goodness, the sky sports panel are making sense!

    Get me the de-fib!

  • Mehedi

    Well, a huge number of website is saying that the deal is done.

  • ny

    he can play on wings when RVP is fit(very rare).He is a good winger too.

  • goonerman

    its better having him that now ay?? he does look like an allround good player, im not saying hes world class or anywere near but hes an experienced player hes won stuff and hes HUNGRY to play for us! the sun say its a done deal and normally they only speculate when they are not sure so its surely gotta be pretty much tied up!

  • Mehedi

    He has a huge physical presence.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Anyone else seen the leaked pictures of our new home kit? Check out the arsenal section on news now website.

  • goonerman

    yer i saw the shirt they are saying is going to be our new kit but its a fake picture its fabregas in the away kit photoshopped into new colours! maybe the new shirt will look like this though with the all red sleeves to celebrate 125 years!

  • Mehedi

    Yeah, It sucks