We were just unlucky (and a little bit silly)…

Let’s trackback to last year when Man United came to the Emirates and basically swept us aside and won the game 3-1. Well, let’s move forward to yesterday and we were definitely better than we were the previous year, but the same fallacies and some woeful finishing ultimately cost us the game.

I was at the game yesterday and the feeling of losing such an important game at home is one that you just don’t want to witness – but in reality, losing a game that you should have won is worse. And I really feel we should and could have won the game.

So where did it all go wrong? Let’s take a look…


Matty Almunia – I am sorry to say – is going backwards in terms of his ability to play in goal – he seems to always have bad games against big teams. The back four have pretty much lost confidence in him and his mistakes against United yesterday and earlier this season have pretty much cost us the points both times. Now, I am not a fan of slating a player, but when you’ve got a fairly decent set of outfield players on the pitch that like to attack, it’s important that the opposition doesn’t score all of it’s shots on target, which has happened a hell a lot of times. Almunia has shown that he is bad on crosses, makes bad decisions, concedes penalties and of course scored a nice little own goal on Sunday too.

How to combat this: We have three other goalkeepers, Fabianski, Mannone and Szczesny, and whilst all have their problems, Mannone does look like the best one out of the bunch. Of course, investing in a proper keeper may not be a bad idea either…


Gael Clichy was once better than Ashley Cole. This season, however, the Frenchman has yet to discover the form that made us all so happy to get rid of the England left back. He wasn’t very good at the weekend, and should have done better for the Nani / Almunia own goal. In fact, United targeted his area as the weak link and it’s something a lot of teams will be doing at the moment.

How to combat this: Like the goalkeeping department, we have a lot of options in Traore, Gibbs, Silvestre and Cruise, but ultimately, it’s quality that count not quality. In Clichy and Gibbs we have two very good left backs. I wouldn’t suggest investing in this position, but I would suggest extra training practice for Clichy and a speedy recovery for Kieran Gibbs.


Denilson is an enigma. A player whom sometimes shines and sometimes does just the opposite. The Brazilian has had some awesome games – I remember the game against Newcastle last season when he ran the whole show and scored a cracker, but on Sunday – for some reason he looked overwhelmed to the point where he has something like a 40% pass accuracy – remember he was 82% last season – ahead of Xabi Alonso – and his positioning was awful. I wonder why he has those poor games, and it always seems that he doesn’t do well when he plays along side Song and Cesc – when one of them is missing, he seems to have more of a defined role. In our system, it’s clear to the team – Song is our defensive midfielder and Cesc is our attacking midfielder and where does that leave Denilson – a bit of a general midfielder.

When Song and Cesc play, we do see a poorer Denilson and maybe in Arsene’s eyes he is only in the team because Diaby is injured – but I don’t want to come down too critical on the guy as he has played well generally and is only really “found out” in the bigger games.

For all three goals, the three players could have been better – and if you roll back to the Bolton games, the same players were at fault. In reality, I don’t think Arsene will look to change anything – well, he can’t now that the transfer window is closed. The false hope of Bendtner was just that – false hope – but with Eduardo, Vela and Van Persie all injured, he will see the game time that his promise maybe deserves and he has goals in him.

The best thing about Bendtner is that it will see Arshavin play wide left, where he is most effective. We saw when Walcott came on against United, it allowed us to start playing balls behind the defence, and a front three of Arshavin, Bendtner and Walcott will cause more problems than Rosicky, Arshavin and Nasri in the same positions. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of time for Nasri and Rosicky and would love to see them play inside alongside Cesc and Song – more about the potential starting lineups for the Chelsea game later, but I think you know where I’m going with this.

Back to the current situation and we’re currently 3rd in the table and although slipping, still up there and still hoping that something can happen around the top… much better than the pre-season and experts had us. And we can recover at Chelsea – it’s all about belief at the  moment…

Captain fantastic is looking forward to the Chelsea game and had this to say:

“I think we have to be positive. It is very easy to say we lost to Man United and let our heads go down. We have to be strong, be together more than ever and do our best until the end of the season. United had their chances to score even more goals and they also missed [them]. They were the better team and that’s it. They competed better than us. With all my respect, I really don’t care what people think about us. It’s about what we believe up until the end of the season. People are not going to play for us and it is up to us to show what we can do.  People watch the football and enjoy it but we must do our talking on the pitch.”

It’s going to be tough, Chelsea away and then Liverpool at home, but nevertheless, we’re still in it. If our players can shake the loss off themselves, then they will be raring to go…

As much as the defeat hurt me, it’s time to forget and move on…!

  • Thierry

    Is time the Manager look at himself in the mirror and take a decision about some player. 1st Denilson , the game against stoke ,it was faulty for the 2 second goal ,on sunday it was poorwe can not rely on denilson , time to cash on him,
    Clichy, poor against aston villa , and MU, whats wrong with him ? ALMUNIA as Arsenal goal keeper No 1?

  • Adeniyi

    I think its not over, its just the fact that ManU just keep having this edge over us that is just a bit hurting. Bring on Chelsea and Liverpool. I was hoping we can get 8 points out of a possible 12 in the 4 matches, well 7 out of 12 wouldn’t be too bad..hoping we win against Chelsea and Liverpool.

    @Dev Day,
    I think you should have included Arshavin, although he seemed he played well but he was either too selfish or didn’t hit the target at the crucial moments so he should also take a bit of blame for some of our missed chances. This brings to the fact there we need a proper “big, strong” striker that is a proven goal scorer. How will Arshavin, Rosicky or Nasri will be able to contest long balls with Defender considering their heights. We can’t make the most of Goal kicks from Almunia.. its a bit frustrating. Only if we could get a Drogba-like or Rooney-like striker which is definitely something we miss in Adebayor(I’m not his biggest fan though). Bendtner on other hand although he’s got the height doesn’t have that x-factor I expect from a big strong striker. Without that believe me we will struggle against Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, and the likes….

    So why has he decided not to sign a striker after all talks of looking somewhere..


    Do we have to wait till the summer but I’m sorry the league would have been over by then. We can only hope

  • AmriGooner

    I know how it hurts but It is time to forget about it.
    I beleive we still have a good chance since we are going to get rid of hard games soon and the rest of the big teams still will play each other and they will drop points for sure. I didn’t lose faith when we were 11 points behind so why should I do now?
    Also, I have a strong feeling that we’ll bounce back in chelsea game and we’ll forget about the last game.
    Please gooners, keep looking at the full half of the cup always and beleive me Arsenal has more than the half of the cup full and I’ll remind you by the end of the season.

    We are behind our team no matter what happens.

  • Yemi

    I just have a blind hope that something will happen this season. But i still think we need at least 3 players for the team to be well balanced. 1 DM, 1 CF, CB and out with alumina, in with manone. You remember how lehman started performing when his position was threatened by alumina.

  • bayo

    believe is all that matters.Arsenal would beat chelsea come weekend,my name is bayo remember this after the match cus its going to be one of the greatest performance u v seen.all we need to do is to make sure that we are not more than six points behind at the end of feb.man u wld still play man city everton spurs all away and play chelsea and liverpool.chelsea wld play everton man u spurs liverpool away aston villa.all that happened against man u was that WE WERE TOO EAGER TO WIN AND WE ENDED UP MAKN TO MANY MISTAKES.dnt bel all u read we are a fantastic team

  • Yemi

    @bayo: You inspire me. Nice one.

  • mesol

    Though I am Arsenal fans, I think we will lose against chelsea with current line up..WITH NO PURE STRIKER!..chelsea is more difficult team than MU..

  • mesol

    face it guys…with no cups another season..another hope for next season..how many next I dont know..Wenger is done..I dont trust wenger anymore

  • Yemi

    @mesol: Did you watch chelsea vs burnley match ? i guess not. Cos if u did, you would know chelsea are not invinscible. They are beatable so dont be pessimistic. We will beat chelsea at the bridge. We did it last season

  • mesol

    How come that old man didnt bring a single new striker at transfer window? is chamakh and villa only in his mind? with thousand of players, is just 2 players he wants? so all others is not good enough for him? nonsense! Narrow minded person. actually is failed to do his job…his prediction is not good anymore…how many kids player he bought fail to impress..denilson, bendtner, traore, senderos, eduardo (not good enough as expected although he bought to replace the loss of hendry), wallcot (also not good enough – 4 years he’ve been at Arsenal, but no high impact)

  • mesol

    @yemi..I did watch the game..Chelsea still a good team..and they did beat Burnley at Turf Moor..but we were just DRAW against Burnley though we score early in the game! so you think what? Chelsea is not strong because he just narrow win with Burnley? We strong because just draw? Can we match the forces of striker from chelsea? Drogba, Anelka, plus lampard who always scored from distance..we just have Cesc to always try to score from distance..Pity Cesc..He have to take the part of striker…just bcoz the stubborn of the no sense oldman named wenger

  • Josiah

    after chelsea and liverpool, the only two hard games are spurs and city, we can beat both of them, and like bayo said, united and chelsea have got hard games right down to the end of the season. We are not out of it yet. COME ON!

  • mesol

    You think we just lose to the top team..dont underestimate lower team…we lose to sunderland and stoke

  • vitus

    people are people
    all the arsenal net is buzzing angrily ‘sack Wenger’
    The rule of the crowd: kiss the boots of the winner and tear to bits the looser
    nothing has changed since the gladiators times

  • amar

    I’m frustrated but not surprised that Arsene Wenger hasn’t added anyone other than Sol Campbell to this Arsenal squad.

    Maybe I am slightly deluded but I honestly had the belief that Wenger would bring someone else in. I guess that from now on in the future I’ll have to take his comments on signing players with a pinch of salt.

    In fact I’d rather it if Arsene Wenger didn’t mention his plans on buying players at all. I fail to remember how many times in the past I’ve heard Wenger say something that raises my hopes only to feel let-down when it doesn’t happen.

    I guess I should learn from my mistakes and not expect anything that comes out of Wenger’s mouth to be gospel but I suppose that is what near desperation can do to you. Funny things.

    The true fact is that we haven’t brought anyone other than Campbell in and nothing can be done to change that now.

    So what do we do?

    I’ve spoke of my frustration but I’m going to support my team through thick and thin like a good supporter is supposed too.

    I’m also going to judge the team in May. Like Wenger has asked. I’ll do this because I love Arsenal and respect Arsene but I also believe that he has created a rod for his own back by saying this. Bit like his transfer remarks.

    I’ll wait to May and I hope that we have had success. I backed Arsenal to win the league at the beginning of the season and I’ll keep with that prediction. I have to keep showing that faith despite little doubts beginning to creep in.

    These little doubts are only beginning to show because of the fact that we suffer so many injuries to players in key positions but then again doesn’t this always happen? I actually feel like I’m going over these things round and round again!

    This current Arsenal squad, fully-fit, would win this league. But when is this squad ever nearly even 3/4’s fit? Wenger could have rectified this by signing someone but he hasn’t and we have to try to trust his judgement.

    That is the key word here; Judgement. There will be a lot of that in May if we go trophy-less again this campaign. There will a lot of very disgruntled Gooners and I hope that Wenger is prepared for that.

    The season is far from over and it could still be a fantastic year for us. A football season doesn’t end in February, it ends in May. So save your judgement until then but Arsene Wenger better be ready because it might be harsh.

  • will

    These performances against the likes of Man Utd and Chavski are becoming bloody embarassing! Did anybody see the way in which Alan Hansen was taking the piss out of our defending against Man Utd on MOTD? He called Clichy’s defending for the third goal the worst that he has seen in over 30 years of watching football. And who can argue with him?

    Like I said on this forum after our defeats to Man Utd in The Champions League and to Chavski in The FA Cup last season – Arsene Wenger has got to go! The general view then however seemed to be that he deserved more time to deliver his “project”. In my opinion the likes of Almunia, Clichy and Denilson, who all had shocking games against Man Utd, will never be the finished article. Wenger’s blind optimisism for these kinds of players is as baffling as it is laughable.

    We have got some good players which could form the basis of an excellent team – Arshavin, Fabregas, Van Persie to name a few. However we do not play as a team but as a collection of individuals, they are not motivated – the first half of games sometimes resembles a training excercise, they are not organised and some of the defending would embarass a Sunday League team.

    These failings are not due to a lack of resources but are down to the manager rather than the players. The likes of Almunia, Clichy (to be fair to him he does not look fit) and Denilson (to be fair to him he is just shit!) do not ask to be selected – it is the manager who selects them and the responsibillity for their ineptitude, along with the ever unpopular Eboue (personally I do not mind him), must lie solely with the manager.

    Probably not many will agree with me that the time has come for Wenger to go, but surely most can agree that the time has come to stop the unbridled and unquestionsing support that he currently seems to enjoy?

    At the very least he needs to be asked some very serious questions. For example when does he expect to see his “project” reach fruition? How much longer? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? How much longer is acceptable to wait for the success (i.e. trophies) that we are promised?

    If, as Wenger suggests, we are a “work in progress” then why does the manager “give away” the likes of The FA Cup and The Carling Cup year after year when surely they are the best chances of a trophy for a developing team? Wouldn’t that first trophy be an important stepping stone for a developing team and give them the confidence to progress and achieve greater success?

    The manner in which they are given away by fielding deliberately weakened teams has got nothing to do with a lack of resources but more the manager’s obsession with resting players, a policy which has been shown time and time again to be flawed. Wenger often moans about the lack of resources and living within your means etc but why does that mean that we can’t take a corner, are not organised, especially defensively, are not motivated and start some games as though they are a training excercise? The players only become motivated (or not) by the fashion in which events unfold on the pitch. Go 2-0 down against Bolton and the heads all begin to drop. Get a goal back and suddenly there is a target to chase and they play like a different team and are highly motivated. Why can’t the manager motivate them and get them to play like that from the start of the game?

    Wenger has lived off past acievements for far too long now. This will just end up being another wasted year and nothing has changed since last year. Play Chavski – get stuffed. Play Man Utd – get stuffed. Something is seriously wrong to get continually stuffed in the same fashion. Does Wenger know what “learn from yuor mistakes means”? Rooney and Drogba score virtually every time that they play against us. Does Wenger work on how to deal with these players on the training ground? It does not appear so and if not then WHY THE HELL NOT?!

    We are a side that is a perpetual work in progress – in a year or two they will be world beaters Wenger says. What was his recent quote? “You are only just becoming a man at 23 years of age”. Once again laughable excususes! Except that the time never arrives for them to be world beaters and for me it is just a handy excuse for year after year of failure!


  • dampatti

    One of the problems is that the team has not won anything. When United were struggling to win Titles, Ferguson made sure they won the League Cup or FA Cup, to keep the momentum and give the team a belief that they were good enough to win something. Why does Wenger persist with treating these competitions with disdain? United are on course to win the League yet don’t seem to struggle with juggling all the competitions. Same with Chelsea. I mean Fergie played a full strength side against City on Weds, would Arsene have against Spurs? No. Thats his failing as a manager.

    Sorry Arsene, you are a true legend, but times up methinks.

  • ny

    Cant wait to see the start of next season.I dont think there is anything left in this season.Except for Fabregas,Song and Gallas there is not a single player who is in form.I always prefer Eboue to Denilson in the midfield trio.He was deployed only once in that position(this season) and had done well.Diaby may be back soon but he is another unpredicable stuff where as Arshavin who was renouned for his passing is hesitating extend his service to co players.
    Reports say (not by Wenger) Szczesny is our best skilled goalkeeper.But it will take years for him to be no:1.
    I have got a fed up feeling.Expecting some miracle for us get a result in standford bidge.

  • ny

    Wenger says ‘no need of strikers bcos we are scoring so much’.We conceded so many goals.He does not comment on that.

  • maxwell

    Will you’ve made some really good points in there (especially the bit about corners, being individuals rather than a team and being a shambles defensively) – I’m sure this will put a big fat cat firmly amongst the pigeons.

    As much as I hate what I saw yesterday, and virtually everything I’ve seen when we’ve played ManUre and the Chavs recently – I don’t want to see Arsene leave under these circumstances.

    I’d much rather see the stubborn old goat admit he was wrong about several players, ship out the shite, search for some more gems like Thomas Vermaelen and worry more about now than his obsession with the future.

  • maxwell

    There call wenger ”the professor” so why is it that any dimwitted football fan can point out our weaknesses but this intelligent manager can’t????????.

    His blatant refusal to buy so STRENGTHEN the squad is scandalous,we have a weak squad made up of untried youth and average Joe’s bar a few class players.Half the squad are injury prone and haven’t played a full season for us yet i:e RVP and wenger doesn’t give confidence as he continues to play players out of position such as AA.From having squads which won 3P/L’s and 4 FA cups(C/L final) we now have a squad which can’t be mentioned as contenders for any trophy!!!!.

    As Kgw129 states how fucking long are we supposed to wait for the benefits of his blind obsession?How long are we to pay top dollar to watch also-rans?Wenger says we no money but surprisingly finds the money for 3/4 youth players for the combined amount of approx £12mil+wages.The board have to take some of the blame for allowing this to go on,there say we got £30mil to spend but wenger comes out with excuses not to and is constantly riding his luck with our injuries!!

    The statement from wenger ”that buying players will stunt the progress of our youth” is bollocks as he’s already doing that by constantly keeping faith with the likes of Denilson,Diarby,Walcott(cost £10mil)and Almunia to name a few but with rewarding these ”at best squad players”with lucrative contracts for doing fuck all.The other excuse is a peach”we can’t find anyone better than we got now” that is total bollocks,there is 2 transfer windows and with our so-called fantastic scouting network and schools around the world he saying there is no-one better than Bendtner etc then we need new scouts.

    In January he could have got loans in,he’s done it before and with the crucial games we had coming up he could have used the run up to January,considering a injury list,to find suitable players.He could have got them in beginning of Jan to get them settled but know it’s excuses,excuses,excuses.Huntelaar,Gudjohnsen are 2 names he could have gone for to cover our lack of strikers so there is no excuse(don’t believe paper talk as AC Milan were looking to loan out Huntelaar).

    Wenger is living on past glories now,he’s shot his bolt and unless the situation is not corrected then wengers personnel crusade could ruin our great club,yes i said ruin.I expect Cesc might just go this summer and any manager coming in would need 2/3 years so to again attract world-class players to our club and have a team worthy to be again mentioned as actual contenders!!!!!.WENGER OUT….BOARD OUT!!!!!!!!

  • walter

    When will it come to fruition? That’s a great question, Wenger constantly moves the goal posts with this target, I believe the last time he said May this year Confused Well, thats now looking a forlorn hope, the time is running out quickly for him and an alternative has got to be put into place NOW, as I can’t see him staying on when his contract is up, next season.

  • vitus

    ok guys
    lets imagine:
    the board pressurized by fans fires Wenger then more than likely a few key players wouldn’t sign a new contract then a new manager to come to form a new coach team, finding, buying new players so on so on…
    How much more time would we need to win a trophy?
    I bet another 2-3 years

  • tom G

    how long to come to fruition?

  • Sam

    BREAKING NEWS – Mesol is a City fan, posing on Arsenal blogs to piss off Gunners. Don’t answer his posts.

    @ Devday – clichy & Denilson have had good days for us so there is hope for them. Almunia was never Gunner quality. I bet you he’ll have one of the worse or worst stats for any keeper in EPL. He’s my only major issue with Wenger.

  • Yemi

    @vitus: We have seen coaches come in and win the league in a short period. ancelotti is on the way to doing that if things dont change, mourinho did that too

  • vitus

    ok but there are also negative take overs that can be recalled so it’s gonna be a sort of gamble i guess

  • Yemi

    @vitus: seriously wenger needs to strengthen the squad. We all know diaby, RVP and theo are all injury prone. We are lucky with gallas, he seems to have stabilised injurywise.
    I have said it and will keep on saying it.
    We need at least 1 CF, 1 DM and 1 CB(not teenagers, not overaged) and we need to do something in that GK department. bring in manone, fabianski has terrible positioning although he is good and agile.
    Since it did not happen in jan , maybe something will happen in the summer

  • devday

    @Sam – I’d agree with you on Almunia!

  • Yemi

    @sam: How did you find out that mesol is a city fan?

  • Berth

    sh**t happens mate. I understand how we all feel, but I think we should stick to our team and move on. Look at it this way Liverpool are the most successful team in England yet they can get a grip bc of us and manu and now chelsea. What am saying is that our time will come, liverpools time will come too, because fortune favours the prepared mind and those with rich history which our team have in abundance, unlike spurs and co.Meet u guys at the bridge of death. I would it to be a bloody encounter.

  • Berth

    * can’t
    * teams
    * like

  • goonerman

    i totally agree that denilso had a shocker on sunday but he does have his good days and he is a very good squad player but the fact is if diaby was fit denilson would be on the bench which is the hope for sunday diaby should be back and the trio of sonf diaby and cesc should be back! ALSO bendtner should get his first full week of training under his belt which should give him some fitness and sharpness hopefully allowing him to start on sunday which solves our problem of having a target man even though im not trying to say hes going to bag us a hatrick but i think he can play the role alot better than arshavin and like you say devday arshavin can slot back on to the wings were he has always put in his best shifts! the team for the weekend should be a better one than that played man united so lets hope it changes the teams performance!!

  • AmriGooner

    @ Sam. I totally agree with you about that thing calls himself mesol.
    After the game, he started attacking Wenger outrageously and I said may be that was his opinion or that is the effect of that lose against manu.
    Now, he even wants to steal our faith or at least hope that we can beat chelsea.
    I’ve seen many supporters against Wenger but I can only respect their opinion, though I disagree with them, because they never lost faith or stop supporting the team they love unlike you mr.mesol . Really, we don’t want to see your negativism any more because I don’t see your name before when we won a lot of games or even when we got the top spot of the league!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Arsenal had a choice to invest in the players or build a stadium…obviously we all know which one they chose to do. Now we are paying off the stadium and can not afford to invest in the squad and it appears that even if we sell players we use it to finance our debt rather than re-invest in the team.

    AW claimed he has £30m to spend on players but failed to sign anyone to help our current campaign but to be honest the Jan window rarely produces quality signings (with the exception of Arshavin).

  • mesol

    @Sam..I’m always a Gunners..dont talk lie things just like that stupid stubborn oldman wenger who always said about winning a trophy..last season with remaining 5 games he said we can be champs..what the f’ck up..@Sam..be pleasure to kiss Wenger *ss

  • Yemi

    @gooner get ya:There is always an exception, he could have gotten the exception

  • mesol

    @AmriGooner ..Kiss wenger *ss

  • AmriGooner

    @ mesol. No comment
    I’m not going to be down to your level
    just as simple as that.

  • mesol

    @maxwell & @will…Great comments

  • simon rose

    The reason we are where we are is largely down to Wenger. Credit due. But the reason why we are likely to stay here is also because of Wenger.

    The big difference on Sunday was the fact that Ferguson’s team was an embodiment of his personal traits. Strong, arrogant, up for a fight and not bowing to anyone under any circumstances. Wengers team, sadly for us gooners, also embodies his personal traits. Too patient, not facing up to obvious challenges and away too easily upset.

    Our team and Wengers legacy is fast approaching a crossroads. Does he instil the mental attitude in his players that they need to kick on towards a title or do we play more of the waiting game in the hope that Liverpool and United don’t re-group after financial difficulties and regain a foothold at the top of the Premier League tree.

    Fiscal sensibility has kept Arsenal FC plc on a very steady footing and that is all very nice for the big business men who are involved to turn a buck, but eventually they will have to give the paying Emirates faithful something in return for their emotional, time consuming and monetary investment. The only currency they will soon be willing to accept is cold hard silverware.This in turn has given Wenger an obvious get out of jail card to bring his playing squad up to scratch. The very same money he has been minding to keep one set of masters happy is just what is required to satisfy the other set of masters.

    One finds it hard to believe that in the next week Denilson will raise his standards to join Song and to a lesser extent Diaby as acceptable Arsenal midfielders. Of course Fabregas, Nasri and Arshavin are already there but we need more and the quickest and surest way out is to get out the cheque book. If Arsenal, as a club, don’t stride forward soon they will have missed a boat of opportunity now that the two traditional super powers in English football are ironically beginning to sink into the very trap Wenger has spent so long trying to avoid.

    In the more short-term I don’t thinking losing yesterday is a complete disaster as such. If we can come away with something at Stamford Bridge and beat a suspect Liverpool team, both of which are possible, then we are worst case scenario 8 points adrift with United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Aston Villa all out of the way while they must all still play each other. Chelsea and United will drop points between now and May. The question is will we be there to take advantage.

    Whats that they say about falling off a horse.

  • mesol

    @AmriGooner..hahaha..you meant you smart enough just believe in all stupid wenger decision? Poor son

  • AmriGooner

    @ mesol. maxwell and will are examples of those supporters who I respect their opinions even when I disagree with them at some points but you dude sorry I can not respect you because you at first place do not respect your self.

  • mesol

    @AmriGooner..I dont need your respect to be a Gunner..I just do what I can do to express my opinion, my feeling with my beloved team..NOT the manager with talking lies

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Yemi the Arshavin deal was because but the russian league had not yet started (i think it starts in Feb).

  • AmriGooner

    @ mesol. I think you still need the respect of yourself.

  • mesol

    @AmriGooner..I’m proud with myself

  • AmriGooner

    @ mesol. good luck with that.

  • Maxton Milner

    I have lost the faith. I now no longer believe that Arsenal can win the league this season. Sunday has sent me into a pit of despair so large that I struggle to think of what possible, rational course of action there is left to take…

    Oh! I know! Let’s sack the manager, the board, sell all of our players and burn the stadium down in protest at the single greatest injustice Western civilization has ever seen!

    Jesus wept! What is this? The annual Geordies’ and Scousers’ whinge at why they deserve to win everything because they’re so special? Frankly, I’m disgusted at commentators such as Christian Alibert (Taxi For Wenger).

    So, Arsène’s unfit to live and should be sent to Siberia by close of business tomorrow? Damn right he should – and while we’re at it, let’s get Rafa Benitez in to sort out this mess we’re in. After all, he knows how to spunk money up the walls, which is clearly the answer to all of our problems. £20m is a bargain for a player of Aquilani’s standard. For that matter, what about ‘arry? Alright, he’s got a murky past when it comes to wheeling and dealing, but at least he knows his way around a bunch of used fivers, no questions asked. Oh, and Roberto Mancini! Who can forget his master-stroke at signing Paddy V to a £150,000/week contract when he’s over the hill and injured? Quality stuff. Wenger’s put to shame by purchases such as Vermaelen and Arshavin; they’re simply awful and not fit to wear the shirt – done nothing all season, the pair of them.

    The League Cup: that Holy Grail of footballing excellence before which we all prostrate ourselves because we are not worthy. You know, it’s never done anything for the club. Not a jot. In fact, one of the worst matches I ever saw was in the League Cup – Arsenal vs. Rotherham. Not one of those players ever did anything with himself after that. Definitely not that scraggly little lispy Spanish tosser whose name I forget… something like ‘Fabregash’ – anyway, it doesn’t matter ‘cause we haven’t heard of him since, the poxy no-hoper.

    And how dare Wenger run the club on a sound financial keel? What does he know? Personally, I’d love to be hundreds of millions in debt with no way of paying it back, just like Utd and the Hoof are. Did you know that Utd may have to sell Old Trafford just to stay afloat? No? Well, it’s a small matter anyway. Let’s just forget small details like that and pray for the day that our saviour, Usmanov the ex-prison bird, comes in to be our sugar-daddy, just like Chelski and City have! God, I truly cannot wait for the day when we are more like Chelsea in every way – including having f**k all future if a certain Russian decides to pull the plug.

    As to the players, this is a criticism to respond to seriously. Wenger has always had one major blind spot: goalkeepers. We all know Manuel is not good enough. Full stop. As for the others, well, who can ignore Song’s progress to being one of the best midfielders around? A year or two ago however, I suspect that many of the current critics were calling for him to be shipped out. Denilson has showed some class at times, but in recent matches has fallen off the pace. Why this is we do not know – but perhaps there is behind-the-scenes stuff going on with him. Let us wait and see. Clichy? Well, we’ve got a great replacement for him, but he’s in with the physio for the rest of the season. This is clearly Wenger’s fault! As to not having bought ‘a world-class striker’, well, we do have one; RVP. Sad thing is that he’s been out for virtually the entire season with torn ligaments – but, of course, that’s Wenger’s fault. But we should have bought a £30m striker in January – they’re easy enough to find as a short-term solution. Did anyone else notice the dearth of major signings? Perhaps the old guy is onto something when he says that there’s not much money around at the moment…

    Ah, the Cup. I love it. As an Englishman, I am attached to it at the hip. If it were up to me, we’d go for it all guns blazing every season. But it’s not up to me: it’s up to one of the most proven managers in the world who has the club’s best interests at heart. Our club’s best interests at heart. He has turned this club from a good English side into a European powerhouse. So he might have slipped up? He’s human then. Lest we forget, we were 1-1 with 15 mins to go. Had that all turned out ok, no-one would have said a thing.

    To all those calling for a taxi for Wenger, shut up, f**k off, and go and support United – after all, they beat us at the weekend, so that means you’ve a better band-wagon to jump onto now.

    In God I trust, and I hope you do too.

  • mesol

    @AmriGooner..You think you have all the respect? and I DONT need your luck!

  • devday

    Guys!!! We’re all on the same team here!!

  • AmriGooner

    We will beat chelsea at their home on Sunday and all doubters will be ashamed that they lost faith in this team

  • goonerman

    AmriGooner i really would love you to be right becuase all these mugs putting the team down are doing my head in! they all come out the closet when we do badly! GO BACK IN IT

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Maxton Miller, quality post and i have been saying similar things on here but some people don’t see the whole picture and want to win every game and every trophy with the best players from around the world. Our time will come when we are out of the stadium debt. Then the majority of our profit will be ours to spend on the team. I for one can’t wait until we are debt free!!

  • AmriGooner

    @ Maxton Miller, simply GREAT POST.
    I’m proud to be a gooner and I’m more proud when I know a real supporter like you supporting Arsenal.
    like you said ” In god we trust “.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    sport.co.uk/news/Football/33505/Arsenal_eye_£100_million_windfall.aspx interesting article about our financial side.

  • Jeffo

    Sack Wenger, Sack all the players (apart from Fabregas) sack the board, then send them round to Mensols house in Salford so he can gun them all down and satisfy the first stage of his master plan to rid the world of football.

    It’s a loss, it’s gutting but we have to move forward and hope for the best, as i’ve said previously if you call for Wenger’s head put you’re c**k on the block and state your nomination for a replacement!

  • Marc Callan

    @ Maxton Milner, Seriously funniest post ever, laughing out loud here in work…Your right, I think we should go back to the goold old days, boring boring Arsenal, miss those days, Wing back, ah shut it, a defender running up the wings, stop, who needs that, hey Sagna, stay back there with your pace and look pretty for me will ya!

    Honestly lads, its a disappointment we lost but that is football, hardly like we will go the season unbeaten…I think United are beatable and with Ferdinand question is elbow he could be out the whole season, it’s what happens when you miss a drugs test, makes you dopey…John Terry is having is own problems, namely keeping it in his pants, a point at stanford bridge and 3 with Liverpool (what a well structured team, they have 11 top quality players there)…

    Gooner til I die

  • AmriGooner

    Hey everybody,
    Imagine, Just imagine
    chelsea lose for hull tonight – I know it’s a very far possibility – but -again- just imagine and then we beat Chelsea next Sunday… That will leave us just 2 points behind them. And even if chelea win tonight ,which seem more reasonable, and we win on sunday… That will be a 5 points gap which I beleive is not that bad again.

    That mean it is in our hands and we can decide our fate. Just if we beat them there that will be much easier gap to manage.
    So, let’s all be with our team forever and at the moment especially.

  • Sam

    @ Maxton Milner – Thank you for a bit of sensibility, with a pinch of salt!

  • AmriGooner

    I just said imagine before
    and i still say it
    Hull just got the first goal

  • AmriGooner

    unfortunately, chelsea equalised trough a foul.
    They don’t deserve it. They were rubbish so far in this game.

  • Jeffo

    @Maxton Milner, an island of sense in a sea of utter nonsense on here today, congratulations, it’s seems very noticable that since you posted the others seem to have seen the error of their way. Right i’m off down the road to laugh at the Charlton boys when they get back from tonights game.

  • Mehedi


    This is football

    this is football

    Chelsae drew>:”?

  • Mehedi

    You never know

    We might win the epl

    you know

    If not we are still arsenal

  • AmriGooner

    Hull 1-1 chls.

    with their performance tonight, we can beat them on weekend easily. I have great feelings about that game.


  • Josiah

    1-1 will do us nicely

  • Al

    Remember the year when we beat man utd twice in the leauge and they went on to win the leauge.

  • goonerman

    please people dont start getting cocky over this result! the way chelsea play against hull will have no effect on how they play against us it doest make us any less underdogs! how about we dont start getting cocky because we will just be put in our place again like man utd done to us!

  • goonerman

    im not sure but people are syaing terry and ivanovic could be suspended for the arsenal game becuase of yellow cards! anyone know more about this ??

  • Sam

    Good result, no, great result.
    But remember Chelsea is a different animal at home.
    We need to improve a lot to get any, or even all, points on Sunday.

  • richiebacardi

    Well I for one haven’t lost the faith. I was upset that we lost and in the way we lost but hey it has made some of our failings obvious. Main thing is I hope that lessons have been learnt.

    Thing is guys, the same people shouting down Almunia and Denilson are more than likely the same people cheering them on when a one saved a penalty and the other scored a wonder goal! It’s amazing how people’s opinions can change so quickly.

    Looking at the game I cannot blame individuals for the goals and loss rather the team, for one I know if Clichy had joined the others chasing back after Park and park then managed to square the ball across the goal for Rooney to score then he’d get the blame for that too I guess?? However If park squared the ball and Clichy got it, it would be described as “great anticipation” by Mr Hansen(someone of whom I will not discuss my opinion of…cuz it aint nice)!!

    On another note I hope the team took SAF’s interview as a team talk and go and “Batter” Chelsea. maybe that’s what is needed. Not just “Go out there and play nice football”, but a bit of agression in the talk…

    So let’s “Batter” Chelsea!! And to those who will be at the Bridge…make some bloody noise for me and those who cant be there!!

    …a little upset but….GOONER TILL I DIE!

  • http://arsenalandtherandomthoughtsofmylife.blogspot.com/ Debs

    We lost- it isn’t the end of the world, not even the end of out title hopes.
    We beat Chelsea on Sunday and we’re right back in it. Still a long way to go, so need to for panic stations just yet! :)

  • Mehedi

    You know guys why we lost against man.u.

    Because wenger didn’t use any tactics

    He is so into playing passi passi pretty

    I think he only concentrates into playing football

    I just watched the game again ,./

    We could have scored a lot

    Arshavin was so selfish

    I don’t know why

    After the first goal the fans along with the team all went wrong

    The problem with us is that we don’t pay anybody any respect

    We just want to play pretty football

    Man u came with a tactics and won

    We should win , what was that word oh yeah “ugly” if we want to win anything

  • ny

    Have u noticed Chelsea has rested Joe and Ashely Coles for our game.Expecting a tough game.I would like to see Sol as CB and Vermaelen on LB.Only Sol have the physique to tame Drogba.

  • Yemi

    They played against burnley and almost drew too so there is nothing extra ordinary about chelsea. I just hope we have the solution to drogba and lampard. and no costly free kicks in the area (denilson be warned)

  • vitus

    i agree this was the match SAF won over AW
    I insist we need the proper game plan for Chlensea game, Arsene must prove he is still in for football not only for the management
    Still trust in AW
    Cmon gunners, make it Sunnyday for goonerz

  • walter

    Do you suppose the Chelski fans will be calling for Ancelottis head after failing to beat Hull and a not very good performance at that, cant believe that with our crap team we could be only 3 points behind them by sunday night. Just shows though how much better you can be if you spend the odd 200 nillion

  • loverkln

    Since being beat by Manchester United I have seen criticism leveled at Arsene Wenger like never before. It’s almost another level.

    It got even worse when he didn’t add to the squad on transfer dead-line day. A move that has led many Gooners to despair.

    So much so I’ve even seen an Arsenal blog begin a petition to sack him.

    Speaking of criticism, Wenger has thrown his own share on the Arsenal side torn a new arse-hole by United.

    It’s something that the Arsenal gaffer hardly ever does. He usually defends the indefensible. Well, he could hardly defend that performance could he?

    The last time he did it was after yet another humiliating home hammering. This time it was at the hands of Chelsea.

    You have to give Arsenal credit after that. The harsh words spoke by Le Boss seemed to do the trick. We went unbeaten in the league until the United game.

    It seems he has tried the tactic again and will hope for the same response. Who knows? It may well work.

    Obviously some (myself included) would have hoped that the defeat would have pushed Arsene into entering the transfer market. It didn’t. As myself and many gutted Gooners know.

    Nobody but Wenger knows the reasons he hasn’t signed anyone when it appeared obvious we needed to add to the squad.

    But I’ve come to a conclusion……

    I believe that Wenger has *almost* (and I can’t stress the word almost enough) had enough of this Arsenal squad. Hard to believe I know.

    He has put so much belief into them that I reckon after the Manchester United game he is at the end of his tether.

    Could it be that some of the Arsenal squad is now on trial for the rest of the season? Is this the reason Wenger hasn’t dipped into his treasure chest again?

    Perhaps Arsene has told the squad that their Arsenal future is up for grabs and that they are playing for their Arsenal careers.

    Maybe he has told them that this is their last chance and they have to prove that he doesn’t need to rebuild from scratch.

    After the United game there is no doubt that Wenger will feel let down by a side he has shown so much faith in. He has even been ridiculed for believing in them so much.

    Many of this Arsenal squad could be in the last chance saloon. Some Gooners will say Arsene could be too.

    There is no doubt he has taken a massive gamble by keeping faith in this side. Let’s hope for Arsenal’s sake he will strike lucky.

  • walter

    There is something strange going on in football land. We had a transfer market in which nothing much happened.

    All the big teams have kept their pockets closed. Chelsea didn’t buy anyone, MU bought Smalling from Fulham but he will stay at Fulham till the end of the season.

    We got Sol Campbell back and two young South Americans for the future.

    Even Manchester City was remarkably reluctant to spend any more money. Also in the rest of Europe the big clubs didn’t do much business. Real Madrid didn’t go mad this time apart from buying Canales who also stays with his club till the end of the season. Barcelona did nothing and also in Italy there was not that much movement of big names.

    In fact the big names that did move all went on loan to another club. Robinho went to Brazil to secure his seat on the plane to South Africa. Closer to home Robby Keane left Tottenham for the 10th time in 3 years out on loan to Celtic this time.

    Redknapp and Portsmouth swapped some players like they always do in the transfer period so nothing really that was unexpected. Apart maybe from the fact that Portsmouth looks to have found a few pounds somewhere where they hadn’t looked before.

    So after a few transfer periods where the market has gone mad thanks to Real Madrid, Manchester City and Manchester United this time it looks like we have entered a new period in the history of football.

    The day when the teams that are looking at the war chest and see….. the bottom.

    Is it a coincidence or could it be that clubs are beginning to recognize that the time of losing money and waiting for the owner to put new money in the club is ending? Could it be that the clubs are realizing that if they lose money they not only could face bankruptcy but also risk of being expelled from the Champions League ?

    Could it finally have come in to the mind of various owners of clubs that one day the madness had to stop and that now looks a good time to tell managers of clubs and players: first you sell and with that money you can buy. And as there were no buyers and no one sold, no team really had the money to buy.

    We didn’t buy anyone much to the annoyance of some so called fans who are calling for the head of Wenger. They come on to blogs or write it themselves and throw names around as if it was confetti in Rio when it is carnival time.

    “Wenger should have bought,” and then enter what ever name you wish. The favourite sentence is : Wenger is stubborn as he should have bought Dzeko, Cignac, Chamack, Smalling, Moses and Jezus Christ and as he didn’t do it he should be sacked.

    And yes doing a transfer is easy you know, they just bought all those players on their computer in 5 minutes and you know they are winning the league. Do you really need any more prove that Wenger has lost it ?

    I really don’t know if this is just to make you laugh or to make you feel sad. How on earth can they think live it self is as simple as on their computer ? Some may say that the current computer game generation will be a lost generation and I really wonder how many of those young man will ever get in to real life ?

    Doing a transfer is not arranged by clicking with your mouse to raise the bid or to lower the bid as you want. No, doing transfers is a very difficult thing to do if you want to do it in a responsible way. If you want to do the things like MU, MC and Real do and you want to pay +30M for Berbatov well then it is just the case of going to the bank, ask a loan and you have the player. Is he worth it ? Who cares ?

    Well we have a manager who cares. Like he said when you make a transfer you have to see:

    1. Is the player better than what you have ?
    2. Is the player available ?
    3. Will his club let him go for a reasonable price ?
    4. Does the player want to come?
    5. What does the player want to earn and is this in line with the rest of the team?

    These are only a few questions you have to answer before you make any deal and it takes in this case 5 times Yes as the answer or there is no deal.

    The first question could be the easiest one: yes I am sure there are players out there that could be better than ours. There are Kaka, Ronaldo who are world class players. No problem in admitting that.

    The second question is a problem as most players have long contracts nowadays. So this time, not easy.

    The third is very important. Let us take Villa as an example. If Wenger wants to give 20M for him but Valencia only want to speak starting from 40M then you cannot call this reasonable anymore and there is no deal.

    The fourth question is also not easy. If he player is unhappy with his team he will want to leave but a player that is playing every game in his team will not want to leave that readily unless he is a fan of our team or he can earn a lot more.

    And here we come to the next question and this also is a very tricky one to answer. Arsenal have a policy of not over spending on the players wages but we still have one of the highest wage bills in total of the EPL. So players are getting a good wage in our club but we don’t want to overpay or to overkill. If one player gets 60K than the next wants to equal that ore get even more and before you know it you pay 105K a week for a player like Robby Keane. I read this in the press yesterday but I don’t know if it is true but one has to be mad to pay that much money for him I would say.

    The conclusion is that there is no easy transfer dealing these days. Yes I would have liked a new signing at reasonable cost but now it isn’t the case so we just stick to our Guns and support the team and the players. The players coming back from injury should feel like new signings in a few weeks time. Even Robin Van Persie could have a few games if all goes well and this really would be a new signing to me.

  • derek

    Arsene does make me chuckle !! Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has hinted he is ready to move for Lyon goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. Lloris is the 22-year-old keeper who starred in the Champions League midweek frustration of Liverpool. “A fantastic keeper who will be a fantastic keeper in the future,” said Wenger. When asked if he though Lloris was France¿s best keeper for some time, Wenger gave an emphatic “Yes”. And when asked if he could one day be an Arsenal keeper, Wenger paused, before saying: “I don¿t know. At the moment we don¿t need a keeper.” REALLY !!!!! DONT NEED A NEW KEEPER !!!

  • Richard Buxce

    what can a tree you guys smoking i just wana know, there is no way in hell that arsenal is going to win Stamford Bridge with danilson and alumina i will say draw will be win 4 arsenal, AW all ready know we will not challenging trophy this year last just wait summer and see what happen.

  • ny

    We dont need to buy now.We have to bring up youngsters and thus save our money.Once ManU , Chelsea,Liverpool and Man City become bankrupt , we will be the only one power and win all the titles available.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Chelsea where ever you may be,
    Dont trust your wives with John Terry,
    His dad sells crack and his mum drinks tea and he crys when he misses a penalty!

  • dampatti

    Thing that upsets me most about Arsenal is the amount of total & utter tossers that claim to be Gooners.
    We have done brilliant this season even if the best we do is just retain our top4 status.
    Had Rooney been injured in November & out for the rest of the season & Berbatov injured at the same time & only coming back now do these idiots honestly think ManU would be where they are in the table now – would they fuck!
    Had Drogba been injured in Nov & out for the rest of the season & Anelka injured at the same time & only coming back now would Chelsea be where they are – no fuckn chance!
    Admittadly, ManU have done very well considering their 2 best CB’s have been out injured for a while but losing CB’s is not like losing your 2 best goalscorers.
    Our problems have been confounded by the fact our 3rd striker had a horrific injury & has struggled to recover his best form.
    To be where we are is an exceptional achievment.
    I just wish the Wenger haters would fuck off & support Manure/Chelski/Shiteh.

  • richiebacardi

    Agreed with you there dampatti.

    At the start of the season no one thought we’d be where we were. Admittedly AW said we’d win trophies this season, but which manager wouldn’t make that statement??? What else should he have daid then??

    Here follows subliminal message..

    1)Batter Chelsea
    2)Sing at the bridge till your throats sore
    3)Goto 1

  • richiebacardi


  • ramnik

    Time to be positive, Chelsea dropped points last night against a struggling team we won against the odds at the bridge last season and Chelsea’s energy levels have been dropping. If we win this weekend then we are only 3 points behind them and at worst 4 points behind United. After Liverpool we have a run of games streching until April that we should be able to win if we play the way we had been previous to the United game. The fact that we are out of the domestic cups means that the fixtures wont be coming as thick and fast. The dream is alive, now we just gotta do the impossible and record back to back wins at the bridge.

  • Pete

    dampatti – couldn’t have said it better myself mate!

  • Mehedi

    @dampatti you should come here pretty often

    A lot of “claim to be gunners”, you will find here

    And awesome post couldn’t agree more

  • Mehedi

    You should talk, what was that fuckkers name,

    Oh yeah “Mesol”

    Tell you what, it’s a lot of fun talking to that guy.

  • Jeffo

    @Mahedi – Mesol won’t be on here tonight as his other favourite north london team are playing. They have spunked loads of cash over the years on crap players and are still in the cup ergo Mesols idea of a succesful team.

  • AmriGooner

    It’s great today. Finally I see reasonable talk full of sense here.
    Great post by Walter.
    Agree totally with you dampatti.
    I wish Idon’t see that “mesol” here anymore.

  • mesol

    To be Wenger haters, doesnt meant he is no a Gunners, so F*ck off to all Wenger A*S Kisser such as Mehedi, Jeffo, AmriGooner and dampatti

  • Mehedi


    welcome back Mesol, we missed you

  • mesol

    hahaha…me too

  • http://arsenalandtherandomthoughtsofmylife.blogspot.com/ Debs

    On a much different note, I was just wondering about football songs- proper ones. I know Man U have ‘Take Me Home, United Road’, and I guess Liverpool have ‘You’ll never walk alone’. Is there any iconic Arsenal song? I honestly can’t think of any, and if there actually is one, I doubt I’ve ever heard it. Anyone know about this? Thanks!

  • Mehedi

    i know a song here goes
    ” oh Le professor, don’t be so stubborn ”


  • http://arsenalandtherandomthoughtsofmylife.blogspot.com/ Debs

    Cheeky, Mehedi! :p

    I’m being serious about the song, though…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Don’t we play “the wonder of you” at every home game?

  • ramnik

    I think it’s fair to say that the fans’ confidence in Arsenal and Arsene Wenger is at the lowest point it has been this season.

    Sunday’s 3-1 defeat to Manchester United left our boys five points of the top of the table with league leaders and our opponents for this weekend Chelsea expected to extend that to eight points after their trip to Hull City.

    Surprisingly, they fluffed their lines.

    A lacklustre performance by the champions-elect saw Hull grab a deserved 1-1 draw at the KC Stadium, subsequently restricting the gap between us and Chelsea to six points. An Arsenal win on Sunday at Stamford Bridge – hardly an impossibility when you look at the host’s performance in the last two games, the result in last season’s corresponding fixture and the obvious impact the John Terry situation is having on the team – would cut that margin to three.

    And it gets better.

    A detailed look at the fixture list of the three title contenders reveals what has already been suggested – Arsenal’s is easier than both Chelsea and Manchester United. But the intriguing thing is just how much easier it is.

    Our well-documented problem this season has been an inability to win in big games. But after Chelsea this weekend and Liverpool at The Emirates on Wednesday just two of the remaining 12 fixtures could be anywhere near considered a big game. They are an away trip to Spurs, a team we haven’t lost in the league to in over a decade and a home game against Manchester City.

    In contrast Chelsea face two teams that have already beaten them this season in Aston Villa and Manchester City at home and away trips to Everton, Spurs, Liverpool and crucially, Manchester United. Meanwhile United still have to play Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City away as well as three big games at Old Trafford against Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs.

    On paper it is a huge contrast. It’s unfathomable to think that points won’t be dropped.

    While we clearly we have our problems – Manuel Almunia, Denilson and to a lesser extent Gael Clichy are not performing well at the moment, Wenger’s tactics have been a bit off lately and our defence needs a bit of a kick up the backside – there’s also lot to be positive about.

    Nicklas Bendtner’s long-awaited return to the starting line-up against Chelsea on Sunday will finally see us field a recognised striker and a player that I feel will have a big impact on our season. Abou Diaby will also be back, Eduardo as well and with Thomas Vermaelen avoiding a leg-break at Villa we certainly have the players available to put a good run of results together, just as we did after the 3-0 loss to Chelsea.

    Meanwhile word is that Robin van Persie’s return will not be anywhere near as far away as initially confirmed with the Dutchman expected to begin full training again in month’s time. His presence may be vital in the closing stages of the season.

    So for all the doom and gloom there is also a massive amount of hope.

  • dampatti

    if we come away from the Chelsea and Liverpool games within five or six points of the top of the table then we remain a good chance to win the league and I absolutely stick by that. Our fixture list is favourable, our strikers are on the comeback and the current problems within the team can certainly be addressed by the players Wenger has at his disposal.

  • dampatti

    isn’t it strange how many of the doom-and-gloomers have come wriggling out of the woodwork after the defeat against untied? strange the same guys were fairly quiet and far less vociferous when we were doing well. worms, the lot of em, worms. can’t wait for us to be defeated just so they can come out with the whole oh woe is me charade again. there are a lot of people on here, i won’t mention names, but i’m sure they know who they are and so do the others, who i honestly believe are not above 15 years old, and who claim to be a lot older to gain some level of credibility, yet their posting style and vocabulary let the cat out of the bag. At the end of the day, there are at least 17 other teams in the prem who would kill to be where we are, and at least twice that number around europe who would kill to have the manager that so many of you berate. Count your blessings, and not those of others. (in other words, for the younger members, grow up and grow a pair you moaning fools.)

  • ravi

    Let me give u advice,the wengerites are not interested in saying statistics,theyre so obsessed with wenger,that even though he consistently says,and the board that there is money,it goes in one ear and out the other,cesc fabregas has been great for us,very mature for his young age,but wenger has been known in the past for letting players go as he puts it ‘i dont want to hold them back’ i.e. upson,fabregas is catulnyan,developed in barcas canta,not by wenger,he supports barcelona,and he is almost a one man team, so let him go if ur for real wenger this summer,i dont want him gone,but this is to test wengers realism,Alex ferguson is a better manager than wenger,anyone disagree give me ur points then,heres mine,u say ‘oh wenger never had fergusons money’ but pires and overmars were equal to giggs,ljunberg was equal to beckham,they had keane and scholes,we had vieira,petit and gilberto,bergkamp,henry,kanu and anelka are better than van nistelrooy,yorke,cole and sheringham,they had jaap stam and rio ferdinand, we had the famous back 4 plus sol campbell and toure,they had schemiecehel and a bunch of pretenders i.e. bosnich,we had seamann,so i ask u what was our excuse for allowing utd to win the title 3 years in a row 99,2000,2001,utd one a cl and fa cup in that time while mr wenger couldnt win the eufa cup and lost the fa cup to micheal owen in the last 5 mins,every year we used to crash out of the cl,while utd were challenging,ferguson in wengers time has retained the league 3 years running twice,wenger wins it in 98,then 4 years later in 02,then loses it in the last 5 games in 03,to who? yep fergie,wins it in 04,loses it to newcomer mourinho,and doest win it for 6 seasons,wow wenger really is the best manager in the premier leagues history!ferguson won a eufa cup against real with aberdeen too,FACT!

  • ravi

    anybody seen this:

    Jay-Z offers Arsenal FC a New York party

    Monday, January 25 2010, 13:47 GMT

    By Alex Fletcher, Reality TV Editor
    Jay-Z offers Arsenal FC a New York party

    Rex Features

    Jay-Z has offered to arrange a party in New York for Arsenal FC if they win the Premier League title.

    The US rapper and his wife Beyoncé were offered VIP tickets at the North London club’s Emirates stadium for a game of their choice, when the club discovered that the ‘99 Problems’ star was a fan.

    “I’d like to thank the club for their kind offer,” he told The Sun. “I’m glad Arsenal now know it’s them I support.”

    Speaking about meeting the players, he said: “I want them to party in New York, my city. I will look after them and make sure that they have some amazing nights out.

    “The next time I’m playing in England I would like the Arsenal players to come and watch my gig and then come backstage afterwards. I know how hard professional sportsmen work so I want to offer an incentive for the guys.”

    bet Ade is now pissed haha

  • mesol

    @dampatti..not all member here with bad vocabulary or grammar is less 15 yrs old, Arsenal is for global..fans in any corner of the world is here…so maybe they are not fluent with english…or is’t this blog is just for londoner or someone who fluent in english?

  • Mehedi

    I agree with you mesol.

    As I told you, I am not from England.

  • manoo

    @ dampati↲Im only 17, but i aint a doom n gloomer. I agree wiv u on nerly everyfing u say n my previous posts wil show dat. Tbh, i fink da prob is unrealistic tosers hu havnt even been 2 london, let alone da emirates

  • manoo

    Also-Mesol please Fuck off

  • Mehedi

    @manoo: “Tbh, i fink da prob is unrealistic tosers hu havnt even been 2 london, let alone da emirates”

    Fuck you , Fuck you manoo

    I can guarantee you that i am a 1000th times greater arsenal fan than you are,

    And i am not from England

    and also never been to Emirates

  • manoo


  • manoo

    doubt it VERY MUCH!!!!


  • Mehedi

    I don’t agree with the people who doesn’t support Wenger or lost their faith in Wenger.

    But I can’t stand people who thinks we are not good arsenal fan,

    Because we are from outside of England.

    Tell you what, In my country there is no channel that shows epl or cl.

    Even though i haven’t missed a single arsenal game.

    And don’t ever forget the guy who committed suicide for Arsenal.

    So, fuck off all the British motherfackerzzz

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am pissed

  • Mehedi

    Go to goal.com
    And you will find out all the passionate arsenal supporters from around the world

  • Yemi

    @ mehedi: Did anyone say we that are from outside london are not good arsenal fans ? is this site for londoners ? several of us are from outside london. I for one am from africa, bayo is from africa, kuka is from africa and many more !!!!

  • manoo

    lol, tbh, u do seem like a decent fan. and i do agree with some of your posts, but some of your posts are complete bullshit, either way, i will still read ur coments- unlike mesols- u hav 2 agree that he is a moron.

    wots pissin me off are the ppl telin wenger to fuk off, or telin him how 2 do his job. In that context, your opinion is irrelevant as it wont change anything- if you support arsenal- so it properly- win, loose, or draw.

    If our team plays at 80% of their capabilities on Sunday, we willwin.I just hope Clichy, Denilson, n almunia put in a half decent performance, which they aint done recently.

  • Mehedi


    just read some post above me.

    You will find out yourself

    And thank you for letting me know

  • Mehedi

    We just have to make sure that we don’t concede early on.

    And make sure we get a decent possession of the ball

    We will be fine

    Chelsea is a pervert team,

    They are wounded now

  • Mehedi

    we are six point behind.

    Chelsea have Everton than F.A than CL

    We are out of the F.A

    porto in CL

    even a draw at bridge would do for me.

  • mesol

    @manoo…stupid indian curry boy

  • Mehedi


    I thought he is from Londonnnnnnn