Aston Villa 0 – 0 Arsenal… Result is okay, but Vermaelen injury is the big blow…

The fear we’ve all had has now become a reality. This season we’ve had a selection of defenders available to us, but with Djourou’s long term injury and Senderos’ departure, we’ve been left very thin on the ground. So thin, that we’ve had to bring in Sol Campbell back from semi-retirement but now more than ever, it’s apparent that we have a major defensive crisis. News broke today that Thomas Vermaelen has broken his leg and is out for the season.

Which leaves us with only three centre backs: William Gallas (32), Mikael Silvestre (32) and Sol Campbell (35). It’s a major problem for us and I feel that without Thomas Vermaelen at the back, we don’t have the strength in depth in that area to push Chelsea and United to the wire and push for the title.

I implore Arsene to delve into the transfer market whilst we still have a few more days and bring someone in. If Silvestre / Campbell partner Gallas until the end of the season, it will only result in one thing, the massive conceding of goals galore. We need to so something about it. It’s a fear that we’ve all had, all season and something that we knew we had a serious lack of cover in.

Campbell has been all about the fighting talk and good, as it’s the only thing we want to hear right now.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t ready to play on Sunday. We are capable of winning every game and winning the title so that is what we are focused on. I have been training for a long time so if it comes to it, I will have to be ready,” said Campbell. “It’s a massive game and a great game to be involved in. United and Chelsea will drop points – it will come down to who gets an unbeaten run going. We have got to grind results out now. We have got to get a good result against United.

The game itself was a decent game of football – we played well, and hit the woodwork twice – unfortunately for us, we couldn’t get the goal that we needed to get the points – down the other end, a few chances for Villa as well made it probably a fair result.

In terms of player, we saw the return of Bendtner and Nasri and the former didn’t do that well at all – please give the boy some time – he is no Pele or Thierry – and he’s been out injured like forever – so it’s unfortunate that he’s been thrown in at the deep end and had to play (due to Eduardo’s injury, poor guy gets injured so often) – so he hasn’t had the necessary game time to be at his best. It will come.

And thinking of Eduardo – the time in between injuries is starting to reduce now, which is excellent news and hopefully by next season, he’ll be back to full fitness – again, we can’t expect anything more from him right now.

Arsene has spoken about the injuries, but people in the know are talking about
Vermaelen being out for the rest of the season…

“Thomas Vermaelen we don’t know. There will be an x-ray. He is on crutches and it is a fibula injury. We have to check tomorrow morning if it is just a nerve or a broken bone. Eduardo has a hamstring strain, a small one. But, for Sunday [Manchester United at home], he will be out.”

Taking Gallas, Silvestre and Campbell into the remaining fixtures in the league as well as the Champions League is worrying, just imagine if Gallas gets injured? We’ll be doomed.

Arsene summed up the game saying:

“I believe we dropped two points because we had clear chances but on the other hand it was a difficult game. They stopped us from playing when we had the ball and they played a long-ball game and closed us down, so it was difficult. We didn’t always find our passing game. We know when we come here what we get and we were not disappointed. [The result] keeps our unbeaten run going. If you put all the games together I believe it maintains the positive vibes. Overall, you have to win any game at the moment. Compared to Chelsea who won today, we dropped two points.”

His comments did upset Martin O’Neill as Arsene commented on the long game, but he did go onto say lots of positive things about Villa, which O’Neill seemed to have forgotten. I hope they go on to do well – they still have to play all our rivals!

For those of you interested in one of our most word-class player’s comments, check this quote out from Andrei Arshavin on

In that game well-rested Cesc broke into the game and decided its outcome…. I recall that game: in the first half we played without the ball, so very little came out. Although, at the very end of the first half of the game, we had an opportunity but we didn’t manage to handle the ball right. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to score in the first half after that moment. I think that in the second half we got used to the rival, to the game, to the pitch. At times, we conducted decent combinations, but were unable to complete them with the accurate strikes. Perhaps, we were in a hurry, or just made wrong decisions in the final stages of the attacks. Actually, we needed only one goal for the victory.

And in relation to the team’s distance from Chelsea growing to 2 points (with Chelsea having a game in hand), he said “let’s wait until Feb 10″…

Okay, this article has been a bit of a deflated one after the draw and the injury to Vermaelen, but let’s hope for the following:

  • Vermaelen injury is revealed to be short term and all sources are incorrect
  • Eduardo’s injury is also short term
  • Bendtner has more training and gets better
  • We beat United on Sunday
  • We beat Chelsea the following week
  • We see off Liverpool at home and are then restored to the top of the league (wohoo!)

Let’s see what we’re really made of! The next three games can really make or break our season!

  • devday

    David Wheater from Middlesborough linked with move to Arsenal – any good? What do we think? Hmmm, could be a decent acquisition.

  • Fo

    Gallas must stay fit – it’s imperative. If he stays fit and Campbell comes in next to him, we could survive.

    Song does an awesome job in front of them and it gives the rest of the team license to go forward.

    We’ll see what happens in the next couple of days, but tje quicker the better Tommy V comes back in, the better for us – obviously!

  • tm17

    would it be too much if I asked who your people in the know are or your sources???????
    Just checking because it isn t on any website!!!!

  • tm17

    Also what about Kaboul
    Tall french central defender and poverful
    wouldn t he be a good buy

  • Gooner Get Ya

    We haven’t made the most of the latest opportunity and we have another injury (suprise, suprise)

  • devday

    TM17, people in the know are the friends we’ve got who are close to the club. Between myself and a few other people close to me, rumours do fizzle down.

    Let’s hope it’s not serious!

  • devday

    PS, Kaboul is quite a lazy and awkward player – I’d prefer Campbell.

  • Pete

    Verminater hasn’t broken his leg (thank God!!!!), according to, but could still miss Sundays game.

  • Pete

  • jeffvip

    thats good news

  • tm17

    Suddenly the world of arsenal looks much better

  • arseneKnows

    That is very very good news!
    The fact the he’s not totally ruled out, although unlikey, for the ManU match is such a turn around given that all Arsenal fans were feeling pretty gloomy this morn!!

    Chins up fellow fans – keep the faith!

  • Nick

    When you think of the impact Thomas has had this year in terms of goals and effort he can’t be praised enough for what a great player he is. I’m so happy (for him especially)to hear that it’s not a broken leg.

    Regardless of his fitness I think the scare itself demonstrates how badly we need to acquire another center back. We let Senderos go so we have room and lets fill it. Again, should’ve signed Smalling.

    We need a goal scorer. We need to go to AC Milan and get Huntelaar ASAP!

  • devday

    Thomas Vermaelen has NOT fractured his leg but he still may miss Arsenal’s Premier League clash with Manchester United on Sunday.

    The Belgian limped off in the first half of the draw at Aston Villa on Wednesday night and afterwards manager Arsène Wenger feared the centre back might have broken a bone.

  • devday

    Scans on Thursday afternoon showed there was no break but the leg injury could still sideline Vermaelen in the short term.

    On the upside, Wenger has added Emmanuel Eboue and Alex Song to his squad after they returned from the Africa Cup of Nations. Meanwhile Eduardo’s hamstring injury is “small, small, small”. The striker, who also limped off at Villa Park, is out for Sunday but could be back next weekend for the trip to Chelsea. Abou Diaby is also in line to return at Stamford Bridge.

    “There is no fracture in Thomas’ leg but his injury still has to be assessed,” said Wenger. “There is still a good chance he will not play on Sunday.

    “Eduardo has a small, small, small hamstring. He will be out for one week. He will not make Man United but he might make Chelsea.

    “However Emmanuel Eboue and Alex Song have been in this morning. Eboue has been running outside. They are both in good shape. Tired but in good shape. Both of them are available for Sunday.

    “Unfortunately Abou will not be back this weekend but he could be for Chelsea.”

  • devday

    @TW17, Thank God!

  • devday

    1. Vermaelen injury is revealed to be short term and all sources are incorrect – HAS COME TRUE
    2. Eduardo’s injury is also short term – HAS COME TRUE

    Let’s wait and see on the rest!!

    3. Bendtner has more training and gets better
    4. We beat United on Sunday
    5. We beat Chelsea the following week
    6. We see off Liverpool at home and are then restored to the top of the league (wohoo!)

  • goonerman

    What a difference a day makes lol! Yesterday we fear that we lost our rock at the back and eduardo limped off! TODAY he will be out for a few days song and eboue are back with diaby in line to be back for the chelsea clash! WOW

    Ramsey and Denilson have looked a little bit off the ball latley ramsey got caught in possesion alot and denilson just didnt do much ! for the man united game if they are both in good shape we could have a midfield of fabregas eboue and song! eboue is strong and makes surging runs forward! Bendtner should add another dimension to us even if he isnt at the peak of his form so lets hope the lads put in a better display against the dirty mancs! PLUS THAT IDIOT RIO IS SUSPENDED GREAT !!!

  • tm17

    Sorry is TW17 meant to be TM17 or I am missing something ??????????

  • devday

    @TM17, it’s been a busy day! I have been referring to Thomas Vermaelen as TV5 so I’m getting all confused!!

  • devday

    @Goonerman, interesting – I think Song will definitely come in, but I think Arsene will stick with Denilson too. Any idea how Eboue has been doing in the ACN?

  • goonerman

    @devday, i suppoe your right with denilson carrying on i know he hasnt been his best but denilson is a far better player than most of us give him credit for he is not a specialist at attacking or defending he just does the job needed in midfield! last season he was controlling the midfield while cesc fabregas and we didnt get beaten in that time so the lad done an ok job! ONE player who our team seem to hate coming up against in the man united team even more than rooney is FLETCHER, that man is like a dog he runs at everyone from the midfield 3 to the forward 3 if he wants to get rough then our midfield 3 need to show him some of him some STEEL! how he didnt get sent off at old trafford early in the season is beyond me, the lads must be so up for this match and i pray we get a repeat result of last seasons fixture WHAT A GAME THAT WAS

  • ny

    Song may not start.So it will be better to start with Cesc,Eboue and Denilson.Surely Song will replace denilson later on when Wenger gets annoyed with him.

  • goonerman

    weneger said song was in good condition just a bit tired and im sure he can find some energy by sunday, surely wenger will do everything possible to play him form the start becuase his strength is so important to us.

    so weneger said today that another signing is really unlikely now and to be honest its not the end of the world even though we may have been getting excited and frustrated over rumours for a whole month for no reason! lol i just think wenger likes playing with our minds haha!

    also hes been saying bendtner is looking really doubtfull to be able to start on sunday which is not good news because his height is a good addition on its own, all that said wenger likes to chat a bit of rubbish to make fergie think about his team plans so hopefully bendtner WILL BE OK TO START!!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    no transfers = no title. I like that AW says that he is not buying a striker because a) we have scored the most goals in the EPL and b) couldn’t find anyone better than we already have. So AW has not counted the fact that RVP helped us score all those goals until he got injured and he seriously couldn’t find anyone better than Bentdner in the whole footballing world…yer right!!! The guy really annoys me in the transfer window with all the BS he comes out with.

    Having said that he is fantastic in all other aspects of the job so I don’t want him to go…I just wish he would invest in the team a bit more.

    I can’t see us winning the title without an in form striker but I hope Eduardo, B52 and co prove me wrong and start bagging a few goals.

  • mesol

    we need a striker…dont just let fabregas to do a scoring..we need pure striker

  • mesol

    yes, no trasfer = no title = star player will be out next season = fabregas, arshavin etc. AW will buy a secondary school football player, he said its good for future. today title is not important. BRILIANT THINKING WENGER!

  • mesol

    actually I think hes afraid to buy a striker because he afraid to lose, if he buying a new player, then he lose title, he has no explanation. If he not buying, he will said his squad is still young, next season will be champs. another BRILLIANT THINKING WENGER!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Mesol – I don’t think that is why he doesn’t buy. I think he has that much faith in the players he doesn’t want to buy anyone because he might put out the message to the players that he thinks they aren’t good enough. Obviously these are just my thoughts on the matter.

  • Nick

    THere’s a big difference in faith in the squad you’ve assembled and lunacy. I honestly don’t understand the logic. Just sign someone on loan for 6 months. It’s a major gamble just as it was to let Senderos go and no immediately jump on Smalling and pay whatever it took. What if Bendtner gets injured again in his next 1-2 games, then what? THe transfer window is to fill in team needs and we NEED a striker. If for nothing other than sheer numbers/odds in case someone else goes down for the long haul. How many minor injuries and broken legs is it gonna take to convince him? As has been mentioned, no striker = no title= Cesc &/or Arshavin leaving in the summer.

  • Debs

    Haha Nick. Are you saying Wenger’s lost it? To be honest, it’s easy for us to say ‘just sign someone for 6 months on loan’, like it was that easy. If it was, we’d have done it. So who would you suggest we sign, then, and what’s your guarantee that such a deal would actually be possible? What’s that saying again? Oh, I remember- it’s easier said than done!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Arsenal have failed in their bid to land France striker Loic Remy as his club Nice hold out for a £13million fee for the promising 23-year-old.

    AW tried to get him on loan but they told him to stump up the cash.

    Do we think he’ll pay 13m…that’ll be a no then.

    Is Remy any good? I have not seen him play so I have no idea.

  • goonerman

    @Debs, nice to see someone talking sense! what team in their right mind are going to let a half good player go out on a 6 month loan when all they will gain is less wages to play but to money in for another player! you just dont go gettin CLASS players on loans! i cant see Remy coming to us in january, to be fair wenger has not ruled out another signing but the chances have to be pretty slim! i CANT handle loosing to united twice in the same season SURELY the lads want some REVENGE !!

  • Debs

    Cheers, goonerman! I’ve heard as well, that we’ve had a offer to take Loic Remy on loan rejected. See, we are trying, Nick! :)

  • Nick

    I don’t think Wengers lost it. Just saying it’s a risky game of chess he’s playing. He chose to field a less veteran side on the FA Cup and they lost so we could concentrate on the league. Then we almost lost TV5. I’m just saying it’s a gamble, that’s all. If you really want to go for the title you strengthen the squad in areas that need it. With all the names we’ve been hearing leading up to the window I guess it’s just a little disconcerting that nothing has materialized. Still would’ve loved to see Klaas as a Gunner and not wasted at Milan.

    Just read we loaned out Wilshire to Bolton for the rest of the season.

  • yemi

    we need 3 players. a CF, a CB and a DM.

  • mesol

    Wilshere to Bolton, another BRILLIANT Move from Wenger..

  • mesol

    Who else you want to loan out Wenger, vela, will make money from it..title is not important…future is important

  • mesol

    I’m feel very fed up with Wenger transfer policy..he cannot expect someone (young player) will be like hendry..dont you all thinks that all his decision,transfer policy is to make him a good manager, not for clubs. he will get good name..

  • Kuka

    ….so what do you plan to do Mesol? You seem fed-up as you say? What is your next plan? Because me and many others are sticking by Arsene and the Arsenal.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Arsenal have made a fresh offer for Chamakh to tie up a pre-contract.

  • yemi

    we need a CF now! not in the summer!

  • mesol

    @kuka..what plan what? ur are supporters of arsenal or wenger? if u like wenger I think u are not pure arsenal fan..if wenger go to city, do u follow him to?..”With Arsene We Trust”..what a stupid words..He just a manager for Arsenal..he can be out from arsenal anytime

  • Josiah

    Maybe we will get Chamakh, i agree we need another striker because of injurys, but im not going to fall out with wenger over his decisions. Indeed In Arsene We Trust

  • Jeffo

    Dear Mesol, how do you get through the day, you seem so unhappy, now you’re making me miserable, i think you should sit Arsene down and tell him that he’s tipping you over the edge. i feel for you i really do. Cheer the f**k up, third in the league and players coming back try a bit of positivity.

  • Berth

    Oneal hitting back at Wenger yet again, claiming his cast a spell on Arsenal followers. I dont quiet understand oneal that much or could he be right? Like the clear obvious needs of the team *cf* which under Wengers spell we seem to ignore

  • Kuka

    @Mesol: – I am an Arsenal fan and I have been raised up to support the team, which includes the management, the board, the players and the fans. The only surprising and probably upseting thing about you is that YOU ONLY SEEM TO APPEAR WHEN ARSENAL DROPS POINTS OR LOOSES A GAME. I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU SAY ANYTHING WHEN THE TEAM IS WINNING..You can across as a fan driven driven by glory. How many “club” jersies do you have in your closet? Probably for all the big 4….(LOL)

  • Marc Callan

    Sorry Kuka, that’s seems a liitle unfair to Meseol, all the top 4 jerseys, when did Liverpool last win the title??? Lol

  • mesol

    @kuka..I didn’t talk much with Wenger tactics..his tactics in game is great..I just dont like his transfer policy..we need to find a striker..right now striker…not striker for future