• vj

    great signings for the future but we still need a striker for this season!!

  • Leeroy.N

    Very good prospect this young player looks. Looks strong and confident, has some awesome touches on the ball too. Bolivia made this boy for Arsenal!!

  • yemi

    good and typical wenger signings but we need 2 for this season or at least a striker!

  • Vazy

    indeed, a 2nd or even a 3rd signing for this season would be awesome, but im loving the new south American mentalists in the pipeline!

  • manoo

    Has Chamakh actually signed for liverpool yet? if so £25 mil is ridiculous

  • Vazy

    wow.. talking of liverpool.. they just lost 2-1 in the fa cup against reading!

  • Vazy

    not official yet, but looks like it (supposidly 12-15 mill up front and the rest after appearances etc)

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah




  • Vazy

    they never seemed to turn up, major probs at the kop!

  • Arsefan101

    Liverpool were terrible – to lose at HOME to lower league opposition in the ONLY competition you’re fighting for… Ouch!

  • Vazy

    you forgot to say arsefan101.. lower league opposition without a manager!

  • http://aaronarin.blogspot.com aaron

    good luck campbell

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    well ive been going on an absolute sick one, because, hey are just not good enough,

    Champions league (fall at the first hurdle) Goodnight Vienna
    Carling cup (fall at the first hurdle) Goodnight Vienna
    Fa Cup (fall out the first hurdle and get given another chance… fall again) Goodnight Vienna
    top 4 spot Goodnight Vienna
    Rafa Benitez Goodnight Vienna
    Fernando Torres Goodnight Vienna
    The class and quality they used to show Goodnight Vienna

  • ny

    Some papers said Arshavin is compelled to play even when his roght foot is not OK.Thats too bad.He is a waste of space as the central striker.He should be rested and let Eduardo or JET (u wont agree) play there.

  • goonerman

    yer arshavin has played for us with us with injuries and he has played for us out of position! its like fabregas palying on the wing or nasri in defensive mid! it can work but they are way less effective in those positions! hes dont very well considering how small his is the only way he can attack is to make darting runs throught the centre backs and its really hard to give him them perfect passes when fabregas is out! id rather him playing rather than JET taking his place! and anyway through a match him and eduardo constantly rotate the central position!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    yet another youngster added which is nice…but we need someone for our 1st team this season…not our 1st team in 3 years time!!!

  • Yemi

    Any news on a striker for this season please ? cant wait to get one
    I tought the boss said it was going to be quick depending on the outcome of bendtners results and bendner is about 2-3 wks away with another 2 or 3 wks to get back to form (if there is no relapse!!)

  • devday

    News is that we are still interested in Lucina Traore – but to be honest, with Eduardo, Vela around at the moment, and Bendtner back soon – I have doubts whether Arsene will spend.

    The question is – if we did have Van Persie back, would we need a new striker as well? And what is the plan with Sanchez Watt and JET?

  • devday

    * And Simpson?


    im not really sure what arsene has in mind and Im from the school of thought of not just spending money for the sake of it, but im not at all impressed with any of these guys.

    I fully expected arsene to get a forward and of course there is still time and i hope he does buy. there is no way any I’d have faith in any of our current strikers to come off the bench and score for us. with someone like van nistelrooy available I think he could have a positive effect for us.

    havent been too impressed with theo, starting to lose faith in him and now more looking towards wilshere

    all in all my main point is that i hope we do get another CM/forward just for more bodies that we’ll surely need if were going to make a run in the fa cup/CL/PL

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I agree with you con-man, these signings are good but not really very useful to our current campaign. Galindo hasn’t got a work permit yet so will be shipped off somewhere until that comes trough. Wellington Silva is only 16 so he will not feature any time soon.

    According to reports Chamakh has not signed a pre-contract agreement for Liverpool and it is between us and Barca…but again he will not help our current campain!!

    I think Dev is right. This is it for our Jan signings. Let us hope and pray B52 provides us the firepower required.


    yeah I mean maybe were not going to have a 25 goal a season striker, maybe we don’t need one and if the goals are going to be shared around again, i got no problem with that.

    I just think that having enough depth is important, i also feel we need a new keeper as well. Joe hart might be available, Almunia is good but sometimes his decision making is quite strange, now we have sol that kind of eases our defensive issues, but again sol is only going to be short term.

    as for a midfielder, Vieria would of been again, just as another positive influence and someone to give song a rest for those fa cup games etc

    and again as for a striker, still don’t know anything about Chamakh, so we’ll have to wait and see but as i said van nistelrooy would be good, he can score, is an out and out striker and can help us adjust our gameplan and give us a more physical presence up front. no idea wen B52 is going to be back but hes definately not going to be 100% right away

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    im really looking forward to these upcoming weeks. I

  • Kuka

    @CON-MAN: I agree with you regarding everything else, but I really do not want to see Van Nistelroy at Arsenal. You will agree with me that Wenger wouldnt sign him and Arsenal fans would not embrace the guy

  • Kuka

    Been thinking about Senderos lately. Are we treating the guy OK or He just really wants to leave? I have not heard an Arsenal player talk of wanting to leave like Senderos does lately? I wonder how his 8am-5pm looks like, what he does in training? if he trains at all? Does he pass by the dressing room after games? I know they are good pals with Fab. I wonder what he tells the Captain…….a lot of wondering…..I feel it for the boy

  • devday


    The problem for Senderos is that he’s not first choice and he’s had his chances to the point where he made Campbell go crazy and leave – but he’s not agile enough for a club like us. Drogba and Torres are much more agile and can run rings around him. The problem we faced is that we’ve been unable to sell him for those reasons alone.

    We’ve tried him out in different positions, but it’s not worked and in all honesty, I can see why Arsene doesn’t play him. With Gallas and Vermaelen doing well and Silvestre a more agile and versatile player, he’s fourth / fifth choice.

    Senderos must have also questioned the boss’s decision making and that’s why he looks to fallen out of favour – I say this because he’s not played in games that we all thought he would.

  • Kuka

    Thanks Devday for the explanation. That does help a lot..

  • http://twitter.com/DebsGooner Debs

    Loving the Sol signing!
    As for getting a striker, we’d all love to have someone, and if Wenger does sign someone, it’ll be someone who fits 100% into Arsenal. It’s just that there are not that many around. If there is one available, Arsene will find him
    But if we don’t get one, we’ll be alright. We’ve not had problems scoring goals, Theo’ll be back soon, Eduardo can only get better, and Nikky B’s back soon, yay!
    Irrespective of what happens this month, we’ll be alright! :)

  • Yemi

    Just thinking aloud, didn’t we try senderos out in DM position during the pre-season? how did he look? I think he would be a good DM. He has height, average speed, and is good on the ball. The only problem i forsee is his tackling ability !!


    ^^^ not even, i have one image of senderos and thats when we were in the last season at highbury, we played chelsea at stamford bridge in august-maybe it was like our 3rd game of the season and drogba absolutely bullied him

    senderos surprises me because he is big (about 6ft 2 plus??) and loads of clubs wanted him (juve, man utd, chelsea etc) but too me he never really looks comfortable. I would much rather have Djourou when he gets fit again