Match Preview: Arsenal vs Everton… Will it go ahead?

So tomorrow sees the next chapter in the book of which is our footballing season. There is some debate whether the game is going to go ahead or not, the snow has settled in and around London and due to the temperatures around here, it’s not going and not melting. I’m more confident that the game will go ahead tomorrow than I was about the Bolton game, as no further snow is predicted.

This week has been a strange one and it’s seen the rumour mill at large – with new links to players appearing every day – the one linking us with Real Madrid’s Higuin is the most laughable – a player who is now starting regularly, at a young age, playing very well and a player who cost Real Madrid about £15m a few years back – firstly, why would they let him go and if they did, it wouldn’t be cheap. And talking about deals that wouldn’t be cheap, I’m not sure if you’ve heard the ludicrous story of us buying Zarate for £40m… if you haven’t then check this out:

“I am in contact with Arsenal. A couple of days ago a leader of the English club asked me about him. Arsenal wants to increase their attacking options and so already they are preparing an offer of €40million which they will deliver to Claudio Lotito [Lazio president].”

Now, who in their right mind would ever think that that would be true. I mean, 40 million euros is about £40m at today’s exchange rate and we would never ever pay that much money for a player, especially not someone like Zarate. Thanks, just needed to get that off my chest!

Onto the Everton game, and they’ll be looking to do one over on us after we embarrassed them with an opening day 6-1 defeat at their ground. Everton – on their day – are pretty impressive and do have a something something about them – but the problem with them is that this season, they’ve hardly been on their game and have suffered quite a lot of defeats and draws
despite being the better team. Even though Lescott isn’t shining at Man City, his loss for Everton is bigger than people think. I think we’ll be way too strong for them at the Emirates – but having said that, they did force a 3-3 draw at Stamford Bridge a month back, so we can’t take them lightly.

The boss has told us that we have Rosicky back in the squad and that’s good news, as is the fact he has signed a new contract (there is more to come from him), but I wouldn’t expect him to start the game tomorrow, more likely to be on the bench. Denilson and Arshavin have had more time to rest, so should start the game and I’d expect the following line up:


Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Traore

Diaby – Denilson

Nasri – Ramsey – Arshavin


With Arshavin and Eduardo swapping places when suitable. It will a test for the test as they are getting used to have Alex Song in the team, but I think Denilson does have the quality to step in and do a job. There is also news revealed earlier today that Cesc will be back for the game against Bolton on January 17th, so it looks like tomorrow’s game is his only absent game.

And finally, the rumours about Lucina Traore are starting to get some ground now. Yesterday’s comments discussed the player in brief, but their club did reveal:

“We have had contact from Arsenal but we have not received a concrete offer yet. Four million euros is close to the amount we are seeking.”

We’ll find out later today whether Niklas Bendtner will pass his fitness tests and then we’ll know the extent of time he will be out for – either way Arsene, four million euros is not a lot if the player is half as good as we think he could be…

Updates as normal throughout the day on twitter (you can see the twitter updates on the homepage) and of course, comments to your comments whenever possible…

Til then…

  • Chris

    I agree with you in regards to getting that ridiculous story off your chest. I have given up on following the Arsenal transfer rumours. It seems the speculation is becoming more and more ridiculous.

    Looking forward to a cracker against Everton!!

  • Francis

    I have nothing against Traore but i do not think he is a guy we can rely on at this stage of the season. We need someone who can score at least 15 goals for the rest of the season. I do not think Traore fits that bill yet…could be one for the future though…

    the Zarate rumour is laughable given the amount of money being quoted and also his style of play and stature. we have too many of his type in the team already….pure rubbish!

    It’s clear that we need a big tall physical yet a good ball playing striker…i hope wenger has a trick up his sleeve…

  • jeffvip

    @Franics, did u mean Ibrahimovic? “big tall physical yet a good ball playing striker”… haha

  • syah

    i think wenger wont sign someone who is very established. cos if bendtner and rvp were to be fit again then this new signing would definitely be a benchwarmer. wenger knows how to keep his players happy even if they dont play in the first team. unlike SAF. i think nani would agree with me on that. so i feel that traore would be a good and pragmatic buy.

  • Yemi

    Me thinks traore will be a good buy at 4M, he is good on the ball, has arial presence, skillful, can use both legs and quick(at least from the 3 vidoes of him i saw. I don’t know of his commitment or dressing room antics but i guess he is a player who will fit into arsenal quite easily.
    Come to think of it, there is hardly a player that won’t fit into arsenal cos of the solid midfield we have.
    Forget higuain, laff off zarate.
    I won’t mind though if we could get carlton cole or the madrid dutch guy, whats his name again?

  • Kuka

    ….@YEMI – Rafael Van Der Vaat….is that him? For some reason I have always thought Vander Vaat is an offensive mid-fielder and am not sure we lack those….Who sits on the bench when he comes in. I also think we now now have enough “lefties” in the team

  • vj

    van der vaart yemi, but no i dont think well get him, Traore looks like our best et the only problem i have is that hes 19 and im not sure he could be up for the premier league, wenger will want to get this sorted out quickly so that if we do siggn someone they can get some gametime befor the dreaded run of aston villa man u liverpoll and chelsea so i think taht if we dont have anyone by next week and B52 has recovered we probably wont make a signing

  • Yemi

    @kuka: did i say madrid? I actually meant milan/huntelaar. His name just skipped my mind.
    Madrid also want to a deal on higuainBut from what i have heardso far, madrid will only do biz with us now if the deal includes a promise that they will get cesc in summer

  • Yemi

    I heard we are in for crystal palace’s striker Victor moses, who is he? any ideas ? i am gonig to search for a profile right now

  • Yemi

    apparently he is a Nigerian who moved to england at age 11 and has scored 10goals in 57 appearances for palace.
    Saw his profile on wiki

  • Arsefan101

    There is a lot of rumour about Moses, apparently Arsene likes Saha too, but Everton not going to sell.

  • Yemi

    saha is good, but he is a walking time bomb cos of his injury record

  • Gooner Get Ya

    If AW is after Lucina Traore(dubbed the next Adebayor)…why has he not gone in for Romelo Lukaku (dubbed the next Drogba)…I know which one I would prefer :-)

    I would like to see us buy a striker even if B52 is fit as he will have to regain his match fitness and we just haven’t got time to wait.

  • devday

    @GoonerGetYa, you’re right, a decent striker for £4m could be the difference of winning 5 extra points or so – and that could bring us the title!

  • JDD

    sol campbell looks to eb heading back to arsenal

    and as for a striker i think gignac is the most likely then carlton cole and lucina traore behind him.personally if bendtner doesnt pass his fitness test i think we should buy 2.i no this would make for too many attackers but a bug squad is the key to success in more than one competition.

  • Yemi

    do we need campbell ????

  • Kuka

    I would rather have Campbell as cover for Vam or Gallas, than Silverstre or Senderos….

  • devday

    Bendtner’s back!

    “He is doing well in training and had a good session today, so the news is quite good,” said Wenger.

    “I would say he could be back in two weeks.”

  • goonerman

    two weeks is still a long time to be without him for but this news surely halfs the chances of wenger buying in the window! im just watching the man city conference and you can tell its been drummed into patricks head to talk about the ambition of the club! its going to go one of two ways! he either plays great and we all regret not getting him or he gets embaressed by other midfielders and strikers and looks like some has beeen! you can tell hes going to be mancinis little pet other players could get annoyed if he constantly favours him.
    BACK TO US .. hopefully theres no problems with our game tomorrow and hopefully we can get a good result COME ON THE GOOONERS!!!

  • devday

    I know fear Arsene will not sign a striker!!!

    “We have Bendtner, Vela, Eduardo, Arshavin and Walcott coming back available, we have quite a good number of strikers”

  • devday

    * I now fear

    @goonerman, I was getting quite excited at the prospect of signing Lucina Traore, especially at £4m. What’s going on with Sanchez Watt – he doesn’t seem to feature in Arsene’s thoughts!

  • Berth

    B25 back; wow. No new striker then. Though I would fancy a Charlton Cole for physicality and Britishness in our squad of which Ramsey offers at the moment.

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    I hope we still sign somebody.

  • wills

    I know this is a very long shot as regards to signing a striker, but what about Robinho?

    Wenger wanted him a few years ago and there’s constant rumours that he want’s to leave City. He would fit perfectly into our front 3.

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    I would love for him to come but wenger just wont go for him, you just know he wont.

  • devday

    @Josiah – Robinho? No chance, especially as Gazidis has commented on the money thing…

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    but whatever happened to the 45 million we had from the sale of adebayor and toure?

  • Francis

    If B52 is really back then i do not see Wenger spending big. Wenger could go in for a player like Traore for the future who would be used as an impact player if a deal is done. Traore will then be gradually groomed into the next big thing as was done with RVP when the likes of Henry, Wiltord and Bergkamp were around.

    Yes what is going on with Sanchez-Watt? @ Dev, any clue?

  • Kuka

    …before Robinho moved to City, I thought he was an exceptional player, great mentality and feet on the ground. I do think the big-money move to city slightly got into his head and he has not been able to effectively and maturely deal / handle the success (quick) that came into his way. I do not think he would be positive influence within the team….so IMO, I would rather have him elsewhere rather than at Arsenal….

  • goonerman

    Sanchez watt is still quite young but i just dont think he can offer us a lot at the moment hes a theo mixed with arshavin with pace but he can scrap a bit hes surely got a future with us as he only recently signed a new contract so wenger sees potential! as for the robhino idea! hes a small player with a huge ego who on his day can be amazing but far to often decides he cant be bothered to perform so id rather not see him at the gooners! yer a striker would be good but if wenegr is going to buy a 19 20 year old is there much point ? bendtner is strong, tall, commited and he can score goals but to this day he has never been given a run in the team as an out and out front man! so lets give the boy a chance he could surprise people!!

    wenegr could suprise us with a signing because if he was not eager to add someone he would rule it out now but he obviously has his eyes on some players! he even admitted he wants to wait for any of the other bigger teams to go for players then he will do the same i dont know why but wenegr works in strange ways!

  • goonerman


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  • Football Tips Expert – Wayne

    Half of the weekend EPL matches have been called Off and hope this not because this is the chance for Gunners to overcome Man Utd.

    Arsenal vs Everton Preview & Tips

    Without the injured Van Persie and Fabregas whose are the life of the team while Alex Song and Eboue were called for African Cup duty, can Gunners still proceed?

    Before this, Wenger’s side has been in a rich vein of form since their only home defeat against Chelsea at the end of November. In achieve of it, it is not fully depends on the effort of key players. Others in the team, Wenger and even the youngster sharing to contribute on these. As a result, Arsenal should able to maintain the hot form even if without some key players today. The exploded team morale will bring Gunners a victory against low form Everton who has falling off in this season.

  • Saalu Reuben

    Arsenal is going to win their match against Everton. What arseanl is good lineup that we determine neither arsenal is going to play draw or win. but to say everton win arsenal is now possible only God can make it possible.
    Thanks remain bless in the name of Jesus.