Snowed In…

So that one was one hell of an uneventful Wednesday evening. Our high expectations of some awesome football sweeping aside a lacklustre and managerless Bolton. Predictions? 8-0? Hatrick from Eduardo, two from Ramsey, a thirty yard scorcher from Vermaelen, and then in the final ten minutes from substitute Carlos Vela. Alas, we will never know… alas.

So, we remain in third, with a game in hand, and that game could either be played next Wednesday 13th January or the Wednesday after – the 20th of January – and if indeed it is played on either of those days, then it will be a Bolton double whammy, one at home and one away. It’s a shame we didn’t get to play yesterday as I’m sure we would have beaten them and I’m sure we would have closed the gap on Chelsea to one point.

There is no point dwelling on the game, we do have another very important game against Everton on the weekend, and this weekend, I will be accompanied by a good friend of mine (Everton supporter) down to the game, so it’s got some extra spice and friendship rivalry added in to. There will be time tomorrow to take a look at the game preview and see whom we think will play. In one way, players such as Denilson and Arshavin who have both returned for yesterday’s game, will have more time to recuperate fully.

Since we’ve been caught up in the snow / will it / won’t it go ahead furore which was yesterday, we’ve been sidetracked a little from the January transfer window, which is starting to bubble a little with various different stories. One of those stories is the Chamakh to Liverpool stories, which is starting to gain some momentum and considering the player can now sign a pre-contract agreement, considering he is a half decent striker and considering he is free, he is any team’s dream signing. Of course, we’ve been tracking him for some time, and we did spend a lot of the summer trying to sign him, which makes us think he’s our player – kind of like how we thought Ryan Babel was kind of our player and would eventually sign for us… ahem Yaya Toure ahem… and there have been a few of them. But of course, Chamakh isn’t our player, and if he signs for Liverpool, so be it. No doubt they’d train the skill out of him and he’d end up at Sunderland – news is that Ryan Babel is going to sign for Birmingham, sanctimony to the fact that the transfer policy at the Pool is all over the place.

With Birmingham apparently offering £8m for the striker, you’d think that we could match that and bring Babel to his footballing home – some quarters believe we didn’t sign him due to his problems off the pitch – but I’d like to think Arsene has something better up his sleeve. Having seen Babel in starts and spurts, I do think Arsene can do wonders with him, I don’t think he’s really progressed at Liverpool but does have the skill, potential and pace – and aerial ability to bring something to the team.

Outside of Babel, how many other strikers (which some sort of aerial presence) are available for under £1om this January transfer window – some people have mentioned Benni McCarthy, but at 32, and frozen out at Blackburn, can he really do a job for us? Debatable. Carlton Cole has also been mentioned a few times, and yes, he has impressed me at West Ham – but would he want to swap regular first team football for a place on the bench once Van Persie and Bendtner have returned – and could we get him at a reasonable price. Is he any better than Jay Simpson / Sanchez Watt (or what they could be in a year or two)….

Arsene is most likely ready to buy and he has said this:

“There is no way we can carry on with only one striker. Bendtner is being treated now and will come back on Friday for tests. If he is out for another two months, we will need to buy someone, absolutely.”

We have been linked with a few other players, such as Gignac, who currently plays at Toulouse as well as a player called Lacina Traore (dubbed the new Adebayor… ouch)… both are very much highly rated and both fit the mould. The link with Traore is on the back of all the newspapers today, and the player has a supposed asking price of 4m euros, which is something we could work with. He is 19, tall and highly rated, so let’s see what happens in the next few days.

After a little bit of research (well, just entering the player’s name in YouTube), here’s two goals he has previously scored, so you can acquaint yourself with him.


That’s it for today… more tomorrow.

  • Kuka

    At 32 Benni McCarthy, might not be at his prime best, but I honestly think he is a decent striker to come off the bench. He has not broken into Sam Alladyce’s side because his defensive approach to the game. If I had to buy McCarthy for 2.5million
    verses buying Silvestre for 2million I would easily settle for McCarthy. I think
    there are a host of players who are currently underperforming in the prem not because they are bad, but just because their team’s style of play does not suit them. It reminds me of Elano at City. He was a totally different player when he wore the yellow shirt of Brazil, yet in the blue of city, he was hopeless

  • Kuka

    *because of Big Sam and Blackburn’s defensive approach to the game. That is why he would prefer to play Samba upfront – with a view of still providing defensive cover…..

  • Yemi

    This guy can score with both legs !!!! bring him in i say !!!! but, how may does he lose before he scores? i need to see a profiling but no doubt he would be a great addition cos of his height and i think he is fast too

  • Yemi

    Saw a comment somewhere that this lacina traore guy is lazy !!!

  • goonerman

    so it looks like arsenal have actually held talks with his club and that bringing him in is a big possibility! but is he really gonna be our cover ?? surely hes just not experienced enough to fill in straight away ! maybe wenegr will leave him untill the summer and bring him in! Im hoping were going to get a bit more than a 4 million euro player from CFR

  • Debs

    Good to see that despite his size, he seems to be a good ball-player- important at a club like ours!

  • Arsefan101

    @Debs – you’re right – definitely, we need people who can play with the ball! He looks like Adebayor!!

  • Kuka

    I like everytilhing I have heard about Lacina, other than the fact that he looks like Adebayor…..I say bring him in…

  • Arsefan101

    @Kuka – Man, I hate Adebayor!

  • devday

    Lucina Traore said this:

    “It would be a dream for me to get to play on a team so great. I have a chance there because Arsene Wenger relies heavily on young players.”

    “It is sensational to hear Wenger is watching me. I could be a success in England. Even though I am still young, I have a lot of experience and a lot of ambition.”

  • Kuka

    … only fear off course is that the rest of the premier league tends to wait on Wenger to identify prospects, then snap them up. I will not be shocked if by tomorrow there will be ten other clubs linked up to little-known Traore. How I wish this rumors would reach the public when the player is being unveiled as an Arsenal player.

  • devday

    Well, we don’t know that Arsene is actually interested in Traore – for all we know – it could be rumours?

  • devday

    Winterburn on Vieira to City: “Since he left Arsenal, he’s had a lot of injuries. The game has moved on; it’s got even quicker”

    Let’s hope the snow melts and our game on Saturday continues…

    PS, I think Diaby / Song / Denilson / Cesc are better than bringing Vieira back – I honestly do!

  • edison

    Im concerned that Traore doesnt seem to be wearing any shin pads in either of those clips? either that or he is a true giant of a striker. Most sites say he is 6″6 !

    With merida on the way out, i could quite see wenger bringing in another youthful player. And by the looks of it £4m or there abouts is a bargain and whats more an investment.

  • JDD

    vieira going to city?


    if its finalised in my opinion il no longer class him as a legend

  • devday

    @JDD – Where you been? Vieira has all but signed. He said this earlier:

    “The important thing for me is to go to Manchester City and to show the coach (Roberto Mancini) I’m the same player as when he was in charge of Inter.”

  • JDD

    its not complete yet though is it?

    im dissapointed in him surely he knows they are rivals now(not because they are good but because of our last prem encounter and the fact that c**t adebayor plays for them)i though he would go barca.but there still hope wenger might sign him last minute???

  • Jimmy

    We should sign this guy, why are peopel asking for players like £20m. we dont need a top goalscorer because we are scoring plenty anyway. we just need someone to hold the ball up andgive us a erason to put a cross in.