It’s Tuesday and time to talk…

You’ve got to love Thomas Vermaelen, he’s a rock solid centre back who plays with the team in his heart and his heart on his sleeve. His displays for us this season have been awesome, and he’s scored a fair few too. More recently (i.e. today), the Belgian has been in the news talking about Cesc and how he really is the bees knees.

“He is the best midfielder I have played alongside. He’s really smart in his game and in training if you play against him he’s really difficult to defend against because I think he has eyes in the back of his head. He sees everything. He is a good captain too. He has a lot of qualities in football and I think that’s important for a captain. He talks in the dressing room, not too much but just enough. For us he was very important on Sunday. He scored twice in 20 minutes so he was very important. I think before he came on we were the better team but we didn’t create too many chances, and when he came on we controlled the game more and we created some more chances. He played some good passes behind the defence, they were really dangerous. He has a great vision in the game.”

So, we take on Portsmouth tomorrow and we will be without key man Cesc Fabregas. To be honest, I felt like we were very much on top at the start of the second half and that we were on the verge of going ahead – but take nothing away from Mr Cesctastic himself – that was some cameo. It does look like Cesc will be out for tomorrow’s game and I’d also expect him to be out of the game against West Ham, being an FA cup game, we may see a little rotation. But with Denilson out too and Song off to the African Nations Cup, we’re suddenly very short of central midfielders.

News is that Song won’t be off until the 4th January, so he will be available to play both tomorrow and on Sunday, but from Monday onwards, it will be interesting. Tomorrow, I’d expect to see Ramsey, Song and Diaby fill in the middle three roles, but from next week, if Cesc and Denilson are out, we may see Eastmond have a run of games in the team. More on that when he hear the injury news surrounding Denilson and Fabregas.

Of course, the quicker Cameroon are out of the competition, the better, they’re in a group with Zambia, Gabon and Tunisia… all three underdogs, so it’s all about keeping all the fingers crossed – Song has been our best player this season (disagree?) and he’s a player I want back as soon as possible.

As we’re only days away from the transfer window opening, I would have expected a host of rumours by now, but instead we’ve not really heard any – and the only target that we may have thought was on the cards insists he’s not moving this January… Maroune Chamakh…

“I’m going to finish my season at Bordeaux. Honestly, in my head I don’t want to relive what I lived through last summer. I don’t want to see my name circulating during the transfer window. I’ve had enough of reading or hearing rumours that they are lacking a centre-forward somewhere.”

And finally, I thought I’d share this hilarious clip from the now famous impressionist we featured last month – check out this exclusive interview with none other than Thierry himself…

Funny, hey? Tomorrow sees us take on Portsmouth, so I’ll be back with a preview of the game in the morning… in the meantime, let’s hope for a fiery encounter at Villa Park tonight resulting in a 0-0 of some sorts…


  • Fo

    Hilarious YouTube clip there… I think Nasri may move in alongside Ramsey and Diaby in the middle three when Song goes and Cesc and Denilson are both unavailable…!

  • devday

    Yes, that’s another possibility – although, who would be the real defensive midfielder out of those three?

    Options are:

    Ramsey – Eastmond


    Ramsey – Nasri

    With the latter option, aren’t all three players too forward thinking to play together?

  • Sam

    Aewfully quiet around here. Let’s make some noise, people! We’ve beat the crap out of Villa with a great show! Let’s be proud & happy.

    I sense that we’ll reach the top of the table some time in January… Fingers crossed!

  • Arsefan101

    Come on Sam! Excellent, that’s what we want to hear… if we beat Pompey tomorrow and Bolton next week, we’ll only be 1 point behind Chelsea!

    Arsenal for the title!

  • devday

    Sam, it is very quiet today – my latest twitter update says so too… but the result against Villa was a massive result and one that we can build on…

    We have to play our top game tomorrow to see off Pompey!

  • Avik

    I hope Arsenal dsnt suffer another injury tomorrow. We definitely don’t want anymore people piled up on the injury list.

  • Yemi

    Its not going to be easy against bolton and portsmouth, but i hope and pray we come out with 6 max points from both games

  • Fabrez

    Yeah…always a great time to be a Gooner…we have our ups & downs as a Club but we’re on a high at the moment and I definitely want to stay there! So Cesc was absolutely fantastic for us. True visionary. Amazes me how he doesn’t start for Spain but then again u have two class maestros in Xavi & Iniesta. Absolutely love how Cesc seems to want to stay at Arsenal. Hard to pick loyal chaps these days but the feeling within the Club is special and you can sense this team is on the verge on doing something special despite not having guys like Clichy, RvP & Bendtner. The loss of amazing Cesc is tough but we have strong players in our squad who believe in themselves.

    We need to keep mentally strong and close-knit with a real desire to win the league. I know we are a bit thin but as frustrated as some of us Gooners gets with Wenger for not buying, we have to believe he makes decisions for the betterment of the team. He makes honest decisions and I respect that. January will be a very important month for us as I feel a consistent run in the league puts us in 1st place assuming Chelsea lose a couple points along the way. But 1st things 1st…nothing but 6 points from the Pompey & Bolton games. Yes, both tough fixtures, but champions take full advantage of such teams. 6-1 or 1-0…don’t matter to me. Time 4 the boys to repay Arsene’s faith and the fans’ faith in them. Let’s not pass up another opportunity to be on the heels of Chelsea…now is the time to apply the pressure! Seeing Man U below us in the table will give me great pleasure!!

    With no Song, Denilson and Cesc…I’m thinking… Emmanuel-Thomas for the DM role? A bit unproven at the top level but I like the guy. Eastmond did ok as well. I’d like to see more of Emmanuel-Thomas. I think having Ramsey-Diaby-Nasri as our midfield 3 is a bit too attacking. I would say that Song is definitely one of our best this season as he gives the team a very very nice balance. Shame he’s gotta go. Coquelin has impressed me but again, not proven at the top level. A bit raw like Thomas I guess. Maybe Arsene will go with Eastmond tho. Only time will tell.

    To finish, Verm has been very good not bashing Kolo but Verm has been better than he would have been this season for us. I’ve seen Kolo making mistakes at City…to me Verm has been totally immense. Cool guy. And Devday…good work with the website!! Think it’s def the way to go. Love the look! Would b cool if we Gooners on WOA pick a game nxt year & go to…have our own WOA section at the Emirates!

  • jeffvip

    that guy is hilarious…