Arsenal vs Aston Villa Match Preview

Evening all…

I hope you’ve all had a very good and relaxing Christmas day and Boxing day and enjoyed some of the football earlier today that saw both Chelsea and Sp*rs draw leaving tomorrow primed for us to beat Villa, who currently sit level on points with us and edge closer to the top of the table. You know we’ve never beaten Villa at the Emirates… time for things to change!

Before I get into the team news, you may have noticed that the site has a new look and feel… we’ve got a new logo and also new sponsors,, a leading gadget retail site – an awesome site with some great prices! In addition, we’ve announced the winner of the competition (it’s Toby Indge)… and sent out all those prizes that were due to be sent ages (and I mean ages) ago…!

But back to the game and team news ahead of the Villa game sees Traore return to the squad and he should take his place back in the starting line up. There is no one else back and no news about Cesc, with Arsene unsure about whether the player will be able to play…

“There is still an uncertainty about him. He was supposed to practice on Christmas Eve but he still had some pain in his leg. We did not get him out so we still don’t know if he will be available for the squad or not. It is 50:50. He is a very influential player and a great player too so I want him to be with us.”

Looking at the players available, I think we’ll start with the following line up (my thinking is that Cesc won’t make it back)…


Sagna – Gallas – Vermalen – Traore

Song – Denilson

Walcott – Diaby – Nasri


With a bench of Fabianski, Silvestre, Eboue, Wilshere, Ramsey, Eduardo and Vela.

We’ve not beaten Villa at the Grove and we lost to them last season – they’re a bit of a bogey team for us and I’d really like to get one over them. It will be a tough one but I think we can do and in fact, we must – it’s a home game, there is no room to drop points at this stage of the season having dropped so many already!

Okie dokie, let’s see if Wolves can add another nail into the Liverpool coffin and let’s hope Cesc is fit to start tomorrow…

Come on you Gooners!

  • Berth

    good articule, good feel and great invitation from Chelsea, Dev u still owe me one.

  • Kuka

    Great job Dev on the “new look site”. Great way to get into the New Year as WOA members. The villa game is quite scary, but I guess i had the same feeling about the Liverpool game afew weeks back, but we went ahead to win it…..come on Arsenal.

  • Josiah

    have you heard this shit about wenger going to city?

  • Sam

    Have a great feeling about today’s game!

  • wills

    Cesc is on the bench for todays game according to Arsenal on Twitter.

    Other than that, Silvestre and Eboue out, Sagna and Traore in from the game that beat Hull.

    Come one you Gunners!

  • wills

    @devday…..just realised you’ve got Walcott missing from the goals tally on the side, he scored in the 6-2 win over Blackburn.

  • Sam

    First 10 minutes was all Arsenal, the next 5 minutes has been very nervous for the Gunners!

  • Kuka

    …how I wish Skysports would provide an objective analysis of our games. They make it seem
    as if we had a terrible half, yet to be honest, we have been the better side so far. There are many times when I have muted my TV to have a quiet game…..

  • Sam

    Cesc is on, it’s only a matter of time now!

  • Sam

    YES! Cesc does it!!!

  • Sam

    Everyone playing nearly perfectly since Cesc came on.

  • Sam

    Welcome to the Fab Show. Fabregas 2-0 A.Villa

  • Sam

    Cesc leaves the pitch after 27 minutes or so due to injury. He scores 2 and leaves…

  • Sam

    3-0, thank you Mr. Diaby. That’s 3 wonder goals.

  • Sam

    Cesc was MOTM in less than 30 minutes, that’s why I keep calling him “Captain Fantastic”!

    Happy day for all Gunners.

  • Kuka

    Great result. 3 points, hope Cesc is not out for long

  • Josiah

    great feeling watching that game. I think we played very well and was impressed with Abou Diaby. What Cesc Fabregas did speaks for itself. I think our passing game was up to scratch and I generally think we did well today. :)

  • Pete

    Result 😀

  • VJ

    wenger said couple days or three weeks, he fears the worst, denilson also with a problem, song off, he said possible midfield signings, though great result were right in it, hopefully cesc wont be out for long, same with denilson, eduardo continues his poor run wenger probably will be looking for a new striker

  • Leeroy.N

    Great result today. We all hope that it didn’t come at a cost to us. Resting Fabregas is all important now. Diaby was really good today too. I hope people are starting to warm up to him now. Well done Gunners!!

  • Berth

    hmm Diaby seems to hav changed his attitude of late. So far so good.

  • wills

    Diaby was class today and has been in the past few games, hopefully Cesc won’t be out for too long, although it does give Rambo a real chance to shine.

    Song is with us until the 4th of Jan so he’ll be here for the West Ham FA Cup game which is good.

    Good win today, lets continue the run with a romp at Pompey who should hopefully be missing quite a few players due to the ACN!

  • rilu

    My ratings

    * Manuel Almunia,9
    * Bacary Sagna, 9
    * Thomas Vermaelen, 9
    * William Gallas, 9
    * Armand Traore, 9
    * Vassiriki Abou Diaby, 10
    * Samir Nasri, 10
    * Pereira Neves Denilson 9, (Cesc Fabregas, 10),
    * Alexandre Song, 10
    * Andrey Arshavin, 9
    * Da Silva Eduardo, 9 (Theo Walcott, 10)

    So who is right? The Positivists who see what Wenger has done in building up this team from a group of kids with a handful of big time purchases, or the Doom Mongers who see disaster in a 3-0 beating of the 4th placed team?

    a few facts I just picked up from the BBC web site…

    • Arsenal have scored more goals (82) and lost fewer matches (five) in the Premier League this year than any other club.

    • Arsenal are the division’s leading scorers with 47 goals.

    We might buy one more player, true, but wholesale changes at this time? I don’t think so

  • Leeroy.N

    RILU – I thought Man C*teh had the least amount of Losses?
    Nether the less, we are in a very good position. Just concentrate on the positives from our last couple of matches, see out these injuries and we can have a very productive season. Maintaining our one game advantage and keeping it a bonus is good. Coming in and out of January now is a key stage. But again, Well Done to the Gunners!!!!