Nasri, Stamp, Stan, Kroenke, And More…

It’s a question that has been posed in every newspaper this morning and quite annoyingly! Every time Arsenal do well and the other top teams lose, there is always another story which the press seem to focus on rather than get on with the actual news – remember the furore they made out of Eduardo’s penalty against Celtic?

And now the media are trying their utmost best to make a meal out of this as usual…! It looks like the Sun has a personal vendetta against the Arsenal and anything related to it.

First of all, how could you call it a stamp? Sure, Nasri stepped on his foot. But ultimately it was a bit of argy and a bit of handbags. Throughout the game, it was the Hull players that were over physcial with the Arsenal players and when the free kick was awarded they wouldn’t leave us to it. Yes Samir reacted but Hunt over-reacted.

“I will watch it again but it was very difficult to see that he stamped on the foot but if he had gone certainly a player of Hull would have gone as well.

I’ve searched YouTube high and low for some footage but I couldn’t find some anywhere – so if you do have a link to a video or if you have a video yourself, then do let me know! The Sun commented on the incident and various players affected.

Referee Steve Bennett indicated afterwards he booked Nasri for shoving Steve Hunt and that he missed the flashpoint which saw tempers boil over. Bennett will file his report today and the FA will then decide whether to take action. Hull veteran Nick Barmby could also face further punishment, as he raised both hands to Nasri, while Alex Song could pay for getting hold of Hunt by the neck.

The strangest thing about all of this is that we didn’t hear comments from Phil Brown or his assistant in regards to the stamp. I would have expected the Hull crew to milk the media – but maybe the nonsense from last year has meant that he didn’t want to speak out again, or maybe he realised that his team were the team who were over aggressive.

Thoughts away from the Samir Nasri incident and looking at Stan Kroenke’s very very slow takeover of the club… he’s bought another 25 shares at a cost of £212,000 which now takes him 17 shares away from the point where he has to make a formal takeover. And why on earth is the American doing this so slowly. I must have written about 20 articles about Kroenke taking over Arsenal and what it means to us and whether I think it is a good idea or not. Now that he’s moved another 25 shares closer, I was about to delve into another rendition, but instead, here’s a summary:

  • Usmanov bad
  • Kroenke not as bad as Usmanov
  • Arsenal don’t need a takeover
  • If we were taken over, you would prefer to be taken over by Kroenke not Usmanov
  • If we were taken over by Kroenke, nothing would really change

There’s my view.

We’ve got 5 days until our next game and then three in quick succession, let’s hope we can rest well, train well and gain our sharpness… Villa at home will be a tough one.

Okay, I’m watching Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary on channel 5 – pretty amazing stuff.

Til tomorrow.

  • devday

    Just broken…

    Football Association chiefs yesterday ordered referee Steve Bennett to review a video of Nasri’s bust-up with Hull City’s Richard Garcia.

    Bungling Bennett admitted to the FA he missed Nasri’s stamp on Garcia’s foot which sparked a 20-man brawl during Arsenal’s bad-tempered brawl with Hull at the Emirates on Saturday.

  • Fabrez

    Boy oh boy do they love screwing Arsenal over! WHY?! U think u know why Dev? Cuz I’m clueless as to why…it’s amazing! “STAMP”? That was a “STAMP”?! Really??? The lad who went down under that obviously horrendous “STAMP” by Samir must have had a terrible looking gash on his foot…wow! The FA are pathetic and as Arsene said…witch hunt it is… First Uefa now the FA…*shakes my head in disappointment*

  • goonerman

    i find it amazing how the press can call that a stamp! a lot of people have not seen it so they get the impression its the same thing adebayor done! its a joke he trod on his foot and garcia went down like a complete mug! we have to put up with a lot of abuse as arsenal supporters becuase it looks like most teams and press are against us ! we just have to deal with it. to be honest if we lost nasri it wouldnt be the end of the world because arshavin eddy and walcott as a front line aint to shabby and walcott can get some sharpness back and run at them villans lol !!

  • Yemi

    i only care about what happens on the field of play. I dont care who takes over or not as long as it doesnt affect what happens on the football pitch !!!!

  • Fabrez

    True that Yemi…just make sure things remain the same in terms of manager flexibility and what happens on the pitch!