We need to buy!

Okay, I normally don’t make outlandish comments such as the title of today’s article, but I think we all need to look at the squad and all need to understand that at this time, for the sake of our team, we need to buy. Rosicky is out for 3 months and add to that the major injuries we’ve had and you’re now looking a very think squad.

A lot of people may think – Dev – you’re losing it! You’re not normally one to think transfers, especially so early on in December… And to that I reply – Yes you are right, but something Arsene said today really hit home. He talked about the injury to Rosicky and how it was always on the cards as the player has been out for so long. The statement that got to me was this one:

“I think it is a vicious circle when you have been out for a long time, like Eduardo has for example. He had not played for 18 months, Tomas had not played for 18 months, then you come back and suddenly your body has to get used to producing the energy level and at that level, to repeat the games, it is difficult and nobody masters that enough.”

And it’s struck fear into my belly – I am worried now that Eduardo and Robin Van Persie will not recover until really next year. Based on the statement above regarding Tomas, can we really rely on Eduardo? He’s also pulled a muscle or too and also missed the last game.

Actually our injuries at the moment look like this:

Djourou, Clichy, Gibbs, Walcott, Diaby, Rosicky, Eduardo, Bendtner and Robin Van Persie

Now that’s a long list of injuries. In fact if you add to the list the players whom have missed more than three games in a row due to injury this season, then you can add in Nasri and Denilson not to mention Almunia and Fabianski, and bingo, you’ve got a starting XI of some sort…

So, that what prompts me to say let’s add some quality – the transfer window opens in 3 weeks. We need to add a big strong striker. With Adebayor plying his trade at City and Robin out for the rest of the season – with Rosicky injured again and Eduardo only able to play a bit part role this season (will the boy ever really recover?)… the need to buy a striker

with some sort of stature is paramount now.

Arsene admitted that he was devastated at the recent injury to Rosicky:

“Tomas is devastated and I am as well. Before today I thought ‘he has played the whole game Wednesday night [at Manchester City], do I take the gamble or not?’ Because it was such an important game I took the gamble and at half-time it backfired so it is very disappointing. The first impression is that it will not be long term. It is a groin problem and we have to see with the scan whether it is grade one, grade two or grade three. If it is grade one it is 10 days, if it is grade three it is three weeks at least. At the moment I cannot tell you.”

So this season, I think we all need to think about Rosicky, Eduardo and Robin Van Persie as players who we can’t rely on to be fit. If they are then it’s a bonus. We may see Eduardo soon – if he recovers before the weekend, but with so many injuries, he will struggle to find form and fitness.

Arsene continued talking about the recent injuries:

“I want to see what happens now [with injuries]. We are in the beginning of December and I will see if we are in the same situation in January. But let’s not dream too much in January that we can find a world-class player – that is what is needed to strengthen our team – who is not cup-tied in the Champions League and who is free. You need a good Father Christmas for that!”

And asked whether a replacement for Alex Song was required, the gaffer said:

“He is not a striker and I don’t think we suffered too much in midfield even when we had Song and Diaby out against Stoke. I don’t believe we are especially short in midfield, I just believe we are short up front.”

Speculation, speculation, speculation and something evident is that the “world cup player who is free to purchase” doesn’t have to play in the Champions League – remember when we bought Adebayor. He could play in League games but couldn’t play in the Champions League. It definitely added something to the squad… but when Arsene says free does he mean “available” or “zero cost”…

Interesting… time for the kids to take on the mighty Olympiakos!

  • Debs

    Rosicky isn’t out for 3 months. Maximum 3 weeks. I’m not really a fan of buying players just to cover for injuries, because what happens at the start of the season when everyone is fit? At the start of the season when we were playing well, we never thought we needed any players- if at all, we were worried that we’d not be able to fit everyone in! We don’t need to buy any players in January in my opinion, except if we’re willing to let someone go in summer. Most of our injuries are short term, and we DO have enough young players to fill in the gap for a short period- that’s how we found Gibbs, wasn’t it?
    I don’t want us to lose any of the players we’ve got at the moment, and I feel that if we buy more players, someone’s got to go- there’s no point buying a top quality player ‘just in case we have injuries’, cos no one is going to want to sit on the bench when Robin gets fully fit- that’s where reserve players come in.

  • ny

    yes … we need somebody up front.But Bendtner will do it when he becomes fit.Untill then Walcott or Diaby will have to take the center role

  • Kuka

    …I do agree with you Debs. Well put. Its a shame that we do have multiple injuries, that would make any team in league struggle. But like you (Debs), I do not think trying to find cover for injured players is a solution. That is what makes the Arsenal different from Chelsea, Mancity etc. I am almost sure Chelsea will want to replace Drogba, Essien, Obi, Kalou, just the same way city will strive to replace Adebayor and Toure when they leave for the ACN. The question is; what do you do with the new recruits when the old guards return. The worst situation that a club can face is a rocky dressing room. As Debs puts it, I would rather we hold our turf and a give a chance to the reserve players, probably recall Simpson from QPR, find ways of using the other players more and more….as we repair the injured players.

    …..If we have to buy, let us buy because we need the qualities of the player, but not because we need to replace an injured guy…

  • Debs

    Yeah, Kuka. I’ve got no problems buying players to improve the team if we need them, but just not for the sake of injuries. Got to think long-term, not just short-term.

  • Jeff from Fulham

    Having watched Eduardo and Vela make a complete pig’s ear of the job, you could be forgiven for wondering whether we’d ever score a goal again. I must admit when the team lined up with Arshavin in the middle and Rosicky and Eboue on either side, I could almost feel a groan welling up inside.

    However, we shouldn’t be surprised that Arshavin can play up front. Wasn’t that his preferred position anyway? I’ve sort of got used to him looking lost and out of sorts on the left hand side, so the first thing that was apparent was how energetic and enthusiastic he seemed. Sure he ran out of steam towards the end, and missed a couple of chances that he should have buried, but at least you could see something to build on.

    Firstly, he’s got the knack of being mobile but staying onside. A difficult skill in itself. Just ask Adebayor! Secondly, when he’s on the shoulder of the last defender, he’s nearly always ‘sideways on’ rather than having his ‘back to goal’. Does that make a difference? Well yeah, because when the ball is played through, he’s only got to turn through 90 degrees as opposed to 180. Just watch him next time. How come Eduardo can’t work that out?

    He’s only five foot nothing, so he’s obviously not going to be the new Frank Stapleton, but the way Arsenal play does that really matter? The fact is he consistently found space, particularly behind the defence, and when the ball’s played in, he controls it and is happy to let it go again with his first touch. The trick is who to play with him, and this is where Wenger missed a trick. I’d have thought Wilshere would have been the obvious choice, certainly ahead of Eboue. If you’re going to play give and go, you’ve got to have someone who’s vaguely on the right wavelength. Exactly how many players have to be injured before Jack gets his chance?

    Cesc had an indifferent game by his own standards. Whose idea was it for him to take the pens? I was sitting miles away from that end, but even I could tell which way he was going to put it. There’s got to be a better option. Ramsey goes from strength to strength, whereas Vela doesn’t.

    I can’t remember if Denilson played or not. Is that meant to be good or bad? Traore seems to have grown in confidence, but on the other side Sagna looks more ordinary every time I watch him. Why does he find crossing the ball almost impossible? Don’t they practice? When you see Ashley Cole virtually put the ball on a sixpence, it makes you want to weep. Ah, but Sagna’s a good defender I hear you say. I can’t say I’ve noticed.

    So there you are. A good game to win. Having said that, I was more than a bit relieved when Delap was taken off before the end. The sight of Almunia having kittens in the last five minutes would have been too much to bear.

  • Berth

    Jeff I have seen this articule before. It makes sense in some aspect. Arshavin played well, we all know that but the thought of Wilshere playing against Stoke doesnt make much sense.

    For the liverpool game I cant wait esp if Torres does not future. Gunners for life.

  • Debs

    Brilliant quote from Arshavin (from the BBC):

    “Arsene Wenger needs to buy new players – and expensive ones too. Why? Because all the talented and inexpensive players are already with us at Arsenal.”
    Andrey Arshavin on the need to splash the cash.

  • Leeroy.N

    Haha! I love that quote Debs.

    I want to see new players at the club, but again not just for the sake of buying. If we buy in January, there is that strong possibility that they could be cup-tied. There are very few players who would be willing to leave there current team, who would make an instant impact and who we could get for an Arshavin/Nasri type budget. All kinds of names have been thrown around, some laughed at, some laughed off and some ignored.

    Like Debs said. We have to sort out the long term not just the difficult times we are facing right now. No one signing will erase it. It could help but the whole teams needs to be fit and in sync.

    I hear there’s 10 youngsters in the starting XI.. is this true??

    Win, Lose or Draw.. Gooner Til I Die!!

  • Leeroy.N

    Totally unrelated but checjout the Young Guns here HAHA!!

  • wills

    Squad for tomorrow game…

    Carlos Vela
    Theo Walcott
    Aaron Ramsey
    Alex Song
    Mikael Silvestre
    Jack Wilshere
    Lukasz Fabianski (GK)
    Vito Mannone (GK)
    Fran Merida
    Kyle Bartley
    Francis Coquelin
    Thomas Cruise
    Craig Eastmond
    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas
    Kerrea Gilbert
    Luke Ayling
    Mark Randall
    Gilles Sunu

    Starting XI?


  • Francis

    @ Jeff

    I do not think arsene is averse to playing wilshere…as on paper he appears to be the best go-to-guy to play on the wing with arshavin. However, because of the lack of height in the squad and given that we were playing aganst the 2nd tallest team in the league, wenger had to play Eboue.

    Because of the added height that he has over wilshere and a better hustler on and off the ball. Wilshere will be played based on the team we play against and the midfielders available….he will thrive alongside Song, Diaby and possibly Denilson because they can always cover when he makes his runs inside. It was a big gamble playing Asharvin, Denilson, Fabregas, Rosicky per the set pieces threat that Stoke always pose. But then again we had no choice.

    Well for Sagna i can say his crossing is not the best but he has improved over last season….besides who was in the box for him to cross the ball to….remember the Chelsea game…he just stopped crossing cos it was of no use….Vela couldnt get to it…neither could Edu.

    With regards to buying quality strikers ….the french league has options for wenger only question is if the player will be up an running…there’s little time for adaption…but that is easier said that done!

    For me Carlton Cole if he is injury free is a good addition over any overseas player…

  • Leeroy.N

    Carlton Cole would be my first choice, because of the postion West Ham are in, due to the fact of his form and how he plays, the fact that he has played at the Top level for so many years. He would be perfect… but with his own injury woes, he would be a high risk to any team.

    Andre-Pierre Gignac stands out for me from france. He is skillful, his touch is really good, young enough to iron out any problems, not really been prolific until last season but we would get him now at a confident time. He is big (6’1ish) and strong and not scared to get stuck in. One thing I noticed about him is that he is a poacher, likes to be inside the box just incase it doesnt always to go plan. Sound like someone we need?? I think so. Haha!

  • Berth

    Gignac? Well am confident Wenger wont buy in January.

  • JDD

    I would play

    Gilbert Silvestre Bartley Cruise
    Ramsey Song Emmanuel-Thomas
    Merida Vela Wilshere

    and on the potential transfers i also think Pierre Andre Gignac would be a good signing he has all the quilities we need and he would still fit in when Van Persie returns.

  • Berth

    Isnt it the hapless Gignac dat played against Rep of Ireland in the WCQ. Shit player he is. I would still prefer an unknown or a Coleee or just maybe Dzeko.

    In another story, Manu won comfortably again with Carrick & Evra in center back, with Fletcher in RB, can someone tell me why.

  • http://kierandelaney.net kierandelaney.net

    In another story, Manu won comfortably again with Carrick & Evra in center back, with Fletcher in RB, can someone tell me why.

    Because Dzeko is shit!

  • Berth

    kerien Dzeko aint shit.

  • http://kierandelaney.net kierandelaney.net

    He was last night! He should have had a hat-trick. He missed loads of golden chances.

    You asked how Man United won – I gave you the answer! Dzeko should have hammered them into the ground, he wasn’t even playing against centre backs!

  • debs

    I remember Wolfsburg missing a couple of gilt-edged chances- free headers, but I don’t remember Dzeko missing any though.