World Cup Draw – Live

Time for the biggest day in December so far… The World Cup draw…


These are the pots:

Pot 1 (seeds): South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Argentina, England

Pot 2 (Asia, Oceania and North/Central America): Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Mexico, Honduras

Pot 3 (Africa and South America): Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Algeria, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay

Pot 4 (Europe): France, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia

Trevor Brooking:

“In pot four, France and Portugal have been mentioned as being difficult but Serbia look pretty tough too. In pot two, the US and Australia would be tricky and Ivory Coast and Ghana are both good sides too. So, in pot three, a South American side might be more favourable than an African one. But, as Fabio Capello has already said, whoever you play, it is going to be tough. How will England do? This is a very good England side. After Brazil and Spain, England are in the next class. If we have got everyone fit, we will be tough to beat – a lot of countries will be looking to avoid us today.”

Over to the comments….

  • devday

    At the CTICC, the show has just kicked off with award-winning musician Johnny Clegg performing ‘Scatterlings of Africa’, a song made famous by the movie Rain Main.

  • devday
  • devday

    Now the audience are being welcomed by the great Nelson Mandela, a key figure in securing the FIFA World Cup for South Africa. The Nobel Peace prize-winning former president, 91, said in a special video message: “We feel privileged and humbled that South Africa has been given this singular honour of being the African host country. We must strive for excellence in our hosting of the World Cup, while at the same time, ensuring that we are going to  leave a lasting benefit to all our people.”

  • devday

    Group A – A1. South Africa, A2. Mexico, A3. Uraguay, A4 France
    Group B – B1. Argentina, B2. Nigeria, B3. South Korea, B4 Greece
    Group C – C1. England, C2. USA, C3. Algeria, C4. Slovenia
    Group D – D1. Germany, D2. Australia, D3. Serbia, D4. Ghana
    Group E – E1. Holland, E2. Denmark, E3 Japan, E4 Cameroon
    Group F – F1. Italy, F2. Paraguay, F3. New Zealand, F4. Slovakia
    Group G – G1. Brazil, G2. North Korea, G3. Ivory Coast, G4. Portugal
    Group H – H1. Spain, H2. Switzerland, H3. Honduras, H4. Chile

  • Fabrez

    Interesting to see Bendtner, Song and RvP meet up!! England should be fine to go thru to the next round and Group G is surely the group of death!!

  • Francis

    Well England will still have to go through Group as follows

    Group D – D1. Germany, D2. Australia, D3. Serbia, D4. Ghana

    And it will not be easy

  • Francis

    Hey guys look at Paul Merson’s tips for teams to go through to the next stage:

    Paul’s predictions – who will go through?
    GROUP A: Mexico and France
    GROUP B: Nigeria and Argentina
    GROUP C: England and USA
    GROUP D: Ghana and Australia
    GROUP E: Holland and Denmark
    GROUP F: Italy and Paraguay
    GROUP G: Brazil and Ivory Coast
    GROUP H: Spain and Chile

    What are your thougths?

  • Josiah

    our group is quite nice.

  • yemi

    @francis, those are exactly my toughts on the teams going thru