Denilson and Rosicky talk trophies…

So, it’s Tuesday 1st December, which means one thing… one main thing… November is over.

So, we’re 11 points behind Chelsea and there are two ways of looking at our situation – positively or negatively – and of course, yesterday was a bit negative. But today, let’s look forward to the rest of the season and what we can realistically achieve. The problem with Arsenal, and Arsene, is that flashes of brilliance, flashes of emphatic wins, such as Everton away  6-1 – give us hope and give us hope that we didn’t have at the beginning of the season.

At the start of the season, after the departures of Toure and Adebayor, we could only think it would be a struggle to finish in the top four, but 2 months later, we were dreaming of the title. So, let’s put the situation into perspective. We’ve not had a settled team all season and the loss of our influential striker and vice-captain is going to take time to adjust to. Eduardo, we all know, is a quality striker and has proven that both before and after his injury. Playing in a 4-3-3 at the tempo and style we play isn’t something any player can be at his peak at overnight – remember Van Persie didn’t play that well or score in the first five or six games of the season.

As things stand, we’re 11 points behind Chelsea. We’ve played well in every game this season except the Sunderland game. The two losses to Man United and Man City were losses, but within the games, we did play well. What I am trying to say is that it’s not like we’ve played really badly and been over run by other teams. Even against Chelsea, we weren’t outplayed at all. I think we outplayed ourselves with a gung ho attitude that could have proved fruitful or backfired.

If we win our game in hand, then we’re 8 points and we’ve got the rest of the season to catch up the table toppers. We didn’t expect Chelsea to lose to Villa or Wigan, so let’s just wait until January and see where they are and see where we are. We know we’ve got the capability to do better than the league table suggests and it’s time to get behind the team. It’s the 1st of December today, not the first of January. We can’t buy anyone, we can only play players that we have, players that are fit and available.

We need to get behind Eduardo, Vela and the likes. We need to see what Sanchez Watt and Simpson are made of tomorrow and see if they can get involved in and around the first team. There’s a bit of a debate going on regarding the qualities of the kids at this level, but personally, I think Simpson could provide us another option. I do prefer him to Sanchez Watt, who in my opinion does look a little bit lazy. Simpson is energetic and much more direct. A la Bendtner and Van Persie, they have a chance, they shoot, they score. But let’s not worry about Simpson or Watt, we have two very good players in Vela and Eduardo, who need our support and I think both of them have the quality to do well this season and a run out in the team and regular football will facilitate their progress.

I’d expect Simpson, Watt, Wilshere, Merida, Coquelin, Eastmond and company to get a look in tomorrow, but I’d expect to see Eduardo and Vela both get some more game time against Stoke on Saturday at the Emirates. With Walcott also returning to the team, we’ve got finally got genuine competition for places in the team now. Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, Rosicky can all play on the wings, with Vela and Eduardo fighting it out up front. In the central positions, we’ve got Song, Denilson, Cesc, Ramsey and of course Nasri and Rosicky can also play there. Yes, on the day we weren’t good enough to beat Chelsea, but last season, on the day, at the bridge, we beat them 2-1. What I’m getting at, is that there is so much left in the season and even without Van Persie and Bendtner, we have enough quality to beat the teams in and around us.

Denilson has just returned to the squad and we know what he’s about, we know he offers an alternative to Song and an extra bit of fire power from midfield – and we know that our best middle three is probably Song, Denilson and Cesc. The Brazilian spoke to SSN and had this to say:

“When you lose people say things that we don’t have the experience, but Arsene Wengerbelieves in us, so you have to have confidence. In training you have to focus and you have to believe in him. He gives us the opportunity, you have to show it. Yesterday, Chelsea scored three goals and were better than us. We have to have confidence this season. It’s a long time since we won a trophy, so we have to win a trophy this season anyway.”

Diplomatic and truthful – we do have to win a trophy and we still can. And let’ s not forget we do have the returning Rosicky and Nasri who are both slowly but surely are gaining match fitness and before we know it will both be back to their creative and goal hungry best.

Rosicky spoke about the game and his thoughts moving forward.

“Maybe it would have been different if we had scored the first goal. But you have to say well done to Chelsea, because they were very strong. Chelsea took their chances. We have to keep going, and try our best because there is still a long way to the end of the season. It [to let the season fall apart now] would be the biggest mistake we can do. The next match is vital. After a defeat like this, you need to have a good reaction, if not it will be even more difficult.”

So, let’s forget about the Chelsea game, let’s think about the quality we do have. The amazing football we can play. Let’s think about the quality that Eduardo and Vela have both shown before. Let’s get behind the team and look ahead now. Before the beginning of the season, we were tipped to finish outside the top four. I can definitely say we’ve got rid of that stigma now. Let’s commend the team on what they’ve achieved so far.

We are the Arsenal.

Til tomorrow.

  • Berth

    spot on Dev but we still need to talk.

  • devday

    Berth – drop me an email when you get a chance!

  • kodjo

    Dev..the issue is this Edu and Vela play better alongside a big striker. At the moment we do not have that coupled with the fact that both are not match fit. Well match fitness only comes when we persist and play these two.

    The problem is that when we run into teams who set their stall like chelsea and defend as if their lives depend on it we may become unstuck especially when we do not score.

    Whilst we fans want to be positive we must all be honest and admit that there is a proven way to play against arsenal.

    With the players we have at our disposal (absence of RVP & B52) it is clear that wenger is depending on individual skill and speed of passing to open defences (given that we have similar type of midfielders in walcott, nasri, cesc, rosicky and to some extent ashavin) up in the last third of the field…will this work? we live to see.

  • wills

    @Kodjo, I totally agree, we do need a big striker, Bendtner does the job but he’s no Rooney or Drogba and I think that is what we (and Liverpool) are lacking.

    Just a thought, but Yaya Toure has said he will leave Barca if he doesn’t play, now he would be a great addition to the team. He’s exactly what we lack in Midfield. Why doesn’t Wenger put a cheeky offer in in Jan?

    Upfront, I like the look of Lukaku…he’s been linked on SSN and looking at the picture of him, he could even knock Drogba to the ground!!

  • Kodjo

    @ Wills

    i have seen the clip of Lukaku and i must admit he looks impressive…but i’d love to see him in a full game to make a thorough assessment. Wenger could gamble on him…

    For me Wenger should go for Carlton Cole if he has no injury concerns for the following reasons:

    1. He can play in our 4-3-3 system as he has improved his close ball control tremendously.

    2. Can bring others into the game.

    3. Has the physical presence to play upfront on his own if we vary our system to 4-5-1.

    4. Does not need time to adapt to the premiership…he will be up and going

    5. Extras… Edu or Vela will thrive alongside if we revert to the 4-4-2 system.

    Honestly Cole has more to his game than Bendtner at the moment.

    In the case of Chamakh he is cup tied for Europe and also may need time to adapt. Or Bordeaux may be unwilling to sell. Frankly with our injury problems arsenal do not have time for that.

    Problem with this is that with Wenger you just never know. Wenger may decide to look for solutions within the club by reverting to a 4-4-2 system. That will mean sacrificing either Song or Denilson in midfieled, because he will need speedy players on the left and right of midfield and just 1 defensive midfielder. And also look for a combination of compatible strikers…

    Your thougths folks…

  • Kodjo

    @ Wills

    Yaya will be a great addition to our team but at a price …this will mean either denilson or song will be sacrificed. I do not think that Wenger wants to do that at the moment, giving that he has carefully nurtured these 2 players for the last 2 years and as part of their development into the finished article. They have to play.

    The other draw back with signing Yaya in Jan is that he will play in the ACN and all things being equal we may not see him till mid or late Feb.

    If Wenger signs Yaya then he has the luxury of the following:

    Wenger can afford to rest Fabregas and play wilshere/merida/ramsey with Yaya and Song/Denilson providing protection. It’s all about player combination, the system, the stakes, type of opposition and player development program. Not to mention the strikers available.

  • wills

    @Kodjo, yeah forgot about the ACN, otherwise Yaya would be a great addition. Have you seen Chelseas fixtures during Jan when they’re missing Drogba, Essien and Co?! Easy games or what!

    Cole would be a good buy up front, the fact that he is English is good too with the new rule coming in next season about home grown players.

    Anyone got any thoughts on the CC game tomorrow?

    Possible line up of…..

    Bench of: Manonne, Frimpong, Coquelin, Eduardo, Gilbert, Bartley, Watt?

  • Francis

    arsenal are being linked to the following strikers

    Balotelli, Pazzini, Loic Remy, Ruud Van Nistelroy, Gignac…. i guess the papers are having a field day now since it’s an open secret that we are in the hunt for a striker.

    Wenger’s worry right now is that he has to get to Jan without dropping any more points…

  • Berth

    Press Francis just these crazy press ready to devour any form of slip from Arsenal.

    A personal note for Wenger: He should please play a strong squad against city. He should not take chances.

  • Berth

    Hello mates their is a comment from (Ref Sb53 – I want to share with you folks; its quiet interesting:

    People should get off this idea that our midfield is weak and gets run over. Our midfield is fine and did well against Chelsea. If anyone won that battle it was Arsenal, not just possesion wise but in terms of hurrying, takeaways and all other indicators.

    We lost the game in defence and attack. In defence because unfortunately both of our CBs had bad days (especially Gallas) and both of their CFs had great days (especially Drogba). More worryingly though, we also lost the game because of our complete ineptitude in attack. Credit goes to their defence too but… Arsahvin was ok-ish. Eduardo on this form should not be starting for the Carling Cup team. And Nasri is a good player but he is a MIDFIELDER – he is not penetrative enough to be winger. Only this piece is Wenger’s fault since he couldn’t have planned for both RvP and Bentdner being out at the same time AND Eduardo being this far from top form (or maybe just not good enough, period).

    Interesting to see someone who thinks like Wenger