Oh My Gosh, Robin is out for the season!

Oh my gosh, today was probably the worst day in the season so far. So bad, that I had to get up and write a quick article on it… When I woke up and check my phone, there it was… the news that I just couldn’t believe was the case… Robin Van Persie will be out injured for 4 to 5 months.

Wow. In shock!

The club released a statement:

“Robin van Persie returned to Arsenal on November 22nd following an ankle injury sustained whilst on international duty with Holland. The injury was expected to keep him out of action for between four and six weeks. Upon his return, the Arsenal medical team conducted a thorough review of his scans, his early injury management and the treatment he had received. Having scrutinised these in detail and assessed the response of his ankle, the club’s medical team concluded that further investigation and opinion was required. Advice was sought from the leading ankle specialist Mr Niek van Dijk, who confirmed that more extensive damage had been suffered than was first diagnosed. In order to repair his ankle, Robin will undergo surgery next week in Amsterdam to reconstruct the ligaments. The club’s medical team anticipate that a full recovery will take between four and five months.”

Shocking news and the interesting thing is that it looks like the diagnosis could have been done when he returned from International duty – but it looks (to a certain degree) that the club trusted the initial report from the Dutch FA, which was most likely normally sufficient with x-rays etc.

Robin Van Persie was very disappointed and talked about the recent treatment – the now famous horse placenta!

“In the area of torn muscles and partly torn ligaments she has treated players in the majority of cases with success. A number of Liverpool and Chelsea players have all benefited from her treatments. They were all back on the pitch in a very short time. As I was enjoying a fantastic period with Arsenal and the first official diagnosis from the doctors was that I would be out for six weeks, I wanted to bring that period back to three or four weeks. But the ligaments in my ankle were completely ruptured. That’s why the treatment in Serbia, we know now, never had the chance to be successful from the start. I have never wanted to go for alternative medical help before. Normally I am too cool for that kind of thing. But because I wanted to grab every opportunity to get fit again and to be back on the pitch with Arsenal, I decided to have a go. If it does not help me, it won’t harm me either. That was my motto. I had the treatment methods checked intensively before I went out there. I demanded to know if there was any way it could do any damage. It couldn’t. Which is why I went. A lot has been said and written about it. But the method of treatment in Serbia is not a bizarre thing. I did not have anything injected in my body. The treatment was solely on the surface.’’

He went on to talk about the treatment and how it’s had such a bizarre response from the UK media recently but he doesn’t regret disclosing his treatment methods, apparently it’s the norm in Serbia!

“People say I should have kept it quiet. But because I always want to be honest and I felt as if I had nothing to hide, I wanted to be open about it. I was in continuous contact with the medical staff at Arsenal, with whom I have an excellent relationship. In fact, I admire our medical people at the club for giving me the chance to work on a really fast return into the team. A lot of other people made comments without having any knowledge of the treatment methods in Serbia. But I was surprised by the hype and some of the bizarre comments. All those people forget I only had one goal with all this: I wanted to get back in the team at Arsenal as quick as possible.’’

To be honest, this latest set back must come as a massive blow to the Dutchman – he’s been struggling with injuries since he joined us, and personally I can’t remember when he had an injury free season. As a fan, I’m very very upset – we’ve lost one of our most influential players, our vice-captain for the rest of the season – a player who was having arguably the best season of his career.

“It is so frustrating to be out for months. I was having a super season with the team. I had never felt as strong and powerful as this year. Apart from, I think, two matches, I either scored or made goals in all the games we played this season. I was getting so strong, that I felt nobody could stop me anymore. That is the greatest feeling you can have as a player. It is such a pity that great run has been stopped for the time being by one kick in a friendly international match. It is a real shame for me, for the team and for the fans of Arsenal.’’

The question remains whether Arsene will delve into the market? With Eduardo, Vela, Walcott and Bendtner all injury prone too, and three forward positions to fill, it does make sense to add to team in January – but January is 6 weeks away and we’ve got a lot to think about before then… starting with…

Tomorrow’s game against Chelsea.

  • Fabrez

    Bad times…let’s c if the strikers we have can do the job between now n Jan…

  • devday

    I think Eduardo is definitely a good striker…. and Vela and Bendtner have something too. But in RvP we had the best of all three (Eduardo’s finishing, Vela’s creativity and Bendtner’s aerial ability!)…


  • Fabrez

    Indeed dev…RvP was finally gonna show the world how good he was. Such a shame. But lamenting gets us no where so I guess we will now see if the depth we have can step up to the plate! It’s a big time for our strikers and attacking mids! I think we can do it! It all begins with Chelsea!!

  • Vazy

    a very sad day indeed

  • Berth

    Wenger should sell Vela and buy a striker that can shoot with both feet. Bad as the news sounds it could be a blessing in disguise and can possibly force Wenger to buy Chamak.

  • Berth

    *could. And again, Arsh shoulld try and forget the WC issue and play football the way he does best that is our best hope this season.

  • Fabrez

    Sell Vela? Don’t agree with that. And being in contract talks with the young Mexican means that aint happenin. I have a strong opinion about Man U…i think they’re behind Arsenal and Chelsea in terms of quality…but I admire them for 1 thing and 1 thing only…they know exactly how to wim matches. They’re actually 1-1 with Portsmouth at HT but those guys win matches! Even with pensioners like Giggs, Scholes and Neville in the starting XI…guess that experience helps loads. And I think they’ll really suffer with no Rooney for 4-5 months. I think we can cope with no RvP tho…time shall tell!

  • Berth

    Fabrez I admire ur optimisim but we need trophies. You know that as much as I do and with fairness and honesty Edu, vela and Bedner cannot win us league. I think one should go and be replaced with an experienced striker. My thoughts. Remb no trophies in 5 yrs is bad enough.

  • Fabrez

    *sigh* I know what you mean Berth… I mean… I think Arsenal fans live in HOPE of Edu, Vela and Bendtner coming good this season. They have never fulfilled their potential and RvP was the only one who was doing that so far this season. All of a sudden it’s back on the shoulders of players who “may” do well…never had a stellar season like Rooney of Man U, Drogba of Chelsea or Torres of Liverpool. So we hope we can win the league based on what potential we have. It’s now down to the guys to step up as opposed to showing potential for yet another season. This RvP thing has hurt us and we need to show that we have the strength to deal with it. I’m not sure buying any1 will help unless it’s David Villa and that aint happenin so… We live in hope…

  • Fabrez

    …and Rooney gets a hat-trick…3-1. Exactly the point I was making about Man U being a lot less with Rooney. If Rooney were out, they’d have no Ronaldo to rely on. We are so unfortunate with injuries…it’s ludacrous :(

  • Arseneknows

    Oh dear I can hear the doubters creeping in – we’re doomed!
    We can’t win!, we should sell!, we should buy!
    I really think these sort of thoughts are utterly pointless,
    we have plenty of great creative players who will step up!
    Get behind your team gooners! We went 10 games unbeaten in the
    champions league once with these 4 defenders;
    Eboue, Senderos,Campbell and Flamini!!
    We have a brilliant squad – let’s ‘ave some of those Chelsea
    monkeys and win us a game!
    We can do it
    we can do it

  • Berth

    Arseneknows ur right without doubt, but first lets pass tommorrow exams.

  • Berth

    win win win winoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. All I want is winoooooooo for Arsenal.

  • Arseneknows

    Nice one Birth – we’ll do it!

    We’ve got to Keep the faith.

    I’m thinking Carling and Nachos for the match!

  • Berth

    thats the spirit Arseneknows.

  • JAT

    I hope I wasn’t the bearer of the bad news, not nice to wake up to that, and I assumed you would be up!

  • Fabrez

    Not a doubter! Just a worrier!! lol But I feel 2morow we can do the job! Let’s get behind the lads!! C’mon u Gunners!!

  • kodjo

    My thougths… wenger should check on the fitness of carlton cole if he is okay i think he is the logical replacement for RVP…besides west ham need the cash, cole has shone from the last season that he can mix it up with the best…and he will always get quality service from our midfield. arsenal do not have the time to go for a player who hasnt played in the premiership.

  • moe

    he guys can u tell me wut u think of my suggested line up for the chelsea game:


    Sagna Gallas? Vermaelen Silvestre



    Walcott Nasri


  • Pete

    It’s good waking up on a match day! 😀

    Think yesterdays injury news sidetracked us a bit (not that we couldn’t talk about it of course). Really looking forward to todays game though. Even though we might have 2-3 starters missing, it’d still be a tough game if everyone was fit. The way I see it is the pressure is on the visitors, as they’ll field a full strength team. We’re at home, the atmosphere will be awesome, and we’ll still have a lot of good players to field.

    Call me optimistic but I”ve got to go with an Arsenal win, with Arshavin scoring 😀

  • Pete

    BTW, anyone going to the game today?

  • Fabrez

    Yeah Pete…matchday wake-ups are great! Would have neen great to get up at like half 3 tho! Less waiting! lol I’m not goin…r u m8?

  • Pete

    Nah mate, wish I was though lol. Going to try and see it at a bar or somewhere, find a place where there’s not too many people about. Where you watching it mate?

  • Fabrez

    lol…fair enuff. I’m off to my mate’s flat to watch it. He’s actually a Man U fan but I can stand him 2day bcuz he’s gonna b a Gooner for the day…lol! Think loads of Man u fans will want an Arsenal win!

  • Sam

    For all those lucky ones going to the Emirates today, please get behind the team and supprt them no matter the way the game/result goes.
    Wish I was there!

  • devday