Eduardo ready to fill void, as RvP flys to Serbia… But who will cover Gibbs & Clichy…?

So, Robin Van Persie’s injury will no doubt break up our flow, but at a club like ours, we cannot let injuries stand in our way. (Okay, well we kind of have in recent times, but not this season…)… but the difference this season is that we’re in a formation that has only one striker and four attacking midfielders and we have a more than capable back up for the main striking position in Eduardo Da Silva. In previous seasons, we’ve lost players and not really had anyone to come in for them. At the moment, we’ve lost RvP, but players such as Eduardo and the soon to be fit again Carlos Vela can make the step up. With Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri and Walcott providing the supporting role alongside the captain, it shouldn’t be doom and gloom – albeit Robin Van Persie is a very big player for us!

Eduardo himself was in the press commenting on the situation and said:

“The boss knows our qualities and how they can fit into a formation. For me it is fine to play on the left or the right, no problem, the most important thing is to help the team and I feel good in those positions. It is a formation that gives us more movement and more creativity through the middle, although it is not easy because we have to balance defence and attack and that can be difficult.”

Whilst Eduardo is gearing himself up for an extended run in the team, Robin Van Persie is off to Serbia to “try out” a new treatment which uses placenta massaged into the ankle to make it stronger – random, very much so, but true. Who else thought it was a joke the first time they read it? Let’s hear from RvP…

“She is vague about her methods but I know that she first massages you for a long time with placenta fluid. I am going to give it a try. It can’t do any harm and if it helps, it helps. I’ve been in contact with Arsenal’s chief physio about it. The club has allowed me to have this treatment done.”

Hmmm, doesn’t really sound very specific, but of course placenta is a healing solution, so if anything, it can’t be bad. RvP is going to see Arsene on Thursday who will make the final decision, but it does seem like it is something that will happen.

And just as you thought we couldn’t extend our trusted old injury list (see the right hand side for the lengthy list)… we’ve suffered what is actually a big blow for us as Kieran Gibbs was injured when on International duty for the England Under 21s. When Gael Clichy was injured, we weren’t too worried as we had young Gibbsy in reserve, but with the recent injury, they are both out at the same time. Of course, we have two players who can deputise – one being Mikael Silvestre and one being Armand Traore… I’d say the former is fit and ready to play, whilst the latter is more suited to our game, but remains unfit and recovering from injury… Saturday’s team news is going to be interesting.

Initially earlier today, I heard that the injury was a suspected metatarsal injury, but news coming out of the world of Arsenal is that it may not be as bad as first feared… the BBC reporting… “A Football Association spokesman told BBC Sport that it did not look as though Gibbs had seriously damaged his ankle.”

Fingers crossed! Believe me, I was so upset earlier…!

Okay, just before I go, just a quick round up of the other news…

Fran Merida’s agent says he’s ready to negotiate with Arsenal after not receiving any other offers. Interesting, and very worrying that the desire to sign was not immediate…

“I do not know what Atletico are waiting for in bidding for a player who has half of Europe after him. It’s true that as a child he was sick about Atletico but everything has changed a bit. Now his heart and head are with Arsenal. There are much falsehoods in the world of football because the players do not decide what team they play for. The priority now is to negotiate with Arsenal and in the future we’ll see. The desire is to keep him at Arsenal and succeed.”

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Samir Nasri will not play a defensive midfield role when Alex Song is at the Africans cup of nations – instead Denilson will return and be fit enough to cover the role – any one think we’re due a DM signing in January? Anyone heard what Arsene has been saying about Vieira needing to move clubs to ensure his World Cup place… interesting….

Arsene on Nasri:

“No, [he is not a replacement]. I do not say that he could not, Samir is very tactically astute, but he is attracted forwards. He loves the offensive game. We have Denilson who can fill that role. He is more suited than Samir at the moment. Samir is more a player who has pace, is versatile around the box and can finish. It would be a sacrifice to put him down there. Also he has a little handicap in the air. He likes [that defensive role] and certainly, technically and tactically, he can do it but I believe he can be more efficient up front.”

And finally, there’s noise coming out of the Kroenke camp about how good Kroenke is as an investor and a businessman… it’s coming from the Kroenke side – but they may just have a point – more on that tomorrow…

Til then…

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Gutted about Gibbs the lad really needed time on the pitch to catch Capello’s eye for the world cup.

    Looking at our ever growing injury list on the right of the page, was not that bad a read to be honest. Most of the players are due back within 1-3 weeks so we will be able to field a decent side…unless we get more injuries.

    Lets just hope Eduardo steps up and bags a few as he tends to get a bit lost in some games.

  • Pete

    So we have two players already casualties of the international break and it isn’t even over yet. I’ll be keeping an eye on the France – Ireland game as it’ll feature both Sagna and Gallas, and will probably be a feisty game. Hopefully those two will come away unscathed.

    Its quite surprising how much coverage this horse placenta treatment has gotten. According to a few other players who’ve tried it, its hlped, so who knows. Either way, best wishes to RvP.

    Its going to be a demanding 3-4 weeks for Eduardo in the striker role, as the fixtures will be mounting up quite a bit. He’s definately got class, so hopefully he can stay fit and go on a blistering run, especially in the big games against Chelsea and Liverpool. If he can keep us going til we at least have the option rotating with Bendtner then that would be teriffic. Got a feeling we might see Vela and some of the other playing coming back from injury in the Champions League games coming up, as we’re already in a good position in our group. Perhaps we’ll be able to give a few players a rest if need be.

    Be instersting to see how the leftback role will be filled. My gut says either Silvestre or Vermaelen, but apparently Sagna can play there too. But its not an ideal situation, its plain bad luck to have two of your fullbacks in one position injured at the same time.

    Still wouldn’t mind another defence minded midfielder to be brought in, but I’d a feeling we’ll be relying on Denilson and perhaps one of the youth players (Coquelan maybe?) during Songs absense in the New Year.

    Interesting times ahead. Hopefully in the good sense.

  • gunning4eva

    In the official website Silvestre says “Sunderland will be a test for us”. That means he’s gonna play…..can’t like it

  • devday

    LOL, gunning4eva, news coming out of the Grove is that Silvestre is set to deputise at left back, Traore has fully recovered, but is having fitness tests on Thursday. With Silvestre the fitter out of the two, I’d expect the former United player to get the nod. Especially with Darren Bent and Kenwyne Jones, I think Silvestre aerial superiority may also help!

    Anyone prefer Eboue at left back to Silvestre?

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I would expect Silvestre to play LB role but we should have Traore back in time for Chelsea…but will AW want to play him in such a big game…I very much doubt it.

    I don’t actually mind Silvestre to be honest, he has bags of experience and is a goal treat at set plays. obvisously he is lacking match sharpness and some speed but he is fairly reliable.

  • vj

    Hey guys heard that if this placenta thing works then rvp may be back in a week or two!! anyway it looks like silvestre is going to play, he has done well in the carling cup and also he is really reliable hardly puts a foot wrong. Senderos is set to leave if anyone wants him we need a replacement for him, unlikely wenger is going to replace song with anyone just deoutise denilson if he is fit enough, hopefully we will be able to ride out the next two months, a good thing champions league is pretty much in the bag.

  • debs

    Update on Kieran’s injury from the Arsenal website:

    ‘After being assessed by the Arsenal medical staff, the Club can confirm that Kieran Gibbs has sustained ‘severe bruising to the bones and soft tissue of his right foot. Thankfully the foot is not fractured and his enforced absence wil be short term’

    Hopefully he’ll be back in a week or two!

  • debs

    The last sentence was from me, by the way. Don’t think there’s anything on the website as to how long exactly he’ll be out for.

  • Fabrez

    All the best with that treatment Robin…kinda skeptical about it but if it works, send the rest of our injured players to Belgrade for that treatment plz!! lol

    I’d go for Silvestre for the rest of the month to be honest. Think he can do a job for us at LB. Hope Gael and Gibbsy come back quickly!

    And absolutely love the fact that Dudu signed a NEW DEAL!!! Take that Liverpool!! lol Sign up Tomas Rosicky plz!!! This news has actually made the Robin news a bit easier to take! Nice!!

  • Fabrez

    And along with Edu signing a new deal, no broken bone is great news too! No injuries 2nite plz!

  • Fabrez

    no broken bone for Gibbsy that is!

  • Pete

    Bloody hell, now Sagna receives a blow to the face from Ireland. It doesn’t seem serious mind.

    Great news about Gibbs there Debs, cheers for that. Could still miss the Chelsea game but should be back after that I reckon.

    PLeased for Eduardo, he deserves a new contract just for coming back from that injury. Now he can just get on with playing well :)

  • Debs

    I’m so gutted for Arshavin and Russia! Very gutted! :-(

  • sam

    Sagna & Gallas are the only decent players in French team. That’s the result of an utterly stupid coach.

  • sam

    Gallas scores. It’s the Arsenal connection.are the only decent players in French team.

  • sam

    Gallas scores. It’s the Arsenal connection.

  • Vazy

    ouch.. the Henry Handball, what does everyone think of it?

    im all confused about how im taking it, on one hand he should have put his hand up and said it wasnt a goal.. but then face the wrath of his country and dropping out of the world cup (who would want that).. but on the other hand become an uncompromising legend with everyone else… but since he diddnt do that.. hes kinda tarnished his reputation.. but then again hes Henry! one of the best Arsenal legends…

    ARGH my head!

    so yea what does everyone else think?

  • Vazy

    besides hes one of my all time fave players

  • Debs

    I dunno Vazy. It’s kind of the diving thing, isn’t it? It was a massive massive call for him whether to own up or not- he didn’t. But well, he’s human, we all make mistakes, no? He’s definitely going to get it in the papers 2moro- much more than Eduardo in my mind. He’s definitely not going to live it down, much like the Maradona ‘hand of God’. Let’s wait and see if he like comes out and says something in the press though- he is the captain afterall so he should be interviewed soon.

    I want to hear what Irish WOA poster Mark Callan (?) has to say though. It’ll be interesting!

  • Debs

    I do wish it was someone other than Henry with the balatant handball though :-(

  • Pete

    Have to really feel for Ireland, no doubt about it they were robbed.

  • Pete

    The sad thing is it’ll most likely be just the Ireland supporters that will feel strongly about this incident. Similar to the Maradona hand of God situation, anyone who isn’t an England fan doesn’t care. Its a shame.

    Thierry, you’re better than that.

  • syah

    its football man. there are rules but the gameplay itself is subjective. anything can happen and anything that happens would definitely have two different point of views.

    anyways anyone playing football manager 2010? the youth players in the arsenal team are sooo underrated but the rest of them are freaking awesome! haha. into my fourth season with the team. and guess what!?!?! had an offer from the man u board to replace saf cos he got sacked.

  • Debs

    Good to see Fabregas and Eboue! in the goals as well though. no more injuries please!

  • Fabrez

    Ouch…it’s one of them things u do in the moment innit? Was definitely not a good move Thierry…he’s def 1 of my favourites ever but I feel for Ireland tho. Really do! They played with their hearts and to go down like that must be absolutely bitter!

  • Vazy

    @ debs, yea i really wish it was almost any other player than him.. bah!

    voice conformation that he admits it post press conference

    well i at least hope he gets a bit more respect he lost back.. tho he diddnt speak up at the time.. tho he is as what was said earlier only human

  • Debs

    I know! It was a split-second thing, and unfortunately, it’s going to stick with him forever, arguably. Gutted for Ireland, definitely. Who knows what would have happened if it went to penalties?
    Did want France to go through though, ‘cos our team is practically French, and I was worried that them not going through might affect morale. Really sad Arsh’s not going to the World Cup, but hopefully it’ll make him more determined to win something with us this season!

  • Vazy

    my last post is awaiting moderation still but, until it comes up… henry admitted in post match interview for handball.. search for the audio clip on bbc sport

  • Leeroy.N

    Desperate measures for desperate times. Disappointing though still, but footballers are human too and have emotions. I can understand why he done it, but I dont condone it in anyway. That decision will definatly be with him for long time to come.

  • sam

    C’mon guys. Don’t lay in to Henry. Any of us would have done it if WC was on the line.

  • yemi

    no arshavin for world cup! Gutted.
    Any injury worries for the other big teams? I’ll hate to see that we are the only ones picking up injuries in these breaks. Are we weak?

  • yemi

    sorry for ireland, they have shown that they are no pushovers

  • Marc Callan

    Hi lads,

    After sleeping an unrestless sleep last night knowing my beloved country was robbed of “the incident”, I cannot look at henry the same way again…he cheated as he realised (maybe not conciously) that France may go out (as like Russia did last night)…I’m sorry lads, he was a legend for Arsenal but he will forever be remembered in my eyes as someone that will do anything (cheating) to win a match…Some would think my wording is harsh but to handle it once can be seen as accidental, controlling it twice is on purpose…Dunne didn’t see the incident last night as he was fouled in the lead up hence Henry sitting with him, if it was Shay Given, I think words would have been said…i understand all of us make mistakes but what he did is like me defrauding my company of money and saying well I’m not the one in charge…honestly I am gutted…

  • Marc Callan

    Also anyone saying any one of us would have done it for the WC, look at Maradona and tell me you can say ahh fair enough, you did it for the WC…I much rather not go and be honest with myself than go and know I cheated…remember this guy is role model for kids and he is just saying, if you can get away with it then do it!

  • Pete

    Henry’s still a great player mate. That will never change in my eyes. Same as Maradona, despite the ’86 World Cup and Ronaldo despite the ’06 World Cup.

    But I really feel for you lads.

  • wills

    @Marc Callan, I feel for you mate as an Irish supporter. I know that when England didn’t qualify for the last Euros, I was gutted, but knew that we weren’t good enough over the qualifying games, however if Eduardo or any other Croatian player and done what Henry did last night and that caused us not to qualify, I can imagine I’d be furious!!

    I’m quarter French and am honestly very disappointed at the way they went through last night. I’m glad Henry came out and admitted he’d done wrong, but as a life long Arsenal fan, who chanted Henry’s name when he came onto the pitch against Blackburn earlier in the season, I feel a bit let down that he went off and celebrated and didn’t go to the referee to say it was handball.

    I remember him going down in the box during his time at Arsenal and actually getting up and telling the ref he wasn’t fouled, rather like Arshavin did against Pompey last year. Maybe this part of his sportsmanship isn’t there anymore, or maybe he was just desperate to play in SA next summer.

    He’s going to get a lot of shit from the press, but I think he knows that and is expecting it. Maybe if he responds to the requests from the Irish players for the game to be replayed and says he would welcome it, then he’ll earn some of his respect back. However, if the game is replayed, and the Irish loose outright in 90 minutes, they debate will still continue and people will just say the outcome would’ve been different on the night.

    At least it’s going to be a big push for the use of video replays. One could’ve been used then, or even after the game. I’m sure they’re will be some kind of request from people for a video appeal system, they could’ve had one after the game last night and made the players settle it on a penalty shoot out, which I know no one likes, but is the fairest way at the end of the day.

    I wish all the Irish players the best of luck with qualifying for the next WC and Euros, they’ve done a fantastic job, in a difficult group and deserved a lot more than they got.

    Maybe they’ll get France in the Euro 2012 qualifiers and get the chance to get their own back!!

  • Marc Callan


    Lad I like the attitude, I honestly can see anyones point if we were beat 6 – 0 on the night and didn’t play but when the ref doesn’t book Anelka for diving and then that happens, I was kinda wondering are we watchin a different match to everyone else…The ref even said it definitely was not a handball to one of the irish players…I am just disappointed in Henry, as you said he was an honest man and then he did that…I was more annoyed with his celebrations like he was YES i got away with it…

    All in all, we will have to move on cuz neither Mister Blatter or Platini will organise the game to be replayed, you know you will get a different France team on the night and probably the same result…we should have taken our chances, unfortunately it came back to haunt us…

  • Fabrez

    On a positive note, we’ve got Denilson, Fabianski, Traore and Vela back! Not bad at all! And all in all, Gibbs and RvP cud have been worse so I guess we’ve not done too badly all in all over the last 2 weeks!

  • JDD

    Im Half Irish But I Dont Think He’s A Cheat He Did What He Needed To Do To Win.Good To See Gallas Make Keane Cry .

  • JDD

    It Was Instinct Not Delibrate What Do You Want Him To Do Tell The Ref No And Then His Country Dont Go To The World Cup.