Van Persie “out for one or two months”…

Life is a funny old game, and the odds seemed to be against us… we’re one of the unluckiest teams when it comes to injuries… and just when it seemed like it was coming together, just when it got to the final round of International games for 3 months… bang… an injury to our star striker.

News broke today that Robin Van Persie is out for the next three months and it’s a big blow for the club and a massive blow for the player too. Robin has managed to stay injury free and really show what a great striker he is. And you’ve got to feel for the player. It’s a big blow of Arsenal, as he’d been in great form – the blow is softened by the fact Eduardo is fit and raring to go, but with Bendtner and Walcott both injured too, and Vela coming
back from injury, we’re suddenly very short in the striker department.

The Dutch FA confirmed he tore ankle ligaments, but will not require surgery…

“The ankle ligaments are definitely torn. After the match our medical staff did not mention a break in the bone but the doctors will be able to tell us for sure. It does not look too good.”

If you want to see how it happened, take a look here, cheers Debs for commenting this link…

Initial reports suggested that the player would be out for about three months, but Van Persie himself feels it could be closer to 4 weeks, although, I would be surprised to see him again in 2009. Van Persie commenting:

“The prognosis is that I will be out for four to six weeks…”

We’ll probably hear more from the striker and of course Arsene tomorrow, but for the meanwhile, here’s to a speedy recovery!

  • debs

    Thank God he’s not out for 3 months! But yeah, let’s wait and see what Wenger says as to how long. I don’t think we’ll be short up front, seeing as Walcott and Vela should be fit for Sunderland. And ofcourse, there’s Eduardo as well. I’d only get proper worried this season if one of our centre-backs gets injured! Fingers crossed they won’t- still one more round of internationals on Wednesday :-(

  • gunning4eva

    i doubt eduardo will remain injury free. and also vela and walcott both are injury prone. but yeah, if even one central defender and also song gets injured, we are doomed…i hate our luck.
    i am also worried what we’ll do when song goes to African nations cup.

  • Pete

    Good to hear its not as bad as some early reports suggested. 4-6 weeks is a hell of a lot better than 3 months. At least he’ll be back by January (barring any setback), and he’ll be fresh to face United, Liverpool and Chelsea in the league. Its a shame to see someone in such good form laid up like that though.

    No more injuries please.

  • Berth

    Desperate times ahead. Best we keep our cool and not let ourselves down with V.P’s absence.Its time to prove the depth of the squad; Wenger over to you.

  • dave

    fingers crossed rvp is out for weeks and not months just aslong as we dont bring him back to soon and then we could lose him for the rest of the season just another of this blessed curse we seem to have when it comes to injuries arsen must wonder if he will ever get to play his strongest team

  • Leeroy.N

    Here’s to a good recovery for Van Persie. I believe this is going to be a test of character for RVP and Wenger, too many times we last season he tried to come back before he was properly fit and it ended up having a bad impact on his health as well as his performances. He needs to take the time he needs off and get back into the flow slowly. I feel we can still play the same 4-3-3, having a little shuffle and raising our game we should do just fine for the time being.

    Win, lose or Draw.. gooner Til I Die!!

  • wills

    I think the van Persie injury was so unlucky. The defender didn’t look like he did anything wrong and I think it was the way RvP fell/landed that did it. Another day the same thing would’ve happened and he’d have bounced right back up.

    Time for Eduardo and Vela to shine, at least the games he’s missing aren’t huge, bar Chelsea and Liverpool of course!!!

    I suppose on the plus side, he might be fully fit and raring to go in the New Year, and fresh for the nasty run of games against United, Chelsea and Liverpool.

  • Arsefan101 confirm the player will be out until the end of the year, and then he will have to get fit, so I would expect 8 weeks (2 months) from today.

    So unlucky!

  • ny

    i know u people wont agree with me…But my gut feeling is Wenger may field Diaby there if Eduardo is not available.

  • Pete

    NY, I thought exactly the same thing yesterday about Diaby. Last time he played in such an advanced position was last years 2-1 win over United. He is more of an atacking player so perhaps that could be an options. I would like to see Eduardo and Vela shine though. But hey, lets hope these next 6 weeks fly by without any incident.

  • sam

    Best wishes to RVP for a speedy recovery.
    Every season has its ups & downs, just part of the game (though we do seem to have more injuries than most other clubs).
    RVP has scored about 10% of the goals scored this year, I’m sure the rest of the squad will make up for his absence. Apart from Edu, Theo & Vela, we have Arsh, Wilshere, Diaby and Vermaleen… Let’s just hope for a safe Wednesday & the best!

  • vj

    That is a horrendous tackle guys, he should be beheaded, greassy italian, 6 weeks thats a real mare, im worried bout the sunderland game, hopefully eduardo and arshavin can deputise well enough, then walcott will be back and should be fine till then o fuck

  • Leeroy.N

    Don’t forget we have Nasri back. He is looking good too! He seemed to look a little heavy in the later stages of last season. But he is lookin trim and fit. Has scored too, so he will be hungry for more! Come on you Gunners!!

    Win, Lose or Draw.. Gooner Til I Die!!


    That is a horrendous tackle guys, he should be beheaded, greassy italian, 6 weeks thats a real mare, im worried bout the sunderland game, hopefully eduardo and arshavin can deputise well enough, then walcott will be back and should be fine till then o fuck

    What a ridiculous and offensive comment.

    Apart from the fact that you’ve actively suggested murderous violence and been a lunatic racist, you’ve utterly missed the fact that the defender won the ball. Heavy tackle maybe, but I wouldn’t be taking any chances with RVP bearing down on my goal either.

  • wills

    If we get another injury to a striker, how much would we all love Wenger to bring Henry back! On a 6 month loan with an option to coach!

    If only dreams came true!

  • Debs

    Haha Wills!
    But seriously though, we actually have a full XI players injured at the moment- Abou Diaby, Robin, Nicklas Bendtner, Theo Walcott, Denilson, Armand Traore, Gael Clichy, Lukasz Fabianski, Carlos Vela, Jack Wilshere and Johan Djourou. And it’s actually a pretty decent team as well!
    Hopefully a few of thrm’ll be back soon!

  • wills

    Yeah Debs that XI is a bunch of very good players.
    Apart from Traore and possibly Wilshere, I think they could all be pushing for a starting place at least.

    I’m actually especially gutted about Djourou this year. I would’ve been more than happy to have him as a back up to Gallas and Vermaelen, and it could’ve been his year to really step up. However it looks like he’s going to have to wait yet another year.

    Hopefully we’ll have Theo and Vela back to take to Sunderland, if not we’re stuffed for a back up striker in that game unless Sanchez Watt travels, which actually wouldn’t surprise me.

    I just pray that Cesc doesn’t play more than 45 minutes against Austria tomorrow, and that Russia wrap up their game quickly and sub Arshavin!

  • Debs

    Wow! Kieran Gibbs’ gone off injured for the U-21s against Lithuania halfway through the first half. Hope it’s just precautionary!

  • wills

    This is ridiculous! Why Gibbs?!

    It’s always our players who seem to get injured on the international break. Ok Torres with Spain, but never United or Chelsea.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see both Lampard and Drogba back for the Arsenal game.

    We really do have the worst luck!

    I hope when the ACN comes around, Drogba, Essien, Adebayor and Toure all come back injured!