Injury Update

Morning folks…

As the week goes on, I’m back on my travels and have 3 flights tomorrow to catch, starting here in Greenville Mississippi and ending up in Toronto… I’ve downloaded the AZ game to my laptop so I can watch it on my travels, giving me some extra time to catch up on the football and reflect on the game…

In the meantime, I’ve been asked when some of our injured players are returning and what is wrong with them, so here is a injury overview:

Carlos Vela
Carlos is currently struggling with a knee injury and looks likely to return after the International break – most likely for the away game to Sunderland.

Theo Walcott
Theo is also suffering from a knee injury and looks to be back in training next week – he is also most likely back after the international break.

Good news for Denilson is that he should also be back after the International break – he should return to the first team for the end of November, and the Carling Cup game against Man City looks like a likely return date.

Gael Clichy
The French left back has been haunted by problems with his back that has kept him out for a while on several occasions. He is currently suffering from a stress fracture which may see him out of action until the end of the year.

Armand Traore
Armand is due to rejoin training on Monday and should have gained match fitness after the International break.

Jack Wilshere
Jack’s missed the last couple of games with an ankle injury. He is close to recovery and should feature in the game against Man City (Carling Cup) on Dec 02.

Niklas Bendtner
Nikki B looks like he will be out of action for pretty much the whole of November as he recovers from the groin injury picked up in the north London derby. He may be back for the Carling Cup game too, but further assessment may be required.

Johan Djourou
The Swiss International defender is the one major absentee who will be missing for pretty much the whole season. Johan suffered a knee injury in August, and his recovery is estimated at 6-8 months.

  • khai

    can i say. these people will be crucial to our title push. hopefully they recover asap. things are looking pretty good for Arsenal!! Go Gunners!

  • Fabrez

    What is kinda weird is that we don’t seem to be missing Denilson… Does any1 miss him? Diaby has recently been playing his role well enough. And in saying that…seeing Diaby get stuck in n make tackles was very encouraging v Tot’ham. I do feel for Denilson tho…he seemed to be really fitting into his role…even getting a goal v Everton…a good 1 too! What a selection headache AW has when we have a fit squad! But finally it feels as if we have strength and depth…especially with the youngsters looking good!

  • Yemi

    Their comeback will make the team more robust and bring in new lease of life when other teams are wearing out or have released their players fro the african nations cup…..
    pretty much like last season when player were coing back from injury. the only here is that we are finding our selves in a much better position on the table

  • arseneKnows

    Here’s my speech to all those moaners and to all those believers……

    We have a crucial job to do – the only real currency we (the supporters) have, is to be as
    ‘supportive’ as we can – throw all our positivity at our totally brilliant manager – coz let’s face it, we know very very very little compared to the maestro with regards the players fitness, mentality, ability to get on with each other, support for each other, improvements during training, apples for the boss…..blar blar – it is truly remarkable when people think they can ‘spot’ or see cracks and imperfections in our team that a man who is closer, wiser and actually paid to spot and see! At the moment the boss has options in his selection and I’m sure he has very good reason to play certain players for extended periods of time.

    I say we go over-the-top to support those players who he is clearly trying to bolster and encourage and guess what? those players might just ‘get there’ that bit quicker!!

    remember the effect we had on Eboue and look at what Song has become my moaning mates..

    bring all your energy comrades! sing! shout! throw your clothes in the air! we have a place in the success of this brilliant club – but it’s not in the very depressing moaning department – it in the support and belief department!!

    Get in!!!

  • Khai

    did u guys read. chels*a will be able to buy players in jan due to appealing of postponing the ban.

    i mean what’s the damn use of the ban if it’s supposed to hurt them;

    if u want them to learn the lesson; then make them feel the pain of the punishment.

  • Leeroy.N

    I saw the Chels*a fiasco coming, I just KNEW they would fold for some reason or another. Now they will spend big or somewhat in January and will take the “real” ban like water off a ducks back. HAHA! The F.A and the rest of the regulators need to grow and develop a backbone. As for injuries we all knew they would come think and fast, I’m just glad we have found some really good form on the back and in spite of those injuries. If we can learn to go forward and win without these key members, they will only add to the squad when they fully return.. take Nasri for example. I love his heart and die hard mentality. I think it’s his creative freedom which makes Nasri such a threat. If his not causing the defence problems, he is chasing down an attacker to win back the ball.. he is immense! But our key is to remain positive and focused (players and fans alike), we will earn something that we deserve and have been waiting for, for so long.

    Win, Lose or Draw.. Gooner Til I Die!!

  • Richiebacardi

    Great post arseneKnows… Let’s go over the top!

    On that point, I’ve got an observation correct me if I’m wrong :-

    I haven’t been able to see many matches the last few years due to the big boss lady sending me away all the time, but when I’m here and I can go or watch a few on tv I notice something:-

    I notice that a few times we let our guard down in the last minutes of our games…that seems to coincide with our early exits from the stadium , obviously to beat the rush at the tube.

    I dunno about you guys but when pay and go and see my team I wanna stay till the end. Is there any way we can coax people to stay and cheer oon the team till the final whistle??

  • Leeroy.N

    Richiebacardi – Lock the stadium gates!! HAHA! I think it’s down to the individual. I’m planning on visiting the stadium soon, and I know no matter the result I will be one of the last to leave.

  • JDD

    Van Persie Wins PFA Player Of The Month!!!!!!!