Arsenal vs Sp*rs, Match Day Live

Courtesy of ESPN, I can watch the game in my hotel, and manage to get Match Day Live to you…

The line up today is:


Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Clichy

Song Billong – Diaby

Bendtner – Cesc – Arshavin

Van Persie

Subs: Mannone, Senderos, Nasri, Eduardo, Ramsey, Eboue, Gibbs.

And Sp*rs fielding:

Gomes, Corluka, King, Bassong, Assou-Ekotto, Bentley, Huddlestone, Palacios, Jenas, Keane, Crouch.

Subs: Button, Hutton, Bale, Pavlyuchenko, Dawson, Kranjcar, Woodgate.

  • devday

    Eduardo on for Bendtner on 36 – looks like a groin strain…

    It’s been a tough half, we’ve not really got into the game!
    I am nervous!

  • devday

    We’re giving the ball away so easily today…!

  • devday


    Van Persie scores!! Sagna swings it in and Van Persie runs into the near post and pokes it home!!

  • devday


    What a goal by Cesc! Runs through the whole team and puts the ball into the back of the net!

  • khai

    i must say this! HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTT! 😀

  • devday

    I really thought it was going to be 0-0 at half time! Absolutely delighted it’s 2-0… the commentators are referencing the last two games and the two comebacks the opposition team has had – and the 4-4.

    After last week, it’s clear to see we need another couple of goals.

  • Pete

    Half time. 2-0 to Arsenal.

  • khai

    let’s all hope for no west ham repeat. come on gunners! let’s kill off the sp*rs. goals and more goals. show them their place. we are the arsenal!!

  • sam

    Happy Haloween, we’re gunning them down.

  • Pete

    Spurs frustrated us quite a bit til we scored in the 40th minute. Sat back more than I thought they would. Those two goals in quick succession was just what we needed though. I can see us scoring 2 or 3 more, but they’ll probably have more of a go at us in the 2nd half, so need to be switched on. Still 45 mins to play.

    Come on Gunners.

  • Fabrez

    Haha…i flippin love what I see. Absolutely love it! Almost lost my voice and my m8s think i’m crazy but this is THE derby!! C’mon u reds!!! Arsenal just need 2 do more of the same. 3rd goal? Yes please! I think Arsh or Edu WILL score it too… C’mon u REDSSSSS!!!! Not over yet!

  • Fabrez

    Once we continue to squeeze the ball up-field, them boys from up the road will have not a clue! The boys need 2 stay switched on!

  • sam

    This game will be known forever as “THE GOLDEN MINUTE”.
    Please Gunners, don’t let this one slip away.

  • Pete

    2nd half underway.

  • Pete

    3-0 RvP

  • sam

    3-0 Nightmare!

  • Pete

    So close for Eduardo. who is 1 on 1 with Gomes but his shot is just wide.

  • sam

    Arsg is off, he looked liked he was taking a walk in the park today!

  • Fabrez

    Could have been 5! Arsenal FINALLY look like they know how to close off games! Very very nice to see! I’m actually just enjoying watching us confident and comfortable with the lead…prefer that over a 6-3 for example. Just wanna see a clean sheet now. I just love Arsenal! Always will!

  • Debs

    Clean sheet as well! Awesome!

  • sam

    Great Job, Great Goals, Great Game. Loving it.
    Good point Fabrez, 3-0 is always better than 6-3.

  • Pete

    Great result for the Gunners. As you said Fabrez, am more pleased with a 3-0 win than a 6-2 or 6-3 win. Glad to have a few goals and a clean sheet.

    Lots of good performances. A nice welcome back to Almunia. Our defence was good, especially Sagna, although it doesn’t feel like we were properly tested.

    RvP and Cesc were outstanding attacking wise. That Golden Minute in the first half will surely be a historic moment in the North London rivaly. Arshavin had another quiet one.

    3-0 to the Arsenal!!!

  • Berth

    two assist from sagna and two poachers goal from V.P.

  • Fabrez

    Yeah lads…good stuff!

  • sam

    There were 49 seconds between the two goals in The Golden Minute.

  • Vazy

    3-0 COMON YOU GOONERS!!!!! completely lost my voice but so happy!

  • sam

    L’pool are down 1-0, this could turn out to be a day of horror for our rivals.
    Happy Haloween!!!

  • jeffvip

    to be exact. Fabregas score 11 second from kick off

  • Fabrez

    Wow…Liverpool have officially surrendered any chance of getting the title. Fulham 3-1 Liverpool. What a day for Arsenal…well Chelsea won…no suprises there really. And apparantly 8 red cards in the Prem league 2day. Crazy day!

  • http://worldofarsenal Josiah

    absolutely delighted with the win today, i think we could have got more goals but a win is a win. We showed how to kill off the game which is good. Liverpool lost…

    Great win today :)

  • jeffvip

    it seems now that liverpool is the one who will fall out of the top4. But i don’t want that. Keep Man City at bay. (Btw, luckily they managed to beat man utd)

  • JDD

    Tottenham Are Just Not On The Same Level As Us.We Won Comfortably.Everyone Played With Passion That A Derby Match Needs.Fabregas And Van Persie Were Fired Up And Their Celebrations For Goals 1 And 2 Showed It.Gallas Andn Vermaelen Were Like Brick Walls Crouch Never Got Enough Room To Try And Threaten Almunia Who Showed That He Is Our Number 1.Clichy And Sagna Played Brilliant As Usual.Song Was The General Of The Midfield alongside Diaby Who Looked Good In Defence And Attak.Arshavin Was Threatenin And I Dont Think He Was Even In 2nd Gear.Bendtner Looked Alright Until He Got Injured(Dont No When He Got Injured?Or How Bad It Is?).His Replacement Eduardo Was Threatening And Should Have Finishd That Chance.I Think We Play Much Better When We Have 3 Attak Minded Players As The Front 3.Eboue and Ramsey Came On Late But Didnt Stroll Around The Pitch They Both Looked Like They Wanted Tp Stamp Their Mark On Th Game.Back To Cesc Goal It Just Showed How Much He Wanted To Win And His Celebrtation Was What You Wanna See From The Captain Passion and Joy.

    Arsenal 4 Life!!!!!!!

  • vj

    great result loved it but how much longer do we have to persist with diaby he really is awful, hope nasri begins the next game, shame bout b52 injries really are hitting us, vela walcott and bentner injured eduardo also picked up ssomething it looked like so we just need to wait for like 3 weeks till some people come back, plus city in carling cup calls for payback

  • Richiebacardi

    Happy Happy Happy!!!!

  • Leeroy.N

    Great game, Great result, Great Arsenal!! What more can be said?!

    Win, Lose or Draw.. Gooner Til I Die!!

  • Berth

    Look folks as much as there were so many positives, the negative sides is not to be ignored. Eduardo loosing a bit of confidence and Arshavin struggling. Personally I think Arsh needs to reinvent himself and for Edu to get more games.

    So far I ve been impressed with Cesc and V.P. If they both continue like this there are chances we could win something.

  • Pete

    At the moment you should only be worried if you was a Liverpool supporter 😛

    Even though its just one game out of 38, a win against Spurs is always sweet. We had players who weren’t available too that would have played if fit (Rosicky, Theo, Denilson), and Bendtner has joined the injury list. Not to mention Nasri too.

    As for struggling players, Arshavin doesn’t seem to be hitting the kind of high standards we expect of him (and maybe even take for granted a bit), but different players hit form at different times, and we all know he’s someone that will score important goals for us this season. Whats impressed me most is a that a player as good as him can have a dip in form yet the team still manage to score goals and win games.

    Same goes for Eduardo. This is his second appearance since his thigh injury, and both times the team won (against Liverpool in the Carling Cup and yesterdays derby). He’s definately not his sharpest at the moment, but he’ll get there.

    It has to be said that we’ve also been lucky in that our injuries haven’t been players like Gallas, Vermaelen, Song, Cesc and RvP. They’re pretty much the spine of our team and yet so far they’ve all managed to play most, if not all games. They’ve all made mistakes here and there at various times, all players do, but they’ve mostly won us games so far, and the season is already over 1/4 finished

    We’ve only got a Champions League home game and a Premier League away game to Wolves til the next international break, and when thats finished we should have Theo, Nasri Rosicky and Vela available again, and maybe even Denilson and Bendtner too, which should hopefully give us plenty of options just as the busy December schedule kicks in.

  • Pete

    *Not to mention having Narsi on the bench too*

  • desai

    The top players in world football, the elite players, don’t evolve into such players by starting out mediocre working hard and developing into superstars.

    You either have it or you don’t. Looking at any young protege you can see if they are gonna make it. They may make mistakes be a bit raw and need to develop parts of thier game but they will usually always show enough for you to see that they will make it to the very top of the game.

    You do see a lot of players with exceptional potential fail to make the grade for whatever reason, but Song does not possess exceptional potential. He is an adequate player who now has found a scheme that limits his weaknesses from being exposed. If the time comes where he leaves Arsenal it won’t be to go be the lynch pin at a European giant.

    My Petit comparison wasn’t so much based on youth but a newness to the position. He was a centre half by trade, hadn’t played much in midfield until Wenger played him there. And he made the fit almost seamlessly. Experience may have helped but just being a good player with better footballing attributes than Song tells me that’s why he had better success.

    Your final point regarding other players at similar ages I would say the modern world has a lot to factor in. If we use 10 years ago 1999 as one point in time when X player was 22. Were clubs scouting networks as prolific as they are now? Was it so easy to travel the world as it is now? Did the internet exist in almost every house hold?

    Today, you can see the goals almost as soon as they go in the net. You can track players careers so much easier.

    Not many 22 year olds are going to slip through the net and make a late explosion onto the footballing map. If you show even the slightest hint of potential on a dusty african plain these days, 3 clubs will have agents on the next plane over and be fighting Madonna for the right to bring them to Europe

  • desai

    would like to make a point on Diaby. It might sound stupid but here it goes anyway. Last year we were saying the same things about Song like we are complaining about Diaby now. The point I’m trying to make is playing continuously in the side really helped make Song into the player he is right now. And nobody can deny that he’s come up in leaps and bounds. This is the first time in forever that Diaby has had a continued appearance in the team. He’s gotten injured as soon as he strung together 4 or 5 games. Up until now the team has been carrying Diaby with their performance. And I think that with his continued presence in the side he will improve as much as Song did over the whole of last season. Nobody can deny that he has a ridiculous amount of skill and ball retention capability at his disposal. It’s just the end product that needs tweaking. And I think he’ll get better at this over the whole season. He’s got excellent feet for a person of his height and for a team that is very very suspect at set pieces a midfielder with his height and skill is as good as gold. Now I know most of us here are less than pleased with Diaby’s heading but as the season goes on I’m sure he will learn with more game time. Until then I think the team can carry him. And its not that he does everything bad. He does some really good things that are lost when we reflect on the wrong things that he’s done. I know against the top tier teams like Chelsea and co. we’ll need somebody better in his position but until we play against those teams this lad should be allowed to get game time so that he can improve. I’m pretty confident that he’ll become as vital as Song is to the team now in a couple of seasons. And we do need some tall players just so we can defend set pieces against route 1 teams and against teams who have players of Crouch’s height

  • Simon Bailey

    The press have gleefully swooped on Arsene’s comments at the AGM and it is now gospel, we are bringing home silverware this season.

    Personally, I saw Arsene re-iterating the same position he has taken all season. Pundits are getting very fond of saying that we have more chance of winning the CL than the prem. We are not going to know much about the CL until we win our group.

    The Premier League is however well underway. This season the league is wide open. We are a quarter of the way through and it looks like the breakaway bunch will be six or seven clubs. All of these have Title and or European aspirations. They also present a nice snapshot of the premier league as a whole.

    So apart from Arsenal who are these upstarts, well, who are ya?

    Man City are the new pretenders, bristling with new found wealth. The 200 million quid the new owners have spent since the start of last season seems to be paying off. They won their first four on the trot. They have blipped since then, with only one win in five, but with the depth of squad they have, and a january transfer window looming, City are going to spend their way as far as they can.

    Despite all of their spending, I am unsure as to whether they are playing as a team or as a group of individually talented players. Is it just me or do their goal celebrations seem forced or stage-managed? They are undoubtedly a team to be contended with this term.

    Man United on the other hand are the old pretenders. Been there, seen it, T-shirt etc… Without a doubt the most successful team in England, maybe the world. But like all old things, they need regular maintenance to keep them performing at the top level. The cracks are beginning to show in the great machine that is United. Riddled with debts foisted upon them by their American owners they were forced to sell their prize asset and were unable to replace him.

    United without Ronaldo are a desperate crowd held together only by memories of recent success. The have lost twice and drawn once so far, but they were lucky against City, Sunderland and Arsenal, picking up five points more than they should have. When they are not the best team, they are generally the luckiest.

    Liverpool have had a shocking start to the season with the only silver lining being the demolition of United last weekend. Whether it was the carrot or the stick that Benitez wielded, it did the trick and the papers, fickle as they are, are now announcing a new resurgent Liverpool, ready to challenge for the title. I think not, Liverpool’s aspirations this year will be the same as ours last season; qualify for champions league and keep the cash coming in.

    On the pitch they have looked very unsteady without Bill (Gerrard) and Ben (Torres). The rest of the weeds have looked increasingly fragile when left to fend for themselves. Gerrard is playing further back than he was last season and isn’t as useful as he could be. If the failure to qualify for Europe doesn’t scupper them, the banks will.

    Having failed to secure 5th or even 6th place last season, Villa are again riding high at the beginning of this season. Beating liverpool at anfield as well as a home win against Chelsea as well as a decent set of results in their other games would lead you to believe that they are in with a good chance.

    But if you look closely, there are uncertainties. Are they able to score from open play ? Is the most obvious question. They have scored 13 with at least 10 from set plays. This is ok at the beginning of a season, but opposition teams soon catch on.

    Villa’s American owner, Randy Lerner, (probably the best made up pornstar name in the football world) is quite content to throw a few quid at the team every season, but it’s never quite enough. Many of their players will play many games this season and this will inevitably take its toll as the season draws to a close.

    Chelsea are riding high again. Top of the league at home and played 3, won 3 in Europe. Their form is second only to their arrogance. The Lampard, Terry and Cole triumvirate that are the backbone of the English team endear this club to British press like no other. Even the two window ban on transfers was greeted by a couple of paragraphs buried between ads for incontinence pants and the like. They won their first six, and have only been beaten by Villa and Wigan. Although neither of those defeats followed a weekday CL or FIFA match.

    As a model for buying silverware, this is the perfect one. Having invested close to ¾ of a billion quid, Abramovich has shown the world how to build a team of aging, gold plated stars that despite being able to win domestic titles find it impossible to crown Europe.

    Arsenal have started the season well, scoring 10 and conceding just 2 in the first two games. The news of which was buried next to the aforementioned Chelsea news. Following a bitterly contested CL qualifier, and a double round of international matches, two Manchester teams, each playing with 12, stole points from us.

    Our injury ravaged squad then proceeded to win the next four and suffer a draw at WHU.

    This draw followed closely on the heels of a midweek away draw. At this point editors were told to hold the front page, the wheels are coming off. Steam has been seen pouring from the servers that host blogoshpere. The amount of negative ‘I told you so’ or ‘he will lose all the support he has recently gained if he lets this continue’ or ‘he didn’t make his substitutions soon enough’ pieces or comments that have surfaced is astounding.

    Not as outstanding as the way our season has developed. True we dropped a couple at West Ham, but we’re above the Spuds, and three behind united with a game in hand. And we all know about the Suds yesterday.

    Our injury situation is seemingly only on defcon 1 right now with only Wallcott, Denilson and Djourou being out for a month or more, although Bendtner is a further worry now. A week ago we were probably at defcon 2, and by the end of next week we probably will be again.

    But that is one of the joys of being an Arsenal supporter, the best team this week isnt the same as the best team last week, but invariably they play sublime football and get results.

    And this is what will see us through the season, the unerring ability to mutate and survive. As Villa and the Spuds and United lose their legs and city stage manage a disappointing end to the season, Liverpool having fallen by the wayside long since, Arsene’s vision and common sense will prevail.

    Who are ya?… We’re the Arsenal.

  • Richiebacardi

    An extract from the BBC News website match report :-

    “Wenger added that television pictures of the Arsenal boss hurling his jacket back into the dugout were inspired not by anger at his team, but the noise inside the Emirates Stadium.

    “I threw my jacket down because I was frustrated,” Wenger admitted, adding: “I couldn’t communicate with the players because of the noise of the stadium – I am not used to that!”

    That brought a smile to my face…Man the Emirates being that noisy??? I so wish I could have bee there!

  • Fabrez

    @ DESAI – Intresting point about Diaby. I agree that there is a massive chance he can get much much better from being in the team and his height can be an advantage…yes his dribbling is impressive at times…BUT the problem with “carrying” Diaby in the team is that it does not contribute totally to the good of the team. The Prem and Champions League is so competitive and so close that “carrying” him in the team can have devastating effects…maybe another season with no silverware. That’s how much of an effect it can possibly have in my opinion. Problem with viewing this as another Alex Song situation is that another season without silverware increases the chances of us losing key players. So imagine having a great Diaby next season due to a run in the 1st team all of this season long BUT with no Cesc or Arsh or RvP bcuz they are getting older and want to win things? Hmmm… I do get your point DESAI but I think we could risk too much if we give him a run “just because”… If Diaby does stay in the team, it should be due to his great form and nothing else bcuz we’ve got Nasri back and he’ll be knocking on the door…and we all know how good Rosicky is…he can play through the middle…as can Ramsey. It’s a whole lot of competition to get into the starting XI now and I love 2 see it!