“This year I am convinced we will win a trophy,” Arsene Wenger

Today is Arsene’s Wenger birthday and today it’s all about saluting the boss… (or yesterday if you’re reading this on Friday)… and in a timely manner, the AGM was held today, and was much more positive AGM than the last… although was the last one wasn’t 12 months ago was it?

Well, it was certainly was an interesting discussion and very positive words from Arsene Wenger.

“This year I am convinced we will win a trophy,” Wenger said. “It will come down to how resilient, consistent, intelligent and united we are until the end because there will be tough times. There will be periods when it will be difficult, but we have to show our strengths that have always made this club special.

“This team is now ready to go for it and I am convinced we will perform throughout the season.”

Now that’s a statement and a half. Normally Arsene isn’t so forth coming with statements such as “I am convinced we will a trophy”. It’s very positive and sends out a very strong messages to the fans and the players too that our time has arrived and that the team is ready to kick on and win a trophy. The last four years has seen us unable to get our hands on any trophies, but that fact deludes the truth behind our progress. In the last four years, we’ve competed with the top teams.

We’ve got to the final of the Champions League and defeated teams like Real Madrid and Juventus who have arguably spent a lot more than us and have greater resources. In order to do that, it’s no easy task, it requires careful understanding of the bigger picture and a level of patience that has seen us prosper. The “kids” have grown up. How much is Cesc Fabregas worth now? £40m, £50m? We’ve trained him from his school boy days and been able to compete with the Liverpool’s, Chelsea’s and now the Man City’s of this world whom have all had heavy investment. And we’ve done this whilst also buying a stadium.

“When we moved from Highbury to the Emirates I knew it would be a sensitive period,” said Wenger at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday. But I know as well that the most important [thing] is to stay at the top on a consistent way and that’s where you see really the quality of the Club. Can you maintain through ten years, 15 years to play at the top of the game in Europe?

That’s where you see if the Club is managed well or not and I believe that we will achieve that together.”

Looking at the squad and attacking talents we have as well as the defensive talents, that’s an accolade to the policy the club has taken and the rewards we’re starting to see.

“We are in the middle today of two different ways to see the development of the game. One is people with unlimited resources who do not care about balancing the budget and one, an attempt from the European Union to regulate that, control it, and get that out of the game. I believe that will happen and fortunately we are on line with the modern development of the European game and that is why I believe to keep a club strong is essential.”

Looking at our squad, the players such as Arshavin, Rosicky, Cesc, Eduardo, Van Persie, Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott and Samir Nasri, which other team can boast such a vast array of attacking talent? And if you look at the last 3 years, we’ve made a profit on our player sales every year.

“When I arrived here 13 years ago I could sense that this Club had values, tradition, and strength in their belief and in their values. When I travelled at that time to Derby or to Coventry when they were in the Premier League, they always told me it is the ‘Arsenal way’ to do things.  They do it their way and it was always respect and admiration in their statements and I believe it is essential and important that we keep that inside the Club.”

I have a lot of admiration for Arsene Wenger, 60 yesterday… for what he’s brought to the club. I have a lot of admiration for the board of directors for their work behind the scenes, the contribution of David Dein, Keith Edelman and Peter Hill Wood, but to name a few.

If we do go on to win a trophy this season, then it’s be Arsene’s greatest trophy yet, and we will only build from it. Arsene is always confident going into a season, but this season I have seen on the pitch that there is something different, and have seen in Arsene that there is a genuine sense of coming of age.

Arsene, I am also convinced this season we’ll win a trophy.

Til tomorrow…

  • jeffvip

    I believe everyone of us have this kind of feeling

  • sam

    Something feels right about this season, perhaps it’s our free scoring. We’ve scored over 3 goals per EPL game, let’s hope it continues. Trophy or not, I know it’s going to be a special season. Despite the surge of City, Sp*rs & Villa, we’ll do well.

  • Berth

    If Diaby will allow us see the trophy

  • RF


  • Leeroy.N

    I feel Diaby is an unlucky player, as good as he can be, he can be so careless and get himself into so much trouble without thinking. But that only stops with minutes on pitch and growing as a player. The resurfacing of players is what I’m liking so far, we still have Nasri to come back and make a big impact, more so after christmas (looks like he has lost a little weight too, looking lean and strong now). Rosicky still has a lot to show and prove.. then Walcott, again to make that impact we need, but maybe in the new year. The time when tiredness, fatigue and injuries kick in, even though we have and are still having more than our fair share. I’m just a little worried about the back at the minute, one serious injury to Gallas or Vermaelen will be our most serious test this season. IMO. Here’s to their health and the seemingly almost perfect partnership!! I’m feeling very confident about obtaining some silverware, and to be honest I dont care where it comes from, EPL, CL to League Cup. A trophy is achievement, it means you have done what it takes and over come all obstacles. I will welcome any and all. Come on you Gunners!!!

    Win, Lose or Draw… Gooner Til I Die!!

  • dotun007

    well said Leeroy

  • devday

    Agreed Leeroy – if one of Gallas / Vermaelen gets injured, we’re back to having either Slivestre or Senderos at the back!

  • tyoung

    what’s your ideal 11?
    The back is fairly settled. sag/gallas/ver/clichy.
    In the middle I’d like to see song/denilson holding with
    arsh/Fab/rosicky behind van Per.
    Maybe walcott instead of Rosicky.
    Eboue is cover on the right side
    Diaby is cover in the middle
    I can’t find a place for Nasri in the first 11.

  • Fabrez

    Sp*rs 0 – 1 Stoke… Nice! Still 5 or so mins left tho. Lennon went off injured…never wish that on a player but oh how i’d absolutely love it if he weren’t available for the derby! No Defoe either…sweet! C’mon Stoke…stick in a second!

  • Fabrez

    …and it stayed that way. C’mon u reds…tough tough game tomorrow. Let’s show that we have the mental strength to accompany the flair! Even if we need to grind it out (i have the feeling we’ll need too…) Gooner 4 life!