I’ve got my stone… have you?

Yes it’s official… the exclusive Armoury stones are available… I’ve just placed my order for my stone… which in fairness to my bank manager, I had no intention of buying until about 30 minutes ago… £350 later I wonder if I’ve made the right decision… but at the same time, a few Christmas presents have now been sorted as well as a replica or two will be sent my way.

I’ll definitely be back tomorrow with a run down of all things Arsenal, my views of the game on Tuesday and a look ahead to the weekend…

Once again apologies for the very short article today, the BBC Electric Proms are calling me… and I’m severely late…

  • Leeroy.N

    ..very Very VERY tempted! But can I justify it… I’ll keep you posted and let you know Dev! Good on you for getting one though matey, which legend did you choose or what did you have engraved buddy??

  • devday

    To be alongside a legend in and have my name imprinted on a stone is something I just couldn’t resist!

    I’ve gone with “Ooh to be, Ooh to be a Gooner”, “Dev Day”!

    So excited!!!

  • Fabrez

    I was tempted but I have a budget I must respect! Such a shame! lol Good on u Dev!

  • Leeroy.N

    DEV – Nice!! I want one but my budget has been blown on the NFL game @ Wembley tomorrow! I guess it’s some serious over-time for me! HAHA!!