Scraping The Barrel…

Evening guys… it’s been another very uneventful day in the world of Arsenal, and as a result, the media are really scraping the barrel looking for Arsenal related stories. We’ve had a succession of the same old same old stories with the Cesc off to Barcelona circulating the tabloids again… it’s getting a little bit boring really annoying now, but what can we do to stop it? Nothing much… so let’s just ignore it…

So, time to look at the stories in the press.

Patrick Vieira has confirmed he will not being leaving Inter Milan during the January transfer window but will leave Inter Milan in summer when his contract expires. Some papers have taken the liberty of the good old story making and come up with some silly old headlines, “Sp*rs and Arsenal to fight it out for Vieira in summer”… mainly fuelled by Paddy saying he would consider coming back to the Premier League in the summer. Well, two things – number one – he would never go to Sp*rs and number two – why would be sign him at 34 going on 35 (which is how old he’ll be next summer)…??

“I want to play more but I also want to respect my contract. Nothing will happen in January. But I will leave Inter in June and I have yet to decide whether to play in the Premier League or in the French league.”

Not very conclusive…

As you can see, today’s blog is circulating around those wonderful rumours in the press and here’s another one… apparently we’re going to sign a young Fiorentina player called Stevan Jovetic, whom apparently impressed against Liverpool. And is young. And is foreign. Therefore, based on that, we’re interested in signing him, despite a whopping £23m price tag. Interesting. Now this story has to be completely made up… Two things… Number one – we’ve got more attacking players than we know what to do with. Two – when would we ever spend £23m on one player?

And finally, the papers have picked up on the quote from last weekend’s game and spurned it out again… as they have I will do, as there is literally nothing else going on… Sorry for regular readers, I’ve also posted this quote once, but I’ll do it again…

“William Gallas has had a fine start to the season, which is down to both his attitude and the quality of the player. It can happen that any player has highs and lows in his career, but I must say his form now is a consequence of the way he behaves every day. He behaves 100 per cent as a professional and is highly focused in training. The partnership between William and Thomas Vermaelen has gelled more quickly than I expected. This is for two reasons, first of all, Vermaelen adapted faster, and secondly William fits more comfortably on the right side of a central defence than on the left.”

Good stuff Willy, carry on the good work. In all seriousness, you’ve got to admire the change in William Gallas this season. He’s really playing well and a delight to see in the team, which is a far cry from where we were last year same time…

Okie dokie, news about Cesc is positive. Apparently, he’s returned back to the Arsenal squad and that’s good news. Hopefully things are going well back at home. I don’t have any updates for you regarding his Grandad, but the fact he’s back in London may be good news.

Cesc’s also been in the press (well, originally last week) taking about having Rosicky back in the squad… I think I printed this already too, but here it is again for the first time.

“Tomas Rosicky is probably one of the best friends I have, and he’s been injured for nearly two years. It’s great to have him back and I’m really happy for him. I have learned a lot from him as well – to be strong and keep believing. He believed in himself, that he could play football and it is great to see him play. I was with him every day, I went to his house – it’s like that. And I think team mates, we have to be like that as well. It was nice when they were coming to me [when I was injured]; it’s nice now that I go to them. The important thing is you don’t do it because you have to; you do it because you really want to do it. And I think that [at] Arsenal, there’s this feeling with everyone. It’s really good. I think he has done very well and he gives you so many options,” said the captain. “You can see straight away the vision he has, the touch, the class that he plays with. It’s great to have him in the team; he’s like a new signing.”

And with all the players back and fit now, we’re starting to find our best team, and it sees Rosicky along side Cesc, Van Persie and Arshavin in our attack…

On Wednesday / Thursday, we may have some more squad information so can figure out who will be playing on Saturday, but for the meanwhile, fingers crossed we suffer no injuries tomorrow…

And yes, today’s article was really scraping the barrel… Til tomorrow…

  • Arsefan101

    Just watching the Blackburn game against – Rosicky and Cesc were absolutely amazing!

  • Debs

    I was watching the match again as well! Is it boredom, or what?! Lol. Can’t wait to actually watch Arsenal football in realtime!

  • Arsefan101

    It was definitely a great game – although we were in second gear for most of the game (well, it seemed like it)…

    As you watch the game, you think Vermaelen’s is the best, then actually you think Van Persie’s finish is good and then Arshavin, and then you think Cesc’s goal is amazing and then Walcott’s and then Bendtner smashes one in!!

    There were at least four goals of the month in that game alone… but I think Cesc’s was my favourite and then Vermaelen’s and then Bendtner’s!!!

  • Debs

    When I was watching it originally, I thought Vermaelen’s was the best. It literally sent shivers up my spine! But I guess what added to that was the fact that we were losing at the time and his reaction to scoring was the best! He even had a little swear at the end! Lol.

  • Arsefan101

    LOL Debs, very true! Cesc’s though was something special….!

  • Fabrez

    I guess watching the last game is the best thing to do huh? lol My fav goal in-terms of match situation was definitely Vermaelen’s…the build-up was superb. He broke up a Blackburn pass around the half line, passed it off, fell over, got up, involved himself in the passing then what a hit! But Bendtner’s was quality! I enjoy seeing it in slow motion! What a finish from the big Dane!

  • Arsefan101

    It’s hard to decide when you have about 4 goals of the month in one game!

  • Gbengs

    I hope wrong selections will not amper AW by the time all the players are fully back.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Nasri is due to return on the 25th for the West Ham game.

  • Debs

    Nasri coming back is great news!
    And Ramsey and Arshavin have both scored today. I hope more Gunners do the same. Come on Bendtner and Rosicky and Vermaelen and Senderos and… You get the picture! Lol

  • wills

    Saw Ramsey’s goal on the news this morning, was an absolute beauty! Looks like the lad is coming along nicely.

    Glad the international break is over now, shame Arshavin will have to play two play-off games but that’s life, at least we’ve not come back with any major injuries this time!

  • Fabrez

    Didn’t think about Arsh havin to play those 2 xtra matches till u mentioned it willis. Hmm… when does he play them? And I’ll definitely check 4 that Ramsey goal when I’m home! He’s young but showing his class already! Very excited about his development. And like u guys, can’t w8 2 c Samir back! Competition 4 places getting exciting!

  • wills

    Play-off dates are scheduled for Saturday 14th Nov and Wednesday 18th. So that’s inbetween games of Wolves and Sunderland both Away.

    France are also in the playoffs so Sagna and Co. will have to play too.

  • ny

    Rosicky is Cesc’s best pal.His friends usually dont stay at Arsenal.see Hleb,Flamini for example

  • sam

    “The Gunners announced that Kroenke has bought 90 shares to increase his holding from 28.7 to 28.9 per cent. He owns American MLS franchise Colorado Rapids, basketball team Denver Nuggets and ice hockey team Colorado Avalanche, along with a 40% share in American football’s St Louis Rams.”

    Do you see a trend here? This guy owns or has shares in 2nd grade sports franchises, and Arsenal is a top grade club. I hope he doesn’t bring along a losing or “let’s milk it” mentality to Arsenal. Anyone see where I’m going with this, or am I losing my mind?

  • Yemi

    Someone is now joking !!! saw this somewhere, “Barcelona’s Henry demanded by Man City”…..

    Henry will never go to city !!!

  • Yemi

    Any arsenal related news that is worth hearing anywhere? apart from all these speculations flying here and there? Any news on the squad for birmingham ? i hope le boss still leaves mannone on cos i heard fabianski is back and aumina is 50:50

  • Gooner Get Ya

    @ Yemi – I heard that rumour too but they mentioned a swap deal with Robinho. Can’t see this happening but you never know.