If the players were the singers and we were the X factor judges…

So guys, it’s Saturday night. The England game took place behind the scenes, and no-one really seemed to care, as half the nation was watching the X Factor and the other half were watching Strictly Come Dancing. With the game not being shown on any domestic channels,  nor Sky or ESPN, the only way to watch the game was of course, online. Whilst I’m all for more activity online, I still think England game’s should be free to air…

For those of you haven’t caught the result for the Ukraine vs England game, it was 1-0 to the Ukraine – Rob Green got sent off after 13 minutes and all in all, we were – by the reports I’ve read – not at all at the races. Ferdinand particularly out of sorts… With no Gibbs, Wilshere or Walcott in the squad, what did we expect? *

* This statement is completely bias.

Okay, back to the title of today’s article. Just imagine if we were the X factor judges and we had a say in who we signed, who we played… just imagine.

And now on Arsenal Factor, we have Abou Diaby…

Just imagine…

Abou Diaby steps up and shows us some moves, some clips of his best performances… wow’s us with some ball retention and finishes off with a screamer at goal…

Pat Rice gives his verdict:

Great show out there Abou. I think you’ve shown the audience that you’ve got some great skills. The one problem I have with you is that you hold onto the ball too much and don’t move as quickly as others. But I know that you’ve got the potential there, and I hope to see more…

Thierry chips in:

Well, you know, Diaby, you are French and therefore you automatically are blessed with much footballing ability. Personally, your previous auditions were better and at the moment you don’t seem to have the Va Va Voom. But I think we all know you can play better and I look forward to seeing

Lee Dixon has his turn:

You’ve often been compared to Patrick Vieira and you’ve chosen a similar style to him. It’s a tough one, but you’re not Vieira. You’ve got to establish your own style. Your ball control is one of the best we’ve seen on the show and to me honest, you’ll probably dribble past anyone in the studio. But I do agree with Pat Rice, you are holding the ball too much. Relax a bit and be more confident, you have the potential

Arsene finishes up:

Abou, today I think you had a great performance. In fact, I believe you have the ability to go on and win this competition. I believe you have the desire and potential to get better and better and as your manager I am going to stick by you! Well done Abou…

And then Niklas Bendtner takes the stage…

Okay, I’ll stop my X-factor comparisons now, but I think there is something in it. Any chance we can vote for our best players? Fans feedback is very important to shows on TV and surely it’s as important to our football team too? Maybe or maybe not… I know that my opinions have often not been the same as Arsene’s and in reality, mine are usually wrong. But I really could tell Arsene a thing or two about About Diaby… how long can this guy stay in the team.

Anyway… in International news, Walcott had a bit of an injury scare when the England Under 21’s played on Friday – the right winger being substituted at half time with a dead leg. News is that he is fine, but we’ve not had any official news from the club just yet. In other news, Liverpool’s title challenge may have come to an end before they kick the next ball.. apparently Gerrard has a groin injury and Torres has torn his hamstring… ouch…

Only 1 more week before we see our beloved Arsenal team in action…

Til tomorrow…

  • Debs

    Fabregas scored a lovely goal last night. Can’t wait for him to be back in Arsenal colours!


  • sam

    What a sexy goal! I’m declaing Spain as the winnders of 2010 World Cup, and Cesc to get World Player of the Year award thereafter. He’s playing better than Messi, right?

    Any news on why Cesc leaving Spain squad due to serious family issues? Hope it’s all right with our captain.

  • Fabrez

    Class goal Debs! Lovely stuff! Cesc seems ready 2 have an immense year. Let’s hope he inspires the team the same way. Cesc going home is a bit worrying…hope all is well. He may miss the Birmingham game…don’t know… It’s one of them things where he shold come back when everything is ok on a personal level 1st tho.

    And Dev…LOL @ ‘* This statement is completely bias.’! Granted I admire what Capello has done in terms of picking players on form and fitness. Theo will be having a right go for Arsenal bcuz he knows it’s not long again to convince Capello…and he’s got proper competition in there with ‘the guy’ from that team just up the road, SWP and Becks. Hope Theo can do well…bag a few goals and assists and make fun of LBs all over the country. Glad to see he’s got competition within our squad to with Tomas R looking the part.

    So excited about Samir Nasri coming back! He’s 1 of my fav players. C’mon inter’nal break…end with no injuries 4 us!

  • Fabrez

    And nice to see Gallas and Vela scoring for their countries as well!

  • Debs

    And Senderos too! Lol

  • Marc Callan

    Was watching Ireland last night, conceding with 3 minutes to go and have just scored in that time I felt so downhearted so didnt look at the other scorelines…I was wondering where I can sell my spare Arsenal ticket (legally) for next weeks game…I am flying over from Ireland to watch them, please give suggestions…cant wait for next weekend…

  • richiebacardi

    Marc try the ticket exchange on the Arsenal website. I know absolutely nothing about it or how it works, I just remember seeing it . Give that a look.

  • Marc Callan

    Thanks Richie,

    Have been trying it but not sure how the whole thing works…will work at it

  • Berth

    Yeah Dev – like the concept. Arsenal players are on a free for all scoring; Vela just added one.

  • Berth

    Just saw the Fab goal – Honestly it has Arshavin written all over it. God bless the day Arshavin came to Arsenal; his brought out that crucial self belief. Very soon the belief will extend to Alumnia and Mannone- they might also be looking forward to one or two goals this season you never know.

  • Debs

    Lol Berth! Maybe our goalies will realise they’ve got special free-kick taking skills, or they’ll hone their lobbing techniques! Lol