Friday Round Up

Afternoon all,

Today is Friday and the end of a week of good football and good memories of Arsene’s 13 years in charge. As we speak, I’m doing a little last minute packing as I head off to Amsterdam for some Dutch scouting… so just a few words today… a summary of recent events…

Adebayor has been handed a suspended two match ban which he’ll probably never face – but also a £25,000 fine which is about 1/6th of one week’s wages… so pretty much got off light in my eyes.

Eduardo is injured again and he’s out with a muscle injury – the good news is that the International break is coming up after the game against Blackburn, so we should have him back after the break, and maybe we’ll have Nasri and Fabianski back too? With Almunia back for this weekend’s game, we’ll have a full compliment on the 17th, with the exception of Denilson, so that’s going to be  a big moment in our season, when we’ll have considerable strength in depth available.

And finally – in my pre-holiday short blog – a quote from Alex Ferguson:

“Arsene has brought the best out of Arsenal. Since he has gone there, the success of the club has been fantastic. He sticks to what he believes in – and so do his players. That is why he has been there so long. I read some quotes from his players the other day that sum up the situation pretty well. They owe everything to him. That is nice to read.”

That is nice to read…. Au reviour…

PS, I’m back tomorrow morning, so no major blog absences…

  • Debs

    Awesome news that Nasri’ll be back in training shortly before the break, and may be available for selection after the break!

  • wills

    @Debs, I second that! Will be great to have him back, just gives us another option in CM with Denilson out.

    Also it’s great to read something like that from Fergie, lets make sure that everyone going to the game on Sunday makes it one to remember for Wenger, as I’m sure the players will too!

  • Debs

    For any of you wondering why Wenger keeps on playing Diaby, well, apparently, according to Bettorlogic on the Arsenal website, we’ve won all 9 games he’s featured in this season, so there’s your answer! Lol

  • sam

    Highly recommend all to read Henry’s chat with

    What a guy! He is the best out there, and he still refers to Arsenal as “We”. He wants to return to Arsenal, even as “a waterboy”. In the days that money is everything for players like Ade, his loyalty is simply outstanding.

  • Berth

    @Debs – And what of the Manu game and the Fulham game we nearly lost because we could not hold on to possession; thanks to Diaby?

  • Debs

    But we did win. Stats don’t do ‘nearly’! Lol. Not that I’m advocating him to start every game, but that’s just what the stats say!

  • wills

    @Debs Not sure Betterlogic has got it right! If we’ve won all 9 games he featured in this season, then who scored the own goal against United?!

    I do understand your point though, and I believe that whoever Wenger plays, he is making a logical choice.

    Also, just thought I’d share the below with everyone on WOA. Sent to me by a United fan, after the game against Wolfsburg on Wednesday, when only 2 minutes of stoppage time was given, and I asked how long there would be, if the score was reversed!

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Just come back from the pub and man u scraped another late goal, this time to grab a point at home to Sunderland. tottenham also drew so lets hope we can get a result against Blackburn tomorrow.

  • Fabrez

    I love VERMAELEN!!! That guy is ridiculous man! GOAAAAL!! :) C’mon you redssss!!!

  • manoo

    I hate Diaby- complete waste of space

  • Fabrez

    I’m on for giving players a chance but Diaby is too hit n miss…he’s got a run in the side… I don’t know what more he needs to prove himself… But I’m trying not to be impatient. He’ll get a longer chance in my mind but come on Diaby…improve! To me, he has to prove himself this season or else he may need to move on.

  • manoo

    tbh, he was involved in our 1st 2 goals today, which was good, bud these are 2 rare ggood things hes done this year. Needs to be consistent and not loose the ball so often with careless passing.

  • sam

    3-2. Gunners with 3 wondergoals!

  • manoo

    rosicky is ssooo class btw. I didnt realise how much of a miss he was till this year. Brilliant in every game hes played. fabs also looks really good early on this season. Dont even need to talk bout Vermaelen- pure class

  • manoo

    arshavin aint havin a good day today, except his goal. Fabs is poppin up everywhere, rosicky agin has been class

  • manoo

    just read rosickys contract ends after this season, and he says we havent started negioting a new 1 for him yet. Better sign him up quick- dont wana risk another flamini- although rosicky seems a lot more faithful than flamini.

  • sam

    4-2. Gunners with 4 wondergoals! This time it’s our No 4, Mr Fab… While the great Henry is watching.

  • Fabrez

    Get in Theo!!! Blackburn GK Robinson aint been bad…against a goalie like Foster and we would have hit about 7 by now!

  • Fabrez

    5-2…i like! 😀

  • sam

    6 goals by 6 players. Simply superb.

  • jien

    yes! another big win…what i like is that we have plenty of options in our attack, and everytime when we are leading 2 or 3 nil, Wenger will change a few forwards during the last half an hour or so. These palyers will want to prove themselves and will most likely score another 1 or 2 more..hence i am predicting many more big wins to come especially against weaker teams…

    6 different scorers proved that we can score goals from anywhere, from anyone….and the goal from Verm is just superb…

    i love watching Arsenal play football, i really do.

  • tom G


  • Pete

    What a game :-)

    Fabregas was easily man of the match. I think he got 4 assists as well as the 1 goal, which was a beauty btw. Pure class. Vermaelen is just ace, lovely left foot on him, what a strike. And as for Bendtner, Theo, Arshavin and RvP’s goals, top stuff. Am especially pleased for Theo and Bendtner scoring.

    Just briefly onto the bad. Diabys passing was off again today and gave away possession a few times, even though he did nearly score for us. And Manone probably could have saved that first goal from going in, and made some really crazy decisions, like running out the box to win a ball Gallas was closer to then getting smashed by a Blackburn player. But improved as the match went on. Must say Paul Robbinson made some good saves for Blackburn, would have scored even more goals were it not for him.

    How great was it to see Henry back at the Emirates, even if it was only just a visit. I was half wanting him to be brought on as a sub lol.

    Rosicky was great today too and threatened the goal.

    Overall a great day at the Grove :)

    Theo’s back, Rosicky is playing regularly, Nasri, Almunia and Fabianski will be returning shortly. Good stuff indeed :)

  • Debs

    I second that, Pete. Apparently Robinson made TEN saves! We could easily have scored loads more!
    Rosicky was awesome, Vermaelen’s goal was awesome, Fabregas was more than awesome, I swear I used the word ‘awesome’ to describe loads of things today! All the goals were class, and good to see Theo on the score-sheet. Would have loved Rosicky to score a goal, as he deserved one. Thierry couldn’t have chosen a better game to come for.
    Mannone could have saved the first goal if he was on his line, but he wasn’t, and the 2nd goal was unfortunate as it deflected in off Gallas. But all in all, it was a pretty amazing game! I couldn’t have picked a better game to go to as my first Premier League game! Great way to celebrate Arsene’s 13th year anniversary!

  • Pete

    Nice one Debs, glad it was a good game for you to go and see :-) Maybe you’re our lucky charm? If you go to all the games then we’ll win like we did today lol 😛

  • Debs

    Haha! If only I could, I would! Lol. I’ve broken my Premier League duck, so I doubt I’ll be so lucky all the time :(
    I’d say Thierry was our lucky charm! Maybe we should get him down everytime!!! 😛

  • Leeroy.N

    DEBS – Well done for being there on such an amazing day. You and Thierry were our lucky charms!! Great game, beauitful goals!!

  • sam

    That’s 36 goals in 12 games so far, which is pretty awesome! That doesn’t even count our own-goals!!
    Does anyone know what’s the highest number of goals scored in a season by any team? At this rate, we could easily score 100, which is probably a record!