There is only one Arsene Wenger

When Arsene Wenger arrived at Highbury all those years ago (September 1996 to be precise), many  fans wondered who on earth this guy was –  someone they had never heard of was. Over thirteen years later, you’d be a fool if you didn’t know who the French tactician was!

Today Arsene became Arsenal’s longest serving manager, moving ahead of the previous manager who held this, namely George Allison… and to be honest, that’s not a name I’ve heard that often… today is Arsene’s 4,749th game in charge and in this climate, that’s credit to Arsene and credit to the board, who have kept faith in him through thick and thin…

Arsene has been key in spearheading changes in the club off the pitch including a new training ground and the mammoth task of moving to a new stadium. The Emirates has allowed us to become of the biggest clubs in the world and sets us up for an awesome future as our income will only increase moving forward.

On the pitch, Arsene has been instrumental in re-shaping the “boring, boring” Arsenal into one of most attractive sides in world football at the moment, and from the moment he arrived, he started bringing trophies back home. In his first full season, he won the double and he nearly did it again the following year. In every season since Arsene’s been at the helm, we’ve reached the semi-finals of various cup competitions, won FA cups and won the double again in 2002, the FA Cup in 2003 and then did the unthinkable feat of going a home season unbeaten in 2005…

Ken Friar spoke on the affect Arsene has had, and asked if Arsene had contributed to making the club what it was today, he said:

Most certainly, yes. Arsène came here in 1996 and he really picked the team up tremendously at that time. He took very little time to settle down and he has been in my view an absolute treasure in the success that he’s brought with him. In the period he’s been here he’s won three League titles, four FA Cups, four Charity Shields, plus we’ve been finalists in the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup and the Carling Cup. That record just speaks for itself and illustrates what an absolutely tremendous job Arsène has done.

Arsène had a great deal of input into design and construction of the new training ground too. That was a most exciting development and it was his forethought that really drove the whole project on. His hallmark is on virtually every detail of that training ground, whether it be the condition of the pitches, the undersoil heating, the imaginative way he designed all the rooms. Then there’s the dressing rooms themselves, the way he’s changed the catering and he’s got players now on diets that never happened before. His attention to detail has been absolutely immense.

And of course, when we decided to move to new stadium, Arsène’s input was vitally important for two reasons. One, we could never have built that stadium without the success that he’s brought us, and, two, we were so fortunate to have Arsène’s eye for detail in designing the playing areas that are used on a regular basis. The fact that we are probably now the foremost in terms of design pays great tribute to the contribution that Arsène made.

Indeed, hat’s off to Arsene, I remember the pre-Arsene days and all I can say is that we’d never be where we are without the great man at the helm…

And just in case you forgot… despite the financial handy-cap and some fans and investors disgruntle-ment with the supremo, when Real Madrid came knocking earlier this year, Arsene remained loyal…

“I want to have success by building a team with a style, with a know-how, with a culture of play specific to the club and its fans and with young people. That is what I have chosen in my career and want to ensure I continue here at Arsenal.

“I am in a construction project with a young team but my intention is to take that project to the ultimate end. For me, pleasure comes from watching those players showing the football I like to see played.

Today is all about forgetting anything outside of the club and poring accolades on our manager, over to the comments…

  • Bergkamp4Eva

    “Today is Arsene’s 4,749th game in charge”! WOW that is certainly impressive! That’s a lot of games in 13 years, jokes aside no-one is bigger than the club but we would defintley not be the Arsenal we are today without Arsene Wenger, long may he continue to manage us, hopefully evebn long after SAF has retired! In Arsene We Trust

  • richiebacardi

    Congrats Mr. Wenger. Here’s to more of you and more trophies!

    In Arsene We Trust!

  • Leeroy.N

    My hat goes off to (IMO) the best manager in the world. He has earned tremendous respect from players and managers alike with all the success he has brought the club and then deserves even more! I hope the players will make it a year to remember for him. I listened to an interview with Thierry Henry as well as many other managers, past and present today on Sky Sports News. He still is a true gentleman, and still loves the club and Wenger the same. Had and never has anythin negative to say about either.

    To the man with the plan and the vision, Arsene Wenger and to many more years of his brilliance.

    Arsene We Trust

  • JDD

    (to the tune of Eduardo Da Silva Arsenal number 9)
    we bought him to replace Pires Nasri Nasri
    he scord more goals than anderson Nasri Nasri
    he broke his leg but he’ll be back
    and anderson will still be crap
    Samir Nasri Arsenals number 8
    la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la..
    Samir Nasri Arsenals number 8

    everyone make sure this is sung at the emirates

  • Arsefan101

    I was filled with Nostalgia when I read this article… Arsene has been instrumental in a lot of things… yes, no one is bigger than the club, but Arsene is part of the club and always will be!

  • devday

    JDD, I’ve added your song to the right hand side of the site… you think you can come up with a new song / different song every month?

  • Pete

    Possibly the best thing to happen to Arsenal FC in a generation. Great manager, great man, and his vision goes beyond football itself. His hard work will benefit the club for generations to come in a way that no other manager has achieved for their clubs. Arsene will forever be a true Arsenal Legend, here’s to another 13 years of Le Professor.

  • Arsefan101


  • Francis

    ade got off quite lightly with a suspended ban…a big joke

  • jeffvip

    I would love to see Emirates Stadium named with Arsene Wenger name after we have finished 8-year contract with Emirates Airlines

  • Arsefan101

    £25,00 fine and a two ban suspended ban (which means it will never happen)… got off light! Considering the incitement of the fans and the injuries caused.

  • JDD

    @devday il try

    @jeffvip i agree The Arsene Wenger Stadium

  • Berth

    Congrats to Arsene the Arsenal man that has invented the Arsenal way in an Arsenal style. His worth the weight in gold and will be remembered for years to come. Now I hand the baton to the players to make this gold worth its weight.

  • sam

    Respect to the man, and his lagacy at Arsenal.
    Thank you, Mr. Wenger!

  • Tazz

    If Football is Religion, then Prof Wenger is the Bible and King Henry the god..
    Hail Arsenal..
    Gooner for life..

  • Fabrez

    A great man who has done a magnificent job at a big Club… making us a bigger Club in the process. We can see he’s put his everything into it…a lot of time and effort. He’s taken a lot of pressure and enjoyed great success. Long may Arsene continue. Behind him 100%! Thank you…maybe one day soon…Sir Arsene!

  • Debs

    Sir Arsene at the Arsene Wenger stadium will be awesome! :-)
    One can tell that Arsene was born to be the manager of this club and he’s done a magnificent job, and long may it continue. And hopefully, we’ll get that elusive Champions League trophy this season (although I’m a bit worried he’ll leave once he’s won it! Lol). His attention to detail is meticulous and almost always slips under the radar, but I’m sure the players, and even ex-players, appreciate it (except a certain Mr Ade!)
    But yeah, Arsene’s been awesome for the club and the players as well and I wish him many more successful trophy-laden years ahead!