Thierry & The Thomases…

Afternoon all and what a weekend of football it was… we had some very interesting games – two games where I couldn’t figure out who I wanted to lose… in fact, I wanted all four teams to lose on the two main games yesterday… an impossibility of course.

For those of you who managed to watch Sunday’s football, it was very exciting – the Manchester Derby was pretty awesome, a seven goal thriller and I think United played well and City showed that they do have some sort of team out there. All in all, I have to be pleased with the two losses for Sp*rs and Man City… if we can win a few more, we can start climbing the table and get above them… then after that, we’ll hopefully see Chelsea and United lose a few?

Tomorrow sees us take on West Brom at the Emirates in what promises to be an awesome game of exciting young talent… we’ve seen players like Clichy, Cesc, Denilson, Walcott, Bendtner, Song, Diaby and of course the likes of Vela, Ramsey and Wilshere all come through the ranks and all of them have had significant time in the Carling Cup prior to their involvement in the first team. Tomorrow may be ideal for the likes of Ramsey, Merida, Wilshere as well as players such as Sanchez Watt, Jay Simpson and a whole host of the under 18’s from last year join in… We’ll probably see Szczesny in goal too, with Silvestre and Senderos getting a run out to help them gain some match fitness… more on the game tomorrow.

In other news, Thierry Henry has added his contribution to the situation regarding Emmanuel Adebayor… he had this to say:

“The fans at Arsenal were great. They were and always will be my family. I never saw them behave badly so to react like they did at the weekend shows just how angry and upset they were. No matter what Adebayor’s emotions were, he could have earned himself a lot of respect by not celebrating the goal.

“That would have shown real class and that to be honest is what most players choose to do when they score against their old clubs. I don’t really understand why he didn’t do that.”

“Arsene (Wenger) puts a lot of investment in you when he sees talent and I don’t think it would hurt for Adebayor to show him, the club and the fans a little respect.”

And he’s definitely hit the nail on the spot. Ade blames us, the fans, for him leaving, for him feeling like wanting to leaving and for his reactions on the pitch. Apparently, he blames the Arsenal fans for our voodoo majic, which made him stamp on Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas too… But in reality, ultimately, the players decision come from himself, from within, the actions of any human being are not dependant on other people’s action.

Thierry is an example of someone who acted in the right way. He always treated the manager and us, the fans, with the utmost respect. When he left and when he returns, he’ll always receive a standing ovation… and so will Kolo… I won’t go into the absurd levels of disrespect that Ade has shown us, the fans, the manager and the club, but ultimately, good riddance…

And finally, time to touch on the two Thomases…

Rosicky is officially back and ready to play, so congratulations to him on the comeback! He’s done very well in the last couple of games and it’s remarkable to see him back at this level, playing the way he is doing right now after such a long time out of the game. I don’t think he’ll be risked in the Carling Cup, but rested for the weekend game. With Nasri, Vela, Walcott and Arshavin out – he’s very important to our attacking play…

And of course, Thomas #2, Vermaelen has just been inspirational since he’s joined. He’s second goal on Saturday was absolutely amazing and he’s already got 5 in just 7 games at the start of the season. Good stuff from the Belgian.

Van Persie had this to say on our top scorer:

“The first one showed he is very, very strong from corners and free-kicks and that is very important for us,” said the Dutch striker.

“Even if we play badly we can always score from set-pieces.

“I would have been proud of his second goal.

“He is raised in Holland. I am not saying every Dutch player is good technically but when you are raised in Holland – especially at Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV – you are brought up getting the ball, moving it first touch, move again, pass, move.

“He was at Ajax since 15 so it is in his system for a long, long time.”

Time to go now, we’ve got a very exciting game to look forward to tomorrow…

Til then!

  • faith

    You have to give to get. How can we expect respect from Ade after they way we treated him. We gave him no respect.
    Consisting booing
    Making a fake “Ade Broshure” canvasssing his services like Michael Owen
    Lambasting him for giving a desirous glance at AC Milan when Fabregas has repeated on upteen occasions his desire to join Barca and no one said anything. RVP refused to sign a new contract no said anything
    Saying he was lazy/lacklustre and ineffective last season when his goal ratio was better than Torres’.
    For whatever reason Ade was singled for excessively harsh treatment by the Arsenal fans.
    This season let’s support our players not boo them.


    1st of all RVP never refused to sign a contract, he just wanted to make sure we were travelling in the right direction before he commmited

    2nd, the thing with adebayor is that when he came, pretty much no-one knew who he was. If you remember in his 1st half season, he was pretty poor. then he becomes a star, scores 30 goals in a season ONCE and feels like hes the best player ever, offering himself up at euro 2008 and then last season not showing what he was capable of.

    3rd Fabregas is childhood fan of barcelona and he has said that he would like to play for barca someday, but he doesnt go around lording it over everyone, stating how many times barca call him etc etc

    overall I just think its an issue of class. regardless what we have/havent won over 5 yrs, its not like arsenal is a west brom or a stoke. we are a big club. sure if i was a professional footballer and barca or ac came in for me then i would be head over heels, but as i said, considering what arsene did for ade and add in his poor performances-im not saying he deserved to be booed, but it would appear to fans he left them no choice.

    BUT and this is a big BUT
    I was throwin some old papers away when i came across the sport section of the telegraph on sat 12th sept (day of the man city game) and there was a really good interview with ade over why he really left arsenal and his real issues with bendtner. according to the article by Henry Winter, ade said there is a rule at arsenal which says you cant wear your shoes/trainers in the dressing room. Apparently Nicklas didnt and it all kicked off from there. In the carling cup game vs spurs, nicklas flipped him off and thats why they had that bust up on the pitch. He said that arsenal forced him out as we needed the money and so he went to city. he also said he have fans that ‘arent really fans’.

    really really good interview, whats you guys opinions on that? I will get some quotes up, dont know if anyone else came across this article?

  • Pissed Off

    Hello folks. Ade is gone and his case and past should be buried; the earlier the better – Lets focus on more important issues, like V.P’s honest talk about his lack of finishing.

  • Pissed Off

    DebS, Dev and my fellow WOA members; I have something to share with you folks.

  • Debs

    I’m all ears, Pissed Off…

  • faith

    1st CON-MAN good points but if this “right direction point” is true about RVP. How did Wenger convince RVP we were going “in right direction” by selling our top scorer for last two seasons and 30+ striker or by selling Toure.

    2nd Fabregas quotes 2009
    “I do not know if I will leave the Premier League next year. I am happy and it is an important year for the club.”

    “If Guardiola called me it would be different. I would be delighted to go”

    Now, there is nothing wrong with Fabregas’ statements, in my eyes. He is a good lad. But why did we destroy Ade when he made much more innocuous comments.

    P*ssed Off: Let’s talk about RVP’s lack of finishing: Without doubt he is a class act. I think it’s just a transient blip as he adjusts to being central striker rather than support striker. That’s why, even though he’s going through a rough patch, we should cheer him and not boo him;like we did to our other star striker who had a “dip” in form. In case he leaves for Man U, scores against us, rubs our nose in it and makes us all going crying to the FA for action.

  • Pissed Off

    Yeah mates – I was doing a current research on a better way of having a wonderful season and possibly winning the league. And then it hit me that Manu won last season and the season before last with either more defeat or a defeat short of us. I realised from that point that manu always win or loose; they find it very difficult to draw a match; infact they rarely get a draw and that could be a key.

    Last season we had about 5 losses; two seasons ago we had three losses and a large number of draws and again if you observe closely, these draws in the past few seasons have always come in the second part of the season between Febuary and March ( still dont know why).

    So if we can do our best and concede quiet a few draw we can get to that level of manu. Its also important to concentrate on winning the teams in the top four but most importantly is winning against teams like Everton, Fulham away from our home. Just an opinion I feel like sharing.

  • Fabrez

    Yeah mate…that’s what cost Liverpool the title last season… not their losses, the draws! And based on what u r saying with ur research between Feb-March, the January has lots of 1st team games in all domestic competitions (this yr is 8 fixtures in Jan!) so maybe a combination of injuries and being a bit tired affects us? That’s where squad depth and strength comes in… Maybe Arsene shud bring in a face in Jan depending on how the squad looks injury-wise going into the home-stretch of the season…

  • Debs

    True Pissed off. Man U rarely have draws, because they always have the habit of getting those injury-time goals, as they put so much pressure on the opposition defence, case in point being the Manchester derby on Sunday.
    We also usually put the opposition defence under pressure in search of a winner, but we always invariably leave ourselves open to the counter-attack, like the City game this season. Also, when we have a goal advantage, we tend not to finish teams off and they always almost end up equalising.
    It’s almost always all about the defence. Man U always have those games that are nil nil most of the time, but someone always gets the winner like about 10mins towards the end. We hardly ever have games where we’re able to prevent the opposition from scoring, thus enabling us to nick a winner towards the end, that’s why we end up with loads of draws.
    Like you guys said, we usually have those annoying draws between Feb and March, and true, it could also be down to injuries and tiredness. But we’ve got a few match-winners now, such as Arshavin, and maybe even Rosicky and Eduardo, who could always provide that bit of magic out of nothing, and we’ve not had all three, or at least two, of them fit at the same time for a really long time, so hopefully they’ll stay fit this season, and maybe we’ll see a reduction in the amount of points we drop because of draws.

  • zohaib

    I don’t think I’ve mentioned here on WOA how extremely pissed off I was after watching what Martin Atkinson decided to do (play 3 more minutes – he basically played until ManUtd scored) in the Manchester derby. I was going crazy on Facebook about it but I forgot to do the same here lol.

    Unbelievable stuff. Yet again it proves that most of the referees are either on ManUtd’s payroll or there’s some sort of an agreement to give ManUtd the benefit of the doubt every single time. And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if some people in the FA and the Premier League were involved. It’s getting ridiculous. There’s no consistency and no justice. Football is becoming a soap opera. And that’s what they want it to become so that they can make more money out of it by selling the TV rights and getting sponsorships from around the globe …

  • zohaib

    Also guys and girls, can someone please put up a link, a working stream, when the match is about to start. I usually am able to find one but it seems the site I use doesn’t have it this time – very rare. Cheers !

  • Berth

    Zohaib; Its always true about Man u; am yet to justify why it keeps happening; why coaches and clubs don’t want to issue statement towards that. Last season Raf Benitez made a point out of the same issues and the FA threatened with a ban, media lambasted him and said he was ranting, why fergies disciples like Allardyce backed him. Its becoming a crazy and biased league.

  • zohaib

    True Berth … very true …