Man City vs Arsenal Preview

Afternoon folks… and it’s that time of the season that we’ve all been waiting for… the Internationals are finally over for a while and if I’ve calculated it correctly, we have approximately 4 weeks of Premier
League, Champions League and Carling Cup football to look forward to until the next break…

Tomorrow sees us take on Man City away at their ground… and the contest this year may be more fiery than usual as Man City have spent quite a lot and are aiming to get into the top 4 this season… many people thought at the expense of us… due to our lack of buying this summer. Man City versus Arsenal is the first big test for the opposition and of course a test for us, no doubt – after losing to Manchester United, we need to bounce back at Man City and ensure we make a statement to the league by winning the game and getting three points on the board.

It will be a tough one, the players City have bought will put them into a different league then they were last season, where we lost 3-0. But I am confident about the game and confident we can win – we’ve seemed to have improved our game by selling the bad thorns and allowed our team to gel better. The signing of Vermaelen has been a God send, so we’re in better stead this season despite the loss of Adebayor and Toure.

The departure of those two players has been much of the talking point in the news today. Personally, yes, they are both good players, but Adebayor was a bad apple and Toure was not on form at all and wanted to go – Arsene has spoken on the two and so has Mark Hughes, so let’s here what the gaffer had to say:

“There are no hard feelings for Toure or Adebayor. I always wish my former players to be happy. It is part of life that players move on. That is not a reason that you want them not to be happy. I am extremely confident they will be and wish them well.”

Arsene also commented on whether we he regretted the sale.

“I do not regret losing him. I believe we lost a great player, but we have other great players behind. I believe in Eduardo, [Carlos] Vela and [Nicklas] Bendtner and we of course already have [Robin] van Persie as a big asset in our team. We have a good striking force, we have [Theo] Walcott who can be turned into a striker so we can cope with that [loss]. I personally do not think that Adebayor was obsessed by money. I must say that to be fair to him. If you consider the Premier League, you cannot say we are one of the bottom clubs financially. We have very fair financial potential.”

Personally, I understand we could do with the money and reality, don’t think we are worse off because we have other players – something quite apparent is that Adebayor does have a bit of a knack for scoring, and his form at Man City is reminiscent of the “eager beaver” form he showed last season.

Of course, Adebayor is a little bitter, and I’m sure he’d still like to be at Arsenal, but the financial reward available at Man City was considerable, so maybe he’ll prefer to be there. He has stoked up the fire a little as he’s been in the press saying how much the Man City fans love him, and he seems to think he’s an angel and always been an angel in the whole saga at the Emirates, but it sounds like he’s totally forgotten all the issues around his time with us.

The Mirror sums it up perfectly:

Adebayor’s finest – or worst hour – came in Vienna on the eve of the Euro 2008 Final, when he told the television cameras how keen he was to stay at Arsenal only to completely change his tune when he sat down with newspaper reports in the same room 45 minutes later. What made it worse was Adebayor’s repeated claims to Arsenal that he had been misquoted – something the club accepted was blatantly untrue when they were presented with a transcript. The Arsenal fans knew it, and even though there was plenty of stick for the media when the striker signed a new deal before last season began, the mood soon changed.

Anyway, enough about Abebayor, let’s take a look at the line ups, and we’ve got an injury concern over Arshavin, who’s let everyone know it’s not his groin (as it was pre-game) but his knee this time. He’s out until the Wigan game, so it’s a blow for us nevertheless.

Okay, here goes:


Sagna – Gallas – Vermaelen – Clichy

Song – Denilson

Bendtner – Cesc – Eduardo

Van Persie

The good news, is that Rosicky should be on the bench after coming through the International game against San Marino – but Arsene has confirmed that Theo will not make it.

The line up for Man City sees Tevez definitely miss the game, but news is that Robinho is back, so the line up should look like this:


Richards – Toure – Lescott – Bridge

Barry – Ireland

Wright-Philips – Robinho – Bellamy


I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game… it’s going to be a big test, but I’m very confident that we’ve got what it takes to win the game.. Sp*rs vs United tomorrow, so it’ll be an interesting day at the top of the table…

  • Fo

    I’ve got a good feeling about the game tomorrow. I really think it will be one that we’ll be dying to win – I can see Van Persie being fired up for this one as well as Niklas Bendter (Bendtner vs Adebayor)… it may be a little unsavoury, but I have a very good feeling :-)

    Come on the Arsenal!!

  • Berth

    I hope Wenger doesn’t play Diaby ahead of Cesc; You know the Wenger way now!

  • Debs

    Anyone notice how the build-up to the City game, both on TV and in the papers, has been all about City, and less about us? I guess money talks! But hopefully we’ll do the business tomorrow and the press’ll give us the respect we deserve. Come on you gunners! :)

  • AJ

    I’ve just read one of the funniest things, Adebayor said this to the Daily Telegraph:

    “Arsenal forced me out. Arsene told me: ‘You have to leave because financially we are very bad.’ That makes it more painful. Arsene knows I didn’t leave for money. Enjoying my football is more important to me than money.

    Regarding the match, after we were cheated at United, I am praying we win in style here and with the news that we probably won’t start with Arshavin as he is injured as he played against wales and made the injury he got against united worse, I’m not the happiest fan as he is probably my favourite player rightnow, but I think we’ll pull it off. Also I take it Fabregas is still out and didn’t play for spain?

  • Robby

    No, Fabregas did play for Spain. In fact, he scored for Spain. Go see. It was an Henry finish into the bottom right corner.

    Arshavin or not, it doesn’t matter. Denilson and Co. will win it for us.

    I heard on Sky Sports News that Robinho is a major doubt. Could it be?

  • zaheer

    It should be an interesting game. Hopefully we can get the three points. Im looking forward to seeing Rosicky back in action. I hope that his time on the sidelines has given him a hunger to perform…

  • kuka

    …The boss is calling upon fans to respect Adebayor when he lines up against us this afternoon. To be honest, I do think respect is a very costly item and one has to earn it. I do not think that you can buy respect on the streets. I am absolutely sure that Toure might receive the respect from the fans because he earned it and has also tried to respect his former club after the move. Adebayor on the other hand, has been feeding the emotions prior to the game, and would be shocked if he is not “disrespected”……

    …You will never find Arsenal greats like Henry, Bergkamp, Wright, Viera. Kanu, Pires etc being booed by an Arsenal fan. Simply because, when they left the club, they paid the fans and everyone one the side maximum respects…

    …Good Luck to Adebayor. I wonder what will happen when he has to face the Emirates crowd at home. He has quickly turned into Ashley cole, a player that each Arsenal fan loves to hate

  • Berth

    What I don’t want is Diaby starting the game.

  • Fabrez

    I’m well excited about the game. Very wary of City’s attacking quality but confident anyway. We more than have the quality and spirit to do the job. Let’s go boys!! C’mon you Gunners!!

  • Pete

    To be honest, I’m more nervous about this game than i was about the United game. Thats not to say we cant win, I am confident we can, but am always a little wary after an international break. One good thing is that their defence hasn’t had too much time to settle and gel, so it’s probably better to play them now than later in the season.

    Come on you Gunners! :)

  • Debs

    Wey! Fabregas is playing! No Robinho as well.

    Our team:
    Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy, Bendtner, Song Billong, Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, van Persie. Subs: Mannone, Rosicky, Eduardo, Ramsey, Silvestre, Eboue, Gibbs.

  • Debs

    Eboue’s out injured, apparently. Is it me, or does the team look weird? It looks more 442 than 433?

  • abdul qadir malik

    i think arsene should play diaby more often bxz there is a great player in him………the only thing he need is time on pitch… i had very bitter feeling when he scored an own goal…but u should also understand their was a keeper’s mistake as well there so u can’t blame diaby for all da cause…almunia should had caught that ball bxz there was no manu player there infront of him…..long live pakistan long live fabregas

  • abdul qadir malik

    oh god y shavy was let go to russia to play…… arsenal needed him in da match against man-city

  • abdul qadir malik

    arsene should play jackie wilshire more often… i like him

  • sam

    We’ve no defence. 36 minutes & no shots on goal.

  • sam

    1st half gone, no shots on goal. Another own goal… 2 in a row! This is a soft Arsenal. Headless chickens running around. Hope they wake up for 2nd half.