Rosicky could finally be back… and why Eduardo’s treatment is totally wrong!

Morning all… First of all, apologies for the sporadic articles at different times… The International break renders me a little more useless than average.

This break has seen a few ups and a few downs… we’ve lost Djourou for six months… which is now 5 months, 3 weeks and 2 days and counting… come on Djourou… the worry now of course, is that if Vermaelen or Gallas get injured, we’ll end up fielding either Senderos or Silvestre. Whilst both aren’t my favourite players, I’d probably prefer Senderos over Silvestre simply because of Silvestre lack of pace as well as his United connections. I’m hoping Senderos has matured as a player since I last saw him – and I don’t think he was that bad before, I just think he wasn’t sharp enough and always seemed to make a mistake when it was the wrong time… (when is the right time to make a mistake? probably when you’re 5-0 up with a minute to go?)…

The good news from the International break is that Tomas Rosicky is back and he played against San Marino yesterday which means he should be in line for a place in the squad on Saturday, albeit maybe just on the bench…

“I’m happy above all that Tomas could play, that he was ready for the game. I had a deal with Wenger to keep Tomas on the pitch no longer than an hour.”

But an hour is an hour and a good hour. We saw a good set of cameo appearances from the Czech midfielder pre-season and it would be awesome to have him on the bench against Man City this weekend.

New, be it good or bad, of course is that Eduardo started for Croatia against England – it was a shame to see the fans boo him – and not boo Rooney at all – in fact, no one should ever boo anyone, but what can you do? Every time Eduardo had the ball he was booed, and I think that treatment was bang out of order. The craziest thing of all of this, is that Eduardo was the one person whom I don’t think dived, whilst Rooney dove twice after – once against us to win a penalty and then again against Slovenia to win a penalty. Make me sick when this obvious bias and obvious different treatment happens.

Arsene commented on the Eduardo treatment and had this to say:

‘You want everybody to be treated fairly, and I do not believe he is treated fairly. There was a good opportunity to take a media campaign against many players, which you did not do. You cannot give him the feeling that he has been treated fairly. You will never get that from him. ‘I do not want to fight with the whole Premier League because of that. I just think we want to fight against diving. I did not hide after the game. I said he made more of it, yes, but considering Eduardo’s case it is not a clear case. ”We have proof that he has been touched. You will find a lot of players who will make a little bit more of it. There is a fine line between being shrewd and everyone supports you and saying it is a dive. If you can construct this case, then okay, let’s do it. But how do you define intent? I saw one last night in Serbia.”

One of the worries I had about this whole saga is how it would his game, but Arsene doesn’t think it will.

”I do not believe it will affect his game. He is a player who has gone through much more difficult things than that. On the one side, a good way to deal with that is that he is in good health. This is a minor event compared to what he has gone through before.”

More bad news breaking as I write is that Andrei Arshavin has had a re-occurence of his groin injury. He played 90 minutes for Russia yesterday (who beat Wales 3-1), but he has a groin injury. Arsene doesn’t think he should have played and he is now out of the next three games for us. It’s a big blow and at the moment, there is no cohesion between the clubs and countries.

“He should not have played and is injured. You can say a lot but it does not do a lot.”

Why on earth did Arshavin play injured for his country and then misses two weeks at his club? It’s absurd… something needs to be done about this.

With Arshavin out, either Theo Walcott or Rosicky may be thrown straight into the deep end…

Man City preview tomorrow, no doubt… til then…

  • Pete

    Good seing Rosicky playing again. Loosing Arshavin is a blow, but I’m confident that we can still win without him. At least now he’ll get the proper time to recover. Was quite selfish of Hiddink to playin him for 90 mins like that. It wasn’t as if they were playing Brazil was it.

    The sad thing about the Eduardo situation is that he just has to ride it out unfortuneately. He’s not the first player to be booed like that, and I think if he just gets on with his game then it will blow over eventually. Funny thing is it tends to happen to great players, Beckham, Ronaldo etc, so he’s in good company lol. Some other controversy will come along involving a different player and the boo boys will shift their short-attention span elsewhere.

    Really looking forward to Saturdays game. Although a few of the lads played in internationals, we have quite a few fresh players too. I’m going to push the boat out and predict my starting line up early lol:


    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy

    Denilson Song

    Bendtner Fabregas Diaby


    So Vermaelen, Clich, Denilson and Diaby should be fresh and rested. I’d also imagine Cesc is raring to go too. Might even see Eduardo and Eboue on the left/right wings respectively.

  • Debs

    Apparently Rosicky and Fabregas may not play tomorrow, according to the SSN ticker. It doesn’t say why, but I think it’s not to do with them having any niggles, but maybe Wenger wants to rest them. It makes sense resting Rosicky,maybe, but I’m not too sure if Fabregas needs resting.

  • Bonathan

    Treading a fine line in the CB department now. A lengthy gallas injury and we’re screwed. Senderos is capable of putting together a good run. There’s just that odd big balls up he’s prone to. and he can’t handle drogba for sh1t. Still, if it’s him or silvestre, i’d go sendy any day of the week. Saying that, i’d probably choose walcott at CB before silvestre.

    I do think we should have made sure in that department. It’s gonna leave a sour taste if it comes back to haunt us. We are that close to being a championship winning team. one or two players. Here’s to hoping for good fortune with regards injuries then in that department (as well as goalkeeping) and we could still do it.

    there’s always alex song who could revert to cb as well of course. Maybe wenger will plump for that before going for one of the others. Anyway, hopefully he won’t have to do either.

  • Marc Callan

    Anyone see Bergkamps goal for Ajax? We should still have him in the first XI…Also I hope Senderos could be legend this season though if Drogba sees him in the team line up, he knows he is going to get 3 goals…

  • Berth
  • Arsefan101

    The site was down today!

  • Kuka

    I hope this is the last time I speak about Adebayor. How I wish he could learn to shut up and let his game do the talking. The media is setting him up and he is falling for it with careless talk about his former club. It’s a shame because I thought Adebayor was a decent player on his day, but his cheap
    talk has made me dislike him quite a lot. Very soon the honeymoon stage will come to an end and he’ll be booed again. Alternatively an imaginery Barcelona will come for him….

    ….I promise not to speak about him again. Quite an insensitive guy

  • Fabrez

    Yeah Marc Callan. That goal was a touch of class! You don’t ever lose class! My line up would be:


    Sagna Gallas Vermealen Clichy

    Denilson Song

    Eboue Cesc Eduardo


    Maybe Bendtner could be in place of Eboue since he’s scored twice for Denmark and will be full of confidence but I’m also saying Eboue since we’re playing away from home (like @ Man U) and he is more defense-minded with a bit of attacking capability…

  • JDD

    i dont think resting Fabregas and Rosicky would be such a bad idea.Rosicky doesn’t need to be rushed back so there no point in risking another set-back and Fabregas may not be 100% and look what happened when he played against pompey not being full fit he pick up an injury.The line-up would still look strong.

    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Denilson Song Diaby/Merida/Ramsey
    Eduardo/Eboue Van Persie Bendtner

    news that Djourou is out for the rest of season means that once again we are short at the back.I wouldnt mind Song filling in at the back but then that leaves a gap in the middle.even though we have senderos and silvestre i think we definatley need to buy in januray since Song will be away at the african nations we might also need to buy a RB as cover for Sagna because Eboue will also be at the african nations.or Wenger might give some youth players a chance-Hoyte and Bartley.

  • Berth