Man City vs Arsenal – Very Early Match Preview

It’s that time of the season that everyone hates… the International weeks. We’ve just started a very exciting (be it semi-controversial) new Premiership season, where despite the loss at Man United, we’ve started well. Then suddenly there is an International break, a few meaningless games and a round of injuries… site Johan Djourou…

Another worry is of course, the fitness of Andrei Arshavin, who mentioned that he was not 100% fit at the start of the season as well as carrying a groin injury – something he’s apparently had since the beginning of the season. But we’ll see on Wednesday if he does play against Wales – which will be another indicator of his fitness.

Good news on the injury front is that Theo Walcott should be back in contention this weekend against Man City. He has had a series of body injuries since his exploits during the summer, but I’m very glad to hear positive news about Theo and his potential return to fitness. The website reporting:

“Walcott missed his country’s matches in September and is expected to return soon after the international break.”

News regarding Rosicky is also positive – although he missed the weekend’s International game, news is that he will play on Wednesday for the Czech Republic. If he does play, then we’ll again have him back in the squad for Saturday’s game.

Cesc has also returned to fitness having played 20 minutes for Spain (they beat Belgium 5-0)… If all goes well in the Internationals, I’d expect us to play the following team on Saturday:


Sagna – Gallas – Vermalen – Clichy

Song – Denilson

Walcott – Cesc – Arshavin

Van Persie

With a bench of Mannone, Gibbs, Eboue, Diaby, Ramsey, Eduardo and Bendtner.

Robinho is the major doubt for Man City and he’s picked up a thigh injury which will see him out for three weeks. As a result, I’d expect the following team to line up for Man City:


Richards – Toure – Lescott – Bridge

Barry – Ireland

Wright-Philips – Tevez – Bellamy


It’s going to be a real test for both teams and a statement to the world whether the team that Man City have assembled can really challenge.

I’m really looking forward to this one, I think we’ll dump the Citeh boys on their backs!

Just before I go, here’s a little backing from England old boy David Beckham, who thinks the Eduardo thing has been blown out of proportion:

There has been far too much talk about diving. No-one wants to see it and it is disappointing when it happens. But it happens every week and Eduardo is not the first person to have done it. The whole thing should be put to bed. Eduardo is a great player. It is not that long ago that he suffered an horrific injury. You don’t know what was going through his mind. He might have been trying to get out of the way of a tackle so he didn’t get injured again.”

Til tomorrow.

  • debs

    Tevez is an injury doubt for Argentina’s mid-week game because of a thigh injury, so he might be doubtful for Saturday if he doesn’t play.

  • Debs

    I apologise profusely for going back to the diving issue, but I’ve just seen Ashley Young’s dives shortly after Eduardo’s on youtube, and it was DEF a dive. There were actually 2, but the first one was definitely no penalty, while the second one was arguable. I take it Ashley Young’s a foreigner right, Terry?!

  • devday

    Debs – great stuff! If Tevez is injured and Robinho, that would be pretty awesome..!

  • Fo

    The problem is that everyone dives!

    Eduardo’s fall was hardly a dive! And he gets done for it!

  • Fo

    I think what David Beckham said sums up the situation – it’s clear that choosing Eduardo as a test subject for this experiement that UEFA are trying is a little pathetic. It’s not clear if he dived – the player says he didn’t and the funny thing is Rooney has had two blatant dives since and no one seems to make anything of it!

  • VJ

    cant wait till the game hope we destroy them and take revenge on manchester. rosicky to come on and score 3!!!

  • Fabrez

    I like Becks. He just puts it in perpective. Well said David! Doubt Theo will start. He’s lacking match fitness i;d think. Bendtner will start. No Robinho and Tevez would b welcomed! lol

  • Debs

    Yeah, Theo will probably be on the bench. I just really want him to play, even if it’s just 5mins. I just feel as if he’s missing out too much, and this is a crucial year, World Cup and all. He’ll probably be our super-sub for a few games! :-)

  • Fabrez

    Yeah…super sub indeed! Look fwd to Rosicky coming back…he’s soooo quality! Not long till the conclusion of the international break! Can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ll have to make do with following my man R. Federer win the U.S. Open! And of course that small matter of England v Croatia! :)

  • Debs

    Whey Fabrez! I’m a fellow Federer lover! :) :) :) I think I’ve watched 99.9% of his matches this year! lol. Currently watching it at the moment as well! Great minds, eh? 😀

  • Fabrez

    Haha…awesome Debs!! Great minds! 😀

  • Debs

    I can’t wait to have Rosicky back as well! I can’t wait to have a fully fit squad so we can have selection headaches! lol
    Rog should win the US Open, probably beating pesky Murray in straight sets in the final again! lol

  • Fabrez

    lol! I think we’ll be in for another Fed v Nadal classic! Is a bit of non-football excitement during the break…thank goodness for sports in general eh? :)

  • Debs

    I know! How awesome is sports?! /the best thing in the world, no? I swear I watch all the sports in the world (ok, maybe I’ll exaggerating a whole lot! lol).
    Not sure Nadal’s fit enough to get to the final though, but I’d rather him than Murray. And apparently if he lasts a round more than Murray, he’ll move up to No 2! I think he deserves that at least! But come whoever, it’s Roger all the way for the title! 😀

  • Fabrez

    Ahhh…ok ok…cool! Well in fairness, Nadal is a better quality player than Murray so that’ll be deserved…and u r right…fitness-wise there are question marks with Nadal. Would like to see a final like we saw in this year’s Wimbledon! That was a cracker! Too bad Roddick’s gone! An Arsenal win on Saturday and Rog win on Sunday = perfect weekend! lol

  • Debs

    Yeah, Wimbledon final this year was awesome! Almost as good as last year’s, but with the right person winning this time! :) I do love Roddick though, but not as much as Rog!
    Arsenal THUMPING lol City on Saturday, Rog winning on Sunday, and maybe a Lewis Hamilton win at Monza on sunday as well. It doesn’t get much better than that… 😀

  • shamca

    I am waiting impatiently to our men stylishly deconstruct MCity and to see a bit more of that Rosicky creativity coupled with the powder of “TheoSpeed”.