Everyone is against us…

I remember a very long while ago, Arsene Wenger once said that everyone is against us… and many people thought he was suffering from own club syndrome, but in the last three days I have been on the road getting the views and thoughts of people about what the general public think of what’s going on…

Arsenal play football the right way and most clubs try to play the game properly. It’s such a shame that the authorities seem to give them such a hard time. The game against Man United was a classic home advantage game, where all the decisions went in United’s favour. It was incredible as a neutral to see the Old Trafford effect still happening.

Luke Ferman, West Brom fan

It’s astonishing that UEFA has charged Eduardo with diving. He’s just come back from two years out of the game when someone basically physically attacked him. The player got a three match ban for the incident whilst Eduardo got a two match ban for diving. It doesn’t make any sense and I really feel for Arsenal and Eduardo. If anyone has seen Rooney and Gerrard’s diving antics then Eduardo’s incident is so random, it’s no wonder Arsene Wenger thinks it’s sort of conspiracy. The funny thing is that John Terry has been harping about England not diving and then Rooney does the most blatent dive twice – once against Arsenal and then one against Solvenia. It’s all a bit weird what’s going on…

Anna Klere, Everton fan

Villa Fan here. I personally don’t like either the Gunners or Man U, and as much as I don’t want to sound like the ol’ coot Reina, I reckon every team gets a dudd deal when they go to Old Trafford. This was a rigged game out of the top draw. My left nut would have done a better job refereeing that game – and it certainly would have given the Arshavin penalty!

Reesaroo, Aston Villa fan

Those are just three of the comments

that non Arsenal fans amongst many others. My personal view is that there is something strange going on and the recent movements from UEFA are very suspect. Many people are of the school of thought that the influences of the Scottish FA have made the Eduardo thing blown out of proportion. Looking at the incident and the subsequent ban, there is no connection between the offence and the penalty given. Even if the incidnt was a dive, which is still debatable, a yellow card is the normal punishment.

Looking at the incident yesterday in the match between England and Slovenia, Rooney’s dive and subsequent claim for a penalty was dispicable, with Rooney claiming just days before, he’s never dived and John Terry saying “England players don’t dive”. Just another little reminder of the former Evertonian in action.

The last clip of the video showing the dive against us which won the penalty that ended our 49 game unbeaten run.


In other news, our super duper injury jinx has hit us really hard once again with Johan Djourou ruled out for six months after having an operation on his knee. Djourou was starting to show everyone how good he was when he ousted Toure from the first team last January and then playing more in the close season. He is very much capable back up for Gallas and Vermaelen and many people see him as the natural replacement for Gallas when he eventually leaves or retires. It is dearly a shame, but in one way, the fact we didn’t sell Senderos in the end means that we’re covered in that department.

In other other news, Freddie Ljungberg has been talking about returning to Arsenal –  a very random connection, but the Swede has  supposedly shaken off his injury problems and regained his speed and fitness. Interesting but doubful…

Still 6 days to go until the Premiership returns. This International break is worse than the summer wait…

  • khai

    wayne rooney’s a prick. and this is nauseating.

  • Pete

    If Eduardo is seen as a cheat, then Rooney is an even bigger cheat. Unlike Eduardo, Rooney’s “penalty” yesterday against Slovinia affected the outcome of whether England won or drew the game. I guess its hardly surprising, having had Ronaldo, one of the best divers around, as a team mate for 6 years. Whats even more insulting is that he actually injured the Slovinian defender and he’s ruled out for their next qualifier. I reckon the Slovinians must be regretting agreeing to this friendly right before an important qualifying game.

    Even if Eduardo’s penalty against Celtic wasn’t awarded, Arsenal would still have qualified for Champions League and made no difference to the end result over the two legs. Yet its the Crozilian who gets demonised by the press when there are far worse offenders elsewhere.

  • Fo

    @Pete, totall agree with you, it’s crazy what has happened. How on earth a player like Wayne Rooney can say he’s never dived is ridiculous. There is one thing diving and there is another thing completely lying about it. Rooney is one of the biggest cheats around and needs to be banned retrospectively for many many games!!!!!!!

  • locks

    This whole diving issue is really getting on my nerves! I m so annoyed about the way the media have focused on Eduardo, yet when “serial diver Rooney” does it yet again they hardly mention it. In fact when I watched Sunday Suppliment today on Sky sports, they actively tried to play down his latest dive against Slovenia.

    Rooney has dived so many times that he has become just as bad as Ronaldo, and what is even worse is that he nearly always does it against Arsenal!! It was his acrobatics that ended Arsenals unbeaten run and the so called “swings and roundabouts” that we always hear about, is yet to come to Arsenals rescue.

    Yes we want him to play well so that England can have a good chance during the world cup, but im afraid he just gets away with far too much! And he is ugly!!!!

  • Debs

    Does anyone have any idea when we play our game in hand against Bolton (it’s a home match). It’s very annoying, the fact that we have to play catch-up a for a while, and the table just looks wrong with us in 6th! Not that the 3 points is guaranteed from the Bolton game :)

  • Arsefan101

    Debs – the game details is still to be decided! On the Arsenal web site – it still says: To be Arranged

  • Leeroy.N

    That game in hand could be a blessing in disguise. If we concentrate on getting the maximum points available now, that game could help us leap frog later in the season. We have a slight edge with a game in hand and goal difference. It helped Man U, especially the season before last. Just as long as we focus on each game and give all like we have been it could really do us a favour. IMO.

    Win, Lose or Draw… Gooner Til I Die!

  • Debs

    Good point, Leeroy! That’s another way of looking at it! And Theo’s back on Saturday! Woop!

  • jien