Exclusive: Arsenal sign Milanovich

Yes it’s official… Arsenal have signed Anna Milanovich to the canteen staff. Anna has been signed from Islington High School where she has previously been a pivotal member of the canteen staff there.

Arsene was delighted at the signing:

“Anna is an excellent signing for us. She has a good level of pace which is her main asset and can really help the rest of the canteen members. She can also deputise as a cook as well as a food server which means she is very versatile.”

Anna also commented:

“It gives me great pleasure to join Arsenal as a member of the canteen staff. I hope to be able to work well with the existing canteen staff members and contribute the food preparation abilities.”

Anna is also known as “Your Name” and that’s is the shirt name she has requested as she’s arrived at the Emirates.

Your Name

Anna has signed a 12 month contract, working 3 days a week. She will join the existing team which consists of 7 other members as well as two full time cooks. She will be on approximately £6.87 per hour and will be working for approximately 6 hours per day.

From everyone at the World of Arsenal, we wish her good luck!

  • jeffvip

    good. I really do think Wenger fulfill his promises and sign a player at 11th hour.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    Anna sounds like a good prospect. Lol

  • Berth

    Not a bad buy. Dev.

  • bayo

    its another transer window of failed promises.y did wenger tell us wat he could not do,all the money goes tothe board,he should be ready for a war if hisv cteam does not deliver

  • John

    the next time wenger will sign someone is jan window cause wat will happen is after losing to utd we’re on a downward spiral or confidence will be knocked(i think if we bought someone morale would be up)we have city next ade will come back to haunt us the shit will hit the fan come jan transfer window it will be too damn late dats jut my opinion if im wrong i will forever have the utmost respect for wenger. please let me be wrong.

  • Fabrez

    Bayo is back… hilarious! I’m amazed at ppl’s rxn. Our squad is fine for now. Why is it gloom & doom bcuz we signed just Verm? I’m sure RvP signing an extension has more to do with trusting Wenger than bringing in new players. We’ll be fine people!!

  • Fabrez

    And just bcuz we’ve bought no1 else doesn’t mean Wenger didn’t try. He’ll buy in Jan i think but i’m sure we will do well. Have faith!

  • Steve

    We’ve released a statement on the Scapegoatgate incident:

    They’ve made a few very good points:
    – What are you playing at?
    – What are you thinking?
    – How the hell did you make this decision?
    – Are you just doing this once because Platini has had another one of his whims or are you actually now making a policy of enforcing this now?
    – Are you just gonna do this for big games or every game under UEFA jurisdiction?
    – Are you gonna ban Ashley Young, or was it ok as it wasn’t in a big game?
    – How the hell are you going to monitor for dives? Would you like us to send you a list every week?
    – How far back do you want to go?
    – Can you tell us precisely what we need to show you so that we can get every Standard/Olympiacos/AZ player we can find footage of on the floor in the box in a UEFA competition banned, and then the players in the last 16, QFs etc until we win the Champions league by having a better media analysis team than the other clubs?
    – If you are gonig to introduce this policy, maybe think about it in advance, make a plan, a system and announce rather than just pick up the first high profile incident and make it up as you go along.
    – Do you really want to go down this road??


    “Official Club statement – Eduardo

    The Club is disappointed with Uefa’s decision to suspend Eduardo for two Champions League matches starting with Standard Liege on September 16.  

    We have been informed that we will receive a “reasoned decision” from Uefa by Thursday of this week. Once we receive Uefa’s rationale, we will make a decision on the next steps.

    We have been deeply frustrated by the perfunctory and apparently arbitrary process that Uefa has followed in this instance. We believe it is imperative that Uefa’s explanation for its decision provides clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced.  It is also critical that Uefa provides specific details of the processes it plans to adopt in reviewing all games under its jurisdiction.”

  • Bonathan

    No signings. It’s hardly a surprise, i have to say. I think we could have done with at least 1. I think there are possibly 4 areas we could have done with strengthening. Those being, Back up GK, CB, DM and CF.

    Gallas and vermaelen look great. The only problem is when they can’t play. which is always likely to happen for a period of time with gallas. So one of the big questions which will decide whether or not we really can challenge for the title (which we should be able to do) is can JDjourou/PSenderos/MSilvestre provide adequate cover. I have no faith in silvestre whatsoever. Hopefully the other 2 can do the business. PS has had good, solid spells in the past. Although he is prone to the odd big mistake. I get the feeling wenger would pick MS ahead of him though.

    It looks like if Song is injured wenger would employ Diaby in a more defensive role. So hopefully this will work out. I’d like to see him deployed there. This area might not then be much of an issue.

    Strikers. Question we gotta ask ourselves is how confidant we gonna be if RVP and Eddy are out. To be fair, Bendtner has shown slight signs of improvement and we have vela, walcott and arshavin as well. We could be OK. Maybe anyway.

    GK. What would we do now if Almunia was out for a period of games? Fabianski is out injured for at least another month, and VMannone, well, isn’t the best from what i’v seen, which granted, is very little. I thought we could at least bring a cheap old experienced head in to cover and that the younger keepers would learn off. It would also have given us the opportunity to send fabianski out on loan sometime for some invaluable 1st team experience. At the moment, we are walking a fine line. of course, almunia (fingers crossed) could quite easily not get injured all season, but is it worth taking the chance? An untried goalkeeper can cost you quite a few points in the space of say a 8 game period. it could literally be the difference of 1st and 6th.

    I just feel we’re taking a chance there’s really no need to take with that one. GK and CB probably most worrying positions for me out of the 4 mentioned.

  • VJ

    the eduardo incident is a joke. the number of dives that happen in european football each week surpasses the number ofe fingers available in asia. ronaldo dived on average 4 times a game last year (guess) and he never got a card.Eduardo on the other hand took a tumble of protect his fragile leg from a crude pole trying to get away from him and gets a two match ban. if it is now requiring clubs to bribe referees (hint hint ferguson old trafford ridiculous decisions eack week) then maybe its worth breaking the rules to protect our players and club. i mean the number of bad decisions towards united when they are losing at home is phenominal. the officials need to sort out these so called coinsidences and do an italian league, ie strip them from their titles and relegate them. haha that would be the day.
    any comments?

  • Bonathan

    I have to agree. I cannot believe it has happened. I’m all for doing something about sorting out the problem but they have opened a can of worms doing it this way. There’s gonna be so much controversy about this subject this season it’s gonna be unreal. If they are gonna take this approach and do it from now on there’s gonna be a trolly load of players banned.

    Wouldn’t you have thought they might just give a small fine or something if they were determined to do something.

    This could get out of hand.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    What actual signings did we bring in on the end I know of Vermaelen but I think we have also signed about 2 youngsters. Can any one confirm?

  • devday

    GGY – We also signed a 16 year old Argentinian keeper called Diego Martínez from Independiente, £1.2m

  • edison

    vermaelen has made me confident enough that we need little else in terms of squad to challenge this year. Wait for super SAM NASRI to get fit and play that deep midfield role with Song and we will be laughing.

    do not forget, previously quoted >> ” ex-Marseille coach Albert Emon and France boss Raymond Domenech have both stated that they see the youngster as a deep lying midfielder.”

    nasri is the missing link.


    Tell me that isnt a strong core.

  • Pissed off

    Edison I understand your point, but I still think Denilson offers the team what Nasri can’t offer and that is tracking back – as for goals, Nasri will excel very well in that position ( a position Hleb would have been a legend in). I Just hope we win something this season, though I have my doubts. If people say manu lost Ronaldo and Tevez, we should not forget we lost Ade and Toure without replacement.

  • edison

    I think it is bad that we have sold two previously key players to a team now challenging a top 4 place and ultimately our position last year.

    We may have lost Ade & Toure, but we have gained is far greater. what we have gained is invaluble in return. A relief of attitude. Vermaelen has revived the central defence, Gallas is back to great form, and Adebayor leaving has allowed us to take on an EGO-free 4-4-3 formation.

    Sometimes adding nothing is better than adding something.

  • Berth

    Edison you have to wait till the end of the season before you start judgement of what you are not too sure…

  • syah

    haha. what a post. anyways the photo that you used is from my country! that is how a normal neighbourhood eatery looks like in Singapore!

    Anyways im not ashamed of the lack of signings. I think the team is playing too well for any wild card players to come in and disrupt any form.

    in arsene i trust.

  • Shazu

    Totally agree with syah! In Arsene we trust!

  • Leeroy.N

    DEV – You are too funny. Great post to lighten the mood. HAHA!!

  • devday


    You’ll be surprised to hear how many people actually thought we had sign this fictional character! LOL!

  • http://www.myegy.com ahmed



    I Love ARSENAL……….

  • Winn Kyaing

    Very Good!