The Treatment of Eduardo Is Beyond Belief

In a world where we have seen players like Steven Gerrard, Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo dive over and over again to win free kicks, penalties, con referees intentionally and bring the game into disrepute, we have also seen a judicial system that doesn’t punish them the slightest. We have seen managers like Rafa Benetiz, Alex Ferguson, Guus Hiddink and Jose Mourinho defend these players to the highest. We have never seen the FA, UEFA or FIFA take any action against these players when their diving antics are obvious, publicly viewable to all and damn right outrageous.

Eduardo was fouled by the keeper on Wednesday’s game when he past him. It was a foul, Eduardo did fall – with contact from the keeper, and the referee gave a penalty for it. Post game, we’ve had a bitter set of comments from the Celtic camp and those from UEFA. I’ve defended Eduardo since Wednesday and fellow Arsenal fans have critised me for “condoning diving”. Do I condone diving? Of course not. Diving, feigning injury and direct and purposeful physical attacks on players are three areas of football I hate and I wish didn’t exist.

I do not condone diving, but you tell me on any replay that you will see that Eduardo clearly dived and I will be surprised. How anyone can see a dive in the replay is beyond me. Eduardo says there was contact with the keeper and I will believe what the player says. You ask any of the Croatian team, if you ask Slaven Bilic, ask Arsene Wenger, you will know that Eduardo is one of the most honest players in the game.

Yes, the penalty was controversial – more so because Eduardo was going away from goal, but the treatment of him via the UEFA charge is completely unrealistic in modern day football. To single out one player and accuse him of diving, to bring a charge against him for it, when the referee didn’t think so, video replays do not suggest he does, is beyond belief. The SFA have members on the board at UEFA, which is probably the main reason for all of this.

If you’re a follower of football, then you will have seen Steven Gerrard, Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo dive countless number of times – where the dive is obvious and how on earth have they never been punished?

Arsene is absolutely livid about what has happened, and he has every right to be:

“I find it a complete disgrace and not acceptable. We will not accept the way Uefa treated this case. Having seen the television again nothing is conclusive from that and it singles out a player in Europe to be a cheat and that is not acceptable. I have seen some obvious cases where Uefa didn’t intervene and that is on and off the pitch. Things have happened in Europe on and off the pitch where Fifa did not act at all. I believe that
this is the first time in my time in football where a situation that has been judged and assessed by the referee and that the referee’s decision is not accepted by the football bodies.

He continued:

“Normally a situation that has been assessed and judged by the referee cannot be touched again. So that means we have opened a door that means that every single decision that is seen by a referee can be changed. They have opened a very dangerous door there. I am not disappointed, here it is a witch hunt. Eduardo has been touched by the goalkeeper we can prove that. One thing – is it a penalty or not? I am the first to say it doesn’t look obvious to be a penalty but it is another thing to judge with intent he did go down and I wish you good luck to prove that after seeing the pictures again. To single a player out like that who has come back from injury like he has, been hit like he has been, for going down I don’t blame him. When you see his leg first time I don’t blame him getting out of the way of the goalkeeper.”

And Arsene feels that the case is basically totally unfounded and I think he’s pretty much in shock.

“He feels he has done nothing wrong. Of course the timing is not ideal. It is funny football, you can break a player’s leg and it doesn’t cause a debate for anybody but this case has been all over the world and treated like Eduardo has killed somebody. Do you know that this penalty had no outcome on the result, we were 2-0 up anyway and we would have won this game at home. We have been victims of players diving in England who were English but were never treated like that, so the media have to ask themselves to treat every case the same.”

And if you’re in the moods for reading a few quotes, this is what Andy Gray had to say:

“I am staggered by the UEFA decision to charge Arsenal striker Eduardo for ‘deceiving the referee’. It was a very strange ruling and especially considering it was for something that was unclear. For all we know Eduardo might have been touched by the keeper – and in the laws of the game you don’t have to be hammered, there only has to be the intent to tackle for a foul to be awarded – or he may just have been trying to protect his leg he injured last year.”

And just in case you think I’m biased, take a look at some of this footage:

First up, England golden boy, Steven Gerrard:

What about Cristiano Ronaldo?

And don’t forget Didier Drogba:

Surely these players should have had countless charges against them. UEFA, I implore you to explain your actions? Do you have a personal vendetta against the Arsenal? I’m 100% behind Arsene, Eduardo and our team. This propaganda is beyond belief.

Til tomorrow…

  • Gooner til i die

    Yeah.. nice post.. Support Arsenal and Eduardo…

    other than those 3 divers mentioned, the extra is babel, rooney, kuyt, the list goes on n on, n y all people wan to go against Arsenal…

  • kodjo

    It’s an absolute disgrace and a perversion of a shallow and inpractical law. why single out Edu is purely because the Scotts have members on Uefa board. This hysteria is beyond belief. Let Uefa now try reviewing every referee decision from now on. I’m sure by tomorrow Uefa will realise how hasty, stupid, shortsighted and insanely vindictive their reaction is. What has Totti not gotten away with. I remember in last year’s champions league game this player tried winning foul after foul against arsenal just because they couldnt break through our rear guard. There was one ridiculous situation when Diaby pulled his leg 2 miles out of the way…yet Totti threw himself into the ground like he had been hit by a mortar. What did Uefa do nothing!!!

    I guess FIFA should annull the penalty that Klinsmann won at the world cup for Germany against Argentina.

    I rest my case…

  • Al

    arsenal till i die.
    Y are We hated by the world
    everything we do is watched,
    and the worse is always brought out,
    never the good.
    i hate uefa, fifa the fuckin lot of em
    manur chavs pool Spuds n cashly cunt.
    Really hope we win trophes for us gooners
    but also jus to c how these fuckers react
    n treart us.
    Y r are we hated by everyone pls tell me

  • Leeroy.N

    I mean it’s absolute rubbish how and why they are taking such strong action. There is no way they will be able to get this right and fair to everyone, player and team, back then or from now on. They should just leave the call to the ref and the linesmen unless they bring in the technology to deal with it. I have a list as long as my arm of misjudgements which ACTUALLY cost us a game. But it does look, feel and seem like a witch hunt. The powers that be are just taking things too far, to TRY to save face… I hope the fall on it!!

    Win, Lose or Draw… Gooner Til I Die!!

  • Fabrez

    Uefa is a nasty org. This was not the way or the day 2 deal with this issue. Platini don’t like English clubs & don’t like AW in particular. Funny enuff, I dreamt we beat Man U last nite…in the FA Cup final. Felt very real & enjoyed it a lot!

  • Fabrez

    Was so disappointed when i knew it was just a dream! But we can do something special this yr. Let’s be positive. Honestly, I find it hard to change my opinion of Dudu’s intention but Uefa have wronged us. Let’s play the beautiful game & win silverware!!

  • Debs

    OMG Fabrez, I did dream that we beat Man U as well last night! Only this was in the league, and Fabregas played and scored. Diaby scored as well, and one was goalkeeping error. We won 4nil! I swear Eduardo scored a penalty! lol. Quite optimistic scoreline, I know, but you never know! :-)

  • Fabrez

    Haha…great minds dreamin alike? lol! So didn’t expect sum1 else 2 have a dream like mine! We scored 3 but i can only remember our last scorer & it was Arshavin with sweet strike! Think it was 3-1. Let’s hope something similar happens 2day 😀

  • Debs

    Yeah Fabrez! Come on the Arsenal! I do expect a big performance from Arsh today, and probably a goal as well. Just unfortunate Fabregas is out. Looking forward to see how the Verminator does as well!

  • Marc Callan

    All I will remember is Wayne Rooney going down under a “challenge” from Sol Campbell in our 49th game unbeaten run and the rest is history…oddly enough saw it on Skysports the other day with the girlfriend (who is a Man United supporter) in their reeling back the yrs thing and I said it was a joke cuz there was no contact and she just said well the ref gave it and a penalty is a penalty…it was the sheer attitude towards it and as you pointed out nothing from was said from it…

    Regarding Ed I can see your point and I will defend him regarding what UEFA are doing but I do think he was down before the goalie touched him…UEFA have made a big blunder here cuz all theyare asking for is every decision to be challenged…

    Regarding the United game, put him in I think he is very sharp at the moment and better than B52…

  • Yemi

    I am currently compiling a list of divers starting dis season including 2 in yesterdays super cup. Lets see if any of dem will get charged. Its bizarre if we can now upturn refs decisions. I sure don’t hv phelps on my list, diving is legit for him

  • jien

    I don’t agree with UEFA’s decision to charge Edu. I am a life long Gunner fan, and my honest words are that, from what i see, there is contact between Edu and the Goalkeeper, but the contact is too minimal to cause a fall. Hence saying that Edu dive is debateable. Are you saying that, a hard tackle that causes someone to fall is a foul, but a soft tackle that causes someone to loose his balance but still might be able to keep himself on his feet, is not a foul?? Is the ‘strenght’ of a tackle what we use to decide wheather is it a foul or not? It’s is always a 50:50 when a keeper decides to come off his line to challenge an advancing player with the ball in his feet, and the final outcome depends on the referee’s decision. Since in this case the referee has made his decision that it’s a pen, we have to respect it and accept it. Charging a player after a game over these technical stuffs by using video evidence is unneccesary, unless a player acted violently or deliberately harm someone, like punching or headbutting and the ref miss it.

    Over the years we have seen players influencing referee’s decision by appealing for off side, for a throw in, for a corner, arguing about a foul which does not go their way, continue dribbling at the by line even though the ball has cross the line and out of play. Are all this considered an ‘intent to cause a match official to make an incorrect decision’ ?

    I will be very dissapointed if UEFA finally decides to ban Edu. Just hope that he can keep focus on playing his football and don’t let all this rubbish charges affects his form.

    By the way, rumour has it that the Scottish FA have influence UEFA to make the charge. I think anybody who knows something about football will say that, over the two legs, we played much better than them and deserved to win. So why are they still trying to attack us and our players after losing? It’s pathetic to see them being such a disgraceful loser. No disrespect to any Scottish football fan though, i think celtics and rangers need to start improving their football in order to compete in the highest level of european club fooball.

  • Pete

    The thing that sickens me the most is that they decide to punish a player with absolutely no history of diving whatsoever, for a penalty that you could argue for or against. There’s been so many blatant dives with intention to cheat from other players, yet nothing is done. For those that need reminding, check out Pedersons dive against us last year, which may I add went completely unpunished:

  • Josiah

    at the end of the day it is unfair because as the youtube videos show other players dive all the time and have never been treated the same way as eduardo has been. I am upset about it too..

  • Pete

    Manchester United v Arsenal line-ups:

    Man Utd: Foster, O’Shea, Brown, Vidic, Evra, Valencia, Fletcher, Carrick, Nani, Giggs, Rooney.

    Subs: Kuszczak, Neville, Owen, Anderson, Berbatov, Park, Scholes.

    Arsenal: Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Eboue, Denilson, Song Billong, Diaby, Arshavin, van Persie.

    Subs: Mannone, Eduardo, Ramsey, Silvestre, Wilshere, Gibbs, Bendtner.

  • Fabrez

    Oh no…based on the personel, I’m assumin we’re going 442? I don’t kno… I’m hopin we don’t put Diaby on the left if 442. Unless Wenger is goin 433 with Diaby being 1 of the front 3? Or maybe Eboue is on the right of the attack… Any ideas y’all?