Champions League Draw: Group H: Az Alkmaar, Olympiacos, Standard Leige (The Easy Group!)

Guy and girls, the biggest day Friday this season is upon us… it’s the Champions League draw….

In today’s draw, there is only one group worth thinking about and that is of course the lucky group H… interesting stuff, I wonder if there is any background with the group names etc… does group H always get to the final, and group E never get to a final… statisticians out there, let me know!

So in our group we’ve had the luck of the draw somewhat and pulled out AZ Alkmaar from pot 2… here’s our group in full:

Group H


Az Alkmaar


Standard Leige

I think this is one of the easiest groups we’ve had in a very long time, so let’s win quick, rest quick and blood kids! (That’s what Arsene is thinking anyway!)

The rest of the draw saw the following teams draw together…

Group A: Bayern Munich, Juventus, Bordeaux, Maccabi Haifa
Group B: MANCHESTER UNITED, CSKA Moscow, Besiktas, Wolfsburg
Group C: AC Milan, Real Madrid, Marseille, FC Zurich
Group D: CHELSEA, FC Porto, Atletico Madrid, APOEL
Group E: LIVERPOOL, Lyon, Fiorentina, Debrecen
Group F: FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Dinamo Kiev, FC Rubin Kazan
Group G: Sevilla, RANGERS, Stuttgart, Unirea
Group H: ARSENAL, AZ Alkmaar, Olympiakos, Standard

Good, bad? I’m certainly happy!

  • Josiah

    Yeah, we’ve done well there 😀

  • AJ

    I’m over the moon about this group, we should, easily win it, let’s just hope we do.

  • Pete

    Whats also good is that injured players like Nasri and Theo should be getting back to fittness by the time we play our first few games :-) Am delighted with the draw 😀

  • Debs

    Awesome draw! Not just for us, but for the others in the top 4, and Rangers as well. Exciting!

  • jeffvip

    Certainly we will be winning this group. Hopes we don’t meet Real/AC or Barca/Inter so early.

  • Vazy

    Liking the group we are in! We just have to capialise on it!

  • Mazz

    Pay attention on Standard
    remember their game against liverpool last year…

  • sam

    This is turning out to be our season! Everything’s going our way. We couldn’t hope for a better group.

  • Yemi

    don’t lets get too carried away, ever heard of bogey teams? but surely this is the easiest group. i dont envy chelski

    lets go gooners!!!

  • Steve

    Great draw for Arsenal. Great chance to win the group and get to the last 16. Should really be aiming to be through after 4 games so we can rest, avoid injuries and cards and give CL experience to Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs etc.

    Only down side is the lack of exciting tickets for us reds to snap up.

  • Marc Callan

    Out of the lower league teams I was hoping we would get that new Cyprus team APOEL as it would have been a nice place to travel…honestly great draw for Arsenal but I think Rangers and Liverpool may struggle cuz they are not easy groups, I think particularly Rangers after the showing we gave Celtic you can practically say Rangers are from the same mould…I agree with everything said, we need to top the group with 4 wins but respect the teams involved cuz we don’t want any strange results happening to us…once we are in the last 16 it’s in gods hands!

  • Arsefan101

    Awesome draw after a hard champions league qualifier… I’m going to try my best to get to all the away legs…!

  • Leeroy.N

    it’s a decent draw without a doubt, out of all the groups i’m glad we got that one. Just hope the players don’t get too complaicent when dealing with the “smaller” teams. But i’m sure they wont. I have faith in them and their judgement.

    Win, Lose or Draw… Gooner Til I Die!!

  • Success

    Arsenal have the chance of winning EPL this season

  • Success

    I love arsenal fc

  • Success

    I am happy that arsenal current team is too strong for man united.

  • sam

    Eboue goal missing on your goal’s chart! Please update.

  • Pete

    Looks like Eduardo will get a two match ban :-( Better for it to be at the group stages than in later rounds I guess.

  • Marc Callan

    My opinion is then if someone dives in any of the games of the CL that Arsenal should complain why is the ban not being enforced! I would be well annoyed if Gerard got away with it without a ban

  • Pete

    Fabregas is officially ruled out for tomorrow too.

  • Fabrez

    Marc…u literally took the words out of my mouth. Wenger shud look out for Ronaldo, Torres, Drogba & Gerrard. Anytime any of them dive, Uefa better be fair. Refs shud ask players IF they were fouled. I’m not sayin Edu was rite but ask him…

  • Fabrez

    Players may admit they weren’t fouled after the fact? Heard it being discussed on BBC 5. Don’t think AW shud have branded it a disgrace. It’s a shame but the consistency needs 2 b there. Uefa now want to use video tech for retrospective punishment…

  • Fabrez

    …and not during a match? Uefa and Fifa disgust me at times.

  • arsenalz

    great draw!But i think tht we should look out for olympiacos because i think that is the strongest from the three!!

  • Debs

    But then, if they’re talking of retrospective punishment, how far back do they go? I’m sure in the CL last season, there would have at least been one dive. Are they going to look into that now? And even in the other qualifying rounds this season, with the less high profile teams, will they look into those matches to see if any one dived? It seems UEFA are only bothered when someone, like the SFA kicks up a huge fuss about the matter.
    The sensible, and most efficient way would be to create a clear cut rule against diving, and proper enforce it, instead of this retrospective nonsense.
    I’m not too bothered if Eduardo gets a ban, because I don’t think it’ll hurt us at the moment, it’s just annoying that we’re being singled out.

  • Debs

    Good point Fabrez. What’s the point in using video evidence after, when the penalty’s been given and scored already? The harm’s been done already!

  • Debs

    Wenger’s absolutely boiling! I think he’ll get the ban, which is fair enough, but a huge an of worms will be opened.

  • Berth

    Am gutted that Diaby will start against Manchester United

  • Debs

    Give the poor lad a chance, Berth! I bet you he’ll pleasantly surprise you- just give him a break!
    Just seen Eduardo’s smile after he fell over. Definitely an intentional dive, unfortunately!


    Debs – hence me being so sure yesterday. Smile says it all.

    No one has picked up on Ashley Youngs ridiculous acrobatics last night, probably because he’s English and not Croatian (who england just happen to be playing soon) and because Villa crashed out.

  • Berth

    Yeah Kieran, but at least there was a bit of contact in Ashley’s though a dive is a dive seems Platini sees that differently.

  • Pete

    Changing the subject, seeing as Cesc is out for tomorrow, who does everyone think will start? I’d have to go with:


    Sagna Billy Gallas Tommy Vermaelan aka The Verminator Clichy

    Denilson Song

    Bentdner Arshavin Diaby


  • Debs

    I think your team’s quite right, Pete, although I haven’t made up my mind whether Eduardo’s better starting or staying on the bench…

  • Marc Callan


    totally agree with the comments, 1 rule for one and another rule for another…cant see the line up being any different to the 1 listed above…hope they put in a good performance…

    Also is WOA on facebook, if so what’s the address plus would be nice to put the name to the faces on here

  • Marc Callan

    Ok just saw the facebook icon above, feel like an idiot, what’s the link?

  • Yemi

    pete, thats the winning team u got there. Lets paint old tractor a different shade of red!!! gunner red !!!!

  • Fabrez

    I’d say that’s the team. After this Edu drama, doubt he’ll start. I think it’ll b a classic. Free-flowing attacking footy both ways. I think 2-1 to us!

  • gunning 4eva

    i think edu should start ahead of bentdner in tomorrows war at warfield. bentdner still has some way to go to become a big match player. and we may will miss edu in cl first two matches so bentdner should get some rest for those matches.
    although it’s an easy group, i’m actually looking forward to the actions. there are also some players who we were interested in and will see for the first time.first standard liege has Steven Defour who we’ve been linked with many times. i’m looking forward to seeing him for the first time. Olympiakos’ Diogo is another one i would have liked in arsenal shirt. But that didn’t happen. Oh well!!!

    and our very own Jack Wilshere may will be played to be given a taste of europe.

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