Everton 1 – 6 Arsenal

What can one ask for in an opening game of the season…? In what was a very tough start to the season, an away game against the team that finished a position below you in the previous season. And of course, Everton have notoriously been a tough team to beat at Goodison and always placed well against the big teams.

Everton 1-6 Arsenal

  • Denilson 26,
  • Vermaelen 37,
  • Gallas 41,
  • Fabregas 48, 70
  • Eduardo 89

But we surpassed all expectations and literally made a statement to the league. Yes, I know it’s early days, but I couldn’t have imagined we’d go out to beat Everton 6-1 away on the opening day of the season. With Nasri, Rosicky and Walcott out injured, and Bendtner playing in an unfamiliar right hand side role, it was a little nerve wracking before the start of the game. But hats off to the guys, it was an incredible performance and a scintillating display by the team.

I was at an engagement for a very good friend of mine, so went in on Saturday knowing that I wouldn’t be able to watch the game… but to my great surprise, the function hall was connected to a bar, which had the game on… time to plan an exit strategy… and within minutes, I was propped up at a bar in front of a big screen and the game kicked off.

The first ten minutes had me on edge, as we were under the cosh a little, but after the first ten, we started to dominate and had our fair share of possession. One player who surprised me more than anyone else was Bendtner as he was deployed on the right and I don’t really consider the player a winger, but he was incredible. And it was Bendtner’s drive against the left back, square to Cesc, square to Denilson, and bang, 25 yards out, 1-0 to the Arsenal. It was a great goal and a superb strike by Denilson, thoroughly deserved. The Brazilian has deserved a reward for his effort and it was brilliant that he opened the scoring.

Van Persie was playing up front but it didn’t seem as if he was a lone striker as Bendtner and the industrious Arshavin were supporting him very well. A great delivery from a free kick from Van Persie saw a great spring from Vermaelen made it 2-0. The Belgium International stopper was pretty awesome and it was delightful to see such a performance. Gallas not to be outdone, made it 3-0 from a swirling free kick from Cesc (that’s two assists)… and amazingly at half time, we went in 3-0.

I’d kind of expected a fight back from Everton in the second half, but minutes in – a beautiful goal crafted in the Arsenal way – saw Cesc Fabregas meg the keeper to make it 4-0. In a second half where we really did dominate, on the 70th minutes Cesc scored an amazing solo goal, running from his own half and picking his spot to the bottom left of the keeper. That’s 2 goals and 2 assists in his first game of the season – 5-0 to the Arsenal. And there was time for a sixth as some intricate play from Arshavin hit the post and Eduardo was there for the tap in.

It’s going to be a long season and we’ll go through trials and tribulations – but what an excellent way to start the season – 6-1 away at Everton.

Arsene spoke after the game and commented on the performance:

“Well it was a good team performance. I feel overall there is still room for improvement, not on the scoreline but in what we did today. But overall I am very happy with the team attitude basically, and we look like we have matured. And it’s a good basis to continue to improve and to work on what we want to do. We have gone from being ruled out by everybody, to now becoming a super favourite, I think these two extremes are good. It was an interesting first game and we want to show that we have the squad. If you see that Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby, Walcott today… and Senderos, for example, stayed at home. You see that, and considering who was on the bench, we do have quite a big squad.

Indeed, we do have a decent size squad – but I still think another defensive midfielder and we’re have the depth we need to challenge. Arsene is the man in charge and we’ll seee what he does from now until the end of the Summer.

Arsene continued and spoke about the Celtic game:

“It is important. It lifted our confidence and that is good. But we are on alert as well. We know that every game is different. That is the way we can show we have matured. People are surprised, but you know that we were last year the team that scored more goals than anyone away from home. And we had a long unbeaten run in the Premiership away from home. Of course it is a surprise to win with such a score. But we know we can do it away from home.”

And we’ll go into the game on a high and that’s exactly the lift we needed, confidence is high… bring on Celtic!

Til tomorrow mes amigos, til tomorrow.

  • debs

    Was wondering when you’d post a blog on the match, Dev! A great way to start the season, but on the other hand, don’t think we’d get a better result this season (please prove me wrong, guys!), so it’ll be harder to satisfy us fans, as we’ll probably be expecting more of the same each week! Can’t wait for Celtic- was a bit worried cos it’s away, but following the display against Everton, we’ve got nothing to worry! Come on you gunners!

  • VJ

    i have a feeling wenger might just rest one or two players and play walcott and eduardo i dont know wat do u guys think

  • parsi

    still gettin to grips with the result and the game as a whole.I was impressed by Song he really pretty much started where he left and long may he continue to upgrade himself.Denii played a mature game as well he linked played well and when it was needed to defend he was there i think having Song there will bring out the best of both Cesc and Denii but we have to think ahead bout wat we will do when he goes for the ACN,dont think we have anyone else who can do the same job. Yes Denii can drop in there but i dont think he would be that effective and that jus leaves Diaby .and with that i think we can see that we have a lil problem ahead of us but um sure Wenger has that in his thoughts. Verminator was superb if you watch the game or highlights closely u will see he was constantly talking constantly giving the whole defensive line instructions with regard to defnding set pieces but mostly for th off side trap it really was a joy to witness. I really like B52 he linked well with the play and i think the idea of him at the wings works quite well coz he will be fighting for the ball with RB¿s abd LB¿s who u have to admit are not as bigbuilt as lets say CB¿s,really enjoyed his input yday and to see him taken off for preservation rather than poor performance was a reall and utter joy that i hope to witness for many more weeks and years to come. Bring on Celtic,jus hope the lads know its another game we have to start from scratch and not to rest on their laurels

  • dave

    i dont thin k wenger will take any chances on tuesday its important we qualify far to much money to be made in the competition if we come home with 3 or more goals then he might play a weaker team

  • Leeroy.N

    I think Wenger will prepare the team as if we were playing a Top 4 side, players and strategies alike. We have to go there with the same mid-set, attitude and focus as Everton. Celtic aren’t the hardest team in the world, but they can pull off results on the day. With hard work and determination any team can beat a top side. Burnley taking down 3 Premier sides in the league is a perfect example. But in saying that, when we have a good day we are unstoppable. I’m looking forwar to tomorrow. Come on you Gunners!

    Gooner Til I Die!!

  • Marc Callan

    I don’t think Celtic should be underestimated…this is a team with a new manager and have finally won away from home…I think they are one of the hardest teams we could have met in the qualifying round…

    Regarding team selection I can see Van Persie on the bench with Eddie up front…I still think he will play Theo as a sub as he lacks match practice…

    Finally anybtransfer rumours? All very quiet on the Arsenal front

  • Leeroy.N

    MARC – Still quiet, other than the little rumour of Van Der Vaart for 6mil.

    I agree celtic should never be underestimated. But I do think we have alot more going for us, not just with the big win away. We have more to prove and more to fight for in this away match, the is a look of urgency within this squad and I hope it continues throughout the season.

    I can see Van Persie starting again. I still feel there will be alot of protection still around Edurado. The smallest of chnges if any for tomorrows game. A big game for us and our players. I feel Arshavin will hve a really good game too.

    Gooner Til I Die!

  • Marc Callan

    For 6million that is dirt cheap plus will give cover for Van Persie as Van De Vart is very good…I totally agree with you that it’s a different team we are seeing this season compared to last season, great willingness to kill the game off which was evident at the Everton game…

    As long as they go out and play that way I know over two legs Celtic don’t have a hope…

    Apologies for all the questions but who here is a season ticket holder and how long were you waiting to get it (as in on the list)?

  • VJ

    walcott is not in the squad so unless eduado pips van persie and diaby pips denilson(unlikely) we are looking at a same team which is good in my opinion. News is that hamburg or Heartha berlin, cant remember which, have out bid sunderland for senderos and a deal might be in place. If senderos does leave it will look like wenger will use the 5 million to add to the hangeland bid to seal the deal (hopefully), still no news bout any DMs, chamakh looks set to wait out his contract which could he might sign for us in 5 months should wenger choose to pursue. Though i have a bad feeling that buying him might revert us back to adebayor days with that target man. i like this formation which is free and not rigid round one player. it allows us to play freely which seems to be very effective. anyway we shall see the team tommorow evening i guess

  • AJ

    Is anyone else amused by how much Adebayor is talking about arsenal, seems thats all he’s done since he moved to city, glad to know he is that pathetic to still be having digs at us when we truly don’t care.

  • Marc Callan

    I seriously don’t understand why he won’t leave us alone…we sold you get over it…I still love the comment in The Sun paper “People booed him for being Samuel L Jackson in the Champions League Semi Final”… took me a minute to get it but totally was what he is…ridiculously lazy and took too many chances to convert one…he was lucky on Saturday with the build up since the ball hit off Samba’s leg and then Ade got it…

    Watch him anyway over the course of the season, no more than 15 goals…can’t wait to meet him in the league soon, take lumps out of it Verminator!