A Player’s Regret

Morning, afternoon and evening all… Before I talk about the main subject of today’s article, I’d like to touch on a few other Arsenal related matters first…

To kick off, news has come about today that Niklas Bendtner has decided to change his squad number from 26 to 52. Realising that many people many have bought shirts already, he’s offering a refund for anyone who has already purchased a shirt. Little did he know that there only five sales of his shirt compared to Arshavin’s 8,312. I really wonder why Bendtner changed his shirt, was it under a romantic influence, was it related to an event – the number of pints he had prior to the “trousers down event” or the number of misses he had against Burnley last season. Whatever the reason, it’s 26 x 2 – so he’s really to double his effort, double his goal scoring and hit 30 this coming season.

News coming out of the Norweigan FA and Wikipedia (if you believe either) is that we’ve agreed to sign Brede Hangeland from Fulham but considering his is cup tied, is this really something Arsene has done considering if we did it a week or two earlier, the player could play for us in the Champions League… I’m not too sure, maybe just paper speculation. Paper speculation like the £45m bid that Barcelona are about to offer us from Cesc – the only worry being that they did the same thing for Ibrahimovic – but surely they don’t have another £45m waiting somewhere to be used, it just doesn’t sound plausible.

Back to the subject and today’s piece is about “A Player’s Regret” and how often do you here about players leaving Arsenal looking for pastures green and coming unstuck. The departures of Overmars, Petit, Flamini and Hleb are prime examples of where it has gone wrong. Both Overmars and Flamini fading into somewhat oblivion being benched by their respective clubs. Petit became a nomad and went around the circuit, whilst Alex Hleb has done a full circle and ended up back at Stuttgart.

The former Arsenal winger saying this in the press today:

“Of course I regret leaving Arsenal. I was playing every week for one of the most exciting sides in Europe, a team that was always in the top-four in the Premier League and were Champions League contenders. Also, I was being guided by one of the best coaches in the world in Arsene Wenger. I owe him a great deal.

“I developed a better all-round game under him and I became more robust physically, learnt to look up more and play better passes and generally improved greatly as a team player. No player ever gets worse under Wenger. For me, leaving Arsenal was not a good move.”

His time at Barcelona did not come to fruition like he imagined and it was something that he lamented.

“Barca were my dream club as a kid, but I couldn’t continue with them if the chance to play was not coming. I’m 28 and who knows how much time I’ve left in the game. I needed to move on, and the chance to go back to a place that I feel happy in was the best solution.”

At least he has had the guts to come out and say what he’s said and we know Flamini must be feeling the same thing. I actually thought after a season pretty much on the bench and the fact that we needed a defensive midfielder, that it would be mutually acceptable if he returned to the Emirates on loan or by purchase – something that has had no fire in it whatsoever. I did like the attitude of the player on the pitch and thought he was a perfect compliment for Cesc in my favoured 4-4-2 but the player is out to prove himself and it will be interesting how he fares this season.

In other news, England drew to Holland 2-2 after going 2-0 with mistakes from two of the favoured boys Rio Ferdinand and Gareth Barry – Sp*rs player Jermain Defoe coming to the rescue and salvaging a draw. Van Persie, I believe, was unscathed by the game. One player who seems to be out injured is Johan Djourou and you felt that he’d most likely play against Everton this weekend if fit. It looks like we’ll have to do everything we can to get our summer signing Vermaelen ready. It’s touch and go, but early reports suggest the Belgium International will be ready.

Only 3 days left until the start of the season and another Summer looks to have gone past (yipee)…

Let’s hope we have a fullish compliment tomorrow when the boys return and are very much ready for the weekend…

Til tomorrow…

  • Gooner til i die

    Nikki B changed the number to 52… Hope its the goals number he target to achieve in this coming season. xD

  • VJ

    more contrasting rumours going on Hangeland focused on fulham’s opening game, itt seems we have given up on chamakh. Fair enough i dont think hes crucial, with eduardo walcott vp and arshavin we have enough firepower. song is looking better and better strill hope were in for a dm and i think hangeland will be sorted out pretty soon. Plus hangeland can play dm

  • Marc Callan

    I feel sorry for Hleb, he wasn’t a bad player and to be honest I would believe many Arsenal supporters agree that they would never like to see any ex-gooner doing poorly (except playing against us)…the above article given by Hleb will stop any young guns leaving and may turn a few heads towards our direction…honestly i don’t know why they leave…

    Regarding the Flamini issue, I was a huge admirer of him however he was greedy in leaving and not even giving us a transfer fee from it…I know that’s the rules but you can see my point that we put him on the map…furthermore I don’t think he will return purely to show he can last at the top…though if I were him I would cut my nose to spite my face, come grovelling back and show he still has it…

    With the game on ESPN on Saturday evening I will be glued to my seat…keep up the blogs lads, enjoy them compared to skysports (aka anti arsenal) and The Sun (lets make up more rumours to fill the tabloid space)

    Gooner Til I Die

  • Leeroy.N

    Yea its taken alot of guts for Hleb to come out and say what he did. I liked him as an Arsenal player and was sad to see him leave. But I doubt any other player would admit that it is silly to leave a structure such as ours. It’s perfect in so many ways.. and if you are brought in, you are brought in for a reason. Players such as Diarra and Flamini, who constantly put down us and Wenger, know deep down it was a mistake too. We have lost some good talent, but we go on without it. We can win trophies without them now we just have to show and prove.

    Gooner Til I Die!

  • Fo

    Very true… Players like Hleb and Flamini etc should not have left – always thought if Adebayor stayed he could have become a decent player!

  • Kuka

    Isn’t funny players who have left Arsenal FC “prematurely” tend to do badly in their future careers! I am not about to name any ‘names’ because we all know them……So to be honest, am not really shocked that it has not worked out well for Helb and Flamini and many others….

  • Kuka

    *isn’t it funny that….(see above)

  • Hatchet man

    New castle failed to win a league title coz they didn’t shore up their defence. our Glory days were built on the foundations of Adams, Keown, Bould, Winterburn. Defenders that the midfield could leave to do their jobs. Senderoff is not in that calibre so send him off. we need an enforcer in mid field to protect our ball players and break up the attacks. Glad Ade is gone. King ‘Henry’ he was not. but we need another 20 goal a season striker.

  • VJ

    oh jeez injury problems again as walcott (only miss everton) fabianski (2 months) and djourou (1 month) are all out diaby (only miss everton) is also unlikely. nasri more than six weeks from training rosicky two weeks.
    I expected rosicky since he has only just come back for me walcott (even thogh kust one game) and especially nasri are really bad injuries. Why is it that our players keep dropping as flies it is really frustrating you build some momentum and then 2or 3 players just fet injured. This will mean either bentner or eboue will replace walcott depending on the formation. It will probably be bentner considering walcott would have been in an attacking role. It could also be arshavin on the right and wilshere on the left who knows, only wenger, we will have to wait and see. It is crucial now that fabregas arshavin and Van persie dont get injured for any lenght of time otherwise we could get killed in the coming old trafford game.
    Though these injuries might force wenger to go for those signings we shall see…

  • Berth

    @ VJ : so in your mind, u think the team is stable enough to compete. Wenger sells Ade and Toure and you think the squad ok. If Wenger does not buy then the intension of the club will be pretty much obvious; groom from young age, and sell at peak age as long as you take us to champions league or with luck, 3rd positon.

    I Think we /fans/ need to grow up a little bit.