One Word: Wilshere.

In a day and age where big name players dominate the tabloids, and the headlines, the boys down at Arsenal have been quietly educating themselves and on the verge of making their presence very much known in the world.

Watching The Gooner Review yesterday, it was a brilliant insight into our youth team and what they have achieved, in the way the way they have achieved it. Of course, Wilshere is the guy making the headlines, but we also have players like Sanchez Watt, Emmanuel Frimpong as well as the already established Kieran Gibbs. Watt a mix between Henry and Ade, and Frimpong a mix between Petit and Vieira.

It won’t be long until we see more of the youth players coming through and believe me when I say these boys are good, very good.

The man, sorry, I mean boy, on every one’s lips this summer is Jack Wilshere who somehow managed to surpass the exploits of last summer and the Carling Cup cameo’s to really show the world what he is all about this pre-season. Fabio Capello attended the Emirates Cup – a tournament which saw Jack Wilshere named player of match twice in two games as well as helping himself to two goals.

Capello said this:

“He surprised me. Really. I saw him last year two times because he played in the Carling Cup and he has improved a lot now. He plays without fear, with confidence. And the other players passed the ball always to him. This is not normal to be so young and so good. We have time before we have to decide if he will go to South Africa. It depends a lot on Arsene Wenger – if he will play him.”

And it’s a very high accolade considering he has relatively no experience in the Premiership, and considering the boy is just 17 years old.

Personally, as part of the players development, I would have like to have seen him at the European Under 21 Championships this summer, where England progressed to the final. However, even when players were not available, Jack wasn’t called up, so it’s only rightful that he has finally been given an opportunity now and news today suggests he will play in tomorrow’s game, Holland Under 21’s versus England Under 21’s.

Theo Walcott will play in the main England team on Wednesday and considering he’s only had 45 minutes this pre-season, it’ll be good for the kid to get some more playing time. Arsene also commented on Theo’s call up saying:

“England are playing a friendly and Capello told me they would call him up so I am not surprised. He needs competition so if he plays it is good for us.”

Both Jack and the gaffer have been in the papers last week and Arsene compared the young lad to Wayne Rooney. And boy do I remember that game when Rooney scored an absolutely brilliant game up at Everton when Everton beat us 2-1 to dent our challenge all those years ago.

“What is good in his case is he reminds me a bit of Rooney when he started, in his belief and his positive attitude to go forwards. For the rest, he has still a lot to learn, relations with other players team-wise, but there are some great basics there. As a manager you do not want a guy to be a star before he has delivered, and maybe here that is more difficult than anywhere else.”

But Jack Wilshere is a completely different player to Wayne Rooney. He’s more of a tricky player, reminds me more of Pele and of course of very own Liam Brady than Wayne Rooney, who has less trickery and more aggression and power… just imagine this line up at the World Cup:

Matty Almunia

Micah Richards – Rio Ferdinand – John Terry – Kieran Gibbs

Lampard or Barry or Hargreaves or Carrick

Wilshere – Gerrard – Ashley Young

Wayne Rooney – Theo Walcott

That would be an awesome team, would it not?

So, with the transfer window looming closer to an end, and the first game of the season next Saturday against Everton, it looks like we won’t sign anyone before then as Arsene re-iterated his focus for the start of the season and the fact that he is not close to signing anyone

“Not at the moment, no. We work always, but it would be pretentious to say that we signed anybody now before the season starts. I can’t tell you, I don’t know yet. I’m very optimistic about the season and I’m very positive about this team. We always have to listen to peoples’ opinions but you also have to trust what you see in the games and in training.”

And yes, he is optimistic and of course, we should be two, but I think it’s unanimous when fans think we need to bring in a new player, a defensive midfielder, it has been suggested for a long time, and if Arsene could just find that player, be it a big name or not, it would make all fans have a renewed optimism.

We’ll find out very soon, as it’s literally 6 days until the first day of the season.

  • Leeroy.N

    ………….The Future!

    He is all those and more. But we need to be careful and harness the talent he holds and build it into something more. I would hate him to peak too early. I’m sure he wont though. Keep him grounded and he will be the future of Arsenal. Great find for us back then and at 9 years old too!!

    Gooner Til I Die!

  • devday

    Players which join us at the age of 9 have Arsenal in their blood, Jack Wilshere will be an Arsenal legend.!!!

  • Pete

    No doubt Jack’s going to be world class. He’s someone we’re all excited about. However, I’ve a feeling Wenger learned a valuable lesson when Theo was thrown in at the deep end and called up to the England squad in 2006 before even playing a game for Arsenal. It obviously knocked Walcott’s confidence and affected his rate of development, so if Jack is called up, it’s important that it’s on merit (something Capello is better at doing than Erricson) otherwise it can backfire on a young player.

  • hello

    I agree partly with Pete about trying to rush Jacks development, But lets get one thing straight… THEO and JACK are a world apart when it comes to natural footballing talent.
    JACK is the natural football whereas THEO is a natural sprinter, in fact i seem to remember Theo didn’t even start playing footy properly till he was 12.

    JACK is the future and will no doubt be an Arsenal Legend, England Legand and Footballing Legend!!

  • Berth

    Common guys give Theo a break. I still rate Theo highly, at least his got pace and can really be an asset; I rather feel he is used wrongly, maybe once in a while Wenger should try him on the left or CA, he might make a difference. And for Wilshere, well am gonna reserve my comment, not that his not good, but am afraid his pace is questionable and a little bit of aggression will add value to his game. I still regard Theo highly and hope that Wenger utilizes him well. Rather than seeing the problem as the players, why not you guys sit back and ask if Wenger is really using Theo the way he should. For Wilshere I wish him the best especially with the press who are ready to devour at the slightest of …

  • JDD

    if wilshere stays at arsenal and keeps improving at the rate he is now i think he will be the best player in the world.i think he should start against everton,rosicky and nasri are injured so this is his chance,people might say its too soon but i think i rememeber fabregas starting the first game of the season away at everton when he was just 17 a game we won 4-1.

    barcelona need to stop talking about fabregas peter hill-wood said hes not for sale but they dont seem to underdstand.they said they will leave him alone if our asking price is too high we should just say we want 100mil.ronaldo is not that much greater than fabregas and fabregas is younger therefore he is worth more than the 80mil madrid spent on ronlado.

  • Leeroy.N

    I dont think anyone is getting on Theo’s back a such. Just that he has been hampered with alot of pressure and expectation to deal with from an early stage of his career. Coming to us for a fee ending up at around 12m is a big ask of its own. He is talented none the less, but what he and Wilshere bring to the team are two totally different aspects of the game. Wenger playing Walcott out wide hopefully was to build him as a player, kinda of like in the same way Henry first played wide left. Here’s hoping the Walcott gets his wish to play more centrally (especially now the 4-3-3 is ever present) and he will make more of an impact and be able to show what he is more capable of. He is integral to our tem no matter what people argue. He just needs to add a few more tricks to his trade. We know he has pace and he can finish. It’s a new season and he along with every other player needs to bring something new to the table… Manager and coach’s/trainers too!

    Arsenal+Wenger+Victoria Concordia Crescit+Faith, Focus and Finish=Trophies

    Gooner til I Die!

  • Pete

    Wasn’t knocking Theo at all mate. Just as Leeroy said, he’s had to deal with so much pressure and expectation since he was 16, through no fault of his own. So Wenger will probably try and avoide the same situation with Jack. Personally, I cant wait to see them playing in the same team once they both fully develope.

  • Berth

    JDD – not too early, belief me you will have to eat your words if that happens – don’t get that excited about Wilshere, we have seen such in the past and some times the outcome is rather damaging than helpful. Wenger’s priority should be to sort his defence unit, he seems confused and not sure of the defenders he has (my opinion). I still want Silvestre and Diaby out. I have absolutely no fate in both players, they are killing.

  • VJ

    Hearing that Wenger isnt planning to sign anyone just gets on my nerves

  • Leeroy.N

    Definatly. I just think it needs a little fine tuning. Like Walcott said “get dirty”, I dont mean like the Ballack incident yesterday (was funny though), but that game was a perfect example of playing til there’s no time left and to keep playing til the whistle goes. Having the grit and desire to play on even when the game looks lost. Thats’s the fight and attitude we need and we have to have in Every game big or small oppostion and whatever cup we are in.

    Arsenal+Wenger+Victoria Concordia Crescit+Faith, Focus and Finish=Trophies

    Gooner til I Die!

  • hello


    I honestly believe he will go to the World Cup and could make the difference!! Put it this way… he’s already far better than DOWNING!!

    I am not just an overexcited fan, I have been an avid supporter of the beauty of football for the last 25 years. CHRIS WADDLE is the only person I can remember who looked as natural with a ball at his feet and played football in a continental style. Jacks 17 and looks to play with fluidy and style beyond anyone i have seen so young.

    Very rarely miracle is born… PELE, MARADONA, ZIDANE and now WILSHERE… mark my words!!

  • Yemi

    its quiet!!! No more buuying?

  • Leeroy.N

    Eerily quiet! So either nothing at all will happen.. or something quite big. I’m praying for the latter! We need something to stir up our players and all the fans.

    Arsenal+Wenger+Victoria Concordia Crescit+Faith, Focus and Finish=Trophies

    Gooner til I Die!

  • Berth

    “We always have to listen to peoples’ opinions, but you also have to trust what you see in the games and in training” – Wenger never see self.

  • Bonathan

    it’s so fustrating because i believe the squad is only 3 signings from being serious contenders for every trophy next season. not neceserally expensive signings either. However, I can’t help but feel we won’t get in the quality required and could seriously end up shooting ourselves in the foot this year.

    Despite what everyone says about man city needing time to gel, there’s no doubt they will put up at least a good fight for 4th with the squad they have. at least a good fight. throw spurs, villa and everton in there too and things could be extremely messy this year if we aren’t very careful. The warning signs were there for all to see last year, surely we wouldn’t be so stupid as to not take heed. surely???

  • Berth

    Someone is threading in a serious line.

  • AD1000

    No doubt Jack is exceptional, but do you feel on the whole the quality of players coming through the academy has improved, in terms of technique. Especially since the ‘Premiership Generation’, with all the football on TV.

  • Demzz


    i dont no about this season. i no we do well!! but im fighting the thought that we will come up short again! i dont mind we all love arsenal.. but it looks like maybe it might take a few more years for our kids to b invinsible!! but hey until then i actually and wishing we play whilsere and watt more this season and even frimpong and buy hangleland.. and maybe it b a good fight this season!!

    but out 2 the youth.. hope we dont use eboue in midfield dis season.. we dont use bredtnar on the wings! and diaby dont play as much.. back up.. and give walcot the striker postion.. and maybe we might stand out more thei season!!!

    in arsene we trust always!!

  • Roachy

    Wilshere is a freak of nature that comes around every 10 years or so. Under the guide of Arsene he WILL become a supreme world class footballer for this club, surpassing other legends of the game. Why? the lad doesn’t just possess skill, pace and a great football brain well beyond his years, he is also very respectful and humble. My latter 2 points are the reasons why he will become a legend.

    Arsene will buy, but the market is far to hot at the moment. Real and ManCite have doubled player values and wages. Case in point: Alonso would have to come to Arsenal last year for around 14M if the Barry deal had gone through. This year Alonso was sold for 30M. Arsenal did not sell its soul to the Devil, nor do we chose operate outside what we can sustain from our own revenue streams unlike what other Premier league clubs do. (ManU/Chelsea/Liverpool/Spurs/ManC etc.)

    The GEC (Global Economic Crisis) has wiped large chunks of the value of these billionaire owners share portfolio’s. This means that no play money is now available to splurge on buying players for the clubs that they own . Case in Point: ManU/Liverpool/Chelsea have cut back dramatically on spending in the transfer market. ManU received 80M for Ronaldo and the Glazers said “thank you very much, it will go nicely to paying off some of the interest debt the club owes me.” Roman Abramovich has not spent big this season. Hicks has done the same with Liverpool.

    Expect announcements from Arsene in the last few days of August as the window closes shut. I advise supporters to have faith and be patient.

  • Berth

    Demmzz – Good and enticing view.

  • VJ

    HAve been hearing that we have made a new 8 million bid for chamakh, Fulham have offeredHangeland for 15 million and Vieira is still on the cards

  • justin

    Arsenal have once again been linked with St.Etienne midfielder Loic Perrin… the player was speculated to join Arsenal last summer too…!!

  • dave

    more gutter press we are singing every tom dick and harry wait untill wenger tells us he signed a player or 2

  • VJ

    Ok Vieira looks like he is staying we need to find another DM

  • jeffvip

    Pls… get Hangeland n Chakmah… By that time surely we are not the smallest squad in Big 4 d…

  • Justin

    Ivan Gazidis is said to be in Germany to bid 12 million euros for Neven Subotic……..
    Daily Mirror!!!