The Gooner Review Review

A 50 inch plasma. Bose surround sound. And a copy of the Gooner Review. It is Sunday.

One word sums up the DVD. Brilliant. Two words to be precise… Absolutely Brilliant.

Paul Kaye heads up an action packed DVD of some amazing footage, some amazing interviews and some absolutely brilliant points of discussions. The DVD kicks off with the top 10 moments of the season, including a review of the booing of Eboue, which really does hit home. Interviews with main of the top Arsenal fans, such as Judge Jules as well as guys like Bob Wilson etc, make it a very interesting DVD. The wide ranges of opinions too is quite mind opening and makes you think about some of the issues facing the club in a different light.

The DVD continues by reviewing the captaincy, the new captaincy, of course being Cesc Fabregas, the stripping of the captaincy of William Gallas and how all of this has effected the team and the squad. Following on from that was the failure of replacing the transferred players and that’s a topic that has had many Gooners in discussion most of last season. With Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto as well as the experienced Jens Lehmann leaving in one summer and Diarra the season before and Samir Nasri and Aaron Ramsey the only signings.

The signings topic is expressed in many lights and a debate on the loss of players and Arsene youth policies. The injury plight which saw many “areas” injured at the same time, with at one point our midfield out and some another time our attack missing.

We started the season with defeats to Fulham and Hull and no 7 of the top ten countdown talked about our poor start to the season and how our bad start effected our season. Such a bad start upsets the fans and creates a negative vibe – it changes the way the fans feel about the team and the team also stop believing in themselves.

The next chapter talks about the fans player of the season, Andrei Arshavin and the impact he made. He is a player that made an instant impact and really showed the league what’s in store this coming season. Andrei Arshavin is the closest thing we have to the “va-va-voom” that a certain Thierry Henry had in abundance.

Topic 5 is all about the youth team and the youth cup run… and what an excellent season it was for the youth team going on to win the youth cup in style. A lot of style. Through very hard fixtures and up against some tough teams. This years youth team resembled a youth team in Arsene’s style no doubt, a brilliant accolade to the manager and an exciting future.

The next topics reflects on the 4-4 draw against Sp*rs. Ouch. That all that needs to be said. And then onto the Shareholders meeting. Another Ouch. Some very interesting points raised and Bob Wilson is a key man who lets us into the mind of Arsene. If anyone ever criticises Arsene, then I tell you to give them a copy of this DVD. It’ll without doubt change their mind.

Finally, the last two chapters talk about the buzz of the game, the unbeaten run and then Champions League semi final. Remember that atmosphere?

And one of the best moments of the season has to be the making of this DVD. For any fan who is wavering in their belief – for any fan who doesn’t know the depth of the stories this season. For any fan who wants a more real view from real fans, then this DVD has it all.

Take a look at the preview here:

Oh, and if you do get one of these… remember, 100% of all profits from The Gooner Review 2008 – 2009 will go to Bob Wilson’s charity The Willow Foundation.

If you’d like to pick up a copy, click here:

Finally, to the makers and people involved in the making of the DVD, hats off to you lads. Brilliant.

Sorry, I meant Absolutely Brilliant.

  • Fo

    Any chance of a competition to win a copy? Does sound amazing!

  • devday

    With 100% of all profits going to The Willow Foundation, it’s worth buying rather than running a competition for it – but I’ll see what I can do :-)

  • samori

    hernanes is available for 14 millions euro, why is wenger sleeping on the job?
    milan wants but cant afford to pay sao paolo that much money.
    with him and vieira in milfield we wont miss cesc and we will be stronger

  • Justin

    I think Hernanes has’nt played enough matches for the national team to earn him an work permit in England.. That would be an stumbling block in the transfer!!!

  • devday

    Should we turn down a £100m offer for Cesc if one came in? At what point do we think “this is a good amount of cash”. Or is there no point?

  • zohaib

    As much as I’d hate to see him go, or to say it, Cesc will leave sooner or later. But look on the bright side. We already have replacements in Ramsey, Nasri, even Rosicky for a while. Then there’s Merida, Wilshere etc etc.

    It’s hard to say what the club will do if such an offer came though. On one hand we need to clear our debts so that we can move forward and make some damn signings. On the other hand we can’t afford to sell our best players and expect to improve or keep challenging for 4th place 😛

    If Wenger doesn’t make another signing this transfer window, specially in the DM position, I couldn’t care less whether we still kept Cesc or not, cuz we ain’t winnin anythin if the same shit attitude continues in the boardroom …

  • devday

    Zohaib, you need a copy of the Gooner Review!

    I’d say sell at £100m, actually, no, actually yes, well no, don’t want him to go. But £100m could sort out our debt significantly!!!

    But Cesc is our captain… very confusing!

  • hello

    We will not sell Cesc and he will not go for at least 3 years…

    He is the most important player we have and he is club captain at such a young age… If he moves to Barca he will no longer be such a big fish and could be drowned out by the talents of Iniesta, Messi, Xavi, etc…

    My thinking is he wants to get his hands on some silverware as a captain to prove he has cracked the English game. Only then will he look to move on and crack the Spainish game and then finally move to Italy before retiring an absolute legend and be remembered as one of the true greats.
    (Zohaib – Cesc is one in a millon mate you cannot replace him… Ramsey, Nasri, Rosiky, Merida and Wilshere are all different players!!)

  • VJ

    Dont sell cesc but please buy someont Saturday is drawing ever closer chamakh is pleading for another bid and we are pleading for a defensive mid

  • Kuka

    ….the difference between Cesc and others is that he has an “ego”, a positive “ego” for the club. Like HELLO rightly put it, am sure he has the desire to badly win silverware with the club. It is only by doing that, that he can proove to the world how good he is. He more than anyone else is aware of the confidence that Arsenal FC has placed in him. I am sure he would turn down the offer…..if it came today…..

  • Kuka

    ….does anyone else get frustrated with Wenger in the way he keeps changing his position on possible signings etc? I respect his tactics and admire his shrewdness on the market, but I do wish he could just come up clean and say….”we shall not be signing anyone” or “we shall be signing someone”. I just watched his Post- Valencia Interview on ATVO where he said there will be no new signings before the season starts….yet a few days ago, he stated that he wanted to complete the ‘in’s’ and or “outs” of the club before the season starts. I remember after the Emirates CUP, he said, he was looking to strengthen in the “defensive” and “attacking” areas….

    He is the boss and this is what he is paid to do, but surely, it does not hurt to have a consistent story. I know am a little harsh because I respect the chap quite a lot, but it gets tiring and personally, wishing to sleep and wake up to find the transfer window closed, then we can move on with life….

  • Leeroy.N

    I dont think anyone in the right mind would want to see Fabregas leave ever. In a perfect world, he would be a part of our team forever and finish his career there. Realistically he would eventually return to Spain in some way shape or form. 100m seems like a bargain to me. HAHA! I hope he doesn’t become so important and so much of a messiah, that we rely on him too much. I am not talking like he isn’t important, don’t get me wrong he is one of the best midfielders the world has had especially for his age. He is an amazing player, with great skill and vision which our team needs. But while he was injured, we found a way to still muster up some decent performances and win when needed. I’ve talked before about needing more than one “General” in our team. The whole team and each player needs to the General of their postion. We have a good enough squad to get into the Top 4 and thats with the lack of cover, injuries and a “General”. The team can win honours, with or without new signings. Even if we bought in two or three players, theres no saying when they would play and how much of a difference they would make at first. That’s why you have to bring the players into an already accomplished and confident and winning squad. Let’s keep Cesc and build a team with him, not around him.

    I call for The 3f’s: Faith, Focus and Finish.

    Gooner Til I Die!!

  • zohaib

    I’m not completely satisfied with Cesc’s development. Him an Iniesta were both very similar in terms of development till last season. Last season Iniesta took a huge step up. Some called him the best player in the Champions League. Whereas, Cesc didn’t really take a step up. When Flamini was here, he scored quite a few goals from midfield, but not so last season. He lacks a yard or two of pace and is a bit slow in the final third when it comes to shooting. It also looks like he needs a bit more muscle. So I’m not completely happy with they way things have been going. I’m expecting much more from Cesc. He needs to take another step up. It feels like he’s reached a good level but he’s stuck there and not improving further. I’m sure if we give him some decent players in midfield like Rosicky, his game will improve as well as his confidence.
    He has a fantastic attitude, which is clear for all to see. But what we need is someone next to him that plays well and does the defensive duties so Cesc can concentrate on his natural game, which is creating opportunities to score.
    To summarize, he’s more of a central midfielder, a passer, with good movement, at the moment. I feel he has the talent to become an attacking midfielder as well, but for that he needs to improve further. He’d be much more dangerous if he had an extra yard or two of pace.

  • Berth

    Me too!!!